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Jack and Jill [2011] [PG] - 4.4.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Jack and Jill are twins and both are played by Adam Sandler: Jack finds Jill needy and overbearing, while Jill looks to Jack to help her fledging love life. But when Jack needs Jill to woo a good frontman (Al Pacino) for his commercial, he comes to realize how much his twin means to him. Also with Katie Holmes, David Spade, Nick Swardson, Tim Meadows and Norm MacDonald. Directed by Dennis Dugan. [1:31]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A man grabs the chest of a woman (played by a man), who then punches him (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A woman (played by a man) shakes her chest seductively as she dances in front of a crowd of people, an older man grabs her buttocks and an older woman scowls. A man tries to seductively tickle a woman (played by a man), the woman fakes laughing and pulls away; the man continues to tickle her until she slams a plate against a table. A man wraps his arms around a woman (played by a man), holding her back to his chest, and she pulls away, saying she does not like how the man was holding her. A man stares longingly at a woman (played by a man) and a man flirts with the same woman.
 A man and a woman (they are brother and sister and both are played by a man) are seen lying on a sofa; the woman has her arms draped around the man, and the man pulls away and shouts at woman, who cries and says that she wanted to snuggle. A woman (played by a man) asks her brother to crawl into bed with her so they could "lay together"; the man declines.
 A man kisses a woman (played by a man) on the cheek twice, and the woman jumps into the man's arms, knocking him to the ground; we then see a group of children and a man and a woman jump onto the man and the woman.
 A woman (played by a man) is propped up on the shoulders of a group of men, and we see one man look under her skirt (no nudity is visible); the man then whispers to another man, in subtitled Spanish, "It is not a guy." A man and a woman (played by a man) hold a stickball stick, and the woman pulls away and makes a crude remark that she did not like how the man was holding the stick, making a sexual implication.
 A man and a woman are seen lying next to one another in bed, fully clothed; the man stands up and he is wearing a T-shirt and boxer-style underwear. As a man puts on a dress, his bare chest is visible and he pulls on a bra, which he then stuffs with cantaloupe melons; another man adjusts the man's fake cleavage with a smile. On multiple occasions a woman (played by a man) falls down and her skirt flies up; we see that she is wearing long pantaloon-style underwear and no nudity is visible. A woman (played by a man) is seen wearing a robe and holding a pair of brief-style underwear, she pulls the underwear on (no nudity is visible), as a man (her brother) watches and acts disgusted. A woman (played by a man) wears a trench coat over what appears to be just a bra and when she reaches into the trench coat, we see a portion of the top of her bra; she hands a man a piece of paper that she extracted from her bra and he acts disgusted that he has to touch it. A portion of a man's bare stomach is visible as his button-up shirt is undone, and he appears to be inflating his stomach when it becomes larger. Men and women are seen in the background wearing bathing suits, the bare chests of men are visible and the woman are wearing bikini tops with swimming trunk bottoms. On multiple occasions we see a woman wearing a cleavage exposing dress. A woman (played by a man) wears an extremely tight and short cleavage-exposing dress with a cutout around her bellybutton. Two men are seen wearing extremely short and tight workout shorts. An adolescent boy holds up his arm to point to sparse underarm hair, an adolescent girl walks by, lifts her arm and she exposes her extremely hairy underarms. An infant boy and girl are seen fully nude, lying on their stomachs and their bare buttocks are visible. A toddler boy and girl are seen fully nude in a bathtub; their bare chests and backs are visible. Throughout the movie the bare chest and back of a boy are seen, as he is frequently shirtless.
 A woman (played by a man) tells her brother that a man wants to "play twister with your sister," implying sex. A woman (played by a man) makes a crude remark to a crowd that another woman (played by a man) had been called a "cheese tray" because at parties she was "always passed around." A woman (played by a man) tells a boy and a girl that a famous singer can "use her" anytime; she laughs and tells the children that what she had said was risqué, without explaining herself. A man tells another man over the phone that he can "smell horny" in reference to the other man's sister (a woman played by a man); the man acts disgusted. A woman (played by a man) crudely tells several men and women that she is not wearing underwear. A woman (played by a man) tells a boy and a girl that she "has all the hardware" needed to have children and then makes a crude remark implying menstruation -- which the children do not appear to understand. A woman (played by a man) tells another man that she has no children, but then jokes that they could "get to work" on that, implying sex. A boy and a girl ask a woman (played by a man) if she had given a man a kiss on their date and the woman does not answer. A woman (played by a man) refers to two women as "hookers." A woman (played by a man) asks a woman the name of a movie where a woman had been a "hooker." During a phone conversation, we hear one side of the conversation as a man says that he would never ask his wife to "wear something trashy" in order to attract the attention of a man, as his wife listens and rolls her eyes. A man makes a profile for his sister on Craigslist's "Casual Encounters" but does not explain the sexual implications of the site.
