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Meet Dave [2008] [PG] - 2.3.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Eddie Murphy stars both as the tiny alien captain of an extraterrestrial ship, and as the spaceship, which is in the shape of a regular-sized man and resembles Murphy. His mission is to return to his dying planet with all the salt from the Earth's oceans. Also with Elizabeth Banks, Ed Helms, Gabrielle Union, Judah Friedlander, Pat Kilbane, Brandon Molale, Marc Blucas, Austyn Myers and Nick Berman. Directed by Brian Robbins. [1:30]

SEX/NUDITY 2 - A man and a woman kiss passionately in a park and a spaceship in the shape of a man watches and makes kissing motions with its mouth. A man and a woman kiss and hold each other. A man and a woman nearly kiss.
 We see a man wearing only jockey shorts playing a guitar on a busy city street. A man bends over and reveals his buttock cleavage. A human-shaped spaceship stands with its legs apart wearing boxer shorts. Women in a Salsa club wear low-cut dresses that reveal cleavage, and bare legs to the thigh are revealed during spins and dips. A woman wears low-cut tops that reveal cleavage in a couple of scenes. A man sits on a toilet with his pants down (we see his bare knees).
 Men and women dance Salsa-style in a club. A human-shaped spaceship and a woman dance Salsa-style, the spaceship dips her, and then drops her.
 A man and a woman look at each other with interest and begin to lean close to each other but stop abruptly and the woman leaves the room. A man admires a woman as she walks by and the woman reacts negatively.
 A man makes a reference to being upset that he would miss his "morning roll in the hay." A woman talks about love and the death of her husband.
 One man behaves in an exaggerated effeminate manner, creating the suggestion that he is gay.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A man with a gun enters a deli to rob it and threatens a woman behind the counter; his accomplice tries to punch a human-shaped spaceship, which throws him into a soda display and then squeezes the barrel of the gun to close it. A man takes a gun away from another man and uses it to strike him in the stomach.
 A human-shaped spaceship shoots a weapon that comes out of its finger, blows a hole in a wall and blows a car up; the police shoot at it (it is unharmed).
 A metallic ball falls into a body of water, a large funnel cloud appears in the sky and the water swirls around violently.
 A bully shoves a boy against a wall and is threatening, and a bully pushes a boy into a chair, takes something away from him and calls him names. A human-shaped spaceship lifts a boy off the ground, turns him upside down and shakes him to empty his pockets. A human-shaped spaceship kicks a cat across the room (we see the cat being lifted off the floor and hear it screech when it hits a wall).
 A human-shaped spaceship is struck hard by a car and thrown into the air (we see it land hard on the ground and its foot is twisted out of shape); we see it later walking on a floppy, twisted foot. A human-shaped spaceship is struck hard in the head by a baseball and lies on the ground. A human-shaped spaceship is sucked against an MRI machine when it is turned on. A human-shaped spaceship is jolted with heart paddles a couple of times by medical personnel and is later tasered to regain power. A human-shaped spaceship blasts off from a pier but is struck down when it is covered by a large net (it is undamaged).
 A male and a female alien, about an inch tall, are sneezed out of the nose of a human-shaped spaceship: they are blown through the air by a street cleaner and urinated on by a dog (we see the stream); they also get stuck to moving windshield wipers. A tiny alien is stuck to chewed gum on a street and is nearly run over by cars, and several aliens with guns handcuff another alien and take him to his quarters. Two members of a spaceship's crew are washed through the human-shaped ship's mouth (one holds on to the uvula). A human-shaped spaceship eats numerous hot dogs in rapid succession and we see them narrowly missing two miniature aliens inside its mouth.
 The ear of a human-shaped spaceship opens up to reveal two tiny aliens, one of whom rappells down the ship's chest and leg. A human-shaped spaceship puts four miniature aliens into its mouth (we see the legs of one of them sticking out).
 A large glowing orb sails through the sky and crashes into the ground, and we see a human-shaped spaceship with its head in the hole (it stands up and is fine). A glowing orb sails through the sky, crashes through the window of a boy's room and into a goldfish bowl where it absorbs all the water (the fish is uninjured).
 A human-shaped spaceship puts headphones on and listens to loud music that makes the crew in the ship bounce around. A human-shaped spaceship struggles to put a sweater on and thrashes around on a display table in a store. A human-shaped spaceship puts a pencil up its nose to sharpen it. A human-shaped spaceship enters a bathroom stall and we hear repeated splattering as numerous hot dogs are passed out (we see nothing).
 A man yells at two other men and throws a crumbled piece of paper at one of them. A boy talks back and is rude to a human-shaped spaceship. People are alarmed and put off by the behavior of a human-shaped spaceship. A woman slaps a man on the back of the head (it's supposed to be congratulatory). A human-shaped spaceship and a woman dance Salsa-style, the spaceship dips her, and then drops her (she's OK). A miniature alien jumps out of the ear of a human-shaped spaceship and lands in a cup of coffee.
 A human-shaped spaceship drinks ketchup from a bottle. A human-shaped spaceship wearing boxer shorts stands with its legs apart and paper and coin money are dispensed from between its legs.
 A human-shaped spaceship asks if a boy's underwear is "cutting your rectum" after the boy says he has a wedgie and has tears in his eyes. A human-shaped spaceship says "put him in my butt." A tiny alien screams that the sun is going to explode when flashlights shine through the eyes of a human-shaped spaceship.

PROFANITY 2 - A character says, "What the …" and stops as he forms the letter F with his lips, 2 scatological terms, a character says, "Number 2 happens," 3 mild anatomical terms, 1 mild obscenity, name-calling (freak, idiot, fool, goof ball, silly goose, jerk, stupid, nerd, lunatic), 4 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - People drink Mojitos at a club and one says, "These things go right to your head," and miniature aliens drink Mojitos from inside the mouth of a human-shaped spaceship and they act drunk.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Alien life, death of a parent, death of a spouse, friendship, love, homelessness, emotions, feelings, planetary extinction, bullies, chaos, anarchy, assuming that people who are different are inferior.

MESSAGE - Celebrate being different.

Special Keywords: S2 - V3 - P2 - MPAAPG

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