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Jackass 3D [2010] [R] - 8.8.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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More stunts and pranks involving injury and bodily functions from the "Jackass" series, only this time in 3D. With Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott, Bam Margera, Steve-O, Spike Jonze, Chris Pontius, Jason Acuña, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, Jeff Tremaine, Dave England, Ehren McGhehey, Tony Hawk, Mark Povinelli and John Taylor. Directed by Jeff Tremaine. [1:34]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - A fully nude man uses his penis (we see his penis and scrotum) to hit a small ball and another man tries to catch the ball with his mouth; on another occasion the man lunges for the ball and nearly grabs the man's penis in his mouth. We see a man's penis during a stunt that involves him having a camera attached to his penis. We see a fully nude man (his penis, testicles, bare chest and legs are seen) during a few stunts. A man wears a completely clear plastic suit and a jock strap (we see his chest, back and buttocks). We see a man's bare buttocks during the set up of a stunt. We see a man's bare buttocks and a bit of pubic hair during a couple of stunts. A man's bare buttocks, chest, back and legs are seen when he wears only a jockstrap. A man's bare buttocks are seen when he urinates during a stunt. A man's bare buttocks (painted green) are seen and are part of a stunt. We see many phallic shaped items in a large bowl and one is shot through the air. We see a man's bare buttocks during a medical treatment. Several men wear bikini briefs, thongs and jockey shorts in an opening sequence and several are also bare-chested. Several men wear togas that reveal all or part of their bare chests. A man wears a flower-covered bra and a pair of briefs or shorts in a few scenes. A man's shorts slip down and we see part of his buttock cleavage.
 A stunt is called "Bad Grandpa" and it entails an individual dressed as an elderly man, who makes out with a young woman, and gropes her clothed buttocks; she is supposed to be his granddaughter while on a city street, and he is reprimanded by a woman who is supposed to be his wife, and another man on the street.
 A man dances with another man dressed up like a woman and thrusts his hips toward his clothed buttocks. A man smacks another man on the clothed buttock (he's wearing thong underwear with tights). Several men smack each other on the clothed buttocks and say, "I'll see you in the showers." A man kisses another man on the cheek and the man says "no tongue."
 A man dances and thrusts his hips in the air.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - A man rides a jet ski over a ramp and through a hedge (we hear him crash on the other side of the hedge and see him covered with dirt, but he appears OK). A man rides a motorbike over a ramp and slams into a sand mound (he appears OK). Several men wearing roller skates are sling-shot over a ramp and into a pool: One man falls off the ramp and slams into the side of the pool (there's no visible injury), another is thrown into the pool and slams his head on the ground (he lies on the ground, but we see him OK later), and one slams into the ramp and the ground and hurts his back (he moans)
 Several men run through a series of stun guns and cattle prods; the men are tasered and zapped and they twitch, fall and yell as they go through.
 A man's tooth is pulled by a speeding car, which is attached to a string tied to his tooth (we hear it pop, he yells, we see blood fill his mouth and we later see the tooth).
 A man shoots a dart from his anus and strikes another man with a balloon taped to his buttocks (the balloon pops).
 A man is thrown out of an armchair by a jet's air force, and he is pushed along the ground for several yards; also, a man throws a football into the air stream and it is shot toward another man (one throw hits the man and he runs away), another man walks across the stream holding an umbrella and he is thrown in the air, another man is pelted by tomatoes shooting at him from the force of the stream, and a man urinates into the stream and the urine sprays back onto him (we see the urine).
 A buffalo charges toward a man and strikes him in the abdomen, flips him over its head and then hard onto the ground (there are no visible injuries). A bull charges a man and flips him over and kicks him in the head on the way down (the man seems to land on his neck but is OK). A man is kicked in the leg and then in the groin by a donkey (we see the kick marks and he moans and lies on the ground). A dog bites a man's clothed buttocks and we see the man being cleaned up by a medic (we see scratches and bruising). Two men are rammed repeatedly by a ram in a pen (they are thrown to the ground and yell and moan).
 Two men scream and thrash when many bees sting them after using a beehive as a tetherball and hitting it several times. A man is stung on the face and lips several times by two scorpions (we see the scorpions attack and there is blood on the man's face). A man inserts an apple between another man's bare buttocks, he removes the apple and takes a bite, then replaces it (he gags and vomits), and then a huge pig bites the apple and nips the man, who gets up and yells. A man falls into a pit, realizes there are snakes in the pit and panics trying to get out; he yells and pleads for help. A woodpecker pecks at a wooden sheath covering a man's penis and the man reacts as if the bird has broken through the wood to his flesh.
 A fully nude man yells when the string tied to his penis (we see his penis and scrotum) is pulled by a remote controlled helicopter and the string pulls to its breaking point. A fully nude man uses his penis (we see his penis and scrotum) to hit a small ball and another man tries to catch the ball with his mouth; on another occasion the man lunges for the ball and nearly grabs the man's penis in his mouth.