 A man and a woman (played by a man) dance side by side; the woman bumps the man with her hip and he stumbles slightly. A boy watches as a man (his father) and a woman (played by a man) both scratch their crotch through their clothing.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A woman (played by a man) grabs a woman and puts her in a headlock; the woman shouts and a second woman (also played by a man) attacks the first woman, the victim gets out of the headlock and we see the two women that are played by men fighting, with one throwing the other into a wall and one punching the other when one is poised to hit the other with a bottle of champagne.
 A woman (played by a man) punches a man in the face, the man spins around and the woman breaks a bottle and holds it in a threatening fashion; the man slams a chair into the woman's back, and the woman shouts in pain and falls to the ground (they are both seen unharmed).
 After a man grabs the chest of a woman (played by a man; please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details), and the woman punches the man and he is thrown backwards through a door. A man pushes another man against a door and threatens him. A man lightly slaps another man's hand.
 A woman (played by a man) puts a woman in a headlock as she attempts to give her a backrub and moments later the woman appears to be asleep from being in a "sleeper hold."
 A woman (played by a man) slaps herself lightly twice, asking a man (her twin brother) if he felt the slaps; a boy then punches the woman, she spins out of her chair and hits the floor (she gets up unharmed).
 A toddler boy and girl playfully slap and kick one another; we see the fighting become more serious and the girl punches the boy in the head.
 A woman (played by a man) kicks off her shoe as she plays soccer, and the shoe hits an elderly woman in the face, knocking her to the ground where she has to be revived by men and women putting peppers in her mouth. A woman (played by a man) smacks an elderly woman in the head with a piñata stick, and the elderly woman falls to the ground and has to be revived by men and women putting peppers in her mouth. A teen girl hits another teen girl in the eye with a tennis ball as a teen boy watches and we see the injured teen girl sob silently. A teen girl accidentally hits a teen boy in the face with a French horn; the teen boy grabs his face in pain.
 A woman (played by a man) rides a jet ski in a swimming pool, the jet ski flips into the air and sails into an umbrella, and the woman falls off the jet ski and onto a concrete patio (she is later seen unharmed).
 A man watches movie clips of a man breaking through a door and using a machine gun to rapidly fire a spray of bullets. A man is surprised when another man kicks his way through a door.
 As a boy, girl and a man watch, a woman (played by a man) sits on the back of a pony, and the pony's legs splay out comically under the weight of the woman. A woman (played by a man) runs through a forest, holding a bird to her chest, the woman trips and the bird flies out of her hands; we see the woman splayed out on the ground and she then gets up unharmed. A man threatens a bird, saying that he will "fry you up and eat you." A man rolls down the windows of a car and we see a bird inside a cage in the backseat slam into the walls of its cage from the force of the wind. A woman (played by a man) shouts when she sees a man holding a bird in between two pieces of bread, and about to take a bite (the bird is later seen unharmed). A man jokingly shouts that his son, who has a hamster taped to his back, needs to get a helmet for the hamster, since the boy is riding a bike. We hear a bird squawking and then see that a boy had taped it, upside down, to his back.
 A man swerves all over the road as he drives, and we see him spin the car around and then face the wrong direction as he shouts at a woman (played by a man) that's in the passenger seat.
 On multiple occasions we see the same clip of a woman (played by a man) being smacked in the head by a large spinning game show wheel; she falls to the ground and is presumably knocked unconscious. A woman (played by a man) is hit on the head by a helicopter ladder.
