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Mad Max: Fury Road [2015] [R] - 5.8.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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In a savage post-apocalyptic world in 2060, gangs rule the highways and hoard oil and water. A former highway patrol officer (Tom Hardy) whose family was killed meets a woman (Charlize Theron) who's trying to save a group of female slaves from a gang led by a crazed warlord (Hugh Keays-Byrne). Also with Nicolas Hoult, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Zoe Kravitz, Abbey Lee and Courtney Eaton. Directed by George Miller. A few lines of dialogue are spoken in an unknown foreign language with English subtitles. [2:00]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - In a long shot, a nude woman crouches on top of an old electrical tower, wailing and when she stands we see full side and back nudity (in profile), then bare breasts, abdomen, bare buttocks and pubic hair when she slides down a rope. A man wears a suit out of which two large round holes were cut to reveal his nipples and he rubs one nipple as he contemplates battle. Hundreds of men, teen boys, and elementary school-aged boys are shirtless. A woman wears a clingy top that reveals some cleavage and a hundred old women wear sleeveless, tatters robes that reveal reddish, scaly skin. Several women in a dozen scenes wear translucent gauze robes through which we can see the outlines of nipples on three of the women. A woman wearing a gauze robe is water soaked and her pregnant belly is clearly visible through the wet material. Some women reveal moderate cleavage while others show bare midriff areas; after several days their outfits rip down to skimpy bikini-like gauze bras and legless shorts whose waistbands end just over the pubic area (no hair is visible). Eight women sit in chairs, nude except for cloths covering their lower abdomen and pubic area and with wide-diameter flexible metal tubes from a breast pump machine attached to each breast with a large metal disk (we see some cleavage and navels); a man tastes some of the milk from a milk bottle at the machine, grunts and nods.
 A soldier kisses a woman on the cheek. In another scene, she caresses his cracked lips and they hold hands while lying atop a tanker truck, clothed.
 We hear that older women raised five younger women to become sex objects and breeders for the a warlord; one of the "wives" is pregnant and near delivery (her belly is hugely swollen) and we see her naked belly three times and in one scene she jerks and groans in pain, as if in labor, but it passes; another one announces days later that she is pregnant, but she shows no swelling (women called the Five Wives are slaves to a tyrant).
 A woman teaches other women to use bolt cutters to remove chains and chastity belts with long metal teeth.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - Vehicles overturn and four cars flip end over end and crash, demolished in flames. Jeeps covered in rusted spikes fire rockets, grenades and mortars from heavy-duty assault cannons and flamethrowers. Vehicles ram each other side to side and super-long semi-trucks run over smaller vehicles and flatten them, presumably killing the drivers and passengers. Fire from dozens of car crashes and prolonged automobile chases fills the screen multiple times. In half a dozen scenes many men on BMX bikes chase a man and a woman who drive a large war vehicle fitted with guns, oversized tires and some spikes. The fossil-fuel driven land is a muscle-car based culture, filling most scenes with roaring engines, shouting, dust clouds and large plumes of dirty exhaust or clouds of flame with smoke. A violent sand storm throws up miles of huge waves of dust filled with twisters, lightning and loud thunder; lightning sparks off a tanker truck (no damage is visible) and the horizon appears to be a short wall of fire as drivers speed through the storm while shooting at one another. Gang members whoop and shout as they drive fast and erratically or jump their motorbikes over short sand dunes.
 Men and women shoot automatic rifles, small handheld cannons, handguns, vintage 1800s pistols, flamethrowers and rocket launchers that spit flames, smoke and sparks.
 A soldier grabs one of his warlord's wives as she flees, and she falls under the wheels of a monster truck and four other wives cry and scream as they flee in a tanker; the warlord holds the limp body of his captured wife and the camera cuts to the inside of a monster truck where a man looks at the woman's swollen abdomen and he uses a large knife in close-up to split the woman's abdomen (below the screen) and we see gore and two baby feet (slime covers the man's mouth) before the man pulls up the bloody umbilical cord, cuts it and pronounces the baby boy dead.
 A woman delivers a tanker of fuel to bikers and they become angry that the amount is not greater, firing handguns at her; she and her crew fight back and speed off in a truck as the bikers give chase and everyone fires handguns, rifles and double-barrel shotguns with loud reports; men ride on the tops of 20-foot and taller poles mounted into jeeps and the men swing down on the poles as the jeeps with bladed tires and spiked bodies race forward, threatening and attacking the tanker with handguns, automatic rifles, spears, flamethrowers, knives, swords and a loud chainsaw and we see men being thrown through the air off bikes landing off-screen (three men are thrown toward the camera and spears and car parts hurl toward the audience).