 A man throws himself into a spinning ceiling fan (it sparks and shorts out), and he crashes onto a table. A man is kicked in the face by another man and he falls to the ground. A man wearing only jockey shorts is struck in the groin by a T-ball, which is struck by another man (he falls to the ground moaning). A man drives a scooter through a plate glass window in a scooter store; he falls off the scooter and onto the ground but appears uninjured. Two men climb a very high tree, the tree is cut down, it tips and the men are thrown into a snowdrift (they appear OK, but they both moan). Two men jump from a tall platform onto a large, inflated pillow, and another man on the pillow is thrown into the air and shot at by other men with air soft or paint guns (all of the participants moan and yell but there are no visible injuries).
 A man is tackled hard from behind (we see his football helmet covered with mud) and then from the front and the side (he moans and squirms while on the ground). A man is struck hard in the face by a kicked football and he falls on the ground and moans. A man is struck in the face by a padded baton (it's in slow-motion, so we see his flesh flap around from the impact). A man is struck in the head with a large ball and he falls to the ground. A man is struck in the face and back of the head with large fish (it's in slow-motion, so we see his flesh flap around from the impact). A man is struck in the abdomen by a fired cannonball (we see the indentation of impact and his flesh flaps around). A bare-chested man is shot repeatedly with paint balls (he flinches). A man is struck in the abdomen area by a large, padded baseball bat (it seems that he's supposed to be a piñata). A man is kicked in the head by another man. A man is struck in the head by a charging bull.
 Several men are struck in the front by a huge hand: They all fall back onto the floor, one man spills a tray of soup on himself and the surrounding area, and one man is dusted with flour that is attached to the hand when it strikes him. Several men are punched hard in the face by another man wearing a boxing glove; the scenes are in slow motion and we see the flesh on their faces flap from the impact of the punch. A man punches another man in the crotch (he bends over and grabs his crotch). A man is struck hard in the throat by a ricocheting golf ball and he falls to his knees.
 A man yells at another man in a bar, they shove each other and fight; two other men join the fight (we see some punching and wrestling), and police officers with nightsticks enter and hit one man on the back with a stick, handcuff him and take him away.
 A man, whose hands are glued to the bare chests of two other men, pulls his hands off, the men scream and we see his palms covered with hair. Two men are glued together; one man lies on his back and the other lays on his stomach facing the opposite direction and they both scream when they are pulled apart. A man's bare buttocks are glued to another man's chest.
 A man seated in a wheelchair is shown to have a prosthetic leg below the knee and a dog grabs it and runs away with it as the man yells for help. A phallic shaped item is launched through the air and it crashes through a glass of milk shattering it, and it slams into a man's face. A man is shot in the stomach with a plunger.
 Several men gag, retch and vomit in numerous scenes in the film: during one scene a man vomits numerous times, causing another man to vomit on a camera he's holding. A man collects sweat from a man's chin, between his legs and from his buttocks and then drinks it causing him and several other people in the room to vomit (he vomits repeatedly and we see the goo and hear retching). A man is strapped into a Portalet filled with feces, he is hoisted into the air and dropped; the feces splatter and spray all over him, he gags and vomits repeatedly, while others on the ground gag and vomit as well (we see a close-up of the feces after the splattering). A man defecates in a toilet and we hear splattering and flatulence. A man appears to have defecated on a wall while standing on a busy street (we see a brown splatter on the wall); the man then goes on to remove his underwear and clean himself. A man's painted bare buttocks are used as a rolling hill in a miniature train display and the man defecates as a train approaches (the feces shoot into the air). A man flatulates loudly numerous times and inserts objects into his anus and flatulates again. A man urinates on several people (we see the urine stream from a penis cam). We see a large pile of feces. A man blows a bubble from a pipe attached to his anus and another man pops the bubble with his tongue (he gags).
 A room where several men are standing explodes around them; wood splinters, dry wall blows up, a wall of water flows into the room and everyone falls down and floats. On separate occasions, three men enter a Portalet, we hear a loud explosion and they come out covered with blue paint.
 A man dressed in a gorilla costume tears up a hotel room, hits a man and frightens a woman. A snake hisses and lunges at the camera.
 We see an X-ray of a broken bone. Men grab and hold their crotches in numerous scenes throughout the movie. A cartoon punches another cartoon in the face several times.
 A man talks about taking "100 bee stings to kill a man."

PROFANITY 10 - About 66 F-words and its derivatives, 2 obscene hand gestures, 2 sexual references, 5 obscene hand gestures, 32 scatological terms, 19 anatomical terms, 4 mild obscenities, name-calling (midgets, idiot, devil), 3 religious profanities, 23 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - People drink beer in a bar, and a man talks about "having a few" the night before.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Extreme stunts, incest, self-injury for money, fear of snakes.

MESSAGE - Once again, filming people doing stupid and dangerous stunts is a real moneymaker.

Special Keywords: S8 - V8 - P10 - MPAAR

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