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Point Blank [À bout portant] [2011] [R] - 4.8.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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When a nurse (Gilles Lellouche) saves the life of a patient, a henchmen kidnaps his pregnant wife (Elena Anaya) until the patient, a famous thief, is released from the hospital. As the two race through Paris, the death toll rises and the nurse fears he may not be able to rescue his family. Also with Roschdy Zem, Gérard Lanvin and Mireille Perrier. Directed by Fred Cavayé. In French with English subtitles. [1:24]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A woman tries to kiss a man, and the man pushes her away saying they cannot have sex; the woman kisses the man passionately, she leans back, and asks the man to continue kissing her. A man and a woman kiss multiple times. A man and woman kiss and he rests his head on her chest.
 A man takes off his shirt, and we see his bare chest as he climbs into bed with a sleeping, fully clothed woman; he kisses her cheek and wraps his arms around her.
 The bare buttocks of a man are briefly visible as he takes off his clothing to shower; another man sees him and looks away. We see the bare stomach of a pregnant woman, with her shirt pulled up for an examination. A man is seen sitting in bed, wearing an open button-up shirt and boxer-style underwear; a portion of his bare chest is visible. A man's bare back and chest are visible when he wakes up, shirtless. A man's bare chest is visible when he lies in a hospital bed.
 A man jokes that he sees male genitalia on a woman's pregnancy ultrasound.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - A man grabs another man and holds him at gunpoint, we see the man with his hands tied behind his back, two policemen enter the room, one shoves the tied-up man to the ground and one of the men shoots an armed police officer point-blank in the head (we see the bullet wound and blood sprays onto the tied-up man's face and chest); a man shoves a gun into the hands of the tied up man, announcing that the man is "a cop killer" and the body of the dead officer is seen lying on the ground with blood on his head and torso.
 A man enters a room and surprises another man when he pulls out a gun and shouts for a second man to tie up the man: we see the man struggle and hear him shout as a second man handcuffs him, the gunman drops the gun, puts a pillow over the head of the handcuffed man and begins to suffocate him, the second man shouts at the man to stop and the gunman drops the pillow moments later; the gunman walks away, and turns and shoots the handcuffed man in the stomach and chest (we see three bloody wounds oozing on the man's stomach and chest and the man is obviously dead).
 In a room filled with police officers and two wanted criminals, a man with his hands tied behind his back kicks over a small space heater, it explodes into flames and a second man shoots a man in the leg; the shooter approaches the injured man, holding a gun to his face, he then uses the gun to strike the man in the face and we see the gunman shove the gun barrel into the open bullet wound on the man's leg and the man screams in pain and we see blood bubble from the wound.
 Two men discover the dead body of a man and we see wounds on the man's chest and stomach, caked with dry blood. A man uncovers the dead, bloody body of a man propped up on a chair and we see blood and gore covering the man's head, bare chest and face.
 Two men hold a man at gunpoint on a city street while he clutches a large bloody wound on his stomach; a motorcycle driving down the street smashes into the injured man, his body is thrown through the air and we see him face-down and motionless as paramedics arrive at the scene (the man is later seen unconscious in the hospital).
 A man is seen holding a gun to the head of an older man, we hear a muffled gunshot and later see the older man dead with a small amount of blood coming from a wound on his chest; we also see police officers watching CCTV footage of the man shooting the older man in the chest (no blood is visible on the footage). A man uses a heart defibrillator to electrocute a policeman; he falls backwards and he appears dead as the man takes his gun from his lifeless body.
 A man shoots two policemen in the head and chest at close range with rubber bullets: the men shout in pain and hit the ground, the gunman then hits one of the injured officers in the head, knocking him unconscious, a second man hits the other officer and we see the gunman and a second man dragging the officers out of the room.
 We see a massive pool of blood on an injured man's shirt, the man gasps in pain and asks another man to sew up his wound: the injured man slumps over in a chair, holds his bleeding torso and instructs another man on how to sew him up; we see the man sewing the wound and blood is on the man's torso and pants along with gauze and bloody tools on a table next to him.
 A man kicks a door closed as another man attempts to walk into the room, the two men fight, one of the men shoves his finger into the unseen wound on the other man's stomach (we see blood surface on a bandage and he shouts in pain), and the injured man grabs a pencil and shoves it through the eye of the other man (he shouts in pain but no blood is seen as the injured man runs away).
 A woman tries to shove a pregnant woman out a high window, the pregnant woman struggles until she knocks the woman in the head, the woman holds a gun to the pregnant woman's head and then her pregnant stomach, and a man rushes into the room and struggles with the woman holding the gun; she is knocked to the ground and the pregnant woman smashes a stool on her head repeatedly (we see her with a bloody wound on her head and slumped over and unconscious).
 A woman screams as we see a blurry figure come from behind a man and hit him in the head; he falls to the ground, he appears unconscious, he wakes up, we see blood coming from a cut on his forehead, he sees that the room is tossed and the woman is missing, and we later see the cut dribble a small amount of blood (another man asks him what is the matter and he tells him he had bumped his head).
 A man reaches to grab a man who draws a gun on him, the first man grabs the man and tries to twist the gun from his hands, the two men punch one another, wrestling and throwing each other around a room, and one man kicks the other man in the neck, knocking him to the ground; then one man knocks the other man unconscious using a weight and he is later seen with blood on his face, presumably from a broken nose.
 A man knocks another man on the back of the neck with the butt of a gun, he strikes the man twice and the man falls to the ground holding his head in pain. An injured man with a heart monitor attached to his chest, wakes up and grabs his male nurse, slams him against the wall and then twists his arm behind his back; one man then pulls a gun and we see a cut on one man's temple.
 A man holds another man at gunpoint with the gun aimed at his head; the man then uses the butt of the gun to smash the man across the face and he falls to the ground, presumably unconscious.
