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Immortals [2011] [R] - 6.10.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Theseus (Henry Cavill) is a mortal selected and trained by Zeus (Luke Evans) to lead the fight against King Hyperion (Mickey Rourke), who's on a quest to find a mythical weapon that can destroy humanity. Also with Freida Pinto, Stephen Dorff, Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz and John Hurt. Directed by Tarsme Singh. [1:50]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - A young man and a young woman kiss, the young woman removes her dress, and we see her bare buttocks and profile of her bare breast; the young woman climbs into bed with the young man, the young man gets on top of the young woman and they have sex (we see him thrusting).
 The bare chest of a woman is seen, and her breasts are visible under body paint. Throughout the movie we see shirtless men with their bare chests and backs visible. On multiple occasions we see a woman wearing a tight, cleavage-exposing corset. Throughout the movie we see paintings, statues and reliefs of shirtless and nude men; in paintings rough outlines of male genitals are visible.
 A man makes a crude come-on to a young woman, asking if she could use only her tongue to open the hard shell of a nut; the young woman declines his advances. A man makes a crude sexual joke to a young man in reference to four young women he identified as virgins, saying he would "not mind knowing" the four young women for the night. A man makes a crude remark to a young man and a young woman, implying that they had previously had sex. A young man says that another young man had been conceived when his mother was raped. A man tells a young man that "his seed" is strong" and he then implies that generations of people will be his offspring. A woman asks her son if she will have grandchildren before she dies, and the young man jokingly responds that lighting candles will not cause babies to be born.

VIOLENCE/GORE 10 - During an extended battle sequence, we see the following: Soldiers and men fight using knives, swords and sharpened staves to stab and cut one another, and blood flies through the air; a man chops off the head of another man and we see the man's body fall to the ground and the bloody head roll next to the body; a man stabs another man in the stomach while holding him from behind, and he drops the bloody body to the ground with the sword still in his stomach; in slow-motion we see a man throw a lance through the air, it stabs a man in the throat and blood sprays from the wound; in slow-motion a group of men stab one another with swords, we see two men sliced across the chest and blood sprays from the wounds; a man stabs another man in the stomach and chest and then kicks him to the ground; a man is seen lying on the ground with blood pouring out of his ear and a cut on his arm; a man fires an arrow at a man, the man explodes into blood and gore and we see masked soldiers swarm over him; a man stabs a man in the back and chest, and we see blood as the man uses a trident to stab another man through the neck; a man holds back the head of another man and slices through his neck, and blood bubbles from the gaping wound; and in slow motion we see a man killing numerous men, and he slowly runs through a crowd of soldiers, slicing through them with a knife and their body parts drop to the side (at least four of the men are seen being cut in half).
 During a battle sequence we see a man use a chain to whip through the body of a man; he then uses the chain to knock over five other men, the chain cuts through the bodies of two of the men, and we see their heads and torsos separate and fall to the ground.
 During an extended combat scene between a man and a young man we see the following: a young man smashes a large rock against the man's toe, the young man holds the man at knifepoint, the two men wrestle and the man kicks the young man's hand just as he is about to stab him, the young man punches a bloody knife into the man's throat (blood pours from the wound), the man fires a magic bow at the young man, the young man stabs the man in the stomach five times and blood spurts from the wound, the young man tosses the man off his back as the man attempts to strangle him and the man punches the young man, knocking him to the ground.
 As a young man watches, a masked soldier grabs another man, and a large bloody wound is seen on the man's chest and dried blood is seen on the man's back and face and splattered on his neck; the injured man grabs a pair of shears, holds them to the soldier's neck, he laughs and says that the injured man cannot kill anyone and the injured man pulls out his own tongue and cuts it off (we see blood spurt from his mouth) and two masked soldiers carry the injured man away.
 A man forces a young man to watch as he slices the throat of his mother; the young man screams and we see blood gurgle from the large cut, the man lifts the woman's head and gory tissue is seen in the flap of her neck, and the man wipes his bloody knife on another man's shirt.
 A man shouts and in a crazed rage throws himself onto a large metal bull positioned over a fire: we hear the man's flesh sizzle as he touches the hot metal, we hear screaming coming from inside the bull and two men help the man push it over, the bull breaks open and the bloody, burnt and shiny bodies of three young women are discovered inside; a young woman cries as she tries to hold the hand of one of the dying young women and moments later they are dead.
 A young man appears from the sky, and crashes a sword into a masked soldier and blood sprays from his crushed body. A young man uses an unseen force to explode four masked soldiers into a spray of gore and blood, throwing the last of the four men into a wall with a massive blood spray shown behind his dead and crushed body (his head and upper body appear to have been blown away).
