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Pina [2011] [PG] - 3.1.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A documentary following the career of choreographer Pina Bausch with interviews from some of her famous dancers and their performances. With Pina Bausch, Regina Advento and Malou Airaudo. Directed and written by Wim Wender. [1:43]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - As part of a dance performance, a female dancer rapidly kisses a male dancer, pushing him against her body with the force of her kisses.
 During a dance performance, a man and a woman hug, a second man removes the woman's arms from around the man and pulls the two apart slowly, placing their mouths together in a kiss and re-positioning their arms until the man is holding the woman off the ground; she drops to the ground and they hug again, the dance continues and once again the second man repositions their hands and faces so they are kissing, and then holding one another seven more times. A man and a woman dance closely, and they wrap their arms around one another briefly before the male dancer runs away. We see men and women hugging as part of a dance performance.
 A woman rubs her face against a man's forearm, and we see a portion of the man's bare torso and his shirt is partially unbuttoned.
 As part of a dance performance, a group of male dancers surround a female dancer, one of the male dancers lifts her dress to her knee, rubbing her legs as other male dancers clutch her stomach and pull her arms and face; one of the dancers lifts her as others continue to touch her. During a dance performance a man dances in front of various women, pulling up and down his pants multiple times; he is wearing tight, brief-style underwear.
 During a performance, a dancer appears to be almost fully nude while lying on the ground (a thin, flesh-colored dress covers her) and she rubs herself against the ground in a suggestive fashion. During a dance performance, a dancer wearing a thin, flesh-colored dress rubs her hands over her body, clutching her covered breasts. During a dance performance a group of fully clothed male and female dancers interact, and the male dancers run their hands over the arms and torsos of the female dancers.
 A woman on stage wears a pair of brief-style underwear and no shirt; her bare breasts are covered by an accordion and as she walks away we see her bare back. Throughout a performance we see a group of shirtless male dancers (their bare chests and backs are visible). A male dancer is shirtless during a performance, and his bare chest and back are visible (somewhat obscured by branches he is carrying). A shirtless male dancer (his bare chest and back are visible) dances with a female dancer. Throughout a dance performance we see female dancers wearing very sheer, flesh-colored dresses that cling to their bodies and it is obvious that they are not wearing bras. We see a clip of a woman dancing wearing a low-cut sheer dress. A female dancer wears a very sheer, clingy, low-cut dress and when she bends over we see her cleavage. As a woman wearing a clingy dress dances, we see her turn and pull down the straps of her dress (no nudity is visible).
 During a dance performance, a woman removes her dress; she is wearing flesh-colored brief-style underwear that reveal her bare back and a profile of a bare breast is visible as she lays her head on a table. As a woman dances (leaping onto a chair and slowly tipping it over), she lifts her short dress to reveal her flesh-colored underwear. Throughout a performance, we see multiple dancers wearing thin, flesh-colored dresses and as part of the performance the dancers lift their dress to expose tight, flesh-colored underwear. A man wearing a Speedo-style bathing suit (his bare chest and back are visible) is seen during a dance performance. During a dance performance we see a woman, face down at a table, wearing brief-style underwear (her bare back is visible) and she pulls on a dress as we watch.
 During a dance performance, we hear a woman narrate that she had "an affair with a hippopotamus" and we see the woman rub her arms around the face and neck of a large hippopotamus puppet.

VIOLENCE/GORE 1 - During a dance performance, female dancers take turns approaching a male dancer, holding out a cloth and they gasp and turn in fear; the male dancer then grabs one of the female dancers by the shoulders and pushes her across the stage filled with other dancers and she appears frightened.
 As part of a dance performance a woman follows a female dancer and continually shovels dirt onto the dancer as she crawls across the ground. As part of a dance performance, a man chases a woman, knocking over chairs in her path. During a dance performance, a man leaps back and forth, he beats his chest and shouts as he writhes on the ground and he leaps into the arms of a second male dancer, unharmed.
 During a dance performance, female dancers violently elbow themselves in the stomach and we hear a small gasp and panting from each of the dancers. In the background of a dance performance we see a male dancer lift a female dancer and twirl her and the woman's arms hit the wall and a doorframe. During a dance performance, a woman slumps against a wall and then falls to the ground; she slowly sits back up and dances away, unharmed. A female dancer runs into a wall as part of a dance performance (she is unharmed). As part of a dance performance, on three occasions a female dancer falls forward, almost hitting the ground with a male dancer catching her at the last moment. During a dance performance, a female dancer rapidly falls back and forth from one side to the other as a male dancer catches her before she hits the ground. Two men knock chairs over as a man pulls himself across a stage during a performance. As part of a dance performance, a woman lifts her head up by her ponytail and she shakes her head around as she dances.
 A woman makes strange growling noises as she walks onto a subway car filled with people, she stomps up and down on a pillow, punches the pillow and then slowly drops the pillow onto a seat and sits down. As a man tap-dances on the street, a dog barks at him and tries to nip at his ankles.
 A man implies that a woman and a man had died, saying that he can imagine the man and the woman dancing "up there." A woman narrates that another woman danced as though she had a "hole in her tummy" and had "risen from the dead." A woman narrates that another woman had taught her that she needed to "pull herself up by her own hair." During a narration, a woman explains that she had once been afraid of a woman but later learned not to be afraid.
 During a dance performance, two men lying on the ground spit water at one another.

PROFANITY 1 - 1 anatomical term. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A song during a performance mentions a "joint." Throughout the movie we see video clips of a woman smoking cigarettes and a man smokes a cigarette.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Choreography, opera, preservation of the arts, modern art/dance, aging, theater, preserving a person's memory.

MESSAGE - Choreography and dancing are very difficult professions.

Special Keywords: S3 - V1 - P1 - MPAAPG

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