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The Princess and the Frog [2009] [G] - 3.3.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A modern 2-D animated adaptation of the classic fairytale set in the French Quarter of New Orleans: A prince has been transformed into a frog by an evil voodoo magician and when he mistakenly gets kissed by a non-princess, rather than turning back into a human, she is turned into a frog as well. Together, the two journey with a musical alligator and a heartsick firefly. With the voices of Oprah Winfrey, Anika Noni Rose, Bruno Campos, and Jenifer Lewis, Keith David, Michael-Leon Wooley, Jimmy Cummings, Peter Bartlett, Ritchie Montgomery, Terrence Howard and John Goodman. Directed by Ron Clements & John Musker. [1:35]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A young woman kisses a young man/frog on the mouth multiple times. A young woman/frog embraces a young man/frog and says that she loves him. A young man/frog asks a young woman/frog to dance, he takes her hand, leads her in a romantic slow dance and looks at her longingly, they nearly kiss, and she pulls away. An older woman instructs a young man/frog and a young woman/frog to kiss, the two frogs kiss, and lights and sparkles pour from them as they transform into a young man and young woman, and they are continuing to kiss. A frog tells a young woman that he must be kissed, showing her a book he is holding where a picture of a woman kissing a frog is seen; the young woman responds, "Just one kiss?" the frog retorts, "Unless you beg for more," the young woman puckers her lips, as does the frog, she gags briefly and then quickly kisses the frog on the mouth. A young man and young woman kiss.
 Men and women are seen dancing very close, and one couple is seen dancing in a suggestive fashion. Two men dance in a non-sexual manner. A male and a female firefly dance together in a friendly fashion.
 A young woman wearing a cleavage-exposing ball gown tells a male suitor that she was sure that "plenty of fillies in the stable would be willing to give him a ride," as she rebuffs his advances. A young woman wears a low-cut ball gown that reveals her bare back down to her lower back and the front of the gown exposes cleavage and another young woman comments that she looks beautiful as she pulls on her own cleavage to make it more obvious. A young woman is shown in a form-fitting, sleeveless dress with a long slit in the skirt cut up to her mid-thigh.
 A young man/frog says to a young woman/frog after finding refuge in a tree stump, "We might as well get comfortable" followed by the sound of a slap (presumably the young woman/frog slapped him). A woman kisses a snake, licking her tongue with the snake's tongue in a non-sexual manner, she jumps up, exposing her bloomer-style underpants, dances, using the snake as a boa, and rubbing it against her hips/bottom in a silly fashion. A young woman/frog and young man/frog accidentally get their tongues stuck together when they are attempting to catch flies in their mouths; it appears that they are kissing, a passing firefly comments that he will leave the "boyfriend and girlfriend" alone, and the two protest, saying they are not boyfriend/girlfriend.
 A man and a woman are about to kiss, but they are interrupted and pull apart. A young man/frog and young woman/frog embrace, she leans her head against his shoulder, and then pulls away.
 A woman reads a story to two young girls about a frog asking a woman for a kiss (we see a picture of a frog and woman kissing). A young girl says that she would never want to kiss a frog and another young girl says that she would be willing to kiss a frog as long as it would turn into a prince. A male firefly tells a young woman/frog that he is in love with "the most beautiful woman in the world." A young man/frog tells a young woman/frog that he had dated "thousands of women" but they had left him wanting more; the young woman/frog laughs and he says, "I've dated a few women."
 A group of young women swoon after a young man walking past them. Three young women swoon as a young man looks in their direction. A young man/frog sings a song to a young woman/frog and an alligator that describes his success with women, saying, "with a redhead on my right, blonde on my left" and as he sings, five female butterflies surround him, swooning and putting their hands on his shoulders, the young woman/frog says that his time of being a playboy is over and he says that he will be "leaving a string of broken hearts behind."
 A young man embraces a young woman and buries his head in the billows of her skirt as parts of his body expand to comical size (including his behind, which we see triple in size).

