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Mirror, Mirror [2012] [PG] - 3.4.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A new take on the classic Snow White fairytale: After an evil queen (Julia Roberts) banishes the king and takes control of his kingdom, she also restricts the young princess Snow White (Lily Collins) to her room. After the resourceful princess escapes, she enlists the help of seven dwarves and a handsome prince (Armie Hammer) to help her win back her kingdom. Also with Sean Bean, Nathan Lane and Mare Winningham. Directed by Tarsem Singh. [1:46]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A young man and a teen girl kiss in front of a cheering crowd of people. A young man grimaces and tries to squirm away as a teen girl attempts to kiss him; the teen girl sits on his lap and kisses him, the young man instantly kisses back and they kiss again moments later.
 A woman doses a young man with a "love potion" (we see the young man drink from a chalice), hearts appear around his head and moments later he falls over; the young man then leaps onto a bed where he tries to lick the face of the woman. A woman stares at a shirtless young man, making a remark about his chest being attractive and telling him that she is distracted by his appearance; the woman stares at the shirtless young man and appears flushed.
 A young woman wears a low-cut, corseted top that exposes cleavage. A dwarf crawls under a woman's skirt, he giggles and we see her full-coverage, pant-like bloomers. Two young men are seen in their undergarments (both are wearing long bloomer-style underpants and one of the men is wearing a tank top and corset) while being tied together, facing one another. A small portion of a woman's bare torso is visible when she is shown with a towel draped across her chest and legs. We see five men wearing long-underwear style underwear as they approach a woman and a young man; one man holds a plate over his fully clothed crotch. Several men and women are seen stripped down to their long-underwear; women are seen wearing corsets and full-coverage bras and the men are wearing various types of undershirts (we see a portion of one man's bare chest). A portion of a man's bare chest is visible when he is shown wearing overalls without a shirt.
 A young man and a teen girl stare longingly at each other. As part of a dance, we see an older man kiss a woman's hand. During an animated introduction we see the following: A man kisses a woman's hand, and a man attempts to kiss a woman and she pulls away. As a young man wraps his arms around a teen girl during a fencing battle (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details), he remarks that if she had not just tried to kill him that he would try to kiss her.
 A young man tells several dwarves and a teen girl that he "longs" for a woman's skin, much to the disgust of a crowd. A man tells a woman that a young man has come to visit her and is "partially nude." A woman tells a man that a young man is "built like an ox." A teen girl jokes with a young man that at least the young man has his pants on, saying that the last time they met the young man was without his pants.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A man opens a small bag and we see a bluish-gray organ inside, the man places the bag on a table and tells a woman that it contains a teen girl's (the step-daughter of the woman) internal organs, and the woman is delighted and tells the man to take away the bag (we learn that the teen girl is still alive, and the organs are presumably from an animal); the man and the woman are later seen telling people that a teen girl is dead, including the woman telling a young man that a beast had eaten the teen girl.
 A woman remotely controls two massive wooden mannequins that attack several dwarves and a teen girl, the mannequins smash through the dwarves' home, including smashing their beds and coming extremely close to injuring the dwarves (moments before one of the dwarves is smashed by one of the mannequins, a teen girl cuts the large cords attached to the mannequin and it falls to the ground); a dwarf launches an arrow into the head of a mannequin, the mannequin continues to attack, moments later we see the mannequin's head spin as it is struck with a rock launched from a sling-shot, a dwarf throws fruit at the mannequin (tomatoes and a banana smash on the mannequin's head creating a macabre smile) and the teen girl comes to the rescue of three dwarves just as a mannequin is about to smash them with a shovel, cuts the mannequin's cords and it collapses to the ground.
 A half-wolf/half-dragon is used by a woman to attack a teen girl who runs in fear as the creature storms toward her: a young man attempts to come to the teen girl's rescue until the dragon grabs the young man and throws him against a tree (we see the young man slump over); dwarves throw snowballs at the dragon, it slams its tail on the ground, knocking the dwarves off a pile of rocks, and the dragon then corners the teen girl, it pauses and the teen girl cuts a necklace hanging around its neck causing a flame to shoot into the air and the dragon transforms into a man.
 A man grabs a teen girl's head, she gasps and moments later we see her arms being held back by two large guards as the girl struggles and the two men tighten their grip. A woman pulls a teenage girl's hair, yanking the girl's head close to hers.
 Several dwarves using stilts attack two young men, knocking one man off his horse and engaging in hand-to-hand and sword combat with one of the young men; the dwarves shove one of the young men to the ground, throw the second next to him (the second young man's hands are bound) and moments later the two young men are seen tied at the ankles and dangling from a tree, their horses and clothing having been stolen.
 Seven dwarves on stilts surround a young man and several soldiers when the young man and a teen girl engage in an extended fencing battle during which the young man repeatedly disarms the teen girl but she regains her weapon: the young man smacks the teen girl's behind multiple times with the blade of the sword and later remarks that she learned "nothing from her spankings" as they continue to fight, including the young man wrapping his arms around the teen girl on two occasions; the dwarves are seen fighting in the background, knocking the soldiers off their feet and clashing swords with them until they have all been knocked to the ground. Several dwarves wearing stilts attack a carriage carrying a man, and one of the dwarves shoots a sling shot at a guard on the back of the carriage, knocking him to the ground as two other dwarves jump onto the two horses and pull the carriage away from the horses; the carriage flips three times and we see the man inside it unharmed, surrounded by dwarves armed with swords, staffs and a poll cue drawn to the man's neck (the man hands over his money and clothing and is left unharmed). Two guards are knocked over by several dwarves throwing snowballs at them.
