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Kingsman: The Secret Service [2015] [R] - 4.7.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A young man (Taron Egerton) is recruited to try out for a British-based secret agency and he is put through a number of test situations to determine if he is a worthy candidate. Also with Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Jonno Davies, Jack Davenport, Alex Nikolov, Samantha Womack, Mark Hamill, Velibor Topic, Sofia Boutella, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine. A few lines of dialogue are in a Middle Eastern language and a Scandinavian language with English subtitles. Directed by Matthew Vaughn. [2:09]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A young man enters a cell where a woman has been confined; she is seen rolling over on a bed to reveal her fully bared buttocks and thighs as the young man approaches with a bottle of champagne (sex is implied).
 Two young men are shown sleeping in bed, bare-chested (we see their bare chests, abdomens and backs). A woman wears a tank top that reveals cleavage. Men and women in a few beach scenes are shown wearing swimwear that reveals cleavage, bare chests, abdomens, backs and legs.
 A man and a woman kiss on the sofa as the woman's adult son scoffs and leaves the room. A derogatory sexual remark is made about a young man's mother.
 A young man asks a woman if she will give him a kiss when he comes back and she says that she will give him more than a kiss; she then promises a specific sex act if he saves the world.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A man hears a knock at the door and approaches, we hear a loud slash of metal and see a bloody line appear on the man's forehead and face, then watch as the man's body separates into two pieces and they fall to the floor. A woman is shown to have metallic prosthetic legs that have blades on them and she attacks people using the blades like swords; the woman attacks a few guards, cutting the arm off one (we see blood), cutting another guard's hand off (we see a bloody stump), and stabbing one through the head.
 A man with a gun answers a door and the man on the other side of the door shoots him, then enters the room where he shoots several other men who are shooting at him, and several of the men are shot in the head and we see blood splatter and a bloody bullet hole in the head while one man's finger is shot off and we see the bloody stump.
 A man is stabbed through the back and we see the blade sticking out through his chest; he vomits (we see goo and hear him gag), then falls back off a balcony and we see him with blood in his mouth later as he dies.
 A young man and a woman with bladed prosthetics on her legs fight and she slashes at him while he fights her with punches and throws; her arm is slashed and we see poison spread through her body killing her.
 A preacher in a church preaches about many types of people, calling them names and accusing them of bringing on the Wrath of God, he incites his congregation to anger and they are later shown in an extended fight scene beating each other to death: one man shoots many people inside a church as they fight with each other and we see them stabbing each other with pieces of wood as the man shoots many more (we see blood splatter as they fall to the floor), a man uses a knife to stab several people and one man is shown with a bloody face and eye while the knife is seen sticking out of his eye and another man is shown being stabbed in the back and he continues to fight with the knife sticking out of his back, a man throws a burning lighter at another man and we see his face and head in flames, and a man breaks another man's neck and slams him into an altar structure before striking a woman in the throat with an ax and stabbing another man with an organ pipe up through the chin and out the top of his head (most wounds are accompanied by blood and we see the room littered with dead bodies after the fight is over).
 Many people in different places around the world are shown fighting each other: we see a bus (from a distance) careen through a crowd of people on a street, a woman pounds on a bathroom door trying to get to her baby locked inside and she hacks at the door with a cleaver eventually breaking it (the baby is not harmed) and people at a baseball game are seen beating each other with baseball bats.
 A man walks outside a building and we see that his hands are drenched in blood; he talks to another man, who shoots him dead (he falls back onto the ground with no blood seen). A man is shown tied to a chair while being questioned by other men with weapons; the man in the chair is shot twice (we see blood spurt) before one of the men jumps on him and there is an explosion (both the man in the chair and the man that jumped on him lie dead on the floor with no blood evident). We see a glowing spot underneath a scar on a man's neck in a few scenes and one man's head blows up.
 Many people are shown while their heads explode simultaneously; we see bright colors and clouds blow out of their necks as if they were fireworks and one man's eyes bulge before his head blows up. A man squeezes another man's ear and questions him; the second man yells, we hear a loud pop and we see the first man sprayed in the face with matter and blood (the first man's head apparently exploded); two men with guns enter the room and the first man jumps through a window as the room explodes blowing flames out into the street (we see the man unconscious and in the hospital later). A young man is chased by many men with guns and they shoot at him; he shoots back and strikes many (we see some blood splattering), he throws an explosive into a crowd of many armed men and it blows them up; the young man is surrounded and assumes that he will be killed (he is not).
 A young man is tied across railroad tracks and another man questions him as a train approaches; the tracks move below the surface of the ground as the train passes and the young man is unharmed; the same thing happens to another young man and he is left on the tracks after the train passes because he fails the test; we hear that the same thing was done to a young woman and that she survived. A man points a handgun at a young man, then gives it to him and tells him to shoot his dog and the young man holds the gun toward the dog but does not pull the trigger (we hear a gunshot from a room next door and understand that a young woman has just shot her dog).
 Six young men and young women jump out of the back of a plane and are told that one of them is without a parachute; they try to figure out how to land safely and eventually two of them end up landing hard on the ground with only one chute between them (they do not appear injured) while the others land safely.
 Several young men and young women are shown sleeping in a room that rapidly fills with water; they wake up and try to figure out how to escape the room; all but one of them rush to the toilets and shove shower head tubing to breathe while one of them tries to open the door, then punches a plate glass window until it shatters and the water rushes out of the room taking the people with it; we see one of the women lying dead inside the room.
 A man uses his umbrella handle to fling a beer mug into another man's head, knocking him unconscious and then fights with several other men in the room using his umbrella: one man uses a knife and ends up being stabbed, another man is wrapped with a taser wire (we see him jolt as a blue light glows around his neck) and one man is shot at but not struck. A man punches a young man in the face and then the stomach while holding him against a refrigerator; the young man's mother tries to intervene and the man shoves her out of the way while yelling at her, then continues beating the young man with slaps to the face and then finds a cleaver that he points to the young man's throat. A young man uses an umbrella handle to fling a beer mug into a man's head, knocking him unconscious before inviting several of his friends to fight.
 A helicopter flies over two men seated in a desert setting with RPG weapons next to them; the two men are shot by men on ropes hanging from the helicopter and they are then dropped into a compound where we see many explosions and flames while we hear men yelling and gunfire being exchanged. Many explosives are trained on an airplane with a man inside (he is not blown up).
 We see photographs of many dead bodies lying on the ground as a man describes water being poisoned in Uganda and Chechnya. A man is shown tied into a chair and with duct tape over his mouth. We see a photograph of a man that was cut in half vertically and the picture shows staples holding his face together.
 A man twitches and moans after being poisoned and falls dead on a table. A man shoots another man in the neck with a sleeping dart and he collapses; another man holds a gun to the first man's head and he electrocutes him with a ring before punching him in the face and then running away.
 A woman is strapped into a contraption and is pulled into the air by two large balloons; we see her floating extremely high before the balloons pop and she hurls toward the ground (she is fine).
 Two men and a woman are given a drug through their drinks and they all pass out in a club. A man is shot in the neck with an amnesia dart and collapses to the floor (he hear a thud). A young man pours a bucket of water on another young man while he sleeps and he wakes up yelling; the two young men yell at each other and lunge toward each other but are stopped before they fight. A young man with a gun threatens his puppy with the gun when he won't walk with him (he does not shoot) and the puppy whimpers. A young man shoots at a balloon floating above a young woman (it's target practice) and it pops, startling the young woman. Many people are held in cells in a man's home (we hear them yelling a few times, but see only one of them through a small hatch in the door). A man presses his hand on a glass-topped table and we hear a sizzle (some kind of recognition scan).
 A man lands a plane in what appears to be a very small opening in the side of a mountain. A young man steals a man's car and we see him being chased by police; the stolen car is driving in reverse and they speed through busy city streets before it crashes into a parked car when it swerves to avoid a cat, and then speeds forward into the police car (no injuries are seen). A young man runs away from people who are trying to hurt him and we see him jump off a flight of stairs before climb up the stairway railings and jumping around and down.
 A man and a woman argue and the woman is eventually escorted out of the room (we see her in a cell later). A man tells a young man to go get a chicken costume. A man makes a derogatory remark to another man but it isn't clear what he said.
 A man talks to a woman about the death of her husband in the line of duty. A man talks to a young about the young man's father and how he died. A man makes a comment about why aristocrats have developed weak chins. A man talks about body bags and how one of the group would end up in a body bag after each round of tests. A man makes a remark about a foiled assassination of Margaret Thatcher.
 After shooting a man, the shooter holds his hand over his mouth as if he is going to be sick (he does not vomit). A man makes a gagging sound and talks about getting sick at the sight of blood. A young man is shown flushing a toilet presumably after using it and it is in an open dorm area where other men and women are sleeping.

