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My Bloody Valentine 3-D [2009] [R] - 8.10.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After a deadly mine accident killed several miners, the only survivor goes on a killing spree in the town of Harmony on Valentine's Day. Ten years later, the killing begins again and the townspeople fear that the original killer is back to finish what he started. With Jensen Ackles, Jaime King, Kerr Smith, Tom Atkins, Betsy Rue, Megan Boone, Marc Macaulay and Kevin Tighe. Directed by Patrick Lussier. [1:41]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - We see a man and woman having sex: the man thrusts, flips the woman over and then she thrusts on top of him while moaning and they climax (we see her bare breasts, abdomen and buttocks, and his bare chest, abdomen and buttocks).
 A woman stands fully nude (her bare breasts, buttocks, abdomen and pubic region are visible) as a man leaves a room and she remains nude for an extended period of time. A fully nude woman is enraged when she realizes that her lover has videotaped their sexual encounter, and she calls him names, chases him into a parking lot and holds a gun on him.
 A man watches a video of a man and a woman having sex, and we see a brief glimpse of the woman thrusting on top of the man and we hear moaning (we see her bare breasts and buttocks and the man's bare chest).
 A married man and a woman dress (it is implied that they have had sex); we see the woman in boy short panties that reveal part of her bare buttocks and a tank top, the two kiss and he caresses her buttocks. A young man kisses a young woman and caresses her clothed buttocks. A young man and a young woman kiss.
 A woman wears a low-cut top and short skirt that reveal cleavage and bare thighs. Women wear low-cut tops that reveal cleavage in several scenes.
 We hear rhythmic moaning coming from inside a motel room and a man walking past the room stops to listen briefly.
 A woman tells a married man that she is pregnant with his child. A man admires a woman who is not his wife. A husband talks about his wife and refers to her as "the woman I have sex with."

