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Klown [2012] [R] - 10.4.8



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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To prove to his girlfriend that he can take care of their unborn child, a man (Frank Hvam) "kidnaps" her 12-year-old nephew and takes off on a canoe trip with his best friend (Casper Christensen); the adventure ends up as a weekend of debauchery. Directed by Mikkel Nørgaard. In Danish with English subtitles (original title: "Klovn: The Movie") [1:29]

SEX/NUDITY 10 - During a party, a boy projects photos onto a wall in front of a group of men and women: We see a photograph of a man next to what is implied to be the genitals of a pre-teen boy, the next photograph is of the man touching the pre-teen boy's genitals and the men and women look at the photo projected on the wall in horror; we see a photograph of a man having sex with a fully nude woman and a group of men and women watch in horror, we see multiple shots of men with fully nude women, including a photograph of a woman standing on her hands, with a man's face next to her genitals, and we see a photograph of a man with another man's genitals in his mouth, performing oral sex.
 A man sees two men having sex: we see one of the men's bare buttocks and hear sexual moaning as he thrusts into the other man and one of the men sees the man watching and pulls away, pulling up his pants quickly and buttoning his shirt. A man rubs the inner thigh of another man. A man grabs a man's wrist, and then tries to hold his hand and rub his shoulder; we see the man struggle as the man hugs him.
 Two men and a woman are seen in bed together, and one of the men falls asleep but is awakened by the sounds of sexual moaning and thrusting when the other man and the woman have sex: we see the man thrusting above the woman and instructing her to change position, and we then see the woman on top (her bare breasts are visible), and the man having sex asks the man who was sleeping if he would like to get involved; we see the woman's bare breasts as she asks the man if he would like oral sex and the man turns the offer down, the man engaged in sex tells the other man to wake up and place his fingers in the woman's rectum, the man does so (we see her bare buttocks) and we hear the woman moaning sexually.
 A man pulls down his pants and begins to sexually pleasure himself over a sleeping woman he believes is his girlfriend; another woman (the man's girlfriend) walks in and shouts at the man (we see his bare buttocks and hear him moaning sexually), it is implied that the man climaxes and ejaculates on the sleeping woman and we see her holding her eye and shouting in pain (we discover that the woman in the bed was the girlfriend's mother).
 We see a woman, fully nude (her genitals and bare breasts are visible), walking next to an older man and it is implied that they are going to go have sex. We see women wearing negligees and underwear; they are implied to be prostitutes, being lead into a bedroom and a man says that he is interested in having sex with four races before being escorted away by a woman implied to be a prostitute (sex is implied). A woman climbs into bed with a man, makes a remark that the man takes as a sexual come-on, he turns down his sheets and we see him wearing brief-style underwear and a tank top; the woman says that she was talking about desserts.
 A bride and groom kiss passionately in front of a group of people. A man kisses a woman on the cheek. On multiple occasions we see a man and a woman kiss briefly.
 Several teen girls turn down a man when he asks to sleep in their tent; one of the teen girls tells the man that she is not giving him a "free pass to sex" and the man then shouts that he needs to sleep with one of the teen girls.
 A man, fully nude, jumps out of a canoe and runs past another man (we see the man's bare genitals and buttocks); the man shouts at the other man, saying that he was going to be accused of raping a teen girl since he "tried to do her," and the second man later chides him, saying to keep his genitals in his pants.
 A man cries and begs another man to tell a woman that he had sex with a woman while the first man only placed his finger in the woman's buttocks, rather than the reverse. A man tells a woman that he had sex with a woman and that another man had simply placed his finger in the woman's anus, at the man's request. During a discussion between several men, a man tells another man crudely that he needs to climax onto his girlfriend's neck, the man asks the man to clarify, asking if he was suggesting to masturbate on a woman's neck and the man agrees; an older man adds that the woman will find it to be a compliment if the man masturbates over a woman while she is sleeping and the men all begin to laugh and tease the man for believing he should masturbate on his girlfriend. A man makes a crude remark about how he and another man had sex with a woman the previous night; the woman remarks that the man misunderstood her hospitality and that she had not been interested in sex. A woman tells two other women that she and a man had sex while a second man stuck his finger in her buttocks. A man tells another man that he had been raped, and the man argues back, saying he had willingly chosen to have sex with another man. A man tells another man that an older man hosts a bordello once a year and flies in multiple prostitutes to service his friends. A man tells a pre-teen boy crudely that another man is only interested in having sex with prostitutes. A man jokes with another man that "his swimmers" are working because he got his girlfriend pregnant. A man asks a woman if she is pregnant, and she confirms. A man remarks that he is addicted to female genitalia in crude terms. A man jokes with a pre-teen boy that he needs to spend his time masturbating. A man tells another man that he had flirted with a man to get his way, and he then remarks that all men are "a little gay"; the man then jokes if he were gay he would "do it from behind." A man tells a pre-teen boy "adults are horny." A man jokes to another man and a pre-teen boy that he would like to receive oral sex from a mermaid; the man then sings a sexual song. A man jokes that he and another man are going to be having sex with multiple women while on a camping trip. A man repeatedly refers to a trip he is taking with another man as a crude term for female genitalia.
