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A Quiet Place [2018] [PG-13] - 2.7.0



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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A family tries to survive in a post-apocalyptic landscape where the slightest sound can bring forth insectoid alien monsters that while blind can apparently hear everything. The parents (John Krasinski and Emily Blunt) and their children (Noah Jupe, Millicent Simmonds and Cade Woodward) must live silently, using only sign language and facial expressions. Also with Leon Russom. Directed by Krasinski. Almost all dialogue is in American Sign Language accompanied by English subtitles. [1:35]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - A man slow dances with his wife as they listen with earphones attached to an audio player; he kisses her forehead and he touches her pregnant abdomen. A husband kisses his wife on the cheek.
 A pregnant woman is shown with a large swollen abdomen in one scene and it is larger in the next scene; she goes into labor and bends over in pain, grimacing as her water breaks (the fluid floods onto the floor and drips down her lower legs) and she climbs into a bathtub, clothed and trying not to scream, but grunts and cries out loudly as we see heavy blood flow into the tub drain. Blood covers the inside of an empty bathtub and a woman's bloody palm as it slaps the glass shower door from the inside and the woman hands her husband a newborn with a bloody, smeared face.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - Three space aliens hunt humans by sound: they are humanoid-insectoid, about eight feet tall, scaly red from the neck down, and slimy red from the neck up, with arms that have long pointed claws and their legs look like grasshopper legs with hoof-like feet; they have slimy eyes, hundreds of huge sharp teeth, and plates around their heads and faces that open up when they are in pain and we hear the aliens stomping on the upper floors of a house several times, growling, roaring, shrieking, and click-chattering.
 A child hides a toy rocket and batteries in his clothing and at the back of the family line walking across a wooden footbridge; the child takes out the toy and turns it on, the father, carrying an ill preteen boy sets him down and runs frantically toward the child as a huge skittering alien swoops through, grabbing the boy away and we hear that the child was killed and eaten. A man and his young son find an elderly man standing outside a dilapidated house and a dead woman on the ground with blood on her lips; the old man shouts and the father picks up his son and runs to cover as an alien sweeps through the scene and takes the old man away and the father and son run. A raccoon runs toward the audience and a claw reaches into the frame, smashes the animal to bloody pulp, and grabs it away.
 A man picks up an axe and tells his preteen son and preteen daughter to hide in an abandoned truck as an alien slaps the father, who falls (we see a bloody wound on his side) and the boy screams until the father shouts loudly as the alien begins to tear apart the pickup, and then charges the father (we don't see the man again and presume he was killed).
 A clothed, pregnant woman (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details) steps on a nail and stifles a yell (the nail is bloody, blood pours from her foot and we see a bandage on it later) and we see bloody footprints; she goes to an upstairs bathroom and sits in a bathtub, grimacing, groaning, whimpering and screaming, while an alien climbs the stairs and toward the bathtub, we see a long claw poke a hole into the wall by the woman's head and a timer distracts an alien that roars and attacks the loud sound as it goes off on a shelf on a wall allowing the woman to escape the tub. A boy falls into a silo and corn kernels suck him down like quicksand as a metal door breaks off from the top of the structure and slams into the corn; the boy jumps onto it and finds that his preteen sister has jumped into the corn and is being sucked in until he reaches into the corn, struggles, and pulls her out onto the door; an alien shoots out of the corn, roars with sharp teeth and slimy eyes, and feedback screeches from the girl's hearing aid scaring the alien away.
 A woman puts an oxygen mask on a newborn and puts the baby into a wooden box, covering it with a solid wood lid as a cellar in which she stands floods and an alien rises from the water and approaches the box as the woman wades toward it, takes the newborn from the box and stands under a shower of water from a pipe, masking the baby's cries and a preteen girl's hearing aid screeches with feedback causing the alien to scream in pain and run out of the house.
 A woman points a shotgun at an alien with gnashing sharp teeth and screeching as a hearing impaired preteen girl turns on her hearing aid to full and feedback hurts the alien and its head flaps open to show raw flesh as it screams; the girl places the hearing aid onto a microphone and the amplified sound knocks the alien unconscious and when it gets up, the woman shoots it in the mouth (a lot of blood pools under it).
 A man and his young son find their farm lit with red lights, signifying danger and the man sends the frightened boy out to a cornfield to ignite fireworks for distraction as the man digs up a shotgun from the ground and the boy runs through the field after fireworks go off and he falls where his older sister finds him and they run to the top of a silo.
 A preteen boy and preteen girl knock over a kerosene lantern in their home and it catches a rug on fire with a loud bang; the boy puts out the fire and the father rushes forward to make sure the children stay silent as they hear flapping wings outside, followed by a loud bang, and the father approaches a window. A father grabs his preteen daughter away from basement steps and tells her frantically in sign language to stay on the main floor; she becomes angry, sulks, and later stifles some crying. A preteen girl dreams that she hears a loud insect noise and startles awake in a cornfield. A woman dreams of her young son being grabbed away by an alien and she is startled awake.
 A man and his preteen son and preteen daughter argue several times using American Sign Language about alien invaders, associated dangers, and freedom. A hearing impaired teen girl demands that her father stop trying to make her a new hearing aid, because he always fails and she slaps his hands away from her head several times. A father uses sign language to tell his preschool son to stop picking up toys and batteries for toys that make noise because they will lead to his death. We see a newspaper headline, "They Can Hear You." We hear a baby's heartbeat in a stethoscope.
 A preteen girl places a toy rocket at the point where a boy was taken by aliens. We see the toy lying at the foot of a small wooden cross, alongside a teddy bear and three photos of a young boy and his mother are tacked to the cross. A father burns mementoes from his dead son's life and the child's mother cries in the dead boy's bedroom.
 A woman lies on a couch with a makeshift IV needle taped to the back of her hand (we cannot see where the line comes from). A rural town is deserted, with wind blowing papers, garbage, and broken branches around the streets that are filled with abandoned cars. A family with one hearing impaired pre-teen walks barefoot with dirty feet along paths made of ashes to absorb sound. A man takes a flopping fish out of a fish cage on a river as his frantic young son signs that aliens will hear them. A father takes his young son to a waterfall that masks their voices and both of them howl.

LANGUAGE 0 - None.

SUBSTANCE USE - A store has two shelves of labeled prescription pills (we cannot read the labels) and a woman opens a bottle and gives one pill to her ill son (he recovers from an unknown illness).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Hearing impairment, sign language, complex hearing aids, communication, disaster, destruction, the end of the world, extreme danger, death, alien beings, family relationships, parenting, responsibility, protection, cooperation, sacrifice, survival.

MESSAGE - What may seem a handicap can become an advantage when circumstances change.

Special Keywords: S2 - V7 - P0 - MPAAPG-13

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