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The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature [2017] [PG] - 1.3.1



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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When a greedy developer wants to take over a park and turn it into a profit making amusement park, the animals living there take matters into their own hands. With the voices of Will Arnett, Katherine Heigl, Maya Rudolph, Jackie Chan, Isabela Moner, Peter Stormare, Bobby Cannavale, Bobby Moynihan, Jeff Dunham and Gabriel Iglesias. Directed by Cal Brunker. [1:31]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A female squirrel kisses a male squirrel. A male and a female dog snuggle. Two squirrels hold hands. A dog charges toward rodents and another dog slams into him; they lock eyes and a love song plays in the background as the male dog drools and flirts with the female.
 A female dog tells a male dog, "You're not my type."
 A man is shown nude after he is stripped out of his animal control suit (we see his bare chest, back and abdomen and his legs to the thighs; he carries things in front and behind him to cover his private areas).

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A shop explodes in a giant ball of fire and collapses to rubble; the sign lands on the ground and falls toward two squirrels who scamper away safely. Many explosions throw dirt into the air in a park. A rat falls through a balcony, through an overhang and onto a sidewalk below (we see him breathing but motionless for an extended time).
 A man floats away in a hot air balloon and a squirrel jumps from a rollercoaster and onto the balloon where the two fight: the man swings his umbrella at the squirrel and the squirrel bites the man on the leg, the buttock and the nose until the man falls off the balloon and lands in an inflated house on the ground, unharmed. A man drives a car recklessly and a dog in the back seat is thrown around the vehicle while pedestrians jump out of the way and one man on a sidewalk it struck and lands on the windshield briefly. A squirrel and a rat carry a donut and run in front of a speeding police car; the tire breaks away the donut and the rodents are left unharmed. A squirrel is struck in the head with a golf ball and a groundhog tries to eat the ball but it gets stuck in his mouth; the groundhog is chased by a golfer in a cart who swings a club at him repeatedly. A squirrel and a rat ride on a taxi's bumper in a few scenes and when the squirrel jumps of he slams into a mailbox a couple of times and one time he bounces against three mailboxes (he's dazed but OK). A squirrel slides down a drain pipe and is followed by a rat that lands on the squirrels head. A squirrel is stuck on a bicycle wheel as the bike is ridden on a road and we see him spin around a couple of times. A squirrel dodges cars as they speed toward him on a road.
 Earth moving equipment roars through a park digging up the ground and displacing animals; one squirrel tries to stop a bulldozer and it rolls over him, he grabs onto the rigging underneath and bites a power cable that shocks him (we see him glowing) and disables the vehicle causing it to tip on its side. A dog is launched into the air and crashes into a man knocking him to the ground. Rodents carry a port-o-let (with a man inside) to a bridge and dumb it into a stream below. Two rodents throw a hornets nest into the cab of an excavator and the driver panics and the vehicle flips; one of the rodents is also stung by the hornets. Rodents climb up the pant legs of a few men and the men panic and scramble to get them out.
 Large vehicles roar through a park trying to catch rodents and the creatures scatter; a mole goes into a hole under a tree and a man plants a stick of dynamite that blows the tree to smithereens (the mole is thrown through the air but is fine). Two ground hogs are caught in a cage, several other rodents are vacuumed into a trap and a dog is caught with a wire collar on a stick and a squirrel is struck with a dart in the leg (she falls into a bag and we see her in a cage later). A truck speeds toward a squirrel and many mice swarm the truck causing it to tip over before reaching the squirrel; the truck dumps several cages and traps containing other animals and they are freed. Many animals swarm into an amusement park and tear up the rides sending a flaming Ferris wheel rolling through the grounds, and a roller coaster collapses. Many mice are shown being driven out of a park when it is turned into a golf course.
 A squirrel is caught in a trap and other rodents pull him out safely. A dog charges toward rodents and another dog slams into him. A young girl shoots a slingshot at a dog and two rodents as they run through an apartment; a man joins the chase and his head gets stuck in a mounted hippopotamus head. A young girl grabs a dog and carries her away as the dog calls for help.
