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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension [2015] [R] - 3.7.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A video game maker (Chris J. Murray), his wife (Brit Shaw), and his young daughter (Ivy George) move to a new home with his brother (Dan Gill) and a female friend (Olivia Taylor Dudley). The family finds VHS tapes that show grade school sisters (Jessica Tyler Brown and Chloe Csengery) being initiated into a demonic cult by their grandmother (Hallie Foote). Soon something demonic pursues the daughter as well. Also with Katie Featherston, Don McManus and Michael Krawic. Directed by Gregory Plotkin. [1:28]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - In many scenes, a woman wears tight, low-cut tank tops that reveal substantial cleavage. A woman wears very tight short-shorts. A woman wears V-neck tops that reveal moderate cleavage. A woman wears a short gray nightgown that reveals slight cleavage.
 In an old VHS recording a woman wearing a long sleeve shirt and panties sits astride the groin of a man lying on his back; we see her lying forward and kissing him and then she sits up and the footage becomes static-filled as we hear a rumble, and she says an earthquake is happening before the scene ends (we see her bare thighs). In a VHS tape a man and a woman lie in a rumpled bed asleep with their upper bodies to the tops of their thighs covered by garments (their bare thighs and lower legs are visible). Two white wire reindeer covered in twinkle lights stand in the animal mating position in front of a house during the day and a man laughs at them.
 A VHS tape features a woman wearing an off-shoulder blouse and a man watching says, "I'm a shoulder guy."

