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Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom [2013] [PG-13] - 4.7.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the autobiography of Nelson Mandela, from his childhood in a small African village to his 27-year imprisonment by the white-minority apartheid government to becoming the first democratically elected president of South Africa. With Idris Elba, Naomie Harris, Terry Pheto, Deon Lotz and Jamie Bartlett. Directed by Justin Chadwick. [2:19]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A man kisses a young woman; they kiss passionately and we see the man pull up the young woman's shirt and run his hand down her leg and prop her against a doorway (sex is implied; we later see the man confronted by his wife when he tries to kiss her on the cheek). A man and a woman kiss; the man is sitting down and the woman straddles him (they are both fully clothed) and they continue to kiss passionately as they recline (sex is implied).
 Several men, young men, teen boys and boys are seen in a hut and they appear to be fully nude (their genitals shaded and unseen) as they put paint on their bare bodies (one young man's bare buttocks are seen in profile); we later see this group running into a river (no genitals are visible), and the men, young men and teen boys are nude (their bare backs and chests are visible). We see a group of men stripped down to their underwear as several guards tell the men to strip out of their old clothing. A group of men are forced by shouting guards to strip down to their underwear while in the pouring rain (we see their bare backs and chests). A man works out while wearing his underwear (his bare chest and back are visible). A boy wears a wrap around his waist (we see his bare back and chest). We see several boys wearing wraps around their waists (their bare backs and chests are visible). A group of young boys are seen wearing shorts and are shirtless (their bare chests and backs are visible). Two men are seen shirtless, boxing for exercise. A shirtless young man is seen in a street. We see a man in the shower and he is seen from mid-chest up (his bare back and partial chest are visible). A woman is seen wearing a long, full-coverage nightgown, but is obviously not wearing a bra. A woman appears to help another woman dress (no nudity is visible as the woman puts a final wrap on top of a dress).
 A man and a young woman kiss passionately, they recline on a bed and he slips his hand up her skirt until she grabs his hand and pushes it away, saying that she is saving herself for marriage.
 A woman hugs a man from behind and the man proposes to the woman; they kiss, hug, then kiss and hug again. A man and woman dance together and kiss briefly. A man and a woman kiss. A man and a woman kiss and the man places his arms around her shoulders. A man kisses a woman. A man and a woman kiss. A man kisses a young woman. A man kisses a woman on the forehead. A man and woman hug. A man dreams of a woman lying next to him in bed.
 A woman is obviously horrified when a pair of underwear are held up in a court and a man asks the woman if she could identify the underwear as belonging to her. We see an older man show photographs of his wife laughing and flirting with another man.
 A man tells an older man that he can allow his wife to stay over in a house where he is in house arrest under, and the older man tells the man that his wife is not interested in staying in a prison. A man jokes with a woman, saying that legally he can "have relations" with a woman because she is the same race and they kiss lightly.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A group of men, women and children are seen shouting and shoving against a fence, and then burn documents as police officers approach them and try to dismiss them from the fence; the people continue to chant and push against the fence and an officer fires into the crowd, hitting a woman and causing people to scream; the officer instructs the other officers to fire into the crowd, we see many men, women and children fall to the ground with bloody wounds and a man carries the dying body of a boy with blood pouring from a wound on his head.
 A group of men, young men and teen boys chase a man, surround him and begin to beat him with sticks; they put a tire over the man's body and a young man pours gasoline on him, then strikes a match and we watch as the man's body burns.
 A group of boys and teen boy throw rocks at a police officer's tank and the street erupts in violence as many guards grab the boys, teens and men, women and children in the crowd; a police officer shoots a teen girl and many other people are seen lying dead on the ground with bloody bullet wounds on their backs and chest; a teen boy carries a small boy in his arms and places him on a woman's table when the boy's mother appears and weeps as the woman confirms that the boy is dead (we see a small amount of blood on the boy's head and a large bloody wound on his chest); later, a man tours the area of the attack and sees many bodies on the ground.
 Three men are seen sneaking into an office and placing a series of bombs; the bombs detonate and one of the men is hit by the blowback from the explosion and his body hits the ground as the two other men run to safety; we later hear that the first man had died because the explosion detonated too soon for a safe escape.
 A police officer grabs a man and throws him in the back of a wagon and the man appears intoxicated (please see the Substance Use category for more details); another officer grabs the man from the back of the wagon and knocks him to the ground where the man vomits on the officer's shoes (we see the vomit and hear the retching) when the officer and three other officers beat and kick the man on the ground; we hear a sickening crunching noise as a male police officer's foot comes down on top of the man's head.
 We see a montage of police officers beating young men and young women and one young woman collapses on the ground while a teen boy carries a bloodied child in his arms; a police officer is seen shoving a young man and a teen boy away with great force and we later see the young man with a cut above his eye, as he tells an older man, "People are being killed in the streets." A massive crowd of men and women rush past two sets of guards as we see two men get onto a train; an officer grabs one of the two men and we see him try to resist when two more police officers appear and grab the second man and we see him in a jail cell (he is later released, unharmed).
 While we see still photos of dead men, women and children we hear reporters discussing how over 69 people had been killed by police. We see a montage of guards driving around in tanks, grabbing and harassing men, women and children, shoving a teen girl to the ground and kicking a teen boy. We see many people protesting and we hear a reporter announce that people are not going to stand by the violence of a country.
