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Piranha 3D [2010] [R] - 10.10.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After an underwater tremor opens a hidden lake under popular spring break hotspot Lake Victoria, Arizona, and releases countless prehistoric man-eating piranhas, the local sheriff (Elisabeth Shue) and a seismologist (Adam Scott) must band together to save as many people as possible. Also with Richard Dreyfuss, Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd, Eli Roth and Jerry O'Connell. Directed by Alexandre Aja. [1:29]

SEX/NUDITY 10 - Two young women are seen swimming underwater fully nude (full-front nudity is seen on both, including genitals, bare buttocks and bare breasts); they swim suggestively while rubbing one another's breasts, as two men watch, film them and make crude remarks and when they get out of the water their bare buttocks are seen in an extreme close-up.
 Two silicone bags (the implication is that they are breast implants torn from a woman's chest) float in water along with severed male genitalia; we see two fish fight over the male organ, and one swallows it and then spits it out (the image of the genitalia, bloody and deformed, fills the screen).
 On two occasions, a young man is seen watching a computer screen where multiple photographs of women's bare breasts are seen, and the sound of sexual moaning is heard. An extreme close-up of a young woman's bare breasts is seen on multiple occasions as she parasails behind a boat, and the young woman rubs her breasts suggestively as three men make crude remarks about her. A young woman rips off her shirt (her bare breasts are visible) as a man sprays her, and a dozen other young women, with water; they are wearing bikini bottoms and tight, nearly transparent wet T-shirts. A young man is instructed to film a woman who is topless (her bare breasts are seen). An electric cord whips through the air and cuts a young woman in half and her bikini top falls off exposing her bare breasts.
 The bare buttocks of three men are seen as they pull down their pants to reveal a crude phrase painted on their buttocks. On multiple occasions, countless young women wearing bikinis are seen dancing suggestively on boats, dancing with young women and young men, rubbing their hands over their bodies, thrusting their hips in a suggestive fashion and wearing stickers to cover their nipples when they dance without bikini tops. Young men are seen wearing swimming trunks and their bare chests are visible. Two men are seen wearing bikini tops and a group of young men are seen wearing what appear to be adult diapers, as they dance with young women, including thrusting their hips in a suggestive manner. A young man and a man are seen pulling off their shirts and their bare chests are visible.
 Two young women wearing bikinis dance suggestively with one another as a man films them and the crowd watching cheers, as one of the young women puts her face in the other's cleavage and shakes her head.
 A young woman licks salt from another young woman's stomach and is about to take the lime from her mouth with her teeth, and the two young women begin to kiss. A man licks salt off a young woman's stomach and kisses her to get a lime from her mouth. A man asks a young woman if she is "into girls" as he instructs her to lick salt off a young woman's stomach and drink liquor from her bellybutton. A man instructs a young man to lick salt from a young woman's stomach and we see him lick her stomach and is about to kiss her until she sits up. A young man and a young woman hold one another close and kiss momentarily.
 A man tells a young man that another man had "charmed his way into" many young women's pants, and implies the man is interested in having sex with a young woman. A man jokingly asks a woman if she would like to go skinny-dipping, and she says no and laughs. Two men remark about their "appreciation" of the pornographic nature of two women kissing one another for a film. A man discusses filming a pornographic movie with a young woman. A girl tells a young woman that she likes her breasts, they discuss the young woman's breasts and the girl remarks that a young man will "like them." A young woman climbs from one boat to another on a rope after making a remark about being a pole-dancer.
 Background music is heard that uses indecipherable but implied crude language and sexual references.

