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Our Idiot Brother [2011] [R] - 7.3.9



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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When a clueless idealist (Paul Rudd) is dumped by his girlfriend (Kathryn Hahn), he takes the opportunity to barge into the lives of his three sisters (Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer), bringing his unwanted, unrestrained honesty and boundless optimism into their lives. Also with Shirley Knight, Adam Scott and Rashida Jones. Directed by Jesse Peretz. [1:30]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A topless woman (her bare back and one of her bare breasts are visible) straddles a man, they kiss passionately while lying in bed, and a second man, fully nude (his bare buttocks are visible), climbs into the bed, attempts to kiss the man and the two men share an awkward kiss; the first man pulls away, says that he feels the man's genitals on his leg and that he cannot be involved in sex with both the man and the woman, kisses the man on the cheek and pushes the topless woman away.
 A man interrupts a fully nude man and a partially nude woman, implied to have been having sex, and we see the woman pull on her shirt (no nudity is visible); the man has his hand over his genitals, his bare chest is visible and when the nude man turns around and bends down, we see a portion of his genitals and bare buttocks.
 We see a man and a woman about to have sex: the woman is straddling the man, pulling down her pants and unbuttoning the man's shirt (no nudity is visible), the man interrupts their passionate kissing to answer the phone and a woman on the phone asks the man if he is about to have sex.
 One bare buttock and a man's bare chest are visible as he poses nude for a male painter. We see a woman buttoning her shirt and her bra is visible as a man watches; it is implied that the woman had posed nude for the man as he painted. A woman with a towel wrapped around her chest opens the towel to expose her body to a man, it is implied that the woman is fully nude but no nudity is visible, and the man makes a remark about the woman's pubic hair and genitals; the woman closes the towel to cover herself. We see a portion of a painting of a nude woman and one bare buttock is visible.
 A woman wearing a midriff exposing top dances suggestively with a man and when another man comes behind the man and begins to dance with him and the woman, she makes a suggestive remark, saying that she and the other man found him attractive. A man places his hand around the waist of a woman, a second man remarks that the woman can lift her leg very high and we see the woman pull her leg up to her head as the first man looks at her longingly.
 A shirtless man is seen sleeping, his bare chest is visible and he wears boxer-style underwear. A man is seen in the background walking around shirtless; his bare chest and back are briefly visible and he has a towel wrapped around his waist. A man wears a partially open shirt and we see a portion of his bare chest. Throughout the movie a woman wears a variety of very figure-hugging outfits. A woman wears a cleavage-exposing top. We see a portion of a woman's bare back where her shirt features two cutouts on the back.
 A man and a woman kiss passionately in the back of a taxi while they rub their hands over each other's bodies; it is implied that the man and the woman have sex later.
 A woman puts her arm around the shoulder of another woman, the woman pulls away, and moments later they kiss passionately as a man watches. A woman hugs another woman and they kiss. A woman pulls away as a man attempts to kiss her back and neck.
 A man's had grazes over a woman's chest and he apologizes for touching her breast. A man and a woman are seen lying side by side in bed, the woman asks the man if he is having an affair with another woman and the man does not deny that he is having sex with the woman.
 A woman uses very graphic sexual language during a phone conversation with another woman, including asking her if she is interested in having sex with male genitals. A woman tells a man and a woman that a group of girls had been lured away from their families by pimps and forced into the sex trade at a very young age. We hear a woman give an introduction to a girl, stating that she had been forced into the sex trade when she was 13 years old. A woman tells her adult brother that he needs to have sex. Two sisters discuss how their other sister had not had sex in over a year and she shouts that she does not need sex. A woman tells a man that his sister had told her that he had not had sex in over a year. It is implied that a man describes a situation where a man had attempted to join him and a woman while they were having sex. A woman shouts at her adult sister, implying that her sister is sexually promiscuous. A woman tells her adult sister that she believes the sister's husband is having an affair, including that he is filming scenes of a movie while he is nude along with the woman. A man tells another man that his sister has had multiple sexual partners, including that she had previously had sex with their cousin. A man tells his adult sister that he had seen their brother-in-law filming a documentary in the nude and the woman shouts that the brother-in-law is having sex with the woman in the documentary. A woman makes a crude joke that a man is not sexually interested in her because she does not have the "body of a 14-year-old." Two men discuss the sexual possibilities of women they are watching in a coffee shop and they then jokingly discuss how one of the men cannot date his sister. A woman jokes that two men are sexually involved. A woman tells her adult brother that another woman had been tricked into making a sex tape, which the man had then sold. During a stand up comedy routine, a woman makes a joke about frequently having sex. A woman tells a roomful of people that she had used sex to get things. A man tells a group of people that he would like to pour cold water onto his genitals and an older woman tells the man to discuss his genitals with the group. A woman tells her adult sister that her friends had previously thought she was hot and another adult sister makes a remark about the woman's breasts being attractive.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A man kicks a door closed onto a boy's fingers; we hear the boy scream in pain and the sound of crushing bone (the boy is later seen with a splint on his finger).
 A man in a sauna begs a woman for a drink of water and tells her that he is feeling ill; moments later he slumps over and we see him being loaded into an ambulance (he appears fully recovered).
 A woman hits her adult brother violently in the stomach with a purse; he appears unharmed. A woman threatens to punch another woman in the face. A boy tells a woman that he likes to fight, then attempts to demonstrate a martial art move on her, swinging his arms at her; he is about to choke her when his mother grabs him and pulls him away.
 A man runs headfirst into a chest of drawers and he grumbles and walks away unharmed. A man jumps through an open window, he slides off a chair under the window and we hear the crashing of broken glass as he hits the ground (the man appears unharmed moments later).
 A man shouts angrily at his three adult sisters. A man shouts at another man. A woman shouts at another woman over the phone. A woman screams angrily over the phone at an unseen person. A woman shouts at her adult brother. A woman shouts at two men, using crude language. A woman shouts at a man. A man raises his voice to shout at a woman. A woman angrily raises her voice while speaking to a man, then forces the man to apologize for making her raise her voice. A woman shouts at three women. A man tells a woman that he is leaving before the woman "forces him to lose his temper."
 We hear bits and pieces of a story told by a woman, implying that she had been forced to stab a man; the complete story is never heard but a man tells another man and a woman a portion of the story, hinting that a woman had been forced to stab a man. A woman dramatically tells a man that she had almost "burnt out eyeballs" when she attempted to light a pilot light. A man tells a woman that he has instructed his nephew how to fight with martial arts. A boy tells his uncle that he is not allowed by his parents to watch "violent movies" and the man tells the boy that the movie they are watching is not violent. A woman tells a man that she cannot allow a dog to be pulled into the man's emotional instability. A woman tells a man that it would be cruel to remove a dog from his home. A woman jokingly tells a man that he can use a kitty litter box in case he needs to urinate. A man tells another man that a dog's feces are used to fertilize a garden. A man jokes that he used to scrub a toilet when he was in prison.
 A man jumping on a trampoline comes extremely close to jumping on top of a boy that's lying on the trampoline; the boy is unharmed. A man yelps, jokingly, that he is in pain when a woman helps him stretch his leg to the side.
 We see young boys practicing karate. A man instructs a boy how to perform a karate chop; he then asks the boy to hit him with a karate chop and the man dramatically falls over and shouts in mock-pain. A boy shouts out in mock-pain after his mother karate chops the boy's side. A man and a boy watch a movie where a man performs a jokingly dramatic karate chop, hitting another man and knocking him over a chair; the man and boy laugh. A woman playfully punches a man on the shoulder. On two occasions we see a man being arrested in a non-violent manner.
 We see a woman sitting on a toilet (no nudity is visible) and we hear the sound of urinating. A woman stands in a bathroom with a man as he faces a toilet (it is implied that he is using it, but no urinating is heard) and we hear the toilet flush. We see a man standing next to a urinal as another man watches, coaching the man that he needs to urinate into a cup; the two discuss how the man cannot urinate and the man then acts as though he is going to throw the cup at the other man (the cup is empty). A man's probation officer tells the man that he will need a urine sample from him during his probation. A man holds a juice box near his crotch and squeezes it, pretending to urinate; a boy laughs.
 We hear the muffled sound of vomiting through a door, a man asks a woman if she is vomiting and we see her wipe her mouth. A woman is seen leaving a bathroom wiping her mouth and looking ill; she accuses a man of causing her to vomit. A man tells a woman that he feels like he is going to vomit; the woman instructs him to not vomit.
 During the credits we see outtakes, including a man acting as though he is passionately kissing a woman (his hand is over her mouth), a woman shouting in surprise when a table collapses in front of her, a woman jokingly discussing a man's genitals and a man holding a mannequin of an infant by the ankles.