 A man angrily twists the head off a stuffed animal and a tuft of stuffing pops out. A young girl pulls the head off a doll and is later shown with a doll in her mouth. A young girl swings a heavy hammer at two dogs. A young girl points a sling shot with a rock in it toward a squirrel. A man shoots darts at dogs, misses and two squirrels attack him; the man accidentally shoots a dart into the buttock of a young girl who becomes woozy and falls to the ground face first. A man hits a police officer in the head with an umbrella.
 Many park animals attack people in an amusement park; mice are carried by birds and then parachute into the park grounds, chipmunks aim ketchup and mustard bottles at people squirting them with the condiments, birds dive bomb people as they run, birds peck a young girl hiding in a photo booth (we see pictures with feathers flying and the girl with a scratched and bruised face), a squirrel sprays people with water at a shooting gallery, rodents drive a bumper car and crash into people, and a mole whacks a man on the head with a hammer a few times. Many mice climb into an animal control suit after the man is taken out of it and they fight other animal control people until they run away. A man is swarmed by many angry mice (we see him scratched and bruised later).
 A mouse threatens a squirrel with a fork and the squirrel falls through a gauntlet of mouse traps that snap as he goes by until he reaches another mouse that kicks and punches him. Two ground hogs trash an office and leave it in shambles; one sprays a fire extinguisher and it throws him against the wall and then blows him through the wall of the office.
 We see a flashback to a hurricane that blew through a city and a squirrel struggles to get to safety in a tree; he sees a small rat hanging from a tree limb that is then blown through the air, the squirrel goes to help the rat and they hold onto something on the ground until he squirrel is struck by a piece of metal and knocked unconscious; the rat ties its tail around the squirrel to keep him from blowing away.
 A squirrel steps on gum and his foot gets stuck to a road briefly. A squirrel climbs a tree and struggles with a nut attached to branch; she nearly falls a couple of times and the branch breaks and she falls to the ground (she's OK). A dog plays dead for a girl. We see several mounted wild animal heads in an apartment. A man is arrested and a young girl is thrown into the back of a police car where she beats and bites a man in the car with her (we hear him yelping).
 Two rodents hide in an alley and are approached by a small mouse that flips the squirrel, then hits him in the head with a board, and then punches him (the squirrel is thrown through a crate and it splinters but he is OK). A mouse wraps its tail around a squirrel's throat and the squirrel gasps.
 Many assorted rodents are seen in a nut factory gorging on nuts; a dog gulps peanut butter, two ground hogs have an eating contest (one is shown with a nut coming out of his nostril), popcorn is popped and some blows a chipmunk through the air (he is OK). A squirrel runs through a restaurant with a plate of food as patrons yell in panic. Popcorn spills on a sidewalk and a squirrel tries to eat some but several birds descend and eat it first.
 A man says, "I want that squirrel deep fried on a stick." A young girl screams and yells at her father about wanting cotton candy. A young girl yells at a dog and threatens not to feed her if she doesn't do what the girl says. A mouse yells, "We're all gonna to die" several times throughout the movie.
 We see a tattered doll in a garbage pile and one of its eyeballs pops out and rolls on the ground. A dog licks a squirrel up his chest leaving a streak of slobber a few times. Three puppies lick a squirrel and we see him covered with saliva. Two dogs lick a squirrel and we see him covered with saliva. A sleeping dog snores and sucks a small mouse in her mouth briefly, then spits it out covered with saliva.
 A dog vomits a pile of goo with pieces of undigested food onto the floor for another dog to eat; the other dog does not eat but vomits herself and the first dog eats both piles of goo (we hear him lapping up the piles). A female dog tries to vomit (we hear her gagging) but cannot.

PROFANITY 1 - Name-calling (ridiculous, dumber, layabouts, deranged, armed and dangerous, screw loose, psycho, circus dog, violent, cute, creepy, reckless, moron, illiterate, goons, environmental catastrophe, slobber monsters), exclamations (jeez). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Tranquilizer darts are used to subdue animals and a young girl is accidentally shot with a dart, and a mouse jumps around frantically after eating cotton candy.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Working for a living, living in the wild, losing instincts, greed, leadership, life lessons.

MESSAGE - Teamwork can save the day.

Special Keywords: S1 - V3 - P1 - MPAAPG

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