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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters [2013] [PG] - 1.5.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this sequel Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman), son of the Greek sea god Poseidon, gathers a team of demigod friends to travel the Sea of Monsters in the Bermuda Triangle and retrieve the magic Golden Fleece. The powerful fleece is their last best hope of saving their home training field, Camp Half-Blood. Also with Alexandra Daddario, Douglas Smith, Leven Rambin, Brandon T. Jackson, Jake Abel, Gina Carano, Melina Kanakaredes, Nathan Fillion, Ron Perlman and Stanley Tucci. Directed by Thor Freudenthal. [1:46]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A teen boy with furry animal legs does not wear trousers (nothing is evident in the lower half of his body). A teen boy with furry animal legs wears a dress and a veil, posing as a female maid in order to spy on enemies.
 A teen Cyclops smiles at a young woman in a coffee shop and she smiles back in a flirty way, widening her eyes.
 A man in a training camp says that the god Zeus "had a thing" for a girl; he used her murdered body to make a magic tree that protects a camp (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - In a flashback, four children run from tall ogres in a forest until a branch falls on a girl and she says that her leg is hurt while a boy grabs a knife and slashes at a stomping ogre who tosses him across a clearing and into a tree (the boy's face is shown bloodied); the girl dies (we hear that a Cyclops killed her) but do not see the action); later, a magic protection tree grows up from her midsection, covering her with roots and when full grown, the tree creates a force field around the forest and when ogres slam fists into it they cannot get in.
 Kronos picks up a teen holding his sword and the boy jumps with the sword extended, slashing Kronos from throat to groin; blue lights shoot out as Kronos crumbles into embers and rocks, shouting in anger, while the lights enter a coffin. A giant rat monster with a claw on the end of its tail roars at teen heroes, roars at the camera and stabs a teen girl in the back with its tail claw (she dies); the other teens attack the rat with a spear and a sword; they kill it by cutting its tail, but instead of blood, we see the creature lose its hair, turn to stone, and crumble to dust.
 An evil teen boy and his thugs tie up four teenage heroes and make them watch as he puts the Golden Fleece over the golden coffin of the evil Kronos; the magic fleece glows and sends yellow lights into the coffin, which burns away in embers to reveal molten rocks that form into Kronos, who swallows a satyr and a teen boy; teens tied up and sitting on the ground escape as one of the captured teen boys extends his magic sword to cut the ropes restraining the four teens; the freed teens rush the enemy teens and fight with swords and fists (faces are bloodied, but no other injuries occur) and one of the boys slashes the ankle of Kronos with his magic sword, emitting blue light from the wound as Kronos tries to stomp the boy, and tries to swallow him but misses both times.
 We hear an earthquake and see an evil mechanical bull smash a force field and attack several teenagers; it tosses teen boys and teen girls to the ground (their faces are shown bloody), it breathes fire and burns a house and grass several times, it extends an oil-drilling bit and attempts to drill a teen boy's already bloody face (it misses); teens ride its back, stab it with spears, slam it with a battering ram and slash it with swords (we see no damage) until a teen boy extends a magic telescoping sword into the innards of the bull's engines and destroys it with a loud explosion of flames and smoke.
 A teen boy walks into an attic and dozens of fat candles light themselves until a charred female corpse begins to glow blue eyes at him and it sits up; she gives him a prophecy that we see acted out in stained glass and in it, Kronos swallows his own children, is attacked by heroes, and falls dead into a golden coffin, but rises again.
 A satyr uses crutches to disguise his animal legs as he wears jeans that hamper his walking; he is promptly grabbed by enemy teens and despite striking out with a crutch, is spirited away in a cloud of smoke. Two teen boys argue and one disappears with help from a glowing medallion; a force field generating tree drops its needles and dies with its bark smoking and we hear that one of the two teen boys arguing poisoned it.
 A dirty old taxi appears in a cloud of rolling black smoke and picks up four teens; the taxi is driven by three blue-faced old women with black eye sockets and alternating gold and stained teeth; arguing continually among themselves, one of the drivers finds a good eye behind a sun visor and pops it in her eye socket before the cab runs recklessly through the forest, splits in half around a tree, comes back together, careens around other trees and appears on Washington, DC streets followed by a swath of lightning-like fire; it flips over its lengthwise axis and lands on its wheels on a sidewalk as the teens shout and scream; the good eye falls out of the driver's eye socket and bounces around the passenger compartment.
 Coming out of a dangerous amusement park ride, teen heroes confront several evil teens, one of whom has a Gatling gun that he shoots and another teen boy is struck in the abdomen (no blood), and falls over backward into a river (presumed dead); we later see him again and he shows his brother a stomach scar as it heals completely with water.
 A giant turquoise seahorse takes three teen heroes to a yacht while a giant rat with a scorpion tail and a claw at the end of it chases them several times and we see it roar toward the camera with huge, sharp teeth and clicks its tail claw; an ogre on the yacht looks like a blue-faced corpse body-builder in a muscle shirt and an evil teen boy confronts the hero teens and describes how he will use the Golden Fleece to revive Kronos, who will kill all Mount Olympians; the evil teen puts the hero teens in the brig, but they escape with matter eliminator tape that dissolves the cell's metal bars.
