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The Oranges [2012] [R] - 6.3.6



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The close friendship of two families is put at risk when an unexpected relationship begins between the head of one family and the daughter of the other. With Hugh Laurie, Oliver Platt, Alia Shawkat, Leighton Meester, Catherine Keener, Adam Brody and Allison Janney. Directed by Julian Farino. [1:40]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - We see a shirtless man in bed (his bare chest is visible), he opens the blanket and it is implied that he is showing his genitals to a woman, who giggles suggestively, and sex is implied.
 We see a man and a woman's feet and hear a buzzing (it is implied that they are using a sexual implement), as we hear a young woman's voiceover explaining that a man and a woman are enjoying a "new toy."
 A young man kisses a young woman passionately in front of a group of people. On two occasions, we see a young woman kiss a man (the man had been a father figure to the young woman as she was growing up). A young woman and a man (the man had been a father figure to the young woman as she was growing up) wrap their arms around one another and we then see them sharing a lingering kiss and hug. A young woman watches as her father kisses another young woman (the young woman's former best friend). A young man grabs a young woman's waist and tries to kiss her. A young woman hugs a man. A young man rubs a young woman's leg. A young woman and a young man hug. A young woman asks a young man to dance with her and we see them dancing with their arms wrapped around one another.
 A woman runs into a long-time male family friend outside a motel room and it is implied that the man was going to be meeting the woman's young adult daughter in the hotel; the woman becomes upset. We see a young woman leaving a closet when another young woman opens the door; we see a young man in the closet and it is implied that the young man and the young woman had been having sex.
 A woman crudely asks a young woman (her daughter) if she wants to perform oral sex on an older man and makes a crude remark about the man's genitals. A young man dramatically shouts at his father, saying that he had kissed the young woman that his father is dating twice previously; the young man then makes a crude sexual remark. A young woman shouts at another young woman and calls her crude names that imply she is sexually promiscuous because she became involved with a person she was interested in. A young woman tells her mother that she had only kissed a young man once; the young woman becomes upset, accusing her mother of "pimping her out" and then makes a crude remark about her getting her genitals ready. A woman asks her husband angrily how long he had been having a relationship with a young woman (whose parents had been their family friends). A young woman's voiceover explains that a woman is trying to apologize to her mother for the woman's young adult daughter starting a relationship with the woman's husband. We hear a young woman's voiceover explain that as a teen girl in high school, a young woman had performed oral sex on a teen boy. A young woman crudely jokes with another young woman, saying that she is sexually frustrated because she has not had sex in over three weeks. A young woman jokingly asks a man (who had been a father figure to her as a child) if he wants to "go back out" and the man shakes his head no.
 We see a young woman with a towel around her after she gets out of the shower (no nudity is visible). We see a photoshopped painting of the Madonna and a nude child with a young woman's face placed over the face of Jesus and a man's face over the face of Mary.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A young woman shouts at another young woman and they scream at one another: they both grab a backpack, fight over it and one of the young women accidentally punches the other in the face; the young woman in response shoves the other young woman to the ground and we see the young woman stand up while a man helps the other young woman apply medication to a small cut on her forehead. A woman slaps a young woman across the face and she is startled but unharmed. A man lunges at another man, they fall to the ground and the first man says that he thinks he twisted his ankle; we later see the man with an ice pack on his ankle.
 A woman repeatedly drives through two front yards, she knocks over Christmas decorations and revs her engine as a man stands in front of the car; the man acts scared and runs from the woman's car (we see another man and a woman watch in shock).
 A young woman shouts at her parents over the phone and slams the phone on the table dramatically. A young woman shouts and throws an apron on the ground after storming out of a building. A man shouts at a woman in front of their adult children and another couple. A woman shouts at a group of people. A young woman shouts at another young woman. We overhear a man and a woman shouting at a young woman (their adult daughter). A man and a woman shout at one another as their young adult daughter overhears. A woman shouts at her young adult daughter when the young woman's father chimes in to chide the young woman and she laughs at her father; the young woman's mother then criticizes and shouts at her daughter for making fun of her father. A young woman shouts at her father and another young woman. A young man shouts at a young woman. A young woman cries and whisper-shouts at her father. A young man shouts at a young woman to get her attention as she walks out of a building. A young woman jokes with a man, saying that she had "chopped up" the man's son and placed him in a refrigerator. A man jokes with several people that sales people "fist fight" each other and "throw children at each other." A young woman dramatically remarks, "Kill me." A young woman teases a man, saying that he would not be attractive if he were obese.
 A young man jokingly shoves a piece of cake in a young woman's face.

PROFANITY 6 - About 10 F-words, 5 sexual references, 9 scatological terms, 9 anatomical terms (1 mild), 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (choosy, white girl from New Jersey, loser kid with zero future, fog, total lunatic, wild man, fat, crispy, pathetic existence, Gadget McGear, gross, selfish, weird, out of your mind), 2 religious profanities, 16 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see two teen girls smoke a marijuana pipe, and a young woman is shown smoking a marijuana water pipe. Men and women and young men and young women drink wine and beer throughout the movie at parties and with dinners, a young man and a young woman drink liquor, two men drink a malt beverage and they both say it is disgusting, a young woman jokingly asks a man if he is still "pushing booze on minors" and he laughs and says yes, and a young man asks a young woman if he had "passed out" the previous night and the young man then remarks that the young woman can "really handle herself" in reference to her ability to drink liquor. Young men and young women smoke cigarettes at a party.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Happiness, depression, mid-life crisis, family friends, friendship, divorce, infidelity, betrayal, coping.

MESSAGE - Family dynamics can be very difficult.

Special Keywords: S6 - V3 - P6 - MPAAR

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