 While a woman is being interrogated she urinates on a man's shoe (we see the stream of urine creep towards his shoe) and the man lashes out and hits the woman's face extremely hard. A group of prison guards rush into a room where men are held in cells and they shout and grab the men and take them outside in the pouring rain; the guards force the men to strip, we see the men take off their shirts and pants (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details) and stand in the rain for an unknown amount of time; one shouts at the guards that he is filing a formal complaint about how he is being treated. A woman is seen being interrogated when a female guard strips her (we see her bare shoulders) and the woman makes a face of obvious discomfort as she is searched. Several police officers grab a woman and she screams and cries; she holds onto a small child until a police officer shoves her into the back of a car and we see her children crying for her. A police officer digs through a woman's closet as the woman shouts at him; the officer shouts back, shoves her away and the woman gets back up and grabs him while continuing to shout. Soldiers are seen racing into a house and turning it upside down, shoving men to the ground and holding them at gunpoint. While we see a house being turned upside down and men being arrested, a man driving a car is surrounded by three other cars and the driver gets out as a group of men hold him at gunpoint. Police officers are seen shoving people into the back of an armored vehicle. A group of men in handcuffs are seen being led off an airplane and a guard angrily tells one of the men that he will regret not being put to death by the courts. A guard tries to antagonize a man and the man lunges at the guard, but is grabbed and held back by another man.
 In a prison, on two occasions we hear screaming and shouting that cannot be attributed to a specific person and the prisoners all look around, obviously listening to the sounds of torture. A woman screams out for her children while in a jail cell.
 A husband grabs his wife and wrestles her to the ground and then shouts at her to "Shut your stupid mouth" and angrily storms away. Two guards roughly shove men into their jail cells. A man angrily shoves a man with a cane. A police officer places his hand on a woman's shoulder, and the woman angrily tells him not to touch her.
 An older man shouts angrily at his wife for inciting a group of people to violence. An older man shouts angrily at another older man. A man angrily scolds a woman, sending her to bed. A woman scolds her adult son for being arrested and going to jail for an extended amount of time, because it caused the man's wife to leave him. A man confronts an older man about another man's beating death and the older man tries to disregard him, saying that the man's official death record was that he died of syphilis; the man argues saying that the man had been murdered by the police. A man reads an article that his wife had been arrested. We see a title card addressing that a woman had been held in solitary confinement for 16 months before her release.
 A man addresses a crowded courtroom, saying that a group of men had been arrested for terrorism after a series of bombings; three lawyers tell the men that they are being charged to the highest level, punishable by death and one man responds quickly that he, and the group of men, are "prepared to die."
 A man and woman almost trip; the woman steadies the man and they are both unharmed. A group of men watch another man create a pipe bomb and he explains that the bombs will then "Go boom." A man trains shooting a handgun. Two men box one another for exercise.
 A woman speaks to a crowd, saying that the army is in a town and that people must fight for their freedom with fists and rocks since they do not have guns; the woman then instructs people to hunt down spies and counter intelligence and gives implied orders to kill them. We hear a woman passionately telling a crowd of people that they must fight the government. A man tells a group of people that the government cannot arrest all people of one race, saying that they could not all fit in prison. A man shouts at a crowd saying that the government will find them "over our dead bodies." An older man reads a woman's plea for additional weapons and the older man dismisses the plea, saying that he is a peaceful person. An older man reads a court case judgment that he will not sentence a group of men to death, but instead life in prison. A woman tearfully tells her husband that she was purposefully arrested just moments before their daughters return from school so they will come home to an empty house. A man reads a telegram that his son had died and moments later we see the man beg a guard to be released so he can bury the body of his son; the guard denies the request. A woman tells her husband that his mother is sick and will die soon. A woman tells a man that as a child she had a younger sister who had died after she began to cough up blood. A man laments that his son had died and that his mother had also died; the man adds that he had "lost" his wife at the same time. An older man tells a group of men that they should not have to look after another man for safety, since the older man had friends and family killed by the government. A man tells a woman that police officers are looking for the woman's husband and warns her that they will hang him if they find him. A man tells a woman that a movement had been nonviolent, but now has to change to enact change.
 We see two men set off a series of bombs in a factory; no one appears to be injured and the two men run away, unharmed, as the factory goes up in flames. A group of men, young men and teen boys are seen with axes, bats and clubs as they run past a group of soldiers.
 We see a woman in a jail cell as a cockroach crawls on the ground past her.

PROFANITY 3 - 3 scatological terms, 3 mild obscenities, 1 racial slur. name-calling (lazy, trouble maker, witch, lazy heifers, crazy woman [mild obscenity deleted], wild animals, drunken hooligans, idiots, snores like a donkey, unjust and brutal people). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Several men are seen with wine and cocktails, three older men toast with champagne, a man has two bottles of what appears to be liquor on a table (he is not seen drinking), a man appears to be intoxicated and another man teases him asking if he can go home on his own after holding up multiple fingers and asking the man to count (the man is later seen vomiting from what we believe to be drunkenness).
 Throughout the movie we see men smoking cigarettes, we see a man smoking a cigar, a man smokes a tobacco pipe, a man offers a young woman a cigarette and she turns it down saying she does not smoke.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Racism, segregation, apartheid, Robben Island Prison, self-sacrifice, indigenous people, divorce, fidelity in a marriage, loyalty.

MESSAGE - Nelson Mandela's life was very eventful and hard but he prevailed.

Special Keywords: S4 - V7 - P3 - MPAAPG-13

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