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The Inbetweeners Movie [2012] [R] - 9.5.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the popular British show, four misfit teens band together for an epic vacation abroad after graduating from high school. With Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas and Emily Head. Directed by Ben Palmer. [1:37]

SEX/NUDITY 9 - We see a presumably fully-nude teen boy (we see his bare chest and back while his crotch is covered by a large glove) watching on a webcam a woman wearing a negligee as she licks a sex toy; the teen boy is implied to be masturbating and we see him using lunch meat and throwing it on the bed as he pants and his mother and younger sister open the door (the girl looks disgusted, his mother does not appear to care and the woman on the webcam makes a crude sexual suggestion that the teen boy should perform on his mother).
 Two teen boys are awakened by crude sexual moaning and an unseen woman's voice instructing an unseen teen boy how to sexually satisfy her, causing the two teens to act disgusted and run away; the unseen teen boy then walks out on a patio and we see that he is shirtless with a towel around his waist and it appears that he has a large erection.
 We see a teen boy performing manual stimulation on an older woman; two other teen boys act disgusted and we hear one teen boy's voiceover jokingly state the other teen boy is perfecting his manual stimulation skills.
 On a stage a man dances suggestively, and we see his genitals and bare buttocks as two teen boys watch: the club announcer suggests that the dancer is going to perform fellatio on himself when we see the man pull his leg over his head and (self-fellatio is implied but not seen); we hear a teen boy's voiceover say that two teen boys had been close enough to smell the nude man's genitals. We see a teen boy's bare genitals after a boy pulls down his swimming trunks and we hear the boy tease the teen boy about the size of his genitals. A teen boy takes off his underwear and holds his hand over his genitals. The outline of a teen boy's genitals are seen through his wet swimming trunks. Four teen boys wear T-shirts with a crude drawing of a cat with giant, male genitalia on the front and crude sexual nicknames on the back. A teen boy draws large male genitals on another teen boy's back with sunscreen and a group of teen girls then tell the teen boy that he has male genitalia on his back. We see a shirtless teen boy appear to trim his pubic hair (we see him blow hair from the razor).
 A young woman unzips her dress and takes off her bra and underwear in front of a teen boy (her bare back is visible), she asks a teen boy to take off his clothing and he pulls down his pants (we see his bare back and buttocks); the young woman places the teen boy's hand on her bare breasts and when the young woman turns around we see her bare buttocks. A teen boy asks a teen girl if she would like to kiss, and the teen girl takes the teen boy's hand and leads him away, saying she might also perform oral sex on him. A teen boy takes off his clothing (we see his bare buttocks) as a teen girl take off her dress (we see her in her bra and underwear); another teen girl takes off her dress (we see her bra and underwear), asks the teen boy to kiss her and he turns her down (as she walks away we see her take off her brassiere). A teen boy crudely jokes that he already has an erection as he walks down a street where we see many young women dancing suggestively and wearing skimpy dresses, bikini tops and short shorts.
 We hear a woman moaning sexually while a teen boy watches a pornographic webcam video; the woman is wearing a negligee and rubs her breasts suggestively while making a sexual comment, as the teen boy crudely tells the woman that he is sexually aroused. A teen boy puts his head in between an older woman's breasts.
 A teen boy stumbles into a man and a young woman having sex and we see the man pull up his pants (no nudity is visible) as another young woman appears and shouts at the man for having sex with another woman.
 We see a teen boy and a teen girl kissing passionately as the teen girl, fully clothed, thrusts on top of the teen boy. We see a teen boy on top of a teen girl: they are both fully clothed and the teen boy is thrusting until the teen girl interrupts him and they talk about how they can kiss because the teen boy is not in a relationship; we then see the teen boy and teen girl kissing passionately. A teen boy and teen girl kiss passionately, the teen boy reaches for the teen girl's chest and she pulls away. A teen boy and a teen girl kiss passionately in front of a crowd of people. A teen boy and a young woman kiss passionately. We see a teen boy and a teen girl kissing passionately in front of a crowd of people. A teen boy acts disgusted when his father and his young wife kiss.
 A young woman offers to have sex with a teen boy, the teen boy asks if it is as a girlfriend or as a prostitute and the young woman remarks that it would be as a girlfriend. A teen boy dances suggestively with two women. At a crowded club we see women dancing suggestively while wearing short skirts.
 A teen boy tells a young woman that he wants a kiss as he tries to grab her breasts and she pushes him away (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details) while she shouts that she flirts with people because of her job and she is not interested in sleeping with every man.
 A teen boy crudely jokes with two other teen boys that they have sex with young women on the dance floor. A teen boy crudely describes masturbating while wearing a condom. A teen boy crudely declares that a young woman will perform oral sex on him. A teen boy tells three other teen boys that he had received oral sex from an older woman and had only partially had sex with her. A teen boy tells four other teens that his mother had "caught him." A teen boy tells another teen boy that his former girlfriend was busy performing oral sex on another man. A teen boy's voiceover explains that his father had sex with his secretary. A young woman tells a teen boy that she had been having sex with her boyfriend the previous night, she then asks the teen boy what the best sex he has ever had was and the teen boy then remarks that he has never had sex. On two occasions a teen boy crudely describes how he is going to have sex with a young woman who is very sexually excited by him. A teen boy makes a crude remark about missing a teen girl's breasts and genitals. A young woman makes a remark about her boyfriend being an excellent lover. A young woman tells a teen boy not to worry about having sex, saying that if he hasn't had sex in a year that she will have sex with him. A man crudely remarks to a teen boy that another teen boy can smell the man's fingers if he wants to have sex with a teen girl. A teen boy tells two other teen boys that he