 During an extended combat sequence we see the following: A young man and large masked soldier fight, the masked soldier throws a knife at the young man, knocking a bow from his hands; the masked soldier repeatedly knocks the young man to the ground, bashing him with a club; the young man finds a meat cleaver and digs it into the masked soldier's leg and dark blood pours from the wound; the young man is pinned to the ground by the masked soldier, and the young man kicks the masked soldier's legs from beneath him and uses a meat cleaver to chop at the soldier's neck; the young man throws the masked soldier off him and uses a club to beat him in the chest and head (we hear the crush of bones and tissue and the masked soldier breathes heavily); the young man chops off the head of the masked soldier, it falls to the ground, blood pours from the neck wound and we later see the young man throw the head into the ocean.
 A man shoves a spear into another man's stomach and blood pours from the wound; the man swings a sword around, beheading the other man (his head rolls to the ground) and we see the man kicking the headless body off a cliff and into the sea (blood pours from the neck wound). A masked soldier slices through a man's face and neck and we see blood splatter from the wounds.
 A man attempts to comfort his dying daughter (we see blood coming from a small hole in her neck), and a young man watches as the man is then attacked by another man and struck with a large sword; the man falls to the ground but is later seen unharmed.
 A young man runs through a crowd of soldiers, slicing through the chests of three soldiers, and throwing a sword through the chest of another; the young man throws a spiked pole through the air and it stabs a soldier in the chest (a massive amount of blood is seen spraying in slow motion from the wounds of the soldiers as they fall to the ground) and several soldiers surround the young man and trap him under a net.
 A sword is plunged into a man's back as two swordsmen try to stave off a group of warriors, that includes multiple masked soldiers; a man stabs two soldiers in the chest and blood sprays from the masked soldier's wounds.
 A masked soldier roughly grabs a young man, shoves him to the ground and uses a claw-shaped weapon to tear across his face (four bloody scratches are immediately seen and we later see the young man's face, covered with more dried, bloody scratches).
 A masked soldier shoves an injured young man with bloody scratches on his face, against a wall and he lifts up a hammer and aims it at the young man's crotch. We hear a very graphic squishing sound as a man narrates that the young man will never be able to have children -- implying the young man's genitals had been crushed.
 A man uses a whip made of fire to whip a young man: the force of the whip knocks the young man through a rock cliff, we see a giant hole in the cliff and later see the young man's body, which appears to be partially crushed and decaying, set into a round stone monument.
 A man pours oil over the face and head of a kneeling older man, the man then kicks over a candle and the older man explodes into flames (we hear screaming and see the man's burning body twitch and writhe in pain).
 We hear screams in the distance as a masked soldier pulls a handcuffed young man into a room filled with mutilated men with their faces covered in bloody cuts; men hanging from stakes in the ground with blood covering their dead bodies and the masked soldier throws the young man to the ground.
 A man washes off his blood-soaked hands and the blood turns the water red. A young man uses a knife to cut his arm as he performs a ritual and we see a stream of blood pour from the wound. A man lurches forward, he falls down and we see a knife sticking out of his back and a small amount of blood.
 A man stabs a masked soldier in the eye, and through a hole in his mask; no blood is visible but the sharpened stick is seen hanging out of the soldier's eye. A man slowly shoves his thumbs into another man's eyes (we hear a graphic squishing sound as the man drops to the ground but no blood is visible).
 A young man sees four masked soldiers holding several men and a young woman at sword point, the young man fires a magic bow, and the arrows explode into a force of light that knocks the four men back and presumably killing them (no blood is visible). Many soldiers appear and swarm toward other men and we see the soldiers holding various weapons and attacking the men (no blood is visible but the sound of cutting flesh and shouting is heard); a young man disappears into the sky just as several soldiers are about to attack him and the building they are in begins to crumble and shake.
 Three men and a young woman escape unharmed as a massive wave lifts up a ship filled with men and smashes it against a cliff wall; we also see men on a dock next to the boat being lifted into the wave and presumably drowning.
 A young man runs toward a village that is on fire, we see smoke and flames coming from the buildings and hear women screaming; the young man discovers men surrounding his mother, with one man holding a sword against her neck, and the young man throws a spear, which hits a man in the chest and knocks him to the ground (no blood is visible).
 As a narrator explains, an ancient conflict between the Greek gods ensued after they discovered that the gods could kill one another; we see an illustration of men fighting and a severed arm is seen floating in mid-air. We see a young man, several men and a young woman investigating dead bodies lying on the ground.
