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Just Go With It [2011] [PG-13] - 7.3.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After a plastic surgeon (Adam Sandler) is caught in a lie to impress a new girlfriend (Brooklyn Decker), he has his assistant (Jennifer Aniston) play along as his soon-to-be ex-wife, until she is caught in her own lie. There are more complications involving kids, a trip to Hawaii and someone posing as a German sheep-shipper. Also with Nicole Kidman, Nick Swardson, Bailee Madison, Dave Matthews and Kevin Nealon. Directed by Dennis Dugan. [1:50]

SEX/NUDITY 7 - A man makes a joke to a woman that another woman likes his genitals, he then leans in to kiss the other woman, his tongue is waging from his mouth, and the woman grabs his tongue and pulls the man away, leading him by his tongue.
 Two sets of men and women are seen trying to rub their bodies together to bring a coconut up from their torsos to their lips as a crowd watches: one of the men makes comments about the woman's breasts, they stand very close, rubbing their bodies against one another until the coconut is between their lips, and the man in the other couple lifts up the coconut with his buttock (he is fully clothed) and a woman tries to use her chest and cleavage to lift the coconut from the man's behind. A man grabs a young woman from behind and thrusts his pelvis against the young woman's waist.
 A man and a woman kiss passionately; they are seen waking up next to one another next morning (sex is implied) and the man jokes that he cannot stand up because the woman will see him naked. A man and a woman kiss passionately. A man and a woman rub their faces against one another on multiple occasions. A woman rubs her hands against a man's chest as they rub noses together. A man and a woman are about to kiss but are interrupted.
 A woman comes on to a male server, as a man and another woman watch; she then smacks the man on the behind as he walks away. A woman points out a man who is flirting with a group of men, including dancing next to them and feeling their arms; the men ignore the man's advances.
 A boy trips and falls and his face lands in the crotch of a man; the boy shouts that the man put his crotch on his face, and the man shouts back that the boy is responsible. A man poses for photographs with a group of women in suggestive poses, including having a woman bend over slightly as he stands behind her, grabbing her hair.
 We see a woman's cleavage and one breast is significantly larger than the other: a male doctor tells her to remove her shirt (we see her in her bra and undergarments while putting on a robe), the male doctor and a female assistant examine the woman and it is implied that they vigorously rub her nipples with numbing cream (we see their hands moving above the woman but no nudity is visible).
 Throughout the movie we see men and women in bathing suits and women are in cleavage-exposing bikinis. Two men stare at a woman wearing a bikini and make crude remarks about her figure. Women wear low-cut, cleavage-exposing dresses and shirts, including several women wearing hula skirts and coconut shell tops (one of the women bends over and shows the crowd her underwear) dancing in front of a crowd of people, shaking their hips suggestively. A woman wears a cleavage-exposing, tight-fitting, mid-drift exposing top and short shorts and walks suggestively in front of a man. We see a man wearing briefs, a man and a boy watch him from a distance and the boy tells the man that he thinks they are his underwear.
 Two men make catcalls and crude remarks to a woman wearing a tight, mid-drift exposing top. A man stares at the bare upper-portion of a woman's buttocks as the woman bends over and her pants lower. A woman wearing a towel opens it and faces a man (we only see her bare back), and she then asks him to take a shower with her, implying that they will have sex. A woman places a man's hand on her breast and suggests they go back to her dorm room (we see them walk away with the man's hand still on her chest). A woman is seen in a shower (her bare shoulders and arms are visible) as a man walks into the room and then out. Two women are seen receiving massages (only their shoulders are bare).
 A woman asks another woman what had happened between her and a man; she implies they had sex and the other woman thrusts her hips in a suggestive fashion. Men and a woman stare at another woman wearing a bikini; one of the men jokes that he has to "go" now (implying he has an erection).
 A man instructs a boy to lie on the ground and act like he is in pain; the man places a golf flag between the boy's legs, takes a picture and it looks like the golf flag is sticking out of the boy's behind.