 Three teens in a raft are surrounded by many shark fins that turn out to be huge teeth and a water vortex opens and the raft slides in as we see teeth halfway down the cone of swirling water; falling down the teens encounter bones, debris and black sludge (this is the stomach of a giant creature) and they hear shouting and find a teen girl instructing Confederate Army zombies with blue faces and pale eyes to fix their ironclad vessel; in the background, we see giant protrusions with hundreds of spikes on them, crunching up whatever gets in their way in its stomach; the teens and the zombies work together, blast a hole in the creature's side with cannon-fire and escape as we see some sludge and debris blow out with the boat; underwater, the porthole glass cracks, but everyone survives and gets to the surface.
 Teen heroes sail a Confederate ironclad to an abandoned island amusement park and we hear that more than 100 Cyclops ate thousands of demigods (half-bloods) there; on the island, the teens find a ride called "Plummet of Death" and take a roller coaster car down where they find lots of rocks and human skulls on spikes (the skulls all have tall antelope horns); we see rocks being thrown in the background and hear stomping as a huge male Cyclops with facial tattoos threatens to kill his maid, until he sees the teens, and threatens to rip, kill and eat them all several times.
 An adult Cyclops strikes a teen Cyclops and slaps another teen boy, sending them flying into walls and bloodying their faces. An adult Cyclops slaps a teen girl and roars into another teen girl's face, then tries to stomp the teens, but misses as the teens run out of the amusement ride and block the entrance with a boulder before the adult Cyclops can get to them.
 A teen boy makes a boat rock and it causes a teen boy Cyclops to vomit-off-screen (we hear the wretch and a grunt), the first boy surfs on a wave that he creates and an evil teen boy jumps on with him causing the first boy to throw power at the second boy, knocking him off. In a contest, teen boys and teen girls scale a climbing tower, while trying to kick one another off; one boy gets caught in a rope ladder until another teen boy saves him and a teen girl wins at the top of the tower; the teen girl comes back down with her friends and they mock a teen boy who lost and we see the boy walk away to a lake and he extends his scraped forearm into it and it instantly heals.
 A teen girl demigod covers the roots of a dying magic tree with the Golden Fleece; dead pine needles fly up from the ground and reattach to the tree's branches, the bark revives, green moss appears on the trunk and a protective force field is restored. Teen boys and girls cover a dead girl with the Golden Fleece hoping to revive her and lights glow in the fleece, enter her head and cause her to revive. We see through the wall of a coffin, where molten rocks are falling apart. Teen demigods discover that a girl who died and formed the foundation of a tree reappeared under the roots and when they pull her out, she revives saying that she had some sort of dream.
 Two sea serpents are shown swimming through the ocean in close-up. The dark shadow of an animal roars and moves quickly behind trees in a forest scene.
 Four teens are put out of a taxi in Washington, DC and the drivers drive off in a cloud of smoke before disappearing.
 A teen Cyclops tells his brother that when a group of Boy Scouts in the forest saw him, they screamed and ran away because they thought he was a monster. A teen girl calls a teen boy Cyclops insulting names several times. A teen boy tells another teen boy that if they go on a mission, they will be killed. An adult male says, "Everyone that has gone after the fleece before has died." A teen girl that is a bully repeatedly tells a boy that he will die. An adult announces to the community that a team must go after the Golden Fleece or they will all die, including demigods, Cyclops, satyrs and centaurs. A Greek god gives teenagers a thermos of wind and some matter eliminator tape; the logo on the thermos reads, "Hercules Busts Head" which is from a violent TV show.
 A teen boy Cyclops finds his demigod brother and embarrasses him with sloppy eating. Two snakes that are wound around an Asclepiads medical scepter argue continually.

PROFANITY 3 - 1 mild scatological term, 2 mild anatomical terms, 9 mild obscenities (1 not fully enunciated), name-calling (Mr. Undershirt, crazy, insane, moron, stupid, dumb, idiots, genius, vicious, traitor, brats), stereotypical references to teenagers, parents, Greek gods and goddesses, heroes, villains, monsters, people who are different, bullies, bigots, exclamations (shut-up, hush, bull), 4 religious exclamations (Oh my gods, My Lord, Holy Styx, Hail to you great Zeus). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A male centaur chemist mixes a glowing blue liquid with other substances in order to make a healing elixir (no one is shown drinking it). A teen boy at a coffee shop orders nectar and the cashier's eyes actually light up while the boy says, "I've lived," two teen boys drink jigger glasses of nectar (they have no reaction to it), a wine collector carries bottles of wine in many scenes and whenever he pours a glass it turns to water, and a wine collector's desk and a long table at home are filled with unopened wine bottles.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Danger, good and evil, religion, magic, prophecies, prejudices, protecting one's family, risk taking, courage, determination, Greek gods.

MESSAGE - We can make our own destinies and protect our families and friends.

Special Keywords: S1 - V5 - P3 - MPAAPG

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