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Pirate Radio [2009] [R] - 7.3.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A young man (Tom Sturridge) is sent by his mother to live with his godfather (Bill Nighy), who also happens to run a pirate radio station aboard a ship in the North Sea, blasting outlawed rock music to 1960's Britain. Also with Kenneth Branagh, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Nick Frost. Directed by Richard Curtis. [2:14]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A young woman drapes her legs over a young man's lap, her short dress drifts up her legs (exposing her upper thighs), they kiss, the young man shouts when he realizes that his roommate is still in the room and exits (as he turns his pants droop down and reveal the top of his underpants).
 A man and a woman kiss passionately while reclining on a bed, (the woman is wearing a short, low-cut dress), she straddles the man's lap, he unzips the front of her dress to reveal a nude-colored slip, they continue to kiss, the man takes off his clothing, tells the woman that he cannot have sex unless all the lights are off and we see him nude and sneaking into a bathroom (his bare chest and back are visible and he is holding his hand over his genitals).
 A man tells a young man that he should go into a room, have sex with the woman in bed there and that the woman in the room could be "poked by the pope" and not know who it was; the young man takes off his shirt, exposing his bare chest, he enters the room, a light flips on, a woman wearing a bra, lying on a bed, screams, and the young man (he is completely nude and his bare buttocks and chest are shown while his genitals are obscured by his hand) apologizes and leaves.
 A young man and a young woman are seen lying under a sheet (his bare chest visible and her shoulders and bare legs are visible), after they presumably had sex. Two women lean out of a room, presumably nude (bare shoulders are seen), and are met with cheers from a group of men who make comments inferring that the two women had engaged in sex.
 A man holds up a picture of a topless woman (her bare breasts are visible) against a window where another man sits; he then holds up a sign that says, "Your mum." A woman is seen in a bathtub (a small portion of her bare upper back is seen). Women wear short dresses and skirts. We see three men sunbathing in swimsuits.
 A man climbs on top of a woman and they begin to kiss passionately (both are clothed). A man and a woman kiss passionately in several scenes. A man grabs a woman's head and begins to kiss her passionately.
 A man carries a woman down a hallway lined with people cheering as he carries her into the bedroom (presumably to consummate their marriage). A young man leaves his room (his bare chest is visible), finds several men waiting for him, they cheer and ask the young man if he had sex while broadcasting their conversation over a radio, he refuses to answer, a young woman walks out of the room wrapped in a blanket (her bare shoulders seen) and the two return to the room after confirming that the young man had lost his virginity.
 A young man hears whispers and giggles behind a door, he opens it, finds a young woman and another man in bed together and it is implied that they had sex (both are nude and we see the man's bare chest and the woman's bare shoulders). A man remarks that he can see another man's genitalia and the man jokingly thrusts his pelvis in his direction.
 A young woman is upset when she thinks a young man borrowed a condom hoping to have sex with her, they argue, he tosses the condom out the window, they kiss and the young woman comments that perhaps the young man shouldn't have thrown out the condom.
 A man follows two women, both wearing very short skirts (their upper thighs are visible) up a staircase (it is implied that they are going to his bedroom for sex).
 A man and woman look at one another longingly. A woman looks at another woman longingly. A man and woman hold hands. A man and woman kiss gingerly. A man and a woman kiss. A man kisses a woman on the cheek. A man and a woman embrace and kiss each other on the cheek. A woman blows a kiss at a man in a few scenes.
 We see a woman wearing a bikini sitting on a beach with another woman wearing a swimsuit that exposes a portion of her bare torso. A woman is seen wearing a short skirt and a top that reveals her bare abdomen. A woman is seen wearing a bikini-style top, exposing her bare torso. A young woman is seen wearing a low-cut blouse. We see album covers, which include shirtless men and women in bathing suits and sitting in a suggestive fashion.
 A young woman apologizes to a young man for having slept with another man, the young man accepts her apology and the two begin to kiss. Three young women flank a man, hugging him, after he jokingly makes a "come-hither" face at them.
 A man walks into a room where a woman wearing a negligee (cleavage and legs are visible) is sitting in bed: the man talks about having children with the woman, the woman says that she is in love with another man, that she will hopefully be having sex with the man on a nightly basis, and that the man would probably be able to hear them having sex.
 A man zips and unzips his pants into a microphone, and announces over the air that the unzipping was dedicated to a young woman; we see her celebrating with her friends. A young man asks two men for a condom, one man hands him one and tells him when he's finished to "take it off, wash it out and have another go at it!" A man asks a woman if she is "always" or "sometimes" a lesbian, the woman tells the man that she is always a lesbian, and the man pinches her behind. A woman wearing a short skirt opens her jacket to reveal a very tight shirt with the name of a man written across the chest and the man whose name it is comments, using crude language. A young man asks a man if he could borrow a condom, the man agrees and then throws the condom at the young man.
 While broadcasting, a DJ (using a provocative voice) asks if people are currently doing things that "their parents wouldn't approve of" and ends his monologue by saying that women should "hike up their skirts" and think of him while they masturbate (using crude language). An older man tells a young man to hide his pornography because his mother is coming to visit. A woman tells a group of men that since her newly discovered sexual prowess might be dangerous, that she should stay on a ship (she refers to an affair with a seemingly heterosexual woman). A man talks about sexual dreams and a woman in the group lustfully repeats the name of a woman she had fantasized about. A man asks another man if he had sex with the first man's wife; the second man sheepishly admits that he had. A young man asks a man how his previous night had been; the man replies that it had not been very good, but that he had better hope for the next night. A man tells a woman, using crude language, that he had enjoyed having sex with her. A man declares that Saturday is "Sexurday" because they are allowed to have women on board and that the day almost always ends in fornication. A man tells a young man that he is interested in sleeping with an entire ship of women. A young man tells a man that he does not know his father, because his father was a man who had sex with his mother and left in the morning without giving his name. A woman tells a young man that she is a lesbian, and a man comments that lesbians are "things of dreams" and uses a crude term for lesbians. A man comments to a young man that it is "too bad" that a woman is a lesbian. A man comments that a woman is of the "lesbianic" variety. A man makes a crude joke about another man's sexual relationship while broadcasting over the radio. An older man tells a young man that for the young man's birthday he is going to "give him a good time" by inviting his "attractive" niece to have dinner with them. An older man tells a young man that the young man's mother is very attractive and a "sexual legend." A man comments that a woman is the "sexiest woman on the planet." An older man comments that a woman is a "goddess" and that a man is very lucky for having her. A man tells a young man that his mother is a "hot mom." A man tells a young man to relay a message to his mother, "Muddy Waters Rocks," apparently reminding her of a sexual encounter she had. A woman asks a young man to tell a man, "Thanks for the good night," implying that they had sex. A man asks another man how he manages to have sex with so many women. A man is teased by a group of men when his marriage ends after 17 hours. A young man tells a group of men that the closest he had gotten to being kissed was when a horse had licked his face; a man comments that being licked on the face by a horse could be enjoyed by some people. A man tells another man that a woman will be moving onto the ship with many men, that she will be sleeping exclusively with her husband and that the men should respect that. A man makes a crude joke about the size of his genitals in relation to the size of an electronics part. A man announces to a group of men that he likes the size of his genitals because it allows him to wear small underpants. A man shouts at another man, saying that he had a man's genitals in his hand and it "feels good" (said in a threatening, not sexual manner). A man tells a young man that he thinks it is funny that the young man is attempting to be on the "straight and narrow" when he is on a ship where people drink, smoke, and have sex.
 Young women, fully clothed, dance and jump on beds. A small group of men and women dance together in a friendly, group setting. Men and women dance together as a large group. A woman dances suggestively by herself. A man and a woman dance, holding one another at arms length. A group of men and women dance in a friendly fashion. A man and woman dance arm-in-arm.
 A man embraces a young man and kisses him on the cheek, asks the young man to turn around and pinches his buttock (in a non-sexual manner).
 A woman wearing a slip enters a bathroom where a man and a young man (both are nude but we don't see anything except their back and chest) are talking: she sits on the toilet (no sounds are heard, however we see the woman stand up and she flushes the toilet) she leaves, the two nude men embrace and the young man leaves. A woman is seen sitting on a toilet with her underpants gathered at her knees (we do not see her get up or hear any toilet-related sounds). A man is seen sitting on a toilet with his pants gathered at his knees (we do not see the man get up or hear any toilet-related sounds). A young woman is seen sitting on a toilet, and her underpants and leggings are pulled to her knees, exposing her upper thigh (we do not see the woman get up or hear any toilet-related noises).
 A man tells a crude story about another man lying in bed with a very attractive woman after having sex with her and rather than flatulating, he accidentally defecated.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - Water rushes onto a ship, it pours through the doorway and as two men attempt to run away they are knocked down by a huge wave; the ship rocks and quakes, the passengers are panicked, a man is pinned under water by a box, a young man pulls him up, and several people cling to the rails of a ship until it is completely submerged (they are eventually rescued).
 A man shouts that he is "declaring war on" another man, challenges him to climb up a very tall antenna pole: they reach the top and jump into water below (we see the two men later, one with a cast on his leg and using a cane, and the other with two blackened eyes, an arm in a sling, three of his fingers bandaged and one hand bloodied).
 A group of men (some armed) rush on board and tear through a ship (they are later identified as law officers). A vessel comes to a halt, throwing passengers off balance as the sound of metal ripping is heard.
 Two men lift a man by the hands and feet and toss him into the ocean; he surfaces and struggles to swim briefly, but is fine. A man falls off of a top bunk and onto the floor.
 A man shouts loudly at a man and woman, verbally berating them. A man shouts that he will crush men's genitalia (using scientific terms) "like grapes." During a tirade, a man announces that if you hit a woman, the love dies; if you shoot a person, they die; if you drop a bomb, a lot of people die.
 A man informs another man that fishermen had died the night before. A man grimly announces to a group of men and one woman that the vessel they are on is sinking and that all of the people onboard are going to die. A man asks another man if he has permission to provide aid to men that will probably die without his help; the request is denied. A man says that an organization will be forced to die a "noisy" death since it refuses to "die quietly." A man comments that allowing an illegal activity to go on is like "watching a baby drown." A DJ announces, on-air, that it was time for the news, saying it was time for "rapes, wars, and murders." A man says that he would rather die than stop doing his current job; another man stands up and states that he too would be willing to die, to maintain his current job. During a game of charades, a man uses a lisp to mimic a homosexual man. A radio DJ announces that he will say "the F-word" over the radio. A man comments that another man's haircut is "profoundly ugly" and that it is so ugly that the haircut will soon be outlawed and that even blind people would remark that his haircut is ugly. A man comments that another man's last name (which is also a crude name for a women's genitals) is "interesting." An older man tells a young man to "shut up."
 A man smashes two ashtrays against a counter. A man throws a dart into a large cardboard cutout of himself and the dart sticks into the neck of the photo.
 A man talks with his mouth full of food.

PROFANITY 8 - About 30 F-words and its derivatives, 6 scatological terms, 12 anatomical references, 5 sexual references, 11 mild obscenities, 2 derogatory terms for homosexuals, name-calling (thick, strange bearded thing, posh, nut, tosser, chicken, beast with a beard, hopcats, crybaby, miffy, cruel, disaster, pathetic, bottom-bashers, pornographers, drug-takers, clown, sad little father, sewer, dirty, big boy, strange bird, low morals, chubby, nitpicky, Captain Bird-Eye), 1 religious profanity, 12 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man carries a box bearing a marijuana leaf, a man acts like he is under the influence of drugs when he makes a series of bad decisions during a life or death situation, and a man comments to a group of men that he has done a lot of drugs previously. A group of men sit around a bar while smoking and drinking, a man smokes a cigarette and holds an alcoholic drink in his hand, a small group of people smoke cigarettes and share drinks, a group of men sit around a table with drinks and smoking cigarettes, a group of people are seen drinking and smoking in a party setting, a man sits next to a table full of empty beer bottles and an ashtray full of cigarette butts while he is holding a cigarette, and we see a still photo of a group of men drinking and smoking cigarettes. A woman smokes cigarette in several scenes, men smoke cigarettes in several scenes, a man lights a cigarette, a young man smokes a cigarette, a man smokes a pipe, a young man lights a cigarette for a woman, a group of men smoke cigarettes around a conference table and cigarette butts are seen in ashtrays, a group of people smoke in a party setting, a man and a woman lay side-by-side on the floor and share a cigarette, a group of men sit in a boardroom with cigarette smoke hanging in the air, a young man taps a cigarette out of a pack and into his mouth, a man asks a young man if he had been smoking "drugs or cigarettes" and congratulates him after the young man tells the man that he had been sent away for "smoking."
 A man is seen sprawled out on a table with empty alcohol bottles surrounding him, a man takes a swig from a bottle of beer, a group of men and one woman play a drinking game where they instruct one another to drink, two men lean against one another after excessive drinking and we see empty alcohol bottles all around them, two women share a bottle of wine, a woman pours herself a drink and asks a young man if he wants one (he declines, saying that it is 10:30 AM), two men and two women hold drinks, a man makes a toast and the four people drink, a woman opens a beer, a man holds a glass of champagne to toast with two other people, a woman holds two drinks and a man takes one and drinks and asks the woman if she is intending to get him drunk and she says yes, a young woman and older man hold wine glasses, a young woman offers a young man a drink, a man comments that a friend of his had died from "alcohol poisoning," a man comments to a young man that he thinks that alcohol makes him sharper, a young man comments to a man that he feels hung over, and a woman drunkenly stumbles out of a doorway.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Pirate radio, illegal activity, fidelity in marriage, premarital sex, defiant breaking of laws, prohibition/restriction of music, the 1960s, the creation of law, debauchery, excess drinking, friendship, male bonding, legal wrangle, rescue at sea.

MESSAGE - In a journey of self-discovery, you never know what you will experience and where you will be led.

Special Keywords: S7 - V3 - P8 - MPAAR

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