 Two men pull down the pants of a pre-teen boy (we see a portion of his bare stomach but do not see his genitals), one of the men makes a remark about the size of his genitals as he takes a photograph of them and the two men then look at the photograph and laugh (we do not see the photograph). A man tells a group of men and women that he had taken a picture of a pre-teen boy's genitals, he shows them the photograph and they laugh (we do not see the photograph). To embarrass him, a man pulls down the pants of a pre-teen boy and we briefly see the boy's bare buttocks. A man tells another man that he was kicked out of a camp for pulling down a pre-teen boy's pants.
 While riding on a bus, two teen boys pull down their pants and show their bare buttocks to a car driving along side the bus. A man and a pre-teen boy are seen in bathing suits; the man is wearing a Speedo-style suit and the pre-teen boy is in swimming trunks (we see their bare backs and chests). We see two men and a pre-teen boy with towels wrapped around their waists; their bare backs and chests are visible as a woman helps them dry their clothes. Throughout the movie we see a man wearing brief-style underwear and a tank top, including running through a crowd and standing in front of an audience of people where he is dragged off by two security guards. During an animated intro, we see an illustration of a man wearing brief-style underwear as a small, animated car drives around the crotch area of the underwear.
 As a man and a pre-teen boy (the man's girlfriend's nephew) dry off near a lake dock, the man asks to see the pre-teen boy's genitals; the man examines them and makes a remark about the size, saying his genitals will get bigger and we see the man and pre-teen boy's bare buttocks as they stand next to one another, fully nude. As a man urinates next to a pre-teen boy, the man remarks about the size of the boy's genitals. A pre-teen boy tells two men that he was told by a group of boys that he has small genitals, the man asks the size of the boy's genitals and he makes a motion with his hand; the man then asks if the pre-teen boy means erect and another man chides the man for asking. A man tells two other men that a pre-teen boy had teased his nephew for having small genitalia, and as revenge he had pulled down the pants of one of the teasing boys; one of the men then asks the man if he frequently discusses the size of pre-teen girl's genitalia and if he is fixated on boy's genitals and pulls down their pants frequently and shouts at him angrily. Three pre-teen boys remark to a man that they do not have small genitalia and would not be teased for it.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A woman picks up a metal vase and smashes a man in the face with it, and he falls to the ground holding his face in pain; we later see the man with a brace on his nose, implying that it had been broken.
 A man holding a gun runs into a building, he shouts and threatens a woman and grabs a toy car as security guards rush toward him; the man shouts at a boy and a bus filled with teenagers to leave him as he swings the gun at the security guards and the guards grab the man, pinning him to the ground and handcuffing him as we hear one of the security guards say that the man had threatened them.
 A man tackles another man, shouting angrily at him while calling him names; a third man breaks up the fight and moments later we see the men discussing that the man had attacked the second man because he witnessed the man pulling down his son's pants to embarrass him. As two men and a pre-teen boy canoe, one of the men shouts angrily at the other man and throws the oar out of their canoe; the man then stands up and climbs over a pre-teen boy to attack the other man, the canoe flips over and the three passengers fall into the water. A man wrestles with another man and he has to be pulled away by a man who separates them. An older man flicks a man's nose so hard that his nose begins to bleed (we see a small amount of blood on the man's hand). A group of men instruct a man that he needs to accept a "schnozzle" (flicking of his nose); one of the men protests, saying that he will not allow himself to be "mutilated" and we see an older man have his nose flicked by another older man.
 A man is awakened by the sound of glass breaking, he investigates and we hear two voices; moments later we see police interviewing the man and we learn that the man's house had been broken into, upsetting a boy staying with him. A man shouts at two teen boys when he discovers them holding a handgun; he takes the handgun and disables it.
 A man screams at a woman, stomping up and down. A man shouts at another man. A woman interrupts a man shouting at another man, the man begins to shout at the woman and the woman in turn shouts at another man. A man shouts at a woman, threatening her with violence. A man pantomimes that he had been hit by arrows, shouting playfully that a group of men are shooting at him from the woods. A woman tells a man that she is going to have an abortion (she is pregnant with his unborn child). A pre-teen boy tells a man that another man (his aunt's boyfriend) had "kidnapped" him because the man had a falling out with his girlfriend. A woman tells a man that she had just come from visiting a missing boy in the hospital.
 A woman angrily tosses a paper across a man's face. A man pokes another man with a broom. A man stumbles and falls in a mud puddle.
 We see a pre-teen boy in a hospital bed with oxygen in his nose and a woman explains that the boy is unharmed. A man walks into a bathroom where we see a boy on the toilet, and the man remarks that the boy should close the door while defecating; the boy says that he is urinating and we see the man turn his back and we hear sounds of urination as the man criticizes the way the boy urinates. A man stands next to a tree and urinates; we hear the sound of urination. We see two men and a pre-teen boy facing a wall, and it is implied that they are urinating. We see a man and a pre-teen boy standing next to one another, urinating on a bush in a backyard. We see a pre-teen boy standing against a wall, urinating. A man tells another man that he has to urinate. A man tells a pre-teen boy that he smells like urine, he then asks the boy if he had urinated on himself, the pre-teen boy explains that he was trying to urinate while standing up and a group of boys had shoved him into a urinal.
 A man teases a woman, saying that she cannot throw up.

