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Next [2007] [PG-13] - 5.6.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Nicolas Cage stars as a man who has the power to see two minutes into the future. Anxious to avoid becoming the focus of a government experiment into precognition, he works under an assumed name doing magic tricks and lives off small-time gambling winnings. But when terrorists threaten to explode a nuclear device, he is coerced into helping the FBI prevent disaster. Also with Julianne Moore, Jessica Biel, Tory Kittles and Michael Trucco. Directed by Lee Tamahori. [1:36]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A woman wrapped in a towel comes out of a shower and a man looks at her, remarks about her beauty and they kiss (we see them in bed later with the man bare-chested and the woman's bare shoulders are visible; it is implied that they have had sex).
 Several women are seen in the background of a Las Vegas dressing room: we see one wearing a cabaret costume, and she adjusts her breasts (cleavage, bare shoulders and legs are visible). A woman on-stage in a magic show wears a bikini costume that reveals cleavage, bare abdomen and legs. A woman wears a low-cut tank top and boy-short panties to sleep. A woman wears a low-cut dress that reveals cleavage. A man takes off his shirt to change clothes and we see him bare-chested.
 A man and a woman kiss in a few scenes.
 A woman falls asleep in a car and rests her head on a man's shoulder (they had just met and she wakes up feeling awkward). A man watches a woman walk into a diner.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A woman with a bomb attached to her chest is strapped to a chair and the bomb is detonated, blowing her up (we see the blast and flames).
 A man is shot in the knee (we see the knee bend backward), he falls to the ground yelling and a man kneels over him holding a knife (we hear that the victim was found with his throat slit).
 A man is shot in the head. A woman is shot several times through the abdomen. A man robs a casino and shoots two people (no blood is visible). A man shoots a man who spins around and lands on the ground motionless (there's no visible blood). A man shoots at a helicopter where two other men shoot him repeatedly (we see him jolt from the bullets and falls back on the ground). A man is shot, he falls over a railing and dangles from a chain around his ankle.
 A woman lies dead on the floor (we see her a couple of times) and we hear that her throat was slit (a small dribble of blood is seen in one scene).
 A man runs and is chased by several agents down a steep hill: he is shot at, a car races over the top of the hill and careens toward them nearly hitting them, other things roll down the hill (logs, an antique train car, barrels, etc.), and a car is flipped by a couple of logs and nearly crushes a man and a woman.
 A man punches and kicks several guards and strikes others with a nightstick. A man shoves another man and punches him, forces him to the floor and takes a gun away from him (security officials hold guns on the attacker). A man punches a man hard in the face. A man tries to attack another man, who dodges his punches and the attacker falls to the floor and into furniture a few times.
 A man races in a car and is chased by police: he speeds across a railroad track and is struck by the train (we see the car crumple, glass shatters and the train continues speeding). A man races in a car and is chased by police, and he speeds across a railroad track and is nearly struck by the train.
 A nuclear explosion blows people and things through the air. Gunfire is exchanged between several people, a van is shot at, and it explodes and flips over.
 A woman is held at gunpoint. A woman does target practice in a shooting range. There are many moments where people are nearly shot or struck or blown up.
 There is a threat of a nuclear bomb being detonated in the United States by a terrorist group. A woman talks to a man about being in trouble with the law for stealing a car and assaulting a man. A man talks about the adverse effects of smoking.
 A woman puts a drug in a man's drink but he does not drink it. A woman has blood on her arm from an injury.

PROFANITY 5 - 2 F-words, 10 scatological terms (2 in French, not translated), 8 mild obscenities, name-calling, 1 religious profanity, 6 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - People are shown drinking alcohol in a club scene, a man drinks martinis in several scenes, and a man drinks alcohol and smokes cigarettes in several scenes. A man talks about the adverse effects of smoking. A woman puts a drug in a man's drink but he does not drink it.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Precognition, premonition, terrorism, love, fate, destiny, responsibility, illusions, magic, gambling, stalking, national security, character, preserving freedom, advance awareness, seeing the future, changing the future.

MESSAGE - The beauty of life is the surprises.

Special Keywords: S5 - V6 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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