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Jackass: Number Two [2006] [R] - 8.8.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Second installment of MTV's eponymous reality show, and the concept remains the same: a series of reckless and often very dangerous, disgusting and disturbing stunts, pranks and gags; some involve dangerous animals, like snakes and sharks, and others are about consuming biological waste. With Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Stephen Glover and Jason Acuna. Directed by Jeff Tremaine. [1:35]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - A male horse mounts a female horse and its erect penis (which we clearly see) is placed in a rubber sleeve; the horse thrusts repeatedly and the expelled fluid is collected in a jar.
 A fully nude man (his bare buttocks, chest, penis and testicles are visible) walks into a room where people are gathered, climbs on a table, walks across the table and out another door. A man wearing jockey shorts lies in a bed next to a bare breasted woman (nothing else sexual is shown). A man wearing jockey shorts lies on a bed, and a nude man jumps on top of him (we see his bare back, buttocks and testicles). A man takes off his pants (we see his bare buttocks and testicles) and pours water on his testicles for a stunt. A man sits at the top of a pole with his bare buttocks exposed, and a sex aid is flung hard up the pole toward him.
 We see a man's bare buttocks when he is being branded (the brand is in the shape of a penis and testicles) and later when we see the wound. We see a man's bare buttocks and chest when he sits on a rigged chair during a stunt. We see a man's bloody buttocks after a stunt. Several men are shown in jockey shorts and T-shirts running through a street. Several men shave their pubic and buttock hair to use as a fake beard on another man (it is said that one man had "crabs"). A puppet mouse is wrapped around a man's penis (we do not see his penis but we do see his buttocks since he wears thong underwear).
 A man disguised as an elderly man wears prosthetic testicles and has them dangling out of his shorts as he walks along a street, into a shop, and up a ladder; people recoil when they see him, and a dog sniffs them and tries to bite them. A man disguised as an elderly woman gets out of a car, his dress is pulled off by the car door and he is left with prosthetic drooping bare breasts and underpants, exposed on a busy sidewalk. A man disguised as a woman wears a robe that hangs open and reveals prosthetic sagging breasts in a few scenes.
 A man wearing jockey shorts climbs into a bed with a woman (her husband has changed places with him), he touches her and rubs against her, and she wakes up and panics when she realizes he is not her husband.
 A man says he is going to have a massage and a boy asks, "A massage with a happy ending?" A man asks another man about the size of his wife's breasts.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - There are several scenes that end with people being injured but they never appear to suffer from life threatening injuries.
 A man dresses as a foreign terrorist, he straps dynamite to his chest, he takes a taxi to the airport, and the driver beats him up, forces him out of the taxi, holds him at gunpoint, forces him into the trunk of the taxi, drives around in circles and pretends to shoot the people outside the taxi (the man in disguise thinks this is all happening for real).
 A man heats a piece of metal and presses it against another man's bare buttock, branding him (we see the flesh burned and later see it scabbed and infected).
 A man pushes a large fishhook through his cheek and jumps into water with sharks that swim around him; one shark seems to be approaching him with interest, and he kicks it in the face (accidentally) and the shark swims away.
 Three men are shot with rubber bullets, they all yell and fall to the ground and we see the welts on their bodies where they were struck.
 Four men on a teeter-totter go up and down, dodging a bull that runs around them; one man is knocked off his seat, he runs, the bull chases him and slams him into a wall, and one man appears to be gored in the leg, while another is rammed repeatedly as he tries to get away.
 Three men stand in a ball pit where there are also two Anaconda snakes; one man tries to catch one of them, he's bitten repeatedly on the arms (we see blood), and the snake coils around another man.
 A man jumps through several florescent light tubes, they break and he is cut by the glass (we see blood on his arm). A man is thrashed violently while holding onto a fire hose (we see bloody cuts on his buttocks after he is thrown off the hose). Several men are struck hard in the face by an inflatable bag that blows up when they ring a bell (they are each knocked to the ground and one is shown with a bloody nose and mouth).
 A man with a mouse puppet wrapped around his penis puts it through a hole in a glass cage where there is a snake; the snake lunges at and bites the mouse (and the penis), the man yells. A man puts a leech on his eyeball and it sticks (we see the irritated eye later). A man with his testicles exposed sits on an ice sculpture: we see his testicles sticking to the ice and another man pushes him back, apparently hurting him. A lobster clamps a claw onto a man's tongue.