VIOLENCE/GORE 10 - A person strikes a young woman in the mouth with a shovel, pushes the shovel hard and cuts the young woman's head in half at the mouth (we see blood, there's lots of squishing and the top of her head slides off the shovel while the bottom of her head and the rest of her body slump to the ground). A man is struck through the chin with a pickaxe (we see blood on his mouth and the pick is coming out of his mouth), and the attacker pulls on the pick until it rips the man's jaw off (the jaw rips and flies across the screen and we see blood spray and hear tearing).
 A person swings a pickaxe striking a young man in the back of the head and pushing one of his eyes out (we see the eye pushed out of the socket, blood pours down his face and he collapses to the ground dead).
 A woman is attacked by someone, we hear a crunch, we see blood smeared on the outside of a clothes dryer, we hear thumping as the dryer tumbles, and we see the woman inside the dryer with her face melted off and covered with blood when the door is opened.
 A man opens the door to his truck and is struck with a pickaxe through the top of his head (we hear a squish, and blood spurts and sprays); the man falls to the ground and there's more squishing. A man is struck in the back of the head, he falls to the floor, and the attacker lifts him up and forces his head toward the point of a pickaxe that's stuck in the floor next to him, he is pushed down hard, we hear a crunch and a gush of blood floods the floor.
 A woman opens a closet door, someone with a pickaxe lunges toward her, she runs, the axe catches her under the chin and through the top of the head, and she is lifted up into the ceiling where she dangles (we hear crunching and spurting and a thud when the axe is retrieved and she falls to the floor).
 A young man runs away from someone carrying a pickaxe, the young man strikes his head on a pipe, he falls to the ground, and the attacker swings the pickaxe down and strikes the young man in the mouth (we hear crunching and see blood spurt).
 A woman is dragged through an open window by an attacker and we see her dead and mutilated body later (she has blood soaked clothing, her chest is open and empty, and her heart is on the ground, between her legs).
 Police officers walk through a hospital where someone has committed numerous murders; we see blood smeared and splattered on walls and floors, blood-soaked bodies lie on beds and floors, we see one body cut in half at the waist (the torso is on a bed and the legs on the floor) and we see some bodies with open chest cavities, hearts have been removed and parts of rib cages and tissue are visible. We see bloody bodies at crime scenes and in crime scene photos in many scenes: they are soaked in blood and cut open in front, from chin to abdomen, and it is shown that the heart has been removed. We see a bloody human heart in a valentine candy box in a couple of scenes. A young woman runs through dark mine tunnels where she finds several dead and blood-soaked bodies. A man sits on a hospital bed were another person lies dead, and the man has blood on his gown and the body has a very bloody arm.
 Two men fight: one is struck in the arm with a pickaxe, he punches and kicks the other man repeatedly, they continue to fight, and then one man is struck in the head with a pickaxe and falls to the ground dead where he is struck several more times with the axe (we hear squishing and see blood on his chest and abdomen). Two men fight: one punches the other repeatedly, one swings a pickaxe at the other, one pins the other against a wall and holds him by the throat, one is struck in the abdomen with the pick (we see blood on his shirt), and one is shot in the stomach (we see blood on his abdomen).
 A fully nude woman hides under a bed, a person with a pickaxe finds her, she stands up holding the bedsprings in front of her, and the attacker swings the axe at her missing a few times and then striking he (we hear a crunch, a squish, and a splat and blood sprays on the wall behind her). A man is struck through his safety helmet with a pickaxe (we hear a crunch and see blood on the end of the pick). A man is shot repeatedly (blood sprays on a young man's face), and he stumbles but continues to walk away.
 A pickaxe is thrown at people in a car, and it breaks through the windshield nearly striking two passengers, and they scream. Two women are chased through a dark store by a person with a pickaxe, one woman is attacked and strikes back with something, the two women hide in a room, and we see the axe breaking through the door. After climbing out onto a roof, rolling down and landing on the ground, a woman is chased through woods by someone with a pickaxe, she hides in a building, and she's startled by miners' suits hanging from the ceiling. A person with a pickaxe swings at a man, and then locks him inside a mine utility cage. A person with a pickaxe grabs a woman by the blouse and pulls her, but she pulls back and gets away.
 A woman strikes a man in the face with a gun and he falls to the ground. A man punches another man in the face and shoves him against a wall. A man punches another man in the face, and then shoves him against a wall. A man shoves another man against a wall and yells at him.
 A fully nude woman is enraged when she realizes that her lover has videotaped their sexual encounter, and she calls him names, chases him into a parking lot and holds a gun on him. A woman grabs the steering wheel of a moving car, the car swerves off the road and a large tree limb crashes through the windshield nearly striking the people in the car.
 A man tells another man "I'm gonna rip your head off." We hear that people were murdered by someone using a pickaxe and we see photos of bloody safety helmets with holes in them. We see newspaper headlines that talk about miners being buried alive, that there were 5 bodies found and 1 survivor and that there was a mine collapse. People make reference to a "killing spree." Two men talk about shooting a man to death and burying him. A man talks about men engaging in vigilante justice. A man talks about another man drinking himself to death.
 A tank explodes in a mine causing flames to blow through a tunnel, and a part of the tunnel to collapse, trapping people inside. We see miners in a mine, we hear alarms go off and flames blow through the tunnels.
 A man follows a light in the woods and sees a dark, abandoned cabin, he goes inside and we see a rat eating from a box of chocolates. Several young couples walk into a dark mine, and one young woman is separated and is frightened by noises. A woman is startled when a man touches her shoulder. We see a man in a hospital bed with oxygen tubes in his nose. A man places a cardboard box on a desk and we are told that it contains another man's ashes.

PROFANITY 8 - About 33 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 3 sexual references, 13 scatological terms, 7 anatomical terms, 16 mild obscenities, 1 exclamation (shut-up), name-calling (loser, crazy, stupid), 3 religious profanities, 13 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man is shown taking prescription medication in a few scenes. People drink alcohol in a few bar scenes, a man drinks alcohol at his desk, a young man drinks beer and carries several more cans of beer, a man talks about another man drinking himself to death, and we see a man passed out with a bottle of liquor next to him.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Murder, family, small town life, mining communities, love, infidelity, mental illness, jealousy, death of friends and family members, justice, vigilantes.

MESSAGE - Any Hallmark holiday can be turned into a horror film.

Special Keywords: S8 - V10 - P8 - MPAAR

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