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Mozart's Sister [2011] [G] - 5.3.4



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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The untold story of the older sister of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (David Moreau): Maria Anna "Nannerl" (Marie Feret), was five years older than her musical prodigy brother, but just as gifted in her own right. Also with Marc Barbe, Delphine Chuillot and Clovis Fouin. Directed by Rene Feret. In French with English subtitles. [2:00]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A teen girl is woken up by the sound of her mother and father (in a different bed but in the same room) kissing passionately; the woman straddles the man (they are both fully covered and no nudity is visible), and the teen girl listens to the sound of her mother moaning rhythmically as she thrusts on top of the man (the teen girl turns away).
 A young man asks a young woman that's dressed as a young man to kiss his forehead; we see the young woman kiss his forehead, the young man then asks the young woman to kiss his lips, and we do not see the kiss but hear the young man shouting that the young woman was trying to seduce him and he throws her out. Men and women kiss in greeting. A young man and a teen girl hold hands.
 A young man makes a crude remark to a young woman (dressed as a young man), implying that she would become the young man's mistress, if she asked. Several young men tease a teen girl, saying that they would allow her to pose for them (implying nude posing) during an art class and the teen girl acts embarrassed. A young man tells a teen girl about how he and other young men had previously thrown handkerchiefs at women to signify that they are interested in the women as mistresses. A woman wistfully says aloud that a young man had kissed her hand. A pre-teen girl tells a teen girl that another teen girl had a book that was the "devil's work," and it is implied to be about sex when the pre-teen girl warns that the book is "full of blasphemy" and "things of a relationship"; we later see the teen girl burn the book. A woman tells her teen daughter that the teen can now have children and when the teen girl asks her mother how children are made, the mother ignores her question. A teen girl and her mother tease the girl's father that a nun had a crush on him but had never "seen the wolf" (implying a nude man); a boy asks the teen girl what she means and she ignores his question. A young man tells a young woman (dressed as a young man) that his father had taken a teen girl as a mistress and that his father had commissioned a nude painting of her to be made. A teen girl warns a young woman to not become involved in a relationship with the teen girl's older brother, saying that the young woman needs to ensure that the young man does not "slide into debauchery." A pre-teen girl tells a teen girl that she "yearns" for a teen boy. A teen girl narrates a letter she is writing to a pre-teen girl about having a crush on a young man. A teen girl tells a young woman that she no longer had a crush on a young man, who was revealed to be her half brother through one of her father's infidelities. A man and a woman, and their teen daughter, jokingly warn their son not to "burn his little birdie" on a bidet.
 A man and a woman lift up their children to help them undress (we see no nudity); the teen girl is shown wearing a shift and the boy is wearing a full dressing gown. On two occasions we see a young woman wearing a tight corset-top that exposes her cleavage.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A woman shouts at her teen daughter and slaps her in the face (the woman later apologizes for slapping the girl). A young man shouts at a young woman dressed as a young man, he grabs and shoves her, and he then throws a blotter on the ground as he continues to shout. A young woman faints as her mother tightens her corset and the woman screams.
 We see a small blot of blood on the long dressing gown of a teen girl (implied to be menstrual blood). A boy with red blotches on his face is seen lying in bed; the boy's father cries at the boy's side and shouts that the boy is "unrecognizable."
 A teen girl writes a letter to a pre-teen girl, which explains that her brother had been very ill with red blotches on his bloated face, but had recovered. On two occasions a man shouts at his teenage daughter. An elderly nun shouts at four girls for running. An older woman warns a family that a young man was in mourning after losing his wife during childbirth. A young man tells a teen girl that his wife had died while giving birth. A young man tells a teen girl that he had a dream about his dead wife giving birth to a baby that then turned into a dragon and bit the breast of its mother. A pre-teen girl tells a teen girl that she and two of her sisters had been forced away from their parents when a cardinal advised they would be safer elsewhere. An older woman warns a boy that drinking water from a river will make him sick. A woman tells her husband that her mother would have "died of joy." An unseen man shouts at a teen girl to be quiet as she plays the piano in the middle of the night. A young woman reads a letter aloud and we hear that the young woman's father was suffering from leg pain. A teen girl jokes with her mother that she will have a dress covered in blood. A woman shouts half-jokingly at her son and teenage daughter to be quiet or she will scream. A boy tells his father and mother that he "has to go pee."
 A young woman is seen lying in bed and appears very ill (it is implied that she receives her final rites moments later); we see a man tell her mother and father that her illness is not that serious, and she is later seen fully recovered.
 A boy teases a bird by sticking a violin bow into the bird's cage. A boy jumps up and down on a bed and playfully hits his father in the head with a pillow; the boy jumps down from a bed and hits the man's foot (he shouts in pain).
 We see a man, his young son and teenage daughter listen to a woman as she sits on a bidet (we don't see her); the woman warns them that it feels strange and we see the boy sit down (no nudity is visible). We see a teen girl, a boy, and their father urinating; the boy and father are turned away from one another and the teen girl is seen crouching down (no nudity or urinating is visible and no sounds of urinating are heard).

PROFANITY 4 - 1 scatological term, 1 anatomical term, 2 mild obscenity, name-calling (bossy, idiot insane, clumsy, troublesome, amused by silly things, mediocre, soulless, mechanical, horsey face). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see glasses of wine on a table as a family eats dinner, and a man's voiceover reads aloud a letter which narrates that a man would "drink in excess" and that children were given snuff boxes to play with.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Gender inequality, Mozart, musical prodigies, disappointment, jealousy, mourning, composition of music, death of a loved one, becoming a nun.

MESSAGE - Gender inequality can lead to disappointment when being compared to a sibling.

Special Keywords: S5 - V3 - P4 - MPAAG

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