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - Video footage shows an injured man face down next to a large floor lamp that has fallen apart on the living room floor and he crawls a few inches away from the camera toward a woman standing on a staircase, shudders and convulses, then bends in half the wrong way from his head to the waist before falling on his face, presumably dead; two grade-school girls walk past him and upstairs to a bedroom where another man hypnotizes them and one of the girls appears in close-up twice, grimacing and crying with closed eyes, reporting that she has seen a demon. The bare feet of a giant man walk into the shot and he walks forward to show grimy bare feet, calves and shins as one large hand extends down and rubs the cheek of a woman cowering on the floor, then he chokes her, lifts her off her feet as she struggles, groans and her feet kick; we hear the loud crunch and crack of a neck breaking before he drops her to the floor, dead and obscured by his feet and a young girl smiles up at him, takes his hand and they walk out of the shot together.
 A priest holds a rosary and flings holy water into a bathtub of water, flings holy water around a living room, reads Bible passages as he sprinkles the water onto the floor to form a circle and a woman places a young girl into the circle as the priest continues to read aloud; an earthquake begins, throwing furniture, books, framed photos and knickknacks toward the audience and other framed pictures on a wall shake and fall with a crash as people scream and the power goes out; a light from a video-cam comes on and we see the priest standing with a trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth before he is thrown back and out of the shot, dead; a woman reads from the Bible as a tornado of gray material appears in the center of the floor and a large gray face with large blank, gray eye sockets and a snarling mouth with sharp teeth roars out of the tornado before a man covers the phenomenon with a large blanket that takes the shape of a very tall man with the same type of snarling face and it crouches, stands, levitates and points two clawed hands toward the camera, and then it vanishes, leaving the flat blanket and the little girl is gone.
 A priest rubs holy water on the foreheads of a little girl and her teddy bear; the little girl grins, then snarls, violently attacking the man at the neck, grimacing with her teeth showing, and then the girl and priest fall off-screen; the camera cuts to him leaving the house and he looks fine.
 The face of a woman in close-up standing in an upstairs hallway turns gray with black cracks; she opens her mouth to show a black tongue and projectile vomits large quantities of brown and yellow goo onto the camera lens and toward the audience (in 3D) as she falls off-screen (likely dead) and a man behind her screams. A long black arm ending in a clawed hand grabs out from a man's chest toward the audience and he is thrown backward into a dark hallway with a crash (likely dead). A man stands behind a couch and a torrent of black roiling ectoplasm rises behind him and engulfs him; he screams and falls off screen, presumably dead.
 A woman walks into a tunnel that appears above her daughter's bed and finds another version of her house, 25 years ago, everything draped in sheets; two teen girls with their eyeballs black appear briefly in a close-up with one stating, "He's coming" and lights in a kitchen buzz and flash as we hear cracking and clicking sounds throughout the house; a bloodstain is seen where an axe leans against a wall and blood drips in large drops from the ceiling just above; the woman finds her young daughter, standing and grinning with vacant eyes and her face smudged randomly in spots of dried blood. Lights shine through a drawn rectangle on the wall of a little girl's room and it implodes, scattering smashed stone as a rectangular tunnel of stone with a light at the end appears and soap bubbles drift from it toward the audience; the girl steps into the tunnel, we hear an explosion and the screen goes black.
 Two men watch black and white VHS tapes that feature many scenes of two grade-school girls as their grandmother forces them to be hypnotized by a man; the sound is muffled in spots, but the older girl cries and grimaces saying that she sees a male creature and in one scene, she says, "He's coming" and the screen goes black after a loud booming noise. A grade-school girl says, "He's coming" and we hear a loud boom and a scream as the screen goes black. A young girl begins talking to an imaginary friend. Two girls are shown with blood covering the fronts of their long nightgowns. Two girls chant "Bloody Mary" together. A man says that an older girl in a video can see them today somehow through the tapes from 25 years ago. A man's little girl touches a mirror at night and mutters "Bloody Mary" backwards several times leaving a handprint on the mirror that begins to disappear and the mirror cracks loudly. A woman says that Bloody Mary is a game to make a witch appear and in another scene, she says that witches use the blood of children in supernatural activities. A man and a woman run screaming through their house when their young daughter disappears; they find her sitting in a trance on her bed and during the following days, her parents insist that she talk about an invisible friend, but she refuses to do so. We hear a loud crack and see a strange face with large black eye sockets and gaping mouth formed in the white curtain of a young girl's room. A girl plays a recorder flute out the window and mutters to her mother, "They're going to take me away." A little girl's eyes turn black and her face vibrates out into the audience against a black background.
 Several scenes feature wispy black strands of ectoplasm and puffs of white misty smoke waving both across the screen and toward the audience; the air around people caught by video seems to wave and fold as if some other entity is present and in a lush green scene in garden bushes, the wispy tendrils look greenish black. A scene features dozens of widely spaced, small soap bubbles drifting toward the audience. A woman finds crumpled pages in a fireplace and screams as something unseen makes a booming noise behind her (black ectoplasm had dropped from the ceiling) and in the morning, she finds her Christmas tree's angel topper on the floor. A woman walks through ectoplasm and it disappears, then reappears with a loud boom behind the woman and she screams. A man uses an old video camera to record his living room at night; something rushes the camera, knocking the man down before it disappears. Several scenes feature black globs of stringy ectoplasm rushing a camera and disappearing with loud cracking sounds. A night scene shows two men screaming as ectoplasm appears in two flashes, but booming noises and cracking sounds continue for several seconds.
 Parents take a priest to their little girl and tell her not to talk to her invisible friend anymore. A priest tells parents of a little girl that an exorcism will not work in their house because a demon has picked them out to steal the child and will follow them everywhere, even if they move; he says they need an extermination of the demon and the girl begins misbehaving, telling her mother she will not leave her room, back talking, then giggling at something unseen; the family packs bags and tries to leave the house in the middle of a night in which loud noises occur, but the little girl struggles and screams angrily as the scene ends.
 A woman sets up a video camera outside in a garden at night and begins hearing loud booming sounds as the lower corner of the screen goes black and then clears, then the left side of the screen goes black and the woman tells a man that she thinks ghosts are present; the swimming pool water ripples on its own and a beach ball appears on the surface farthest from her and she screams when she sees a little girl (the man's niece) suddenly appear and she takes the girl back into the house. When a woman sets up a Nativity Scene in her living room, her young daughter picks up a shepherd and smashes and grinds the baby Jesus several times. A woman finds her young daughter with bloody hands as she scratches at the wall above the headboard of her bed.
 Cameras are set up in a young girl's bedroom and the living room to run 24/7 in an attempt to capture images of a demon: One night something unseen knocks over a camera with a crash; for several days between certain times, a rolling mass of stringy black ectoplasm rises from the floor beside the girl's bed or out in the hallway (sometimes it takes the vague form of a giant man and seems to walk); two lighted Santa figures by a fireplace blink and flash, a Santa toy robot starts moving its arms and its eyes light up, a mechanical snowman begins singing "Jingle Bells" by itself; the girl wakes up in the middle of the night several times and grins at something unseen, then nods while smiling in one scene and walks downstairs where she throws pages of a book into a fireplace and tries to light long matches but her mother rushes in and takes her back to her bed.
 A man does Internet research and finds a case of two girls that disappeared in 1988 from the house he now owns; he finds a flyer about a young boy and his family who disappeared from the house in 2005 and he learns that his realty company has no record of the realtor that sold him the house; he tells his wife he possibly was manipulated to bring his family to live there. A woman finds a drawing of a many-eyed animal and then finds a page in the book with a medieval devil-head image similar to the drawing; she tells a man that the image is from the Book of Revelation and that she believes that demons exist. A little girl draws a picture of a screaming stick figure with big eyes and wild hair. A little girl draws red symbols in a large rectangle framework behind the head of her bed and her father sees the symbols in old videos of two possessed little girls and another man says the girl made a doorway to time.
 A man drops a glass vase and shatters it loudly in many pieces. A wax human skull is shown on top of magazines on a coffee table.
 Two women and a little girl make Christmas cookies from gooey brown dough and the girl piles some up to look like defecation, but it also looks like a fat woman with large breasts and a man laughs at it. A woman is shown washing the feet of her young granddaughter in milk.

PROFANITY 8 - About 31 F-words and its derivatives, 2 mild obscenities, 8 scatological terms, 1 anatomical term, name-calling (weird, crazy), exclamations (shut-up), 10 religious exclamations (e.g. Holy [F-word deleted], Holy [scatological term deleted], Oh My God, Oh God, My God, I Swear To God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman puts a rattling bottle of pills into a suitcase (we cannot see a label). A woman says that she needs some wine and a man brings two wine bottles and two large wine glasses and places them on a table (no one drinks), a man drinks from a blue-and-white beer can, two beer cans are shown on a table beside a computer screen, a man sips from a beer can in a darkened hallway, and a woman drinks from a glass of clear liquid that might be water or an alcoholic beverage.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Evil, murder, death, ghosts, demon possession, child kidnapping, curses, superstition, the occult, haunted houses.

MESSAGE - A strong demon can kidnap children, kill entire families and destroy exorcising priests.

Special Keywords: S3 - V7 - P8 - MPAAR

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