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Little Fockers [2010] [PG-13] - 6.5.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The third installment of the Focker family story finds the father-in-law (Robert De Niro) once again doubting the seriousness of his son-in-law (Ben Stiller) after the latter takes on a part-time job at a drug company that markets erectile dysfunction drugs. When the extended family (Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand and Blythe Danner), along with a former fiancé (Owen Wilson) comes together to celebrate a birthday, unresolved insecurities and antipathies come to the surface. Also with Jessica Alba, Erika Jensen, Teri Polo, Harvey Keitel and Kevin Hart. Directed by Paul Weitz. [1:38]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A woman takes off her shirt (she is wearing a bra and we see cleavage), throws herself on a man, wrapping her legs around his waist, attempts to kiss him, and he pushes her away and runs; the woman follows and takes off her skirt (she stands in front of him in only a bra and underwear), throws the man into a deep pit, throws herself on top of him and we later see her crawl out of the pit and put her skirt on (still without her shirt).
 A woman wearing lingerie with a jacket loosely tied around her waist makes sexual advances toward a man, he tries to rebuff her and she says that she wants to have sex with him; it is implied that the man takes an erectile dysfunction drug and they have intercourse (we don't see anything).
 Two men are shown in a bathroom, one man is holding a needle filled with a drug that counteract the effects of a prescription drug that the other man has taken and has caused an erection (the man's pants drop to his ankles and no nudity is seen); it is implied the man injects the other man's penis with the needle just as a boy walks into the room and the two men and boy all scream (the boy is later told by one of the men that he had been helping the other man urinate).
 A man performs a dance in front of a shirtless woman (she is wearing a bra and a skirt), he walks away and tells another man that he had felt sexually aroused by the woman and uses a crude remark about having an erection. A woman flirts with a man and then instructs him to act like he is her fiancé in order to make another man that she had "slept with" jealous.
 It is implied that a man sees a bulge at another man's crotch; he asks the man if he had taken an erectile dysfunction drug, the man admits to doing so, the other man tells him that if he had an erection for more than four hours and that it could be harmful; the other man says he had the erection for five hours, and we then see a bulge at the man's crotch, under his pajama pants.
 A woman wearing a cleavage-exposing bikini sits on a man's lap, she kisses him passionately as another man watches via video chat, the woman stands up and walks away and the man smacks the woman lightly on her behind. Women and men kiss on multiple occasions, including a man and a woman that kiss passionately, and a man and woman hug and kiss. A woman wraps her arms around a man, and then rubs his shoulder and touches his face lovingly before they kiss. A man kisses a woman, she pushes him off as another man walks in and sees them, and the woman tells him to stop kissing her and says that the kiss "had some tongue." A man and a woman kiss passionately as another man watches; the man then stops kissing the woman and using an un-translated Yiddish word tells the man he wants to have sex with the woman. A woman kisses a man on the cheek and hugs him. We see a photograph of a woman kissing a man on the cheek. A man kisses a woman on the cheek in greeting. A man kisses a man on the cheek in greeting. Men and women hug and kiss one another on the cheek in greeting.
 We see a man lying on a hospital bed shouting that he does not want a male nurse to give him an enema, a woman and a man come into the room and the woman, using sexually suggestive language, administers the enema (we see no nudity, only tubing) as the man moans quietly.
 A woman wears cleavage-exposing dresses, as well as a cleavage-exposing shirt that causes a man to stare at her chest. On two occasions we see a man's bare chest. A shirtless man wearing tight boxer-brief style underwear is seen posing in front of a group of children for an art class; another man makes a remark about the man's fit figure. Shirtless men are seen as they perform as sumo wrestlers, and a group of women are seen wearing coconut shell bikini-tops and grass skirts. We see a small portion of a man's bare back when he lifts the hem of his shirt. A man looks at a photograph of a woman wearing a mid-drift exposing cheerleading outfit.
 We see a boy's crude stick-figure drawing of two men, one putting a needle into what appears to be another man's penis; a woman looks at the drawing and appears shocked. A man makes suggestive thrusting motions as he stands behind another man talking to a woman (the woman cannot see him, but the man does and motions for him to stop).
 During a three-way telephone conversation between a mother, a father and their son, the father discusses the sexual history between him and his wife, including that he had been injured during a specific sexual position and that he never "went soft"; and the son looks disgusted and hangs up the phone. On multiple occasions we hear a man discussing an erectile dysfunction prescription drug, including a woman making a crude joke about it being a "boner drug." A man asks another man if he must take an erectile dysfunction medication in order to have sex with a woman because he is no longer attracted to her. A man and a woman discuss how another man had been involved in a sexual affair with a woman and that it broke up his marriage. A man talks about a man seeking "sex outside of marriage." On a video a man tells a story about a man telling him to "keep the snake in the cage" and remarks that he believes the man is sexually frustrated or obsessed with sex. On multiple occasions a man remarks about his ex-lovers. A woman asks another woman if she and "dad could keep it down," implying she had heard them having sex; the other woman looks slightly flustered. During a sexually-based talk show a woman discusses how a man and a woman must maintain a healthy sex life after marriage, including that they can share sexual fantasies and have affairs with one another; a man and a woman are seen watching the show and the woman rubs the man's face suggestively. A woman tells a man (her son) that she is sending him and his wife musical condoms; she then discusses with the man the sexually based talk show she hosts, specifically on the topic of masturbation, and she makes a remark about how she had used the man as an example, hinting that he had gotten carpal tunnel syndrome from masturbating too much. A man tells another man, "It is all good under the hood" after being asked if he is still sexually interested in a woman (the questioner's daughter); the man remarks that he is "disgusting." A man tells a woman that he "enjoyed" the woman's cheerleading photographs. A girl tells a man that she had overheard a conversation between her mother and father, and she uses crude language for an erection, saying that the man was going to a hotel to get an erection. A man tells another man that he still suffers from a sex-based injury. A man tells a group of men and women that he had trimmed a man's pubic hair and saved some of it to be analyzed. A woman tells a man that she enjoyed helping him administer an enema to a man.