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Kill the Irishman [2011] [R] - 6.9.9



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the life of Danny Greene (Ray Stevenson), a tough Irish union man and mob hitman, who was working for the infamous Cleveland mobsters in the 1970s. Also with Christopher Walken, Vincent D'Onofrio, Val Kilmer, Steven Schirripa, Paul Sorvino, and Linda Cardellini. Directed by Jonathan Hensleigh. [1:46]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A woman opens her robe to expose her bare breasts and her underwear and a man walks towards her (sex is implied). Several men surround two women wearing bras (their cleavage is visible) and skirts while sitting in an empty bathtub in a junkyard. A woman models a low-cut, cleavage exposing dress for a man and the man hugs the woman.
 A car is seen shaking with the windows fogged up; we see a shirtless man and a woman in the backseat kissing passionately and they are interrupted when a man knocks on the window
 A man and a woman kiss passionately in front of a group of people. A man and a woman kiss. A woman kisses a man on the cheek.
 A man makes a crude joke about his wife being unable to resist having sex with him and he jokes about his genitals. A man makes a crude remark about sleeping with another man's girlfriend. A woman jokes that she would rather "kiss Nixon" than kiss a man.

VIOLENCE/GORE 9 - A man shows another man a young man, hands and feet bound and his mouth taped shut, shoved in the trunk of a car; the man stabs the young man in the chest repeatedly, presumably killing him (we hear the sound of the metal punching into the young man's chest and see blood form on his torso).
 A man sitting in the backseat of a car shoots a young man in the passenger seat in the back of the head: blood and tissue spray all over the car and the driver, and the driver nonchalantly wipes his face. A man in a car shoots at a man standing on a sidewalk, the man on the sidewalk shoots back, the car pulls up next to him, he raises his gun to the driver and we see the passenger dead, with a small bloody bullet hole in his forehead. A man shoots another man, point-blank, in the back of the head; we see a small amount of blood seeping from the bullet hole. A man sitting in a car shoots another man in the chest as he approaches the car -- the force of the shot throws the man backwards into a bush, we see the large bloody wound in the victim's chest, and he presumably dies.
 We hear an explosion and see a car engulfed in flames: a man pulls a piece of metal off a man lying on the ground, he holds the dying man in his arms, and a small cut is seen on the man's forehead and blood seeps from his ears. A man puts a bomb under a car, and another man detonates the bomb; we hear the explosion and see a fireball engulfing the car with the man's legs sticking out from under the burning car. A man is seen standing next to a car that explodes, the explosion knocks him backwards and we see the car burning as a group of children watch (we hear that the man had been killed in the explosion). A man drives a car next to a shipping container on a boat dock, he gets out leaving the passenger in the car, the shipping container explodes, catching the car on fire, the dock under the car buckles and the flaming car falls into the water below, presumably killing the man. Three men watch from a car as two other men arm another car with explosives; a man approaches the armed car and it explodes (we see the force of the explosion throw the man in to the air and see pieces of burning metal fall to the ground). A man rolls out of the driver's seat of a moving car, moments later it blows up, and we see flames cover the car (the man is unharmed). A man dives to protect a woman after he watches a small bomb thrown into his house through a broken window; the house explodes and collapses (the man and woman are unharmed).
 We see a montage of the following: A man starts a car that explodes into a ball of flames; a car explodes after a man is shoved into its trunk; windows are blown out of a building in an explosion and we see flames coming out of the windows; a massive explosion blows through a gas station and we see two cars burning as well as the store; a man opens a mail box and a puff of smoke comes from it and we then see the man laying lifeless on the ground covered in what look like countless small bullet holes with blood trickling from his mouth; and two men throw a bomb into the back of a police car with two men inside and the car explodes in a massive fireball.
 Several teenage boys corner a teenage boy, one boy approaches him (he's pinned against a fence) and stabs a pencil through his hand; we see blood coming from the boy's hand and the pencil is sticking all the way through his palm. A man points a gun at another man who tells him to put it down, he does and they punch one another: the second man punches the man repeatedly in the head and chest, he falls to the ground with a thud, and he's not moving (it is implied that the man was killed the other man and stole his glasses and gun). Two men fight: one shoves the other against the hood of a car and beats him repeatedly (we see blood splatter against the car with each blow and the blood covers the attacker's face and clothing), and it is implied that he killed the other man. Two men approach a man, one punches him in the stomach as the other shoves him to the ground, and one of the men slaps the man in the stomach with a board and the other man punches him in the face knocking him backwards and into a puddle. A man slaps another man across the face three times causing him to spin from the force and then the first man draws a gun. A man is seen being thrown out the door of a building while wearing boxers and a shirt; he hits the ground and another man approaches him, lifts him up by his hair and throws him back into the building. A man slaps another man across the face, and his head turns from the force of the blow. We see two men forcing a man's head down on a table, another man watches and a forth man approaches them holding a shotgun (we see two men behind him also holding shotguns); the man watching offers the man a hammer to hit the man with, he turns down the hammer and we hear the sound of the man being punched. Two men approach a man kneeling on the ground and hit him in the face with a tire iron (no blood is visible). Several boys fight with kicking and punching and we see boys falling to the ground as they are punched in the stomach.