 A man listens at a doorway as the sound of extremely loud defecation, flatulence and splattering are heard; a woman (played by a man) opens the door and the man outside the door acts as though there is an extremely bad smell, he opens windows and lights candles, a boy and a girl hold their noses and a parrot puts its claws over its beak. A toddler boy and girl are seen in a bathtub, the sound of flatulence is heard and we see bubbles appear near the boy's buttocks; the prolonged sound of flatulence is heard again and we see bubbles appear near the girl's buttocks. A man and a woman (played by a man) both flatulate at the same time. A woman (played by a man) experiences extremely loud stomach growling, and a man makes a joke about the sound as the woman makes a crude joke about defecation being due to eating too much Mexican food; she holds her clothed buttocks as she runs away, she uses crude language to say that she has to defecate and another woman, shown eating chocolate pudding, makes a disgusted face and puts down her bowl. As an older man films a commercial he says he has diarrhea, and a man then asks him if he actually has diarrhea because he looks like he has lost weight. A man crudely tells a woman (played by a man) that she had been "dropping chimichanga bombs," implying defecation. A woman (played by a man) tells several men that as a child a man had frequently urinated in bed; she then jokes that the man could have used a towel for his "pee puddles." A woman (played by a man) cleans her ear with a Q-tip, and we see a large glob of wax on the Q-tip and a man remarks that it could be used as a candle. We see a woman (played by a man) jump out of a bed, and a large sweat-stain in the shape of her body is seen on the bed; a man makes a crude remark about the sweat stain and tells her to "burn the sheets." A man pulls back the covers on a bed, we see a large sweat stain left by a woman (played by a man) and the man lies on top of the sweat stain. A boy watches as a man and a woman (played by a man) pick popcorn from their teeth; we see both the man and the woman pull a piece of chewed-up popcorn out of their mouth and then eat it again. A man dumps a bag of popcorn over a man's head.
 A man shouts at another man, and they argue as a crowd chants "Fight, fight." A man shouts angrily at a woman (played by a man) and she storms away crying. A man shouts at another man over the phone. A man screams in fear when a young girl demonstrates karate moves in front of him. A woman (played by a man) screams when she is startled as a man wakes her up and a parrot screams in response. On multiple occasions a man shouts angrily at a woman (played by a man). A woman (played by a man) shouts angrily at a boy, a girl, a man and a woman, crying as she runs away. A woman (played by a man) loudly whispers a rude remark to a woman, saying that she should have put a "toilet seat cover" on a chair so that a homeless man would not ruin it; the homeless man hears the comment. A man dramatically tells a woman that he is going to kill himself. A woman (played by a man) says that her brother is abusive, adding, "not physically because I could knock him out." A woman (played by a man) jokingly tells a man that she is going to pepper spray him. A man jokingly tells his wife and two children that he had "felt it" when his sister (played by a man) had broken her ankle because she had fallen on his head. A woman (played by a man) makes a crude remark that he had not shaved his armpits in a long time.
 During an interview with twins of various ages we see and hear the following: a young woman jokingly describes how she had "kicked and shoved" her twin sister while in utero, and describes how the other twin had an umbilical cord wrapped around her neck; a man refers to his twin brother as "an extra bag of parts," saying that if he would need a kidney, he could take one from his brother; a man jokingly says that his twin brother had eaten their triplet; and two twins playfully shove and slap one another.
 A woman (played by a man) hits a ball into a man's Oscar statuette and it breaks into multiple pieces. A man is seen holding onto a light fixture in a men's bathroom to avoid a woman (played by a man) who walks into the bathroom.

PROFANITY 3 - 2 mild scatological terms, 1 mild obscenity, 7 stereotypically racist references to Latinos (steal white people's wallets, sneaking across the border, hiding from immigration, saying multiple people's names are Juan and Jose), 1 stereotypically racist reference to Jews ("she doesn't look Jewish"), name-calling (freak, fatter and your hair doesn't realize it needs to cover more face, weird, fat, Al Qaeda, psycho, doesn't look like a woman, crazy, Al Sharpton on HGH, incredibly homely, nocturnal like a bat, weirdo, idiot, loser, nuclear power plant big, look a little bit like Bin Laden, Castro, rat face, a man having "extra goop" after going on diet, annoyance, prostitwin, Mayor McCheese, self deluded sycophantic hack, Colonel Sanders, cheese tray, backup twin), exclamations (shut up, golly, gosh, heck), 27 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see a woman (played by a man) drinking liquor directly from the bottle and acting intoxicated, a man and a woman (played by a man) drink shots of liquor, we see a man offering wine to a woman (played by a man), people are seen with glasses of wine on dinner tables, and a bird chugs a small bottle of liquor.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Cross-dressing, twins, "twinspeak," disappointment, loneliness, bribery, blackmail, regret, depression, anti-Semitism, racist depictions of Latinos, racist depictions of Jews, family arguments.

MESSAGE - Getting along with family can be difficult but rewarding.

Special Keywords: S4 - V4 - P3 - MPAAPG

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