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Men, Women and Children [2014] [R] - 9.5.7



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Texas high school students and their parents have technology concerns about porn sites and online video games, infidelity, eating disorders, and the lust for fame at any price: One couple (Adam Sandler and Rosemarie DeWitt) finds extramarital lovers through the Internet, another (Jason Douglas and Jennifer Garner) struggles over electronically monitoring their teen daughter, and a mom (Judy Greer) markets her daughter with raunchy online photos. Also with Travis Tope, Kaitlyn Dever, Olivia Crocicchia, Dean Norris, Ansel Elgort, Emma Thompson (narrator) and Dennis Haysbert. Directed by Jason Reitman. [2:00]

SEX/NUDITY 9 - An internet porn site features a woman wearing just a chartreuse thong panty down around her knees as she takes a position on all fours; we see both breasts, her side and back, and the camera moves to reveal the thong stuck slightly into her vagina as the perineum seems evident.
 A man hires an experienced escort, who costs $800/hour and in a hotel lounge he talks awkwardly about his work and she suggests they go upstairs where she removes his trousers as he sits on the end of the bed, pushes his chest so that he lies back and oral sex is implied; she remarks about the size of his genitals, we then see them in bed with his bare chest exposed and one of her breasts and buttock; on their second meeting, he opens his hotel door and smiles, and she smiles and dashes into his arms.
 A wife meets a man she met online in a hotel lounge and they go upstairs to her room where she straddles his lap and she practices saying anatomical and sexually suggestive phrases, they smile and fall to the bed below the frame and the scene ends; on their second date, we see the couple laughing and the woman falling backwards onto a bed, fully clothed. A teen girl strips to her bra in a teen boy's bedroom, reveals some cleavage and gets under the bed covers, while he removes his shirt and we see his bare back; we see a condom in a wrapper, see an arm moving as if in masturbation, hear latex snap below the frame, and see the boy climb on top of her and tries to thrust, but cannot keep at it; the girl texts all her friends saying that they had sex in order to build a reputation among her "fans," he confronts her, she admits she was using him for popularity-building, and breaks up with him. A teen girl in a teen boy's bedroom hesitates, but he says, "I'm not a rapist"; they remove their clothing and we see his bare chest, her bare torso with a bra (no cleavage is obvious) and the camera cuts to them walking out of the bedroom, clothed and we hear that she is pregnant (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A husband schedules sex with his wife after two months and we see only the corner of a bed bounce slightly three times, indicating a short sexual encounter.
 Online sex sites show still and video images of partially clad women: One woman in a video wears a bra and panties that reveal shoulders, arms, significant cleavage, abdomen and full bare thighs as she stretches her back to push her bosom forward while telling the viewer to follow her instructions and the scene ends; most of the still images are small and of women from the waist up wearing bras that show moderate cleavage; one site offers pull down menus to select breast size and amount of hair a customer wants shaved from the groin.
 A teen girl puts a cutout of a star with the letter B in the center over her pubic bone and gets into a tanning bed, then texts an image of the sunburned B to a teen boy and he does not respond. An "acting" website features photos that a mother took of her cheerleader daughter in deeply cut midriff blouses, short shorts and high heels in the role of a farm girl that looks like a prostitute; the mother admits to taking photos we do not see of the girl for a for-pay private gallery on the website, and after entering a talent contest, the girl and her mom receive a rejection phone call in which a representative says that the girl's website is pornographic and distasteful. In a dance class, the bottom of a girl's buttocks shows in her shorts as her mother photographs her. A female escort wears a deeply cut short dress that displays a huge amount of cleavage and about half of her bare thighs. At a safety meeting, a woman asks how much of their bodies teens can legally post online and a woman says that she will give her a pamphlet; a woman later says a pamphlet woman put a 7-digit PIN on her daughter's vagina. Many teen girls wear tight knit dresses and sweaters/skirts that accentuate large bosoms below significant cleavage and bare most of their legs to the thigh. Teen girls wearing cheerleader skirts and many teen girls wear short-shorts.
 A man looks at porn on his son's computer, because his own computer is malfunctioning; the man remembers when he was his son's age and how he found his own dad's secret stash of porn magazines and that the Internet is different, then flips his tie over his shoulder, and the scene ends. A teen boy becomes addicted to Internet porn and cannot become aroused by teen girls; a woman online tells him to "grab that [anatomical term deleted]" and he appears to put his hand into his trousers and the camera cuts to lawn sprinklers beginning to water the lawn outside (suggesting sexual climax). A teen boy drills a hole into a Nerf football and fills it with lotion, places it on a bed, and lies on it as the scene ends (masturbation with the football implied). A teen girl texts a teen boy that she has sex all the time but needs more practice and he asks her what she would do if he were naked and tied up; she replies that she would rub her hands all over him and "I'd totally ride you" and the boy later texts the girl that he ejaculated.
 A wife leaves her husband and son and travels to California with another man while her Facebook page announces their engagement and she blocks her son from the page; the teen boy tells his online game friends what happened and the boy's father says that he read the responses from the friends, which he says were lewd comments about having sex with older women; the father cancels the son's gaming account and deletes his profile. A wife creates a profile for a website that helps spouses schedule extramarital affairs and uses the tagline "Life is short. Have an affair"; she types that she wants to once again feel desired, makes a date and tells her husband she's going to visit her sister and probably spend the night; the husband sees a website for hiring escorts and schedules a date as well and after two dates each, the husband becomes suspicious of his wife and follows her to the motel bar where she is talking with a man.
 A teen boy and a teen girl lie beside a short waterfall in a park one evening, clothed and walking home, and they kiss goodbye briefly. A teen couple kisses briefly. A cheerleader kisses a football player on the cheek after a game.
 A pro-anorexia website shows emaciated torsos of women wearing tube tops and bikini panties with their ribs showing and vertebra sticking up along the back; a teen boy texts about, "I'd [F-word deleted] her if I could find a hole." A cheerleader brags and lies to her squad mates about her sex life that she says includes many men and complements another cheerleader for looking anorexic. A teen boy tells a thin girl that she can now hook up, because she looks better thin. A teen girl she tells friends that she had oral sex and it was "kinda salty." Adults and teens refer to sex as "hook up" and "hit it." In two scenes, one in a high school and one in a mall, the screen fills with text messages as we see people manipulating their cell phones and a few text bubbles include "hook up" and "hit it." A man asks his wife if she remembers what they were doing during the 9/11 attack and she does (they were having sex). A man says to a divorced friend, "You could probably hit anything now" and the friend says that he is not in the hitting mood. A teen girls tells a teen boy that if he wants something to look at while masturbating he should check acting/modeling websites. A retired female actor tells her date, who is recently divorced, that she became pregnant by her producer at age 18, but received support payments and an expensive car; she says she has had sex with men in return for very little encouragement and she seems to regret it, then admits to putting photos of her daughter online for sale and cries and they kiss goodbye at her door. A wife arrives at home after spending a night with another man and her husband says that he did similar things recently and she is surprised.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A teen girl argues many times with her intrusive mother, who electronically monitors her and reads all of her emails and text messages and erases any that are from boys, before the girl can see them; the mother ransacks the girl's room, she takes the girl's phone away and pretends to be the girl, answering texts from a boy with a message that she was never interested in him and will block him from sending messages; the boy, whose mother left the family and is remarrying, cries, takes an overdose of medication and attempts suicide and we hear that his father had just cancelled his account in an online role-playing game where he had communicated with his only friends. A teen girl runs away from her oppressive, controlling mother one night and arrives at a teen boy's house, where she finds him unconscious on the floor of his room; his father yells for her to find a phone, we see an EMT vehicle with siren and flashing lights arrive at a hospital and then see the boy lying in a hospital bed in an ER cubicle with the girl by his side.
 A teen boy pounds the face of another teen boy until it is covered in blood in the lunchroom, after the second boy hits a girl hard in the head with a thrown orange; the first boy visits a counselor, who prescribes him medication with a label we cannot read (please see the Substance Use category for more details). In a car, a mother and her teen daughter argue about the girl's website as too revealing and the girl shouts, calling her mom "selfish [mild obscenity deleted]"; the mother slaps her in the face and the girl exits the car angrily.
 A teen girl joins an anorexic support group website where anonymous people tell her to smell a plate of food while she eats celery and the next day, she passes out and collapses in a bathroom stall at school, with blood trickling down one leg; we see her in a hospital with an IV drip where a doctor tells her and her parents that she had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby because of her malnourishment; her father becomes angry and leaves the room and her mother looks shocked.
 A teen girl texts a boy with whom she had sex, "I just had your miscarriage" and receives no response; later she texts about when she can see him and he texts to walk two miles to his house after the football game that night so she walks there late at night to find no one home and throws a brick through his window, shattering it.
 A teen boy quits football because he hates it and feels it is unimportant angering the other football players and his former-football-star dad, because the team is now losing every game. At school, a mother sees that her daughter defaced one of the Internet Safety posters in the hall with a word balloon for a girl character saying, "DTF (Down to [F-word deleted])?"; the mother and daughter argue and at the next safety committee meeting of parents headed by the first woman, a man and another woman make fun of her as obsessive and silly. We hear that a couple were playing an online game so much that their baby died of neglect.
 A photo shows a fireman urinating on his fire truck as he stands on the hood; we see the stream.

