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The Purge: Election Year [2016] [R] - 1.8.9



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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this sequel a presidential election year includes the annual Purge that sanctions murder for a full 12 hours, especially eliminating individuals of "inferior" demographics. A US Senator (Elizabeth Mitchell) that survived the annual mayhem as a girl promises to eliminate the deadly tradition if elected President but the greedy New Founding Fathers of America plot her demise as she and her security chief (Frank Grillo) fight purgers and politicians on the streets of Washington, DC. Also with Mykelti Williamson, Betty Gabriel, Edwin Hodge, Kyle Secor and Joseph Julian Soria. Directed by James DeMonaco. A few lines of dialogue are in Russian without translation. [1:45]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A teen girl wearing a low-cut blouse that reveals some cleavage tells a store owner that if he touches her to regain stolen merchandise, she will yell rape.
 Young women wear low-cut corsets and tutus or corsets and torn stockings that reveal moderate cleavage, bare backs and a bare buttock in a few scenes. Several men are shown shirtless.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - A dozen men and women wear gory masks and costumes of Abraham Lincoln, Uncle Sam, the Statue of Liberty and George Washington as they carry swords, knives, and baseball bats, and they surround a man, knock him down, and begin kicking him, when another man with two handguns shoots and kills the whole group; we see some blood in a long shot. A large guillotine in an alley chops off a head in a long shot and we see the red neck stub in a long shot. Men are shot through the head at night in several scenes, blood spurting from the sides or back of their heads. A man is shot in the head and we see the bullet shoot from the forehead toward the camera, followed by a rush of blood. A man stabs two men in the face several times below the frame as we hear the sound of a blade ripping flesh.
 A wild-eyed minister preaches to a rich white crowd about the great NFFA [New Founding Fathers of America] and the goodness of killing unwanted populations in America as a sacrifice to Jesus, as the men and women in the pews chant loudly about purging as the minister uncovers a table full of long, wide, sharp knives; a priest stabs a man in the chest nine times as the victim screams and begs for mercy and we see some blood (the congregation of about 50 people applaud), and the priest's face becomes wild-looking and he giggles while the minister chortles maniacally. A parking garage shootout shows men shot with automatic weapons and blood spurting as they fall dead (blood covers a large section of one wall); a wounded man with blood on his abdomen hotwires a car and crashes into a car loaded with mercenary soldiers, apparently smashing them. A priest shoots a man, using a double barrel shotgun and another man shoots and kills the priest, blood flowing from his chest. A man shot in the shoulder slumps to the ground and later dies after shuddering. Two men fight, using knives, kicks, a head-butt and punches; one man bleeds profusely from the mouth, staggers and falls to his knees and the other man kicks him in the face and he lies on the floor, blinking. Two women drive a van with a large black cross (like the Red Cross) on the top and sides, picking up wounded people in the Purge and taking them to a secret underground hospital; a man in the van has a bandaged chest and dies when outside gunfire pierces the van, his eyes open.
 Masked teenage girls enter a deli carrying rifles and chainsaws (blood covers their masks, faces, and clothing); two men sit on the deli roof with rifles and handguns as one girl screams demanding candy bars, and two girls use chainsaws to cut through metal riot doors; a man on the roof shoots the ear of the screaming girl and we see some blood and a woman shoots all the girls dead (we see blood spurt, and a girl's body slams through a shattering car windshield); the final shot strikes a teen girl sitting on the pavement and we see a large dark hole in the girl's abdomen as a large pool of blood spurts out behind her. Two men dressed in bloody clown outfits are seen slumped against a building, but attack a man and a woman; the attacked man shoots both clowns and rams the second one through a car windshield that shatters.
 Four gagged men and women sit on a couch in a dimly lit room as a masked man with a knife sits in an armchair (they all wear bloody T-shirts and have bloody faces, listening to loud rock music); one gagged woman is wriggling and trying to scream, screeching around her gag and shaking her head when the masked man tells her to choose one survivor from her family and she screeches as the scene ends.
 A security agent and a band of anti-purge rebels walk through underground tunnels to a Washington, DC cathedral, entering the balcony and the main floor; many soldiers and guards begin shooting automatic weapons, filling all the pews with holes while at least 50 people in the congregation scream and run, and many of them fall dead (we do not see blood in the dim lighting). Three semi-trucks unload dozens of mercenary soldiers; a security agent kills several soldiers in an alley, using an automatic handgun (we see some blood), choking, and kicking and the agent chokes and shoots two more men outside a cathedral. A woman enters a safe room after four men enter her home; the woman and a man escape, while a laptop explodes into the face of a man inside and sets the building on fire in large flames; the man with the woman is wounded and we see a red spot grow to cover his shoulder (the man reaches into the bloody wound with forceps, twist, and removes a large bullet while grunting and saying that it is rigged with a tracking device).
 A gang fights another gang on a dark street with knives and bats, shouting, and we see a few hits; one gang member with a man slung over his shoulder approaches a medical van saying the man is injured, and asks for help, ending the scene.
 We see several men and women with bandaged chests and heads in an underground clinic, and we see a close-up of stitches being sewn in a bloody abdomen. A woman sits in a chair on a sidewalk, humming and watching the face down body of a man in the street near the curb burning in tall flames. We see dead bodies lying on the ground in pools of blood. Four male bodies hang from a tree, illuminated somewhat by oil barrel fires as a few women dance around the bodies and one woman pounds the groin of a swinging body in a long shot.
 A man chases a minister into a back room and points a handgun between his eyes as the minister with a bloody mouth shouts, "Purge! Kill me! Kill me! Do it!"; the man forces the minister into a room filled with captive underprivileged men and women (all gagged with duct tape); one woman grabs the minister's head and threatens to beat him, a man kicks him hard in the groin and the minister shouts in pain and lies in a fetal position. A sharp pendulum swings between tall buildings and nearly strikes a man and a woman who dodge it. A bound and gagged woman is taken to a cathedral, pushed up steps, slammed into two walls, and tied to a two-wheeled hand truck after being draped in a white cassock by a priest; a bound and gagged man is seen tied to another two-wheeler sitting beside many burning prayer candles. An armored car rams a medical van, turning it on its side, as men kidnap a woman with a scraped face from the van; three men and a woman chase the armored car on foot.
 A large military helicopter fires machine guns at a van (no one inside is injured). Video footage shows protests and riots in Washington, DC, with people shouting and running. Several street scenes show fires burning in oil barrels.
 The Lincoln Memorial shows blood painted on all the columns and the word "Purge" painted across the columns in black letters as a fire burns on the steps. Men board up building doors and windows, and lower heavy roll down metal doors over them.
 Several old white men and an old white woman stand on a cathedral stage with a gagged woman tied to a two-wheeled hand truck; one man places a large knife to the captive's throat and a little blood runs onto her blouse as the men and women on the stage are shot and killed.
 One of the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA), an old white man, complains and shouts in a meeting that the lower socioeconomic demographics take too much, receive government handouts and deserve to die. A woman asks a minister in the NFFA rhetorically, "Is murder your new religion?" A man shouts on the phone, protesting a rise in purge-night insurance rates for his deli. We hear that a female US Senator survived a violent incident while the other three members of her family died on a Purge night. Two teen girls enter a deli and stuff candy bars into their shirts; a man and a woman confront them and one girl curses and mocks them. A masked man jumps toward a woman on the street and she startles as he shouts, "The Purge is Halloween for adults!" We hear that a wife shot and killed her husband because she was tired of him; and that people wait all year to get revenge on Purge night. A man on TV says that the Purge draws "murder tourists" from abroad. We hear maniacal laughter off-screen. We hear that a minister will hold a Purge Mass at a cathedral. In a computer room, two men argue and scuffle with guns and knives brandishing, when another man intervenes and stops them. A woman looks at a board of photos of men and asks why people are planning to assassinate an NFFA leader who promotes the Purge. A woman argues several times with men, insisting they not kill a man, who would become a martyr. A shirtless man covered in blood, shouts that he is the fittest of them all and will survive. A man tells another man that he will throw him down a staircase and stick a foot up his behind. As a candidate wins the US Presidential election, we hear a TV announcer's voiceover say that the opposition and its supporters have begun rioting and looting.