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A young woman/frog and young man/frog argue while floating through a swamp riding on balloons, the balloons begin to pop, the frogs fall, splash into the murky water below, a huge crane chases them through the bayou, and find themselves surrounded by alligators that comment on how tasty the frogs look and chase after them (the frogs end up hiding in a tree stump).
 A man pins a young woman/frog to the ground of a cemetery with his cane, as voodoo masks jump from the ground, shrunken heads bounce surrounding the man; the frog struggles to free herself, shadows pour out of the giant voodoo mask's mouth, grab the man's ankles and drag him into the mouth of a voodoo mask, presumably destroying him as sparks and smoke fly out of the cemetery.
 A creepy man waves a wand over a series of lamps, causing flames to flare up, and summons a shadowy creature which kicks a man in the behind and morphs into a snake which hisses at another man; the creepy man then tosses one of the men's hats onto a human skull as they enter a "VooDoo Parlor," decorated with large wooden masks, shrunken heads and skulls.
 A creepy magician shakes his hands, causing voodoo masks on the walls surrounding himself and two other men, to come alive: large shadowy-creatures appear from the corners of the room, one of them turns into two snakes, they wrap themselves around a young man as the magician stands before him with a pendant that resembles a snake with two pointy fangs, he grabs one of the young man's fingers, pushes it against the pendant's "fangs," draws blood which fills up the pendant, the young man recoils in pain and fear, the magician laughs maniacally, and his face flashes with an image of a skull as voodoo dolls and masks come to life, surrounded by black shadowy creatures dancing around the room.
 A firefly zooms into a large shadowy-creature, causing a huge hole to open in the center of the creature, and continues to do the same with other creatures, until one of them flicks the firefly against a rock (its body crumbles to the ground and a man crushes it).
 A man speaks to a voodoo mask on a wall, saying that once a man is "taken care of" that the voodoo masks would have free reign over the "wayward souls" of a city; we see a flash of shadowy creatures attacking people walking down a street, with trails of black smoke pouring from the voodoo mask's mouth, forming into vicious looking shadowy-creatures that creep out of the room.
 Men attempting to sail away in a boat after capturing a frog are attacked by a firefly: it zooms up one man's nostril, causing him to slap his face, he blocks one of his nostrils with his finger and blows a wad of mucus and the firefly out of the other, slams the firefly (covered in green, sticky mucus) into a rock, and whimpers that he had "broken his favorite tooth."
 Men with guns, butterfly nets, a bear-trap looking contraption, and a large sword, shout when they spot two frogs, chase after them, swatting one on the head, and a man spins a handful of knives and throws them at one frog but misses.
 A man with a cane in his hand raises it and is about to strike a man, but instead slaps the man on the back of the head angrily. A man hits a young man over the head with a log while they creep through a swamp.
 Creeping, slithering ghosts go through a swamp, holding a frog in their shadowy claws until a firefly flies into them, causing a huge hole to burst through their shadowy darkness; one of the shadows lashes its claw against the firefly, causing it to sink to the ground slowly, the shadow creatures drop the frog and race away through the swamp. A dark shadowy figure grabs a young man/frog and tosses him into the hands of an evil magician.
 A man grabs a young man/frog, holds him up to another man who has a pendant in the shape of a snake with sharp fangs (we do not see him drawing blood from the frog, but assume it happened).
 A man in a boat sees a frog standing near the crotch of another man, he fires a rifle at the man blowing off a portion of his pants (exposing the man's underpants), and the men float away, shouting at one another and slamming each other on the head with logs.
 A young girl playfully tackles another young girl, knocking her over as they tug a small cat between them: the two pull on its legs, the cat jumps to the ceiling, and it is pried off by a woman who attempts to comfort it.