PROFANITY 7 - About 23 F-words and its derivatives, 11 sexual references, 7 scatological terms, 10 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities, name-calling (retarded, crazy, psycho, stupid, weird, douchebag, ladies, creep), stereotypical references to men, women, teens, single parents, helicopter parents. cheerleaders, football players, gamers, sex addicts, anorexics, 4 religious exclamations (Oh My God!, Jesus). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A teen boy receives a prescription for medications from a psychologist and we cannot read the label on the bottle, and a teen boy swallows several pills from a prescription bottle with a glass of water as he cries (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A woman drinks a short glass of whiskey in a hotel room and visits the hotel bar where we see her sitting in front of an empty glass, men at their homes hold bottles of beer while watching TV in several scenes and he drinks from the bottle twice, an unopened wine bottle is shown on a kitchen counter, a man drinks alcohol from a flask at a high school football game, a man and a woman drinks glasses of wine in a restaurant in two scenes, and a woman tells her husband that she will go drink wine with her sister and he says he will have some beers with friends and after two nights of this he follows her to a bar where she is seen talking to a man (he orders a Scotch).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Loneliness, insecurity, communication technology, the Internet, addictions, parental control, relationships, infidelity, reconciliation.

MESSAGE - Advancing information technologies facilitate social problems.

Special Keywords: S9 - V5 - P7 - MPAAR

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