PROFANITY 9 - About 41 F-words and its derivatives, 12 scatological terms, 17 anatomical terms, 31 mild obscenities, name-calling (stupid, crazy, crazies, insane, lunatic, dope, suckers, old, old man, pigs, idealistic pig, piece of work, duplicitous, superheroes, white, white-ish, George Washington wannabe, Deli-Man, Negroes, Holy Whore of Many Martyrs), exclamations (shut-up), 1 religious profanity (GD), 14 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, My God, God, Jesus Christ, Good Lord, Blessed Be The New Founding Fathers, May God Be With You All, Jesus Died For Their Sins, Jesus Christ, Holy [scatological term deleted], two prayers thanking New American Founding Fathers for allowing citizens to murder without penalty, chanting by 50 people in a perverted church service using the phrase "Purge and Purify" a dozen times, a minister speaks in tongues). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A minister states that a man about to be sacrificed in a church service is a long time drug addict (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A teen girl exits a car waving a bottle of liquor (implying that she was drinking in the car), a man drinks a can of beer on a deli rooftop, and two men open and drink cans of beer on a roof.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Arch-conservatives and the Radical Right, sanctioned murder, perverse religious practices, human sacrifices, hate crimes, revenge, discrimination, eliminating poor and disabled people, vigilantes, underground resistance fighters, American elections, corrupt politicians, greed, power, sense of entitlement among the rich, madness, betrayal, personal convictions, martyrdom, duty, courage, survival, changing society for the better through elections.

MESSAGE - American politics can be deadly.

Special Keywords: S1 - V8 - P9 - MPAAR

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