 A man climbs onto a rocket, it is launched, it begins to climb up a ramp, and then the top blows off; in a second attempt the rocket flies into the air, the man goes with it, and then they both fall into water below.
 A man who is terrified of snakes is trapped in a horse trailer with a King Cobra; he panics and climbs out of the trailer.
 Several men run through a street being chased by bulls: one man climbs into a car and a bull tears the door off, another man is knocked to the ground by a bull, two men run through a fence followed by several bulls, another man is thrown into a pool by a bull, and one man is shoved through a window (the glass shatters and the bull appears to step on the man). A man wearing a blindfold is rammed by a bull and flipped over, landing hard on the ground.
 A man is launched out of a hole in a sidewalk and lands hard on his head (he complains of being "messed up"). A man sitting in a shopping cart is propelled along a ramp and slams into a door (he complains about his leg). Several men on bicycles or shopping carts or a wheelchair are propelled by a rocket off the end of a pier and into the air, and crash into water.
 Several men play dodge ball with heavy medicine balls, in the dark (they are knocked down and pounded on). Snow is piled on a staircase, a man skis down and crashes through a door, while another sleds down and crashes into another man. Two men are lubricated, slide down a ramp and crash into a pile of metal garbage cans.
 A bucket of bees is dumped into a limousine where four men are, the doors are locked, and the men are stung repeatedly; they eventually get out and step into a pile of marbles, causing them to fall on the ground. A man is shocked several times by a rigged stool. A man is sprayed with the full force of a fire hose (he is pushed along the floor and flinches). A man zaps himself in the crotch with a taser and falls to the ground. A man is knocked down when he is struck by a wrecking ball.
 A man crashes a bicycle into a pile of snow and ice, he is thrown over the pile and hits the pavement on the other side with his face. A man standing in a horse trailer is blown back by a large fan (he falls on the floor and is pushed back). Several men ride skateboards and bicycles on a stunt track, they are struck by swinging sand bags, and we see them knocked down. Several men ride a mini motorcycle around a loop track and either fall off the motorcycle or crash. Two men riding mini motorcycles crash together and one loses a tooth.
 A man standing on a bridge wears a bungee cord around his waist, and another man is tied to the other end of the cord and jumps off the bridge; the first man is pulled off and they both fall into the water below. A man stands on a pier, a large fan blows air on him, he throws a parachute into the air and he is pulled off the pier and across water. A man puts his hand into a bear trap, it clamps closed on him and he yells (no blood or visible injury).
 Two men are yanked hard when a horse runs and pulls a rope that's wrapped around their legs. Several men are struck hard in the face by a boxing glove that punches them through a hole in the wall. A man jumps on a rake and is slammed hard in the face by the handle (he falls to the ground). Two men punch each other in the crotch. A man sits at the top of a pole with his bare buttocks exposed, a sex aid is flung hard up the pole toward him and hits him in the buttock.
 Two men climb into large tires and are rolled down a hill. A man steps into two holes in the ground and falls down. A man is chased by many smaller men who are carrying sticks. A man is pinned under a stage prop that falls on him (he seems OK).
 A man wearing jockey shorts climbs into bed with a woman (her husband has changed places with him), he touches her and rubs against her, she wakes up and panics when she realizes he is not her husband and she falls out of the bed.
 A man drinks horse sperm, he gags, and another man who's watching vomits. A man eats horse dung, he gags, and a man who's watching vomits (we see goo). A man defecates on a model of a bathroom (we see the fecal matter), and a man who's watching vomits.
 A man wears a helmet with a tube attached to it, another man flatulates into a cup attached to the tube, the man wearing the helmet breathes in, and then vomits repeatedly (we see goo on the helmet) and we see feces in the cup.
 A man inserts a tube into his anus, beer is poured into the tube, the beer enters the man's abdomen, some of the beer squirts out when the man stands up, and the rest pours out after another man uses a plunger on him.
 A man puts powder on his buttocks and then flatulates, causing a cloud of powder to blow into another man's face.

PROFANITY 10 - 117 F-words, 33 scatological terms, 35 anatomical terms, 12 mild obscenities, 5 religious profanities, 19 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A boy of 10 or 11 is shown smoking a cigarette and drinking what looks like alcohol from a bottle. People are shown drinking beer in a few scenes. People are shown smoking cigarettes in a few scenes.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Taking risks, dangerous and extreme stunts, fear of snakes, conquering fear, masochism, sadism.

MESSAGE - Filming people doing stupid and dangerous stunts is a real moneymaker.

Special Keywords: S8 - V8 - P10 - MPAAR

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