 A man tells a woman that he wants to "climb Mount Palmer" (the woman's name), implying he wants to have sex with her. A woman tells a man they should "get out of here" implying she wants to go have sex with him. A man intimates to a woman that he has large genitals and that they should have sex; another man and another woman overhear the conversation and he jokingly tells the woman that he knows the man has large genitals because he had performed penis enlargement surgery on him. A man asks a woman if he can sleep in the bed with her and she ignores his question. A woman tells a man that she found him so they could have sex together. A man tells another man and a woman that he has "broken in" his penile enlargement, and then admits that he had only had sex with a doll he had made. A man tells another man that he and a woman had sex in a shower, and a man jokes back that he and a woman had conceived two children in a shower. A man tells another man, using crude language, that he and a woman are still intimate and that the woman sexually arouses him. A woman tells another woman, in front of a man, that the man has had erectile dysfunction issues; the man then implies that he has no erectile dysfunction issues but that having sex with her was so unappealing that he could not maintain an erection. A man tells another man that he had texted a photograph of his genitals to a woman. On multiple occasions a woman tells a man that she is not interested in helping him have sex with a younger woman. A man tells a woman that he had "sealed the deal" with another woman, implying sex. A woman makes a crude reference to erectile dysfunction as being similar to playing darts with limp spaghetti. A girl asks a woman if she is giving a man "the old snap and tickle" but does not explain what it means. A man tells another man that he would like to sit on a woman's lips; the man then threatens to punch the man, and then says that the other man should sit on a woman's lips. A man tells several people (including two children) that a woman has a fetish for sheepskin and likes to rub sheepskin against herself. A boy tells a man that he was distracted by a woman's cleavage (he uses a specific term), causing him to fall down a set of stairs; the man jokes that the boy was attracted to his stepmother, and then jokes that the boy is getting too excited and he will have to give him a shot "somewhere else" to calm him down. A man jokingly tells a woman that he thought another woman would "stop hooking" after getting married. A man jokingly tells a boy that he would be arrested if he took the boy to Hawaii, implying a sexual nature to the trip. A man jokingly tells a woman that he was forced to sell his body for sex. A woman describes how she had popped her breast implant in a door and how she heard it "pop and slosh."
 A woman jokingly winks at a woman as she hugs a man. A man writes a note and leaves it on the bed next to a sleeping woman, implying they had just had sex.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A man shoves a woman into a pool, he jumps in after her and holds her head underwater as she struggles against him, and she surfaces moments later, unharmed. A man loses his footing and falls backwards off a cliff and into a pool of water; he is unharmed. A man jokingly pushes a woman and she loses her balance and falls to the ground. A man carrying a girl on his shoulders drops her, face-first, into a puddle of mud; the girl is later seen unharmed, but covered in mud. A man holding a girl drops her in a pool; she is unharmed. A woman jokingly tries to push a man but he does not budge. A man throws a boy in a pool, and another man catches him and tells him he had been taught to swim by a man throwing him in a pool.
 A man slaps another man on the face, twice, with a credit card. A man hits a boy on the shoulder and then mocks him for crying. A woman shouts at a man, throws a ring at his chest and storms away. A woman slaps a man on the arm twice. A man is slapped in the face with a dangling rope in a child's obstacle course.
 A family watches as a boy throws a drink at a pregnant woman, and we see her shout at the boy and chase him. On multiple occasions, a man jokingly shoves his hand in people's faces and makes a barking noise.
 We see a large cut on a boy's leg: a doctor injects the cut with a needle and we later see the boy bandaged up. A man's face is seen with excessive plastic surgery, and he jokes to a man that he is numb from the eyebrows down; we see him drooling and spitting out a drink.
 The wood on a swinging bridge breaks, a man falls through the slats and lands on his crotch, he winces in pain and is later seen unharmed. Elevator doors are seen closing on a woman's shoulders; she is unharmed. A boy trips and falls into a man's crotch; he is unharmed.
