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The Mummy [2017] [PG-13] - 3.7.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In this franchise reboot an ancient Egyptian princess (Sofia Boutella) awakens from a prison crypt far beneath the desert, bent on revenge for her murder and usurpation of her throne. Transported to America, she encounters a military officer (Tom Cruise) and a scientist (Annabelle Wallis). Also with Russell Crowe, Jake Johnson and Courtney B. Vance. Directed by Alex Kurtzman. Several lines of dialogue are in ancient Egyptian with English subtitles. [1:50]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A female mummy licks the face of a man with her long tongue. A female mummy kisses a man's lips quickly in three scenes. A clothed woman sits on a prone, clothed man's stomach and kisses him briefly. A clothed woman lies on top of a shirtless man (we see a part of his bare chest and shoulders) and whispers in his ear (no sex is implied).
 A woman tells an army officer that a soldier gave her only 15 seconds of intimate pleasure; the solider is embarrassed and says it had to be longer than that. A woman screams during childbirth in a dark room (we can see her large, bare belly and bare shoulders as she sits up for a couple of seconds); later, we see a man holding an infant in a blanket.
 Throughout the film, a female mummy wears thin, ragged gauze bandages that wrap around the entire body and limbs, covering the breasts and crotch area (we see the outline of breasts under the bandages as well as the outline of her waist and legs). A woman is nude and kneeling, bent away from the camera (we see her back as tattooed letter-symbols appear down the sides of her spine). A brief scene shows a woman's bare abdomen and navel in close-up. A woman wears a white blouse that is wet and we can see the bra and some cleavage through the fabric. Three brief scenes feature a shirtless man and we see his bare chest and back; in two of the scenes, he wears a knee-length Egyptian kilt. A man in a body bag is nude and we see his bare chest as he breaks the bag open; he later stands, covers his groin area, and backs out of the frame as a woman enters the room (we see bare thighs).