 We see a montage of the following: A man is dragged out of a car and beaten by another man, punched repeatedly in the face as he falls to the ground; a pile of garbage is dumped on top of a man; a man's arms are held behind his back by a man as another man punches him in the face repeatedly, and a small stream of blood is seen coming from his nose and mouth; and a man is thrown to the ground and into a pile of garbage cans.
 Two shots are fired at a man as he is in a park doing sit-ups, he pulls a gun and fires shots at a man holding a shotgun, and he chases the man who gets in a car and drives away; the man continues to shoot at him until he runs out of bullets and throws the gun at the fleeing car. A man holds a gun up to a man, and the man pushes the gun away and drives away in his car.
 A man screams at two men, he grabs one of the men by the lapels and shoves him. Police officers rush into a room and slam two men against a wall; we later hear that one man had been arrested.
 We hear a graphic television report that "pieces" of a man, including a disembodied leg and bloody torso were found after an explosion. We hear a television reporter announce that four people had been killed during a car bombing and that countless bombings could be linked to organized crime in the area. We hear a television reporter describe how a man had shot another man in the forehead with a "lucky shot." We see a newspaper headline identifying a man as dying in an explosion. We hear a television report describe how over 36 explosions were linked to a group of men. On two occasions we hear a television reporter asking a man about multiple attempts on his life, including someone bombing his home and trying to shoot him; the man jokes that he is still not dead.
 A man shouts at several other men. A woman shouts at two men. A man threatens several men and women, and one of the men responds with a crude threat about killing the man and having sex with his wife. A man threatens to expose a man for allowing people to rob shipyards. A man threatens another man with violence. A man tells another man that a contract had been taken out to kill him. It is implied that a man takes a contract out to kill another man, offering a young man cash "to take the Irishman." A man identifies a young man as being the person that had rigged his car with a bomb. A man tells another man that the temperatures will cause someone to die; the man responds that he does not care if someone dies. A man tells a man that another man is "a dead man" and then signifies that he wants the man killed, saying, "Make it happen." A man threatens another man, saying he will rip out the man's heart and eat it with a butter knife while it is still beating. A man tells another man that he had attempted to blow up and shoot a man, but he will not die. A man says he could kill a man sitting at a table, and another man tells him to be quiet. A man warns another man that people intimidate families. Two men discuss how a man had died of a heart attack during a routine surgery. A man asks another about a deceased man that had been found at the bottom of the lake with a sink tied around his neck; the man implies he had killed the man. A man makes a crass joke that men in a firing squad killed one another when they faced the wrong direction. During a police interrogation, a man asks another man if he had killed a man. A woman jokes with a man that he would kill someone for telling her about him. On two occasions a man makes racist jokes with a punch line about Italian and Polish people. A man tells another man that he is going to "throw up"; the man responds saying that he can throw up all over himself and he would help him clean it up. A man crudely describes haggis as fat shoved into a sheep's colon and then eaten.
 A man faints from exhaustion as he shoves grain inside a shipping container; two other men carry him outside and we later the dazed man being thrown into a tub of ice water.
 A man breaks into a shipping container and we see men carrying objects out of it and loading them into the back of car. Several men break into a shipping container and load objects into a car. A man angrily slams a phone down.

PROFANITY 9 - About 49 F-words and its derivatives, 1 obscene hand gesture, 2 sexual references, 11 scatological terms, 19 anatomical terms, 10 mild obscenities, 11 racial slurs, name-calling (fat, greedy, greasy, idiots, tough nuts, potato eater, tool, thug, cretin, maggots), 1 religious profanity, 2 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man says that smoking marijuana makes people delinquents and a man responds that he would legalize marijuana and tax it like cigarettes and alcohol, and we hear that a man purchased six kilos of cocaine and then was caught by the police. Throughout the movie we see men drinking liquor and beers, a man drinks liquor directly from a bottle on multiple occasions, men drink wine with dinner and we see beer and liquor drinks in front of men at a bar. Men and women smoke cigarettes throughout the movie and we see a man smoking a cigar on two occasions.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - The Cleveland mob circa 1975, the New York city mob, gambling debts, unions, mafia, extortion, racketeering, fraud, loan sharks, Irish stereotypes, Italian stereotypes, Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller, chutzpa, Robin Hood, Commission Trials, organized crime trials.

MESSAGE - Being in the mob is not glamorous.

Special Keywords: S6 - V9 - P9 - MPAAR

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