VIOLENCE/GORE 10 - Fish swarm and attack a crowd, tearing off chunks of flesh as they swim through the water: blood fills the water and countless people are injured in an extended sequence showing bodies being ripped apart underwater and people screaming incessantly; injured people are pulled onto boats, blood pours from their large wounds, missing limbs, and limbs eaten down to bone are seen on large numbers of people as blood-covered helpers attempt to pull them to safety. Maimed, blood-covered people are seen being torn apart by fish, and blood and torn flesh fills the water.
 An electric cord whips through the air and cuts a young woman in half: her bikini top falls off (exposing her bare breasts) as her body falls into the water in two parts and a second woman is seen being cut by the whipping wire and blood pours from the wounds.
 We see two fish fight over severed male genitalia floating in water: one swallows the male organ, and then spits it out (the image of the genitalia, bloody and deformed, fills the screen).
 A young woman's hair gets caught in the propeller of a boat and as the driver revs the engine, the force yanks the young woman's hair and pulls her face off (her bloody, exposed facial muscles are seen and she screams in pain). A man's head is smashed between two boats, blood and tissue explodes over the boats and covers a young woman, head-to-toe, in blood and chunks of tissue. A young man jumps into a speedboat and drives the boat over people in the water: the thump of the motor hitting the bodies and the crunch of bone and flesh is heard as he drives over a dozen swimmers and blood fills the water.
 A man and a young woman on the deck of a boat are thrown overboard where the young woman is attacked by fish that chew through her stomach (blood and tissue are seen in the water) and a fish is seen ripping through her closed mouth from inside, forcing it open with a trail of blood and flesh pouring from it as a man watches.
 A man's legs are torn apart by fish and we see a cloud of bloody water surround the man; a young woman on the deck of a boat pulls the man aboard, he screams that his genitals have been eaten off, and his legs are stripped almost completely to the bone, and blood covers him as he screams in pain.
 A scuba diver takes off his glove and a fish bites his hand, he screams as blood comes from the wound and he is soon completely surrounded by swarming fish that tear at his body (blood fills the water and tissue, flesh, and an eye are seen floating). Fish attack a scuba diver: massive chunks of her shoulder, torso and legs are missing, as well as a portion of her face (including one of her eyes which is seen floating in the water before being eaten by a fish); she is pulled, lifeless, from the water and blood covers her disfigured body.
 A young woman climbs from one boat to another on a rope, fish leap from the water, grab her hair and after biting her shoulder and back (blood pours from her wounds) the fish pull her into the water and her body is seen bobbing as the fish rip her apart (the water turns red).
 A boat on a lake swirls in a vortex after a tremor: a man on the boat tips overboard and is rushed by countless fish that rip his body to pieces, and chunks of flesh are seen being torn from his body as the water turns red with blood; a mangled hand, with a bloody bone peeking through flesh, pops out from the water as the screen goes black.
 While parasailing a young woman screams as fish tear at her skin when she is partially underwater: blood pours from her wounds and turns the water red, three young man watch in panic, and when she is hoisted into the air we see her legs bloody and stripped down to the bone on one leg and missing from the knee-down on the other leg.
 A man lifts a boat motor from a boat and uses it to chop up fish before they completely surround him and eat him; blood and tissue fill the water, as he is slowly pulled underwater. A young man throws the bloody, mangled body of a man (his legs have been stripped of flesh down to the bone and parts of his torso are missing) over the side of a boat and a swarm of fish are seen attacking the body, ripping it to pieces. A man dives off a cliff into a lake, bubbles are seen appearing on the surface of the water as the water turns red, and fish are seen tearing him apart, under the water.
 Two men carrying a young woman pull her body apart and blood pours from her torso, a man drags another man onto the beach and we see that one of his legs has been eaten down to the bone, countless people are seen covered in blood with chunks of flesh missing from their arms, legs, torsos, and faces, and waterlogged and bloody bodies are seen floating in the water.
 The dock where a woman is standing collapses and she falls into the water: she emerges, screaming, with a bloody, disfigured body on her back; a man drags her and the body out of the water and we see large chunks of the body's flesh missing, and his face appears to have been chewed off.
 A swarm of fish are seen swimming toward a young woman's buttocks, they bite her and blood fills the water. A young man and a young woman jump into water and fish bite the young man (he is later seen with superficial cuts on his back and blood on his shirt and shorts).
 A crowd of blood-soaked and injured people converge onto a float, which soon tips over and spills people in the water. A young woman places a towel over a man who is presumed dead, but before dying, the man grabs a young man's arm as blood pours from his mouth.
 A massive fish leaps through the air and knocks a man off a boat and into a lake (no is blood visible). A girl yelps after she steps on a broken bottle in a lake, and blood is seen in the water (she is later seen unharmed).
 A man and a woman with large rifles shoot fish and use a taser to shock the fish; chunks of dead fish fly through the air. A young woman uses a frying pan to smack fish as they jump through the air and attempt to bite her.
 A man drives a boat over an outcropping of rocks, the bottom of the boat cracks open and a young woman and two children are thrown against the walls of the boat cabin as water pours in (the young woman appears to be unconscious but comes to moments before water reaches her).
 A massive explosion rocks a lake killing many fish and a young woman and a young man narrowly avoid being blown up as a boat turns into a fireball.
 A female police officer grabs a young man's arm and twists it behind his back as she slams him on a car hood, arresting him; she informs the young man that touching an officer's uniform is considered assault, and turns to three other young men and threatens to taser them. A man shouts at a young man, takes a drink from a bottle and spits it out, throws the bottle into a lake, and then slams the young man against the deck of a boat, holding him in a chokehold. A man shouts at a young man. A young man and a woman shout at one another.
 A young woman vomits, and large chunks of vomit in 3D are seen pouring from the screen as the sound of retching is heard. A young woman is seen vomiting into a toilet and vomit comes from her mouth as she coughs.
 A man tells a group of people that a fish is capable of killing humans, and that they will turn to cannibalism if there is no other flesh to eat. A man says that the first bite from a fish draws blood and that brings the whole school of fish, which eats the body.
 A young man throws a large cup of soda on a young man, covering his face and shirt.

PROFANITY 8 - About 36 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 1 sexual reference, 12 scatological terms, 6 anatomical terms, 25 mild obscenities, name-calling (stupid, sand rat, Speedo), 6 religious profanities, 23 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man and a young woman are seen snorting a white substance and have residue on their noses. A man opens a beer and drinks it, numerous young men and women are seen drinking alcoholic drinks (including doing beer bongs and drinking liquor off one another's bodies), people are seen toasting with champagne and a man jokes with a young woman about enjoying alcohol.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Flesh-eating fish, predators, humans as food, cannibalism, spring break, piranhas, scuba diving, earthquakes, family obligations.

MESSAGE - Always be careful around fauna you are not familiar with; you never know how dangerous it may be.

Special Keywords: S10 - V10 - P8 - MPAAR

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