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A woman attempts to stab her fiancé in the chest with a knife that will give him immortality, but he and other men grab her after two sedative darts are shot into her throat; the men embalm her alive with liquid mercury as she struggles and they wrap her as a mummy, place her in a stone coffin, and bury her in a pool of mercury deep under the desert as she screams silently through the bandages. A woman grabs a long knife and slits her father's throat (off-screen) and we hear that she killed her mother and baby brother as well, out of envy for her father's love. A man who was bitten by a spider slumps and his eyes roll back into his head and become milky as his face turns blue; he stands and stabs another man twice, killing him, with some blood showing, and the attacker points the knife at another man, who shoots him three times and he falls on the floor (with no blood showing). A man stabs himself, grimaces, has a flashback and seems to die, but then opens his eyes, pulls the knife out of his chest and we see some blood.
 A dim room is full of crows hanging upside down from the ceiling by their feet that are tied with strings and a few shuddering withered corpses hang among them as the crows flap their wings and screech and a withered corpse forearm and hand reach into the frame and hand a long knife to a woman, who takes it and the corpse dissolves in black dust; the woman stands and slices a small cut onto a forearm, dripping blood into a pool of water beneath the birds and corpses. Lights in subway tunnels pop and burst and police officers fire automatic rifles at a mummy as a horde of zombies run through one tunnel and attack a man and a woman; the man knocks the head and arms off one zombie, and smashes other zombies into dust with his fists and a club; the man and the woman fall through a wall into a river where a mummy drags the woman away (we later see the woman dead), and the man is surrounded by zombies that approach him menacingly; he hits them in the head with a large rock, he cuts a mummy in the arm with a knife, a mummy hits him in a leg with a piece of metal and he screams in pain and the mummy strangles him with one hand after punching him across the room three times. A man and a mummy both have a second set of irises and pupils; the man takes the mummy's face in his hands, slams her against a wall and then to a stone floor where he bends over her and sucks the life out of her mouth; she gasps, withers, hisses, curls up like a skeleton with skin stretched over it and dies.
 A man roars into a dead woman's face with a mouthful of long sharp teeth and disappears; the woman coughs, spits out water and stands up. A female mummy thrusts out long arms with long black nails on her hands and commands the winds and sands to swirl in a storm. We see a snarling face made up of sand.
 In a dark room, crusaders light torches and bury a knight in a stone coffin and we see that the room is filled with a dozen stone coffins containing dead knights; in the present day, soldiers drill into the tomb, where we see cobwebs and sand over some of the coffins and a few skeletons in a pile. Many coffins open to release dead, emaciated crusaders who are now zombies with claws, wrinkled gray skin, huge teeth and gaping eyes. A mummy is shot with large hooks connected to cables and we see hooks go into her back and out her chest, but without any blood showing as she screams.
 Two police officers find a man with a broken neck, dead on the banks of a river along with a mummy in a stone coffin; the mummy rises and sucks the life out of the screaming officers through their mouths, reducing them to emaciated zombies with wrinkled skin and huge teeth as she crawls around on all fours, sucking life out of men like a savage animal as she attacks; we hear and see a sequence of her bones popping back into correct place under bandages as she regains strength.
 A man and a woman enter an old cemetery where four zombies grab the man and hold him down on the table in an abbey; a mummy skitters across the screen in the background, then grabs the man, sits on him, and looks at his teeth, eyes, and chest, tickling his stomach under his shirt before she raises a knife above his chest until the first woman enters and zombies and the mummy stare at her; the mummy slams the woman into the floor and a wall while the man fights zombies, kicking and punching, as some of the zombies lose legs and arms that change to dust and other zombies fall to the floor.
 Humans escape a confrontation in a van, but a mummy pulls it back with magic powers, the van escapes and drives away through woods and three zombies fall into the windshield and passenger compartment, one by one; the van stops and the man picks up a tree limb to attack the mummy, but the mummy punches him high into the air and he falls flat on his face, groaning and when he gets up he is shot in the chest with a tranquilizer bullet to end the scene.
 A man's face becomes greenish and he says in a deeper voice that he is chaos; he fights with another man, using kicks and punches, and slams the man across the room and down onto a stone floor. A mummy sends a scarab beetle across a room and into a man's ear causing his eyes to roll back into his head; he grabs a fire axe and slams it into a large junction box that throws showers of sparks. A mummy vomits up gallons of liquid mercury and coughs. A man plunges four fingers down into the tissues of another man's ribcage as we hear yelling.
 Two men and a woman lower on cables into an underground tomb and find a pool of mercury and weights holding something down in the center of it; we see a few folded-up skeletons on the ground nearby and mercury drips from the ceiling and we see large matted cobwebs as thousands of large spiders attack the people and a man fires an automatic weapon to no avail and a spider bites him on the neck and he yelps; a man shoots a bullet through a rope and weights release, bringing up a stone sarcophagus from the pool.
 Two soldiers in the desert are chased through a village by several soldiers firing automatic rifles at them; two grenades destroy a staircase, and an air strike hits the village with missiles that fill the screen with flames and smoke; the first two men laugh until an earthquake shakes them off a crumbling wall and a large hole appears in the sand that reveals a stone head that seems to be screaming. A woman fights with wooden staffs against a male opponent and wins. A woman slaps a man in the face hard and he lurches backward.
 A doctor tells a woman that she should identify a corpse and we see eight body bags in a morgue; one bag suddenly sits up and a man breaks out of it (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details) as the woman enters the room and she later tells him that he has a concussion and is also cursed by a mummy.
 A cargo plane is struck by a large flock of crows and we see blood smeared on the broken windshield as the plane loses an engine to a fire, and then loses sections of its wings and hull; the plane dives and men and a woman inside float around inside, a man pushes a woman out a door after releasing her parachute ripcord and he yells as the plane is about to hit the ground. A building shakes and crumbles and men and women run outside where a huge wall of sand rolls down a street, filling it for several blocks.
 A medical lab is filled with bottles of animals, human skulls with vampire teeth and the hands and limbs of humans and other primates. A mummy kneeling on a low platform has her hands tied behind her back in chains, and some sort of tubes in her shoulders to deliver liquid mercury into her body. Glass breaks and shatters loudly all around a lab; showcases, empty beakers, windows, and door glass covers the floors.
 A man in a dark alley is attacked and covered with large rats as he falls and a mummy limps toward him; he has a vision of her wearing a long dress in the desert and a woman pulls him out of traffic in a street in real time. A man has visions of a zombie talking to him. A man has visions of meeting an Egyptian princess in a desert in a few scenes. A man cries over a dead woman lying in a shallow pool of water with her eyes open. A female mummy says that she will kill a man and tells a woman she will kill her. A man says he must kill another man for the good of humanity.

PROFANITY 3 - 4 scatological terms, 2 anatomical terms, 9 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, thief, looters, monsters, devious, chick-in-the-box), exclamations (wow, shut-up), 9 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, We've Angered The Gods, She Will Be A Little God, You Can Be The God Of Life And Death). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A doctor twice injects himself in a scarred hand with four vials of a yellow liquid that he puts into a large multiple-hypo contraption and he grimaces and groans, a man stabs another man in the chest with a hypo instrument and the man's face changes from greenish to flesh-tone, and two sedative darts are shot into a woman's throat (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A man drinks a shot of clear liquor and sips from a mug of beer in a bar, a woman sits with a mug of untouched beer at a table in a bar, several empty shot glasses are seen on a table near a man, a man sips from a mug of beer at a bar behind which we see a single row of various liquor bottles and a man pulling a beer from a single tap, two half-empty mugs of beer are seen on a table, tables are seen with one or two glasses of beer each (no one is seen drinking from them).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Egyptian legends, archaeology, religion, the afterlife, magic powers, evil, revenge, murder, zombies, courage, determination, sacrifice, relationships, love, loss, regret, anguish, redemption, capital punishment.

MESSAGE - Heroes sometimes sacrifice almost everything to defeat evil.

Special Keywords: S3 - V7 - P3 - MPAAPG-13

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