 In three scenes, souped-up motorcycles jump over muscle cars fueled with "guzzolene" and nitroglycerin while other nitro-fueled cars crash into war-modified oil trucks; all types of vehicles explode to fill the screen with fireballs and men are thrown off bikes as they are shot (no blood shows); older women in a truck fire shotguns and fell several men in one scene and an elderly woman receives a neck wound that bleeds, she shudders and she dies with a smile on her face and her eyes open and a monster truck smashes two other older women (no blood or gore seen).
 Instead of a cadence drummer, a desert army has a heavy metal rocker who shrieks songs and plays a flame-throwing guitar while strapped to mobile amplifiers on a truck during battle scenes; he is consumed in an explosion and his guitar is thrown toward the audience and he disappears.
 A woman wounds a man with a double-crossbow, sending a long dart though the man's eye and through to the back of his head and another bolt into his chest with some blood flow; the wounded man jumps off a tall vehicle and slams two spears into another vehicle, which explodes and presumably kills him. In a battle/chase scene, a man is wounded in the hand when he sees a vision of a little girl throwing a crossbow dart at him; the dart goes through his hand and makes a shallow red wound on his forehead (he pulls out the dart).
 A man is chased by men in muscle cars until his car flips, he crawls out and the other men capture him; the man is gagged and his mouth bleeds, he is branded on the back of the neck, a muzzle made of a garden claw is put on his face and he is shackled at his wrists and ankles; he sits in a small iron cage and is prodded by a spear as the gang tattoos his back as being "O-minus, Universal Donor" and for use as a human blood-bag for transfusions. A man and a woman fight hand-to-hand, punching, pounding heads, kicking, throwing each other to the ground, choking each other with chains, and slamming each other into walls and vehicles; this action repeats in later scenes between different pairs of men and women and between two pairs of men.
 A tanker and a monster truck drive side-by-side, ramming each other, their drivers and passengers shooting handguns and rifles: a woman bleeding at one side climbs out of her truck onto the monster truck, and rips the respirator and most of the face off the driver, then discards her mechanical arm and hisses at the man. A soldier drives a tanker truck into the camera and the camera cuts to the tanker smashing several enemy vehicles, flipping over on one side and flying to pieces, parts soaring into the audience, the driver presumably dead.
 A man is mounted, in standing position, to the hood of a car with chains and the driver races through the desert on several chases as the man bounces along; the man escapes when the car crashes and removes a hooked needle from his own arm before pulling the driver from the car, unconscious; the man cannot remove his chains, but carries the driver to a tanker truck where women use a bolt cutter to remove the chains as he holds a gun on them.
 A man stabs a woman warrior in the side and we see a lot of blood as she pulls the knife out and eventually collapses in the back of her truck cab; a man stabs her other side to relieve pressure and to re-inflate a collapsed lung (no blood) and he inserts a large needle into his own arm and a large needle into her arm and gives her a transfusion (blood flows at each needle); the woman recovers with a swollen eye and many scratches over her face and arms.
 A warlord releases some water from pipes under a skull-shaped doorway to his palace and causing a crowd to shout and catch water, fighting among themselves when the flow stops; we see elderly men and elderly women punching and kicking each other. Two men and six women fight over a tanker truck and we see bloody faces and hands. A young man falls off a tanker as it speeds along, he is also pushed off several times, but survives and returns. Slave men inside a palace walk on large cogwheels that fuel the power plant. A man walks away from his group into the desert and returns with a large bag of ammunition and guns, his head covered with his enemies' blood; he washes it off in a bucket of mother's milk that hangs on their truck.
