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The Intern [2015] [PG-13] - 4.2.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A retired executive (Robert De Niro) returns to work after his wife dies, and at age 70 he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion house. He is popular with younger staff members and his boss (Anne Hathaway) recognizes his wisdom and likeability. Also with Rene Russo, Adam DeVine, Reid Scott, Zack Pearlman, Andrew Rannells and Anders Holm. Directed by Nancy Meyers. [2:01]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A female massage therapist rubs the shoulders of a seated man, who says the massage feels good; the therapist then reaches down his back and rubs his lower back, buttocks and thighs and his eyes look glazed as a young man seated next to him chuckles, points below the table at the older man's groin and a younger man seated on the other side looks and grins; as the woman leaves, the first younger man hands the older man a newspaper, which the older man places over his groin (a close-up shows somewhat of a bulge at the zipper area of the trousers).
 A wife and husband kiss twice and embrace (implying sex as the scene fades to black). A husband and his wife lie clothed in bed side by side and she asks if he wants to have sex, but he has fallen asleep; he wakes up, she asks again, and he says they will do it tomorrow so she spoons him and he says that he is too tired for sex.
 An elderly woman on a sidewalk invites herself to dinner at an older man's home, but he asks for a rain check, she says, "You're cute, you know that," takes his chin in her hand and kisses him passionately for several seconds; he does not respond and she bats her eyes and walks away. A man sees his boss' husband get into a car, kiss another woman and ride off with her. A man and a woman kiss hello at their front door. A woman kisses a man goodbye on the cheek as she leaves for work, implying that she stayed overnight and they had sex. A man takes an opportunity to put his arm around a woman's shoulders as she cries and she agrees to go out with him.
 A female massage therapist sits an older man in a chair, removes his socks, rubs oil over one of his feet and massages up the calf and over the knee to the lower thigh with the trouser leg raised to that point (the man moans several times) as a younger man enters the room, startles and shouts as he stumbles back out in embarrassment (from his view, we see the seated woman bending forward, over the seated man, whose legs are slightly apart, the view suggesting possible sexual interaction but no sex occurs).
 A younger man tells an older man that he accidentally had sex with his potential girlfriend's roommate and apologized by email; the older man tells the other man to go to her and apologize in person. A man looks at a male friend's date at a funeral and tells the friend "Wowza," meaning that the woman is beautiful. A woman helps an older man (her intern) set up a Facebook page with the status "Single," telling him she is sorry his wife died. A twenty-something man tells an older male friend who offered him a place to stay, "I love you" and the older man says the same, both meaning friendship. A woman states that sexism in business is still real. A woman says that in our daily references girls became women and men became boys, which is confusing. A woman admits that she knows her husband is having an affair, cries and says, "I believe he still loves me." A man tells a woman that he was married to his now deceased wife for 42 years, while on TV a man sings a love song to a woman and the older man on the bed cries and wipes his eyes. A husband enters his wife's office and apologizes for adultery, stating that the affair is over; she begins to cry, he takes her hand in a close-up of the hands, and they embrace twice as they each say, "I love you."
 Two models on a laptop screen wear tops that reveal slight cleavage. A few women are shown wearing long cocktail dresses that reveal partially bared backs and a couple of women reveal slight cleavage in a long shot.