PROFANITY 9 - About 42 F-words and its derivatives (including being said once by a boy instructed to say the word to three women, one of whom is his mother), 18 sexual references, 12 scatological terms (2 mild), 13 anatomical terms (1 mild), 11 mild obscenities, name-calling (weird, edgy, bossy, loser, slutty, creepy, jerk, idiot, psychopath, hippie, little Russian ballerina, hair looks like a science experiment, man who just ruined my marriage, blabbermouth, not even a grown up, not a real man, hideously ugly, pathetic, ridiculous, second class citizen, criminal, meek mousy, ludicrous, irresponsible, man-child, Lassie, colty, selfish, screw-up), 2 derogatory terms for the mentally handicapped, exclamations (shut up, geez louis, shoot), 2 religious profanities, 36 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - It is implied that a man and a woman are smoking marijuana when we see them smoking unidentified cigarettes, a police officer asks to purchase marijuana from a man and the man tells the officer he does not have marijuana, we see a man and a police officer discussing marijuana and then see the man hand the police officer a baggie that is implied to be filled with marijuana, a man is arrested by a police officer for selling marijuana, we hear that a man had been arrested for selling a police officer marijuana, a man tells a woman that he had been arrested for selling a police officer marijuana, a boy tells a woman that his uncle had been arrested for selling marijuana, and a man tells his probation officer that he had smoked marijuana with a teenager. Men and women are seen drinking alcohol at dinner, a party and in a comedy club, a woman is seen frequently holding and drinking glasses of wine, and a woman is seen apparently passed out and holding a glass of wine.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Sibling rivalries, family dynamics, disappointment, blatant honesty, infidelity in marriage, selling and use of marijuana, bio-dynamic farming, dishonesty, legally vouching for a story.

MESSAGE - Family dynamics can be very different for each family.

Special Keywords: S7 - V3 - P9 - MPAAR

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