PROFANITY 8 - About 31 F-words and its derivatives, a pre-teen boy uses an obscene hand gesture, 23 sexual references, 10 scatological terms, 50 anatomical terms (18 mild), 20 mild obscenities, 2 derogatory terms for homosexuals, name-calling (disgusting Frank, stupid, too ugly, uglier than me, grumpy, nuts, fat [F-word deleted], disgusting [mild obscenity deleted], coward, spineless wimp, idiot, biggest idiot, whipped, a drunk, a junkie), 3 religious profanities, 9 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Several men and women smoke marijuana, a man tells a woman that he was "super high" and had lost a pre-teen boy, a man offers another man a marijuana joint, and three men discuss smoking marijuana that has been laced and say that it would get them very high. We see men and women drinking at a festival, men and women drink alcohol at a celebration, a pre-teen boy smokes a cigarette and drinks a beer, two men drink small bottles of liquor throughout the movie (even as they drive), men and teenagers drink small bottles of liquor on a bus (including the adult male driver who drinks multiple bottles of liquor as he drives), and a man remarks that "I need a drink." We see a man smoking a pipe.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Kidnapping, fidelity in a relationship, responsibility, preparing to be a parent, abortion, debauchery, disappointment, growing up.

MESSAGE - Sometimes it takes a lot of growing up to become ready to be a parent.

Special Keywords: S10 - V4 - P8 - MPAAR

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