 A man instructs a boy to lie on the ground and act like he is in pain; the man places a golf flag between the boy's legs, he takes a picture and it looks like the golf flag is sticking out of the boy's behind. A man instructs a girl to act like she is falling for a photograph and we see her pantomime falling down.
 A boy is seen sleepily sitting on a toilet where a man's hand is resting (the man is seen earlier putting his hand in the toilet as he falls sleeps); the man awakens, screams and pulls his hand out from the toilet and it is implied that the boy defecated on the man's hand (the man smells his hand, makes a face and wipes his hand frantically).
 We see a sheep lying unconscious on the ground, a man tells a young woman that the sheep is dead, it bleats softly and the man throws his body against the sheep (we see him body slam the sheep twice), pulls on its udders, shakes its feet and finally perform the Heimlich Maneuver until a toy flies from the sheep's mouth; the sheep runs away, unharmed. A wild boar runs toward several men, one man shoves another man behind him, he falls to the ground and we see the boar standing on top him and biting his shirt (the man is later seen unharmed).
 A boy shouts and points at a man, saying he is going to kill him. A man and a woman shout at one another. A man shouts at a boy. Two men make fun of a woman's hair. Twice we hear a man saying that he is going to "kill off" two children in an imaginary car accident. A man jokes that he would leave a boy behind if he were deformed. A man makes a rude joke about another man being dead. A girl tells a man, woman and boy that she had been instructed in a class to shout, "Die!" at a person and the girl later shouts "Die!" at a man (he ignores her). A man jokes to a woman that a situation had been like watching Dr. Kevorkian kill himself. A man jokingly tells a woman that he and she can beat up a man. A man jokes with a woman that another woman is beating up a man. A boy and a girl tease a man about saying "stranger danger" about him. A man tells another man that he has gotten maced five times. A man jokes to another man and a woman that he feels like he "got reamed." We see a man leave a note for a woman thanking her for not beating him, "like his wife." A man talks about training sheep to fight one another. A woman tells another woman that a man had been hit by a foul ball during a baseball game. On multiple occasions a man and a boy discuss the bowel movement habits of the boy, including the boy telling the man that he had forgotten to flush a toilet and a woman would find feces in it, and the man telling the boy that it is "not right" to defecate as often as the boy does. A woman tells another woman that a man, sitting with them, has irritable bowel syndrome and that she had spent a night in a hotel room listening to noises from the bathroom; she then describes the smell as being a "combination of dead cat and fajita." A man tells a woman that a place smells like "feet and skid mark underwear." A woman describes how she had popped her breast implant in a door and how she heard it "pop and slosh."

PROFANITY 4 - 25 sexual references, 5 scatological terms (2 mild), 9 anatomical terms (4 mild), 6 mild obscenities, name-calling (Karl Malden, quack, annoying, ugly, goofy, pathetic, disgusting, zucchini face, lady from "Saw," idiot, pig, adulterer, fornicator, frienemy, Children of the Corn kid, greedy, schemey, selfish, boring, Grandpa Ken, freaky, Swiss Family Disaster, grandpa, disaster, poor thing, horrible, heinous, sick man, little bucky, Big Country, buffoon, Umpa Lumpa), exclamations (gosh, bloody), 27 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man and a woman joke that another woman is high on drugs. Men and women are seen drinking alcoholic drinks throughout the movie, a woman rapidly drinks shots of liquor, a man tells a woman that another woman is an alcoholic crack addict and addicted to pills, a man jokes with a woman that she had an entire bottle of wine, two men joke that an older man had given them beer as a reward when they were children, and a woman is seen dancing drunkenly with a glass of beer in her hand at a restaurant. A boy uses a straw to pantomime smoking a cigarette and he takes a drag from the straw and holds it between his fingers.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Humiliation, marriage, dishonesty, falling in love, plastic surgery, "Californication," Hannah Montana, infidelity in marriage, divorce, mixed families, cleft pallet surgery, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, Hawaii, wild boars, the Swiss Family Robinson, honesty.

MESSAGE - Sometimes love is found in the least expected places.

Special Keywords: S7 - V3 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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