PROFANITY 10 - About 84 F-words and its derivatives, 5 obscene hand gestures, 4 sexually suggestive hand gestures, 3 sexual references, 24 scatological terms, 8 anatomical terms, 5 mild obscenities, 2 derogatory terms for African-Americans, 2 derogatory terms for homosexuals, 1 derogatory term for Jewish people, name-calling (snob, aristocrats, disgrace, absurd, Dean's poodle, granddad, geezer, wanker, idiots, megalomaniac, freaks), exclamations (bloody), 1 religious profanity (GD), 6 religious exclamations (e.g. For God's Sake, Jesus, Oh My God, Wrath of God, Blood of the Lord, a man asks if God is the Bad Guy). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man describes a young man as being into drugs, and two young men and a young woman are drugged and pass out in a nightclub. Many people are shown drinking alcohol in a club, a man asks for a whiskey, a man with a gun shoots another man carrying a glass of whiskey and remarks about not spilling a drop before taking a sip, a man takes a sip of whiskey, several men around a table drink a rare brandy as a toast to a fallen colleague, two men drink brandy after a meal, several people are shown with beer in pint glasses in several pub scenes and they are shown drinking in a couple of the scenes, two men drink wine, a man drinks a glass of whiskey, a man takes a bottle of champagne to a cell where a woman has been imprisoned (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details), two men drink brandy, and five men drink beer and smoke cigarettes outside a pub. A man smokes a cigarette outside a police station.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Secret agencies, spies, biological warfare, technology, climate change, megalomania, domestic violence, death of a parent, death of a loved one, potential, loyalty, adaptation, wealth, hate groups, viruses, reducing the population, survival of a species, genocide,

MESSAGE - Technology can be used for good as well as evil.

Special Keywords: S4 - V7 - P10 - MPAAR

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