 The film takes place in a scorching irradiated desert where all of the men and women are dirty, sweating and smeared with dust and grime. Men and women in a city wear tattered clothing and are dying of thirst. Most of the men have boils and tumors on their necks and shoulders. Some men wear heavy animal skins and buffalo horns as they ride motorcycles while others have chalked their faces and shoulders in white. A man with long white hair displays a torso with raw flesh from radiation and his back is full of large, seeping boils; the man's assistant blows white chalk onto the boils to dry them and places a plastic chest plate into place, topping it with a wide belt holding a metal skull and the man wears a respirator made from an animal skull with long yellow teeth. Many men are seen wearing oxygen tubes in their noses and display various tumors on their necks and shoulders. An elderly man with a large scarred nose wears a suit with the trousers slit to the knees to reveal his lower legs and feet swelled with large tumors as an assistant wipes them down with water. A man and a woman take a corpse to a palace and we see the corpse with most of his face ripped and bloody as a crowd cheers; we see dozens of cracked and bloody faces and hands among subjects and soldiers. An elderly man wears large bullets for teeth and removes them as needed. A man is attached to a teen boy by needle and tube and we see blood flowing from the man to the teen (no needles are shown). A gang member sports scars on his cheeks and wrinkled lips, with a healing gash across his nose and face that is raw and red, but he has black grease paint around his eyes and the rest of his face and body are chalk-white. Many gang members have chalk-white skin and wrinkled, desiccated lips and sunken eyes. Bikers dress in animal skins, fringe, and buffalo horns and masks. Some men have scaly skin and small tumors on their chests. A woman smuggles five slave-wives out of a warlord's kingdom in her large war vehicle and we see circular brands on the backs of their necks. A soldier eats a bug. A man stamps on a two-headed lizard and eats it. A woman captive in a monster truck spits on a man's corpse (no spit seen).
 A woman warrior with one arm (her stump arm is outfitted with a mechanical appendage, but she removes the device several times to display the stump that ends at the elbow) has an oversized, rusted tanker truck outfitted with guns and ammunition, other firearms, explosives and her gear shifter is a long knife topped with a bone joint; she reaches across her passenger while driving and fires a loud, large-caliber revolver out windows, shattering them loudly and when outside the vehicle she summersaults to travel over other vehicles, truck hitches and people. A woman teaches other women to load guns, shoot, drive trucks and use bolt cutters to remove chains and chastity belts with long metal teeth.
 A man wanders through the irradiated desert, having visions and hearing voices of people he could not save from a war; he sees a small girl several times, along with horrified faces, a talking skull, and an old man among rocket bursts.
 A warlord controls the water supply in the desert to enforce slavery and we see him whip his maniacal suicide-soldiers into a frenzy by telling them repeatedly that their deaths in battle will gain them a special place in the afterlife. We hear that a man's wife and children died violently during a civilization-ending war. We hear a voiceover announce oil wars and water wars and make the statement "It's the oil Stupid!" We hear that a woman was kidnapped as a young child and has been plotting escape ever since and she became a leader of resistance groups. An older woman tells a group that the last green place on the planet became a desert after the waters were poisoned and plants died. A woman throws off her mechanical arm, kneels in the desert at dusk and screams.
 Two men have a gas-siphoning duel while perched on the hoods of two speeding muscle cars; they spit gasoline into the hood pipes leading to carburetors and one man coughs from the gasoline so an older man takes his place. A young man reconnects a fuel line under a speeding truck. A woman repairs the undercarriage of a truck while it moves at high speed. A man rises out of a pile of sand in the morning after a sand storm. A soldier pours fuel into his floorboards and ignites a flare, but a man knocks the flare away and take control of the car.

PROFANITY 5 - At least 1 F-word, 1 anatomical term, 1 derogatory term for gays, name-calling (schlenger [equivalent to "bastard" or "SOB"], stupid, fool, foolish, blood-bag, crazy, insane, filth, traitor, buzzards, ridiculous, war-boy, babies), stereotypical references to men, women, idealistic youth, addicts, the poor, power hungry leaders, fascists, dictators, abusers, sex slaves, the mentally ill, muscle car enthusiasts, survivalists, heroes, villains. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We hear that a gang of men huff aerosol propellant from spray-paint cans, we see a teenage boy spray silver paint over his nose and mouth in close up, a man sprays paint over a teenage boy's nose and mouth as the teen inhales deeply, many people suffer from radiation poisoning and they shout and laugh hysterically, and a warlord tells his subjects not to become addicted to water.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - War, radiation poisoning, huffing, destruction of society, hoarding resources, artificial oil and water shortages, murderous gangs, fossil-fuel based economies, class differences, slavery, fascists, tyrants, death, loss, revenge, survival, hope, courage, determination, risk-taking, justice, mental illness, PTSD, disappointment, sacrifice, redemption.

MESSAGE - World nations need to conserve resources and prevent war; but if war arises, women are capable of fighting as powerfully as male soldiers.

Special Keywords: S5 - V8 - P5 - MPAAR

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