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A man using a large knife to carve a turkey is distracted, slips and cuts his finger: blood sprays all over the table, where two women, a man and two children are sitting, we see a stream of blood on the man's shirt as well as covering another man and he is later seen with a bandage wrapped around one of his fingers and a small amount of blood is seen seeping through the bandage.
 Two men get in a violent fist fight in the middle of a children's party: they punch one another in the face, kick and knee one another in the stomach and chest, drag one another to the ground and throw one another inside a ball pit filled with children (one of the men shouts at the children to get out of the ball pit and we see them run away); the men pull themselves out of the ball pit and one of the men punches the other in the crotch, he drops to the ground and they get in a wrestling position (we see small lacerations and bruises on both men).
 A boy falls off a rock climbing wall, we hear a thump as he hits the ground and later see him in a hospital as a doctor wraps his wrist and tells a group of men and women that the boy had a slight fracture but would heal quickly.
 A woman shoves a man into a deep pit, he falls to the ground with a thud, the woman throws herself on top of him (we hear the woman crashing into him) and it is implied they both hit their heads and pass out; the man is shown with a small laceration on his cheek.
 A woman picks up two hammers and swings them around wildly as a man tells her to calm down. Two men shout at one another, and another man breaks up their argument. A woman shouts at a man.
 A man grabs his chest and falls to the ground, obviously in pain and possibly having a heart attack; he's later on a gurney and is being wheeled into an ambulance (he is seen unharmed and fully recovered later). A man clutches his chest and begins to sweat profusely, we hear him calling 911 and reporting that he is having a heart attack, he holds up two wires, tells a cat that he is going to defibrillate himself and the lights in the windows of the house blink.
 A dump truck filled with sand is dumped on top of a man, he is instantly buried and has to be dug out by another man. A man doing a gymnastic performance falls from approximately ten feet, flops onto a soft floor, gets up, and walks away, limping slightly but is later seen unharmed. A man picks up a boy and pinches his neck, and the boy then falls unconscious; the man says he had used a massage technique to make the boy sleep. A woman playfully punches a man on the shoulder. A man shoves his way through a crowded subway car.
 A boy tells a man that he cannot sleep because he is thinking about "all the blood" from an accident the man had previously, where he cut his finger and got blood on himself and another man. A boy tells a woman that he had witnessed a man cut his hand, and it bled profusely. A man tells another man that they should sneak into a person's house and place a small explosive in the oven, which would make the person's death appear to be an accident; he then says that he is joking as the other man looks nervous. A man asks two men where bruises on their faces and hands came from, and then shares that he had "accidentally" thrown his father-in-law out a window, implying that he knew the two men had gotten in a violent fight. A woman remarks to a man that he had tried to bury her father alive by dumping a truck full of sand on top of him. A man tells another man that he had defibrillated himself after having a slight heart attack but he was otherwise unharmed. A woman tells a girl that she cannot take a knife to school, and we see the girl holding a large knife in her hand. A man tells a boy (sitting at a table with another man, two women and a girl) that a gecko had crawled into his ear and laid eggs, which had to be removed by a medic before they were able to hatch into his brain. A boy asks men, women and a girl if women defecate from their vaginas. A man makes a joke to a group of men and women about body functions (flatulating and belching) and nose picking. A man makes a remark that a boy is still wearing diapers; another man says they are Pull-Ups, and they are working on "potty training." A man tells another man that he had been singing a song with a boy about a man who had fallen from a tree while hunting.
 A boy projectile vomits on a man's face and chest, and we see the stream of vomit leaving the boy's mouth and showering the man, as well as hear the sound of gagging and sloshing. A boy flatulates after telling a woman to "pull his finger." A cat appears to have a lizard in its mouth -- the tail and hind legs of the lizard are seen hanging out of the cat's mouth -- and the cat spits the lizard out, unharmed. We see a man lift a brain (it is not identified) from a bowl and show it to a group of children and adults.

PROFANITY 4 - Many uses of "Focker," which is pronounced like the F-word, 18 sexual references, 10 scatological terms, 6 anatomical terms, 6 mild obscenities, name-calling (scumbag, low life, wandering peasants, peddlers, Swami salami, joker, coo-coo, young turk, crazy, hysterical, sloppy seconds, bubble butt, lunatic, little nutty), 5 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - There's a lot of talk of male erectile dysfunction drugs. A woman is seen drinking excessively and taking two prescription drugs (they are samples and not prescribed to her) and later says she was "messed up" and acts erratically, men and women are seen drinking alcohol on multiple occasions including at a bar and during dinner, a woman says that she had gotten drunk and made "bad decisions" after drinking a specific type of liquor and then asks a man to order a drink for her, a man says that he had gone on a "drunken tear," and a man tells another man to take "Jell-O shots" off a woman.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - "Manipause," family relations, dishonesty, fidelity in marriage, erectile dysfunction medications, defibrillation, drug reps, intimidation, heart attacks, early learning schools, jealousy.

MESSAGE - The bond of family is very strong.

Special Keywords: S6 - V5 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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