 With no visible blood, we see three young women attack several guards: in slow-motion we see the young women whip around and stab the guards and their bodies fall to the ground; several men attack two additional guards and moments later a man, a young man and a young woman are seen running from the scene, unharmed.
 On multiple occasions we see several men trapped inside a cube, their skin appears to be covered in rusty, oxidized scales, their mouths are propped open by a pole connecting all of the men's mouths and they appear to be paralyzed (only their eyes are able to move).
 Three young women are handcuffed and thrown on the ground in front of a man, one of the young women has one eye swollen shut and all three are covered in dirt, cuts and dried blood; a man holds a sword to eye of one of the young women and makes vague threats to kill them, as a masked soldier explains that the young women along with several men had killed guards (he says that they will "experience pain unique to their gender").
 A young man shoves a soldier, kicking him in the chest and knocking him to the ground and then taking his sword, two soldiers rush the young man, he knocks them both down, hitting one in the chest with a sword and throwing the other to the ground, he then grabs the third man and holds the sword against his throat while three other soldiers surround him with their swords drawn; the young man threatens to kill the man.
 A man fires an arrow into a building, the building shakes and we later see the building implode, killing people that were trapped inside, including a band of mythical soldiers that had been enchanted into killing an entire race of people. A man fires a magical bow, the arrow breaks through a massive door, and the force of the door exploding knocks several men back.
 A man makes a threat and lunges toward a young man, drawing his sword against the young man's throat; the man then drops the sword and the young man walks away rapidly. A young man slams a man to the ground, holds a knife to his throat and moments later walks away, leaving the man unharmed. A woman shoves another woman, knocking her into a shallow fountain; we later see the woman, soaking wet and being asked by her son if she had "an accident." A young man shoves a soldier out of his way as he storms off.
 A young man tells a young woman that he had watched a man kill his mother, the young man tells the young woman that he needs to bury his mother and we see the young man wrapping his dead mother in a shroud and placing her into a catacomb.
 We see the vision experienced by a young boy, with men in the middle of a battle with swords being stabbed through men's chests and arms and blood spraying. A young woman tells three other young women that she had a dream that mythical creatures were released and will take over the world; as the young woman speaks, we see men that had been trapped inside a cube being released, light pours from them and we hear screaming and the clashing of swords. A young man dreams that men trapped inside a cube are released when a man fires an arrow made of energy into the cube; the cube explodes into a bolt of light and the young man wakes up with a start.
 A young woman tells a man and a young man that horses will run until their hearts give out; we see horses fall to the ground, panting and struggling to stand up and the young woman tells a young man that the horses are dying (moments later the horses are motionless). A young man is startled when he discovered dead pigeons lying on the ground.
 Men, battered and covered in dried blood from various cuts, are seen with logs chained to their shoulders; the men drag and carry the logs as they walk. A young man awakens and grunts in pain, we see a bloody gash on his arm, and a young woman tells the young man that he had been poisoned and she cleans the wound. A young woman is seen tending to the bloody, singed hand of a man who had been burned.
 A man warns a young woman and three young men that their punishment would be death if they disobeyed his instructions. A young man asks a man if the man had butchered the young man's mother. A young woman warns three young women that a man and his army could destroy a country. A young man warns an older man that staying in a village will be "suicide" when a tyrannical king comes. A man warns a young woman that "it would be slaughter" to approach a man. An older man warns a young man that he fears that a young man will anger the gods. A man shouts at several soldiers holding a young man captive under a net, and he instructs the men not to kill the young man, but to take him as a slave. A masked soldier tells a man that soldiers had been killed by a storm at sea and the man shouts angrily. A young woman tells a young man that two men had put the body of a dead young man to rest. A man tells an older man that his wife and daughter had "suffered like animals" and died. A man shouts to a crowd that another man had overthrown a monastery; we hear the crowd shouting angrily as the man instructs them to move if they want to live. A young man shouts at a man and the man warns the young man that a village of people will die. A young woman's voiceover explains that multiple villages had been destroyed by a king, who also made sure all pregnant women were killed and the rest of the people taken as slaves. A young man asks a young woman why she would risk her life to save his and the young woman explains that she had risked her life so that they both would not die. A man says that a young man looks ill (we see the young man slumped over) and that he "will not survive the night" (we later see the young man fully recovered). A man tells a young woman that a young man is destined to defend people from death. A young man tells an older man that he is willing to use force to protect his loved ones. A man asks a young man if he is willing to suffer to protect people he does not know. A young man tries to tempt a man by offering to tell him a place where he can find "slaves and women"; the man dismisses the young man, saying that he already has slaves and women