 Armed police officers race after a man on a series of crowded subway platforms, the man bumps into another man, he spins around unharmed, runs down an up escalator knocking a man to the ground, an officer with his gun drawn races after him, the man stumbles off the escalator and the police officer fires at him, the shot misses and the man is unharmed. Four police officers shout as they race up stairs and we see an injured man with a bloody cut on his forehead run from them; one officer fires a shot at the man, it misses and the man escapes into a room, unharmed. A man slams his way through a door, we see two men race after him, and the man clutches his stomach in pain and begins to limp as he runs. Armed police officers chase a man, we see them jump from a window and across an alley, to another window, he leaps from the window and climbs into another house and two police officers follow him; we see them running rapidly through a crowded city street. A man jumps over the track of an oncoming subway train, we see two police officers race after him with their guns drawn, and he man escapes unharmed into an elevator and onto a crowded city street. Two men chase two other men racing through a crowded subway station and city street (we see the two men holding guns) as the two men run away; the two gunmen come across two guards, they raise their hands and the gunmen run without injuring them.
 A man fires a shot near another man, he purposefully misses and the man shouts angrily. A man holds another man at gunpoint, shouting angrily at the man to help him find his kidnapped wife. A man slams another man against a wall, shoving a gun in his face; the man shouts at the gunman, who drops the gun and allows the man to walk away. We see a man on a public bus holding another man at gunpoint, and a young boy notices that the man is holding a gun; the man held at gunpoint has a syringe in his hand that's implied to be filled with a sedative. A man sets off a burglar alarm in a house; he crashes through the window and runs away as two other men chase after him.
 A pregnant woman pants in pain and fear, a man tries to calm her, and we see blood on her hands as the woman tells the man that she is worried about her baby; police officers break into the room where the pregnant woman and man are seen, and an officer grabs the man and handcuffs him, as the man shouts that the woman is hemorrhaging and we later see the woman and delivered infant, unharmed in a hospital. A very pregnant woman is seen tied up in a warehouse and she cries.
 We hear a beeping as a man attached to a heart monitor begins to flatline, a male nurse struggles to give the man air, he begins to breathe, the monitor stops beeping and we later hear a man telling the nurse that the injured man had his respirator cut. A young man tells a man that another man in the hospital had been struck by a motorcycle. A woman tells a man and a woman that a man had been struck by a motorcycle and we see the man lying in a hospital bed, as another man explains that the man has bruises on his chest. We see a man lying in a hospital bed with a tube coming out of his mouth and an IV in his arm; he appears unconscious. Several men are seen surrounding a man on a hospital gurney and the man pants in pain.
 A man grabs a man standing next to a car and he throws the man to the ground and shouts as he steals the car. A woman grabs a pregnant woman and pushes her through a crowded hallway; the pregnant woman pulls away and runs to another woman who then grabs her and pulls her away. A man grabs the arm of a woman as she tries to walk away. A man grabs a handheld video game from a young man; the young man jokingly whispers at the man, who hands the game back to the young man.
 Police officers watch surveillance CCTVs, we see a man shoving a woman to the ground and taking her purse, stores are shown being broken into, a car is seen on fire parked outside of a building, people are shown looting stores and the police officers shout into phones about the locations of the crimes.
 Crowds of people are seen in the street, shouting, and we see police officers shoving and carrying away handcuffed men and women, who struggle and shout angrily. A police station is filled with shouting people and we see men and women handcuffed and being questioned by police officers.
 A man screams at a man over the phone and the man on the phone shouts back at him; we hear a woman crying and the sound of two gunshots, the man on the phone threatens to kill the woman and the man shouts into the phone as the line goes dead. A woman fearfully gasps after hearing a gunshot and the sound of a man yelping, followed by a thud, implying the unseen man had been killed.
 A woman shouts angrily at another woman. A female news reporter announces that a man had been discovered dead in a hotel room after being granted a one-day pass from prison, where he was serving a sentence for murder; the reporter says that it is believed the man had committed suicide (we see a flashback of another man entering the room with the man, implying murder). A woman tells two men that a man is wanted for murder and armed robbery. A man watches a television report saying that he and another man are "armed and dangerous" and that the man he is with is wanted for murder. A man crudely tells a woman that another man had been "iced." We see a newspaper headline announcing that a man had been murdered. Two men listen to the radio report about the men being wanted for the murder of multiple men and a woman. A man tells a woman that a group of men killed her boss. A man tells another man that a man had hired him and another hitman to kill his father. A man tells a detective that his wife had been kidnapped and that a man had threatened to kill the woman if he reported it to the police. A man tells another man that they would be murdered by two police officers if they do not leave. A man tells a woman that he had saved the life of a patient that someone had attempted to kill while under his care. A man tells another man that the police will kill them if they try to report a crime. A man warns another man that a pregnant woman has been held captive by corrupt police officers. A doctor tells a woman that she needs to remain on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy in order to be safe; the woman's husband asks the doctor what could go wrong and the doctor warns the woman that she could go into early labor.
 A man vomits on a city street, we hear him panting and heaving and see the vomit leave his mouth.

PROFANITY 5 - About 6 F-words and its derivatives, 1 sexual reference, 2 scatological terms, 5 anatomical terms (1 mild), 6 mild obscenities, name-calling (crybaby, little monster, insane, crazy, stupid), exclamations (shut up), 1 religious exclamation. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man serves men and women wine at a dinner party. On multiple occasions we see men and women smoking cigarettes.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Police corruption, blackmail, murder for hire, abuse of power, revenge, pre-term labor.

MESSAGE - Police corruption can be very serious and the investigation into police corruption can be very dangerous.

Special Keywords: S4 - V8 - P5 - MPAAR

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