 A teen girl runs through a forest, runs into a branch, hitting her head, she stumbles forward, falls to the ground and moments later she wakes up, unharmed and surrounded by seven dwarves who discuss how they could hold the teen girl hostage; the teen girl tells the seven dwarves that her stepmother had actually attempted to have her killed. An elderly woman offers a teen girl an apple (it is presumably poisonous, and the teen girl takes a bite and then offers the elderly woman a piece).
 A teen girl throws a snowball at a branch, knocking snow onto a horse and causing it to kick a young man in the back and head, his eyes roll into his head and he falls over (he is seen moments later unharmed). A teen girl cuts a rope that is hanging two young men from a tree by their ankles; they fall to the ground where one of the young men accidentally pushes the other young man as he pushes himself up.
 A glass bulb explodes and two small huts floating on a body of water implode as the camera zooms out through a shattering mirror (no one is harmed).
 A woman tells a man, "I want her killed" (in reference to a teen girl) and instructs the man to take the girl to the woods and "feed her to the beast"; we see the man lead a teen girl with her hands tied behind her back into the woods where he then cuts the rope and advises the teen girl to run to safety. A woman shouts at a figure in a mirror, shouting that she wants a teen girl and a man killed; moments later we see the man turn into a cockroach and when the man later returns to being a human he tells the woman that he was "violated" by a grasshopper and countless people tried to "crush him."
 In an attempt to awake a tied up young man from a spell, several dwarves perform various acts on him, including punching him repeatedly, hitting his ears with carpet beaters, knocking his forehead with a pool cue and shouting and growling in his face (the young man appears completely unfazed by the abuse). During a variety of training sessions, we see a teen girl repeatedly knocked to the ground while practicing fencing, falling off a circular rock as she tries to balance, being struck by multiple snowballs and a rock launched by a dwarf from a slingshot. A teen girl playfully shoves a dwarf off a snow-covered roof as other dwarves launch snowballs at him. We see a man set off an explosion from the ship on his hat, blowing up another man's hat that is also a ship (we see a puff of smoke and no one is harmed).
 A young man lifts up two men and places them to the side as they try to cut in to dance with a teen girl. A teen girl accidentally steps on a young man's foot, and he dramatically gasps in pain. On multiple occasions several dwarves argue with one another in a playful manner. Several dwarves knock into one another, tipping forward like dominos, in a playful manner. A man punches another man in the face for comedic effect and the man spins around. A young man repeatedly slams his shoulder into a door; the door does not open and the young man appears unharmed.
 A woman ages rapidly and we see her hands and face fill with wrinkles. As part of a "beautification" routine we see the following: Birds defecate onto a tray, which is then spread onto a woman's face, a woman's hands are nibbled by fish and maggots, a scorpion stings a woman's stomach, a bee stings a woman's lips multiple times, and maggots crawl in and out of a woman's ears. A young man licks a woman's hand and a woman watching the young man looks disgusted.
 A woman angrily shoves a man and tells him, "If you want someone dead, you have to do it yourself." A woman tells a man to take note of a warning, saying that all future gossipers will be "put to death." A man intimidates a crowd of people, saying that a beast that lives in the forest is only kept from eating the people by a queen being paid taxes. A young man nervously tells another young man that he thinks a forest is menacing; the other young man disregards his remarks. A young man dramatically tells a teen girl that he and another young man had been attacked in a "vicious holdup" by "bloodthirsty bandits." During an animated intro, we hear a woman narrate that another woman had died in childbirth and that a man had "run off" and was thought to be dead, leaving his young daughter "devastated." A woman dramatically says she would "rather die" than marry a man. A woman dramatically gasps in disgust after an older man suggests they get married. A woman criticizes her teenage stepdaughter's appearance. Several dwarves explain to a teen girl that they had been run out of a town after the queen had proclaimed, "Out with the uglies."

PROFANITY 2 - Name-calling (busy bodies, irritating, minuscule, runts, diminutive, short and that's funny, children, wretched queen, the worse traveling companion, pathetic shut in incapable of leaving the castle, smells like rotten eggs, pink profiterole, radiates crazy, good old fashioned psycho crazy, out of control, idiot, sneaky little tart, not as pathetic and wimpy as I thought, defective troll, uglies, undesirables, cowardly muggers, evil, wicked, witch, mean, executive boot licker, erratic, mad, high maintenance, twit, idiot), exclamations (shut up), 1 religious exclamation. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman doses a young man with a "love potion" and we see the young man drink from a chalice. We see a woman and a young man drinking from goblets (it is implied to be wine), and a woman offers a young man a goblet and he declines saying he does not feel like drinking.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Jealously, retold fairytales, strength in numbers, overcoming adversity, embracing your differences, revenge, trickery, black magic, regret.

MESSAGE - Retelling of classic fairytales can be innovative.

Special Keywords: S3 - V4 - P2 - MPAAPG

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