 A young woman, shocked that a frog can talk, throws stuffed animals at him, narrowly avoiding him; she then sneaks up on him, slams a large book on top of him, squishing him into a mushy-sticky mess, but the frog is able to stand up, brushes himself off and continues to speak to the young woman. A young woman smashes a young man/frog with a book, his body appears crushed and slimy, but the frog quickly pops back into shape.
 An alligator rushes over to a young man/frog and a young woman/frog holding a dying firefly in his hands, and saying that a man had crushed the firefly; the firefly takes its dying breath and we later see a large funeral procession as the firefly is laid to rest in a leaf floated on the bayou.
 A young man is knocked off a float and a young woman shouts for him as he scrambles away. A young man/frog bows, accidentally falling into a table, and knocking the table settings on top of himself and all over. After being startled, a young woman falls onto a banquet table, breaking it in half, and sending food flying through the air.
 A snake coils into a spring as a woman sits on it, it then "springs" up and sends the woman flying across the room, laughing. A woman knocks a young man/frog on the head with a cane. While running in fear, an alligator lands on top of a young woman/frog, a young man/frog and the turtle they are sitting upon (the frogs get up, unfazed). A man slips down a set of stairs, three suitcases fall on top of him and he stands up, unharmed. A young man/frog shoots out his long frog-tongue, snatches a fly, wraps his tongue around himself and falls to the ground.
 An alligator falls over the top of a balcony of a riverboat, and shrieks when three men are seemingly approaching with guns -- they were simply the shadows cast by men holding instruments. Dramatically falling to the ground, an alligator shouts for help, saying, "It is so cold," points to a thorny flower stuck to its finger and a firefly pulls it out, causing the alligator to yelp in pain. A firefly pulls thorny stems from an alligator's behind, joking that it will take a long time for the "extraction."
 Two frogs navigate through a swamp, an alligator's head is seen following them, and it says something, startling the frogs, which begin to shout and run but stop when they realize the alligator is not going to eat them. We see an alligator jumping onto the deck of a steamboat, people scream and run for cover, the alligator jumps off the boat, and the people fire shots into the water (we see a flash of lights and hear shots of guns being fired)
 A young girl shrieks when she sees a frog. A young woman grabs a handful of napkins and shoves them into her underarms and cleavage, saying, "I'm sweating like a sinner in church!" A young woman/frog tells a young man/frog that her father had died.
 A man holds up a voodoo doll, which resembles another man, and holds a pin close to the heart sewn onto the chest of the doll. A young man stomps on the outstretched tongue of a young man/frog with a loud "squish." An alligator tears through a crowd, roaring and sending the crowd running.
 A firefly passes gas in front of a young woman/frog and young man/frog while attempting to light his own behind; he laughs and says, "the ladies prefer a man with a big behind," pointing to his lower abdomen. We see a man shoveling a steaming pile of horse dung from behind a horse. A young woman/frog exclaims that she is "covered in slime" and a young man/frog corrects her, saying, "It is actually mucus." A young woman hands a small child a napkin after she finds her covered, head-to-tow in grits and jam.

PROFANITY 1 - 2 anatomical terms, name-calling (ugly little frog, slippery creature, fat man, charlatan, spoiled little rich boy, cranky, goon, chucklehead, big baby, philandering, stick-in-the-mud, idiot, no-good, bump on a log, naughty, maggot), exclamations (shut your trap). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A young man calls out that he wants to "buy everyone a drink," a man wearing an octopus costume holds drinks in each of his hands and then pours the drinks on the ground, men and women are seen drinking out of wine glasses, a young man/frog jokingly asks a young woman/frog for a "cocktail" and she refuses, a young man/frog shows a young woman/frog to a table where a bottle of champagne and a glass are seen, a man takes a sip of champagne.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Voodoo, magic, curses, Cajun, bayou, New Orleans, Princes and Princesses, marriage, struggle, sacrifice, death.

MESSAGE - Love can overcome all odds.

Special Keywords: S3 - V3 - P1 - MPAAG

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