had touched a young woman's breast. A teen boy tells three other teen boys that he had gotten pubic hair on his hands, knees and face when he laid down on a bathroom floor. A man crudely jokes that two teen boys enjoyed watching a man perform fellatio on himself. A teen boy tells two other teen boys that he will not have sex with any young women because he is dating another teen girl. A group of teen boys throughout the movie refer to themselves as a crude term for female genitalia. A young man crudely tells four teenage boys that they can go to the beach and watch people having sex. A teen boy makes a crude list of sexual words that three other teen boys will engage in during a sex-filled holiday. A man tells his teen son and three other teen boys that he had sex frequently when he was on vacation as a teenager; the man then makes a crude remark about women being sexually excited by the sun and the man's teen son acts disgusted. A woman teases her teenage son, telling another teen boy and his parents that her teen son at the age of 7 had run around a party with his pants down, making a crude remark about his genitals. In front of a group of people, a man makes a crude joke about his teen son not being upset when teen girls dump him because he has small genitals. A man makes a crude remark to another man that he looks gay, and then crudely describes how he would have been more obviously gay. A teen boy crudely tells another teen boy that he has a dollar bill shoved up his buttocks.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A man grabs a teen boy's throat and shoves him against a bar while shouting at him (the boy walks out of the bar while crying). As a teen boy tries to grab a young woman's breasts, she slaps him in the face and storms away. Two teen boys wrestle and pant and they both appear to be in headlocks. Two teen boys lunge at each other, shouting and punching each other. A man punches a teen boy in the stomach and walks away.
 We see an elderly man lift a dead dog from a well, the man then grabs a teen boy's hand and shakes it and the teen boy looks disgusted. We see a teen boy pull a dollar bill from his pants (it is implied that the dollar bill was in the teen boy's buttocks), and a man then uses the dollar bill to snort drugs; we see feces on the man's nose and when two young women see the feces on the man's nose they act disgusted. We see feces in a bidet; a teen boy uses a toilet brush to push the feces. A teen boy urinates on the floor of a bathroom and we see the stream and puddle of urine. We hear a teen boy urinating.
 A teen boy throws up over the side of a boat and we see vomit hit two people; the boy then leans over the other side of the boat, vomits on a second couple and we see chunks of vomit coming from his mouth and hitting the couple. We see a teen boy vomit, with vomit coming from his mouth. We see a teen boy vomiting profusely on a street corner and then vomiting into a well.
 A boy throws a bucket of water on a teen boy, the teen boy shouts and chases the boy, and the teen boy lifts the boy over a pool when the boy shouts that he cannot swim; the boy pulls down the trunks of the teen boy (we see his genitals), the teen boy throws the boy in the pool, and the boy appears unable to swim and is rescued by two men.
 A man runs into a teen boy with a four-wheeler, and the boy falls to the ground and winces in pain, and then limps away. As part of a drinking game, we see a teen boy light a strip of toilet paper on fire between two other teen boy's pants; the boys slap at the fire until a third teen boy has to kick the burning toilet paper out from their pants. We see a teen boy whack another teen boy in the groin, and the boy cries out in pain and doubles over. A boy teases a teen boy and then tips him into a pool; the teen boy shouts and tries to chase the boy, but then laughs it off. A teen boy lifts up another teen boy by the waistband of his underwear until a teen girl tells the teen boy to drop the other boy and he does.
 We see a teen boy struggling to swim to shore from a boat, a helicopter rescues him and we see the boy loaded onto a stretcher and into an ambulance (he is later seen fully recovered in a hospital bed).
 A man makes a menacing motion that he is going to cut off a teen boy's head after the teen boy shouts the man's name. A young woman shouts at a teen boy.
 A teen boy makes a crude joke that another teen boy will kill himself because he became sexually aroused while being raped. A teen boy tells another teen boy that he is thinking about putting stones in his pockets and throwing himself in a swimming pool. A teen boy jokes that he is going to hang himself. Two teen boys explain to another teen boy that they believe foreign police officers take people into the hills and beat them, and then rape them. A teen boy tells another teen boy that he will slap the other teen boy in the groin every time he mentions a teen girl. A young man tells two teen boys that he thinks he might have accidentally killed an elderly man and the boys act unfazed. During a speech, a man encourages an entire room full of teenagers to "try not to kill anyone." A teen boy's voiceover says that the only way school would have been the best time of his life is if he had died immediately. An older man tells a group of teen boys that they can be fined for defecating on the floor of their rented apartment. A teen boy tells another teen boy that he had defecated in a bidet. A young man tells a teen boy that a young woman had asked him to urinate on her, so he did.

PROFANITY 10 - About 95 F-words and its derivatives, 29 sexual references, 30 scatological terms, 84 anatomical terms (8 mild), 10 mild obscenities, 1 racial slur for Middle Easterners, name-calling (cow, wally, fat ones, light weight, lanky, whiny puff, Nazi, Krauts, lard [anatomical term deleted], cretin, not normal, creepy, saucy bugger, innit, clearly mental, clinical moron, idiot, awkward, weird, lunatic giant, idiot, stupid idiot friend, wuss, utter scumbag, weirdo), exclamations (bloody, bullocks, shut up), 19 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man snorts what appears to be a line of cocaine (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). Throughout the movie we see teens drinking in excess, a teen boy is shown to be extremely intoxicated and we see him continuing to drink liquor even after his friends suggest he is too drunk, we see four teen boys drinking liquor and beer at a bar, and a woman teases her teenage son and tells a group of people that at the age of 7 he had gotten drunk on brandy.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Friendship, fidelity in a relationship, revenge, teenage years, teen sexuality.

MESSAGE - All friendships must go through tribulations. Teens can be obsessed with sex.

Special Keywords: S9 - V5 - P10 - MPAAR

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