VIOLENCE/GORE 2 - Three men break into a woman's house with a key to erase an email from a laptop: they find a home alarm beeping in the kitchen, hear over the phone that it is a fake unit, but then hear a louder alarm siren begin sounding after several seconds as we hear police sirens in the background and one of the men in the house shouts, "We're dead! We're dead! My life is over! I'm going to be a felon!" and when the three men run outside and find their driver dancing in his seat to rap music with the car doors locked, the men rap on the windows and are ignored. A man jumps on the hood of a car and yells through the windshield, "Open the [expletive deleted] doors!" when the driver jumps, startled and opens the doors.
 Two brief scenes feature funerals in which men and women dress in black and have solemn facial expressions; both scenes feature closed coffins covered with flowers and in the second scene, four pallbearers carry the coffin down a funeral home aisle. In a waiting area for job interviews, an older man falls asleep with an oxygen tank leaning against him and a tube running to his nostrils.
 At a funeral an elderly woman sees a male friend with another woman and raises her middle finger to him in an obscene gesture as he looks her way (she raises the finger and mouths silently "You").
 An elderly woman drives a limo and her younger woman passenger in the back screams and gasps twice as the driver nearly hits two vehicles in succession (she misses both) and curses; the camera cuts to the passenger having taken over driving and we see the older woman in the back seat; the original passenger tells an employee later that she has no driver's license. A hotel fire alarm sounds at night and dozens of guests stand on the sidewalk as a staff member at the entrance announces that the alarm was false.
 A driver tells his boss that he is sick and she tells him to go home. We hear that a man's wife died. A woman cries and says that she does not want to be buried alone as her eyes, face and throat turn red. A woman cries as she hears that her investors want to hire a male CEO to run her company. An overworked receptionist cries when given help from a senior intern, feeling she is not doing enough work. A little girl cries loudly because she has to miss a birthday party. A woman cries until her eyes, face, and throat are red. An older man tells a woman that she can be buried next to him and his wife. A massage therapist says, "Sitting is the new smoking" (as a health risk). We hear that a woman has a mild heart condition. We hear that bedbugs infested a clothing warehouse and one bug was found in a package of clothing, requiring the building to be fumigated. A woman in the back of a limo snores very loudly for several seconds; she awakens and explains that her parents, sleep scientists, say she is a noisy sleeper. A woman accidentally sends an email, stating that her mother is like a terrorist, to her mother instead of to her husband and asks her staff for help retrieve it. A three- or four-year-old girl tells her family twice that a female preschool classmate is bipolar; at school, the second girl sees the first girl and hides behind an adult.
 A woman vomits into a large trashcan beside a tavern; we hear retching, but do not see any vomit, and she wipes her mouth on a friend's handkerchief. A woman says that she is nauseous (she does not vomit). A woman stays home when a man says that he is sick (no vomiting), but appears fine in a couple of hours.

PROFANITY 5 - At least 1 F-word, 1 obscene hand gesture accompanied by a mouthed "You," 5 anatomical terms, 2 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, maniac, demented, terrorist, screw up, boys, chick thing, raging [mild obscenity deleted], condescending sexist know-it-all), exclamations (I swear, Wow, Wowza, Oy vey), 20 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, God, Thank God, Jeez). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man picks up a pill case that is sectioned into days of the week and removes three tablets from one section (we see a blurry images of bottles of vitamins on a shelf behind him and he does not swallow the tablets in his hand), a man swallows a pill in his workplace and explains that it is medication that he takes once daily for high blood pressure as younger staff members remark on his red face and throat (he says that he is fine and sometimes just becomes tired), and a woman says that she will take a sedative after two glasses of wine she drank have left her system. A man holds a glass of wine in his kitchen (he does not drink it), a man tells a woman that college graduates spent the last four years playing beer pong, a man has a glass of wine at his dinner place setting at home and he picks up the glass and takes a large drink from it, a woman takes two bottles of beer and a pizza to an intern's desk and they both drink form the bottles, four men and a woman drink double shots of clear liquor with lime slices at a tavern where the back bar is crowded with four tiers of liquor bottles (the woman begins slurring words and a man warns her to watch the amount she drinks), a woman drinks four double shots and begins to fall (a man catches her and tells her that who is not going to drink anymore (the woman becomes ill outside the tavern), a flight attendant pours wine for two passengers (they do not drink it), we hear that a woman drank two glass of wine, a woman drinks from glasses containing vodka, and a company owner's limo driver leans against his parked limo and drinks alcohol from a bottle in a paper bag when an older man sees this and tells the driver to take the day off because he is unsafe to drive.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - The world of business, styles of office attire, manners, older workers, ageism, sexism, persistence, determination, initiative, confidence, courage, making decisions, relationships, family, marriage, fidelity, friendship, love, respect, forgiveness, reconciliation.

MESSAGE - Senior citizens can be valuable as employees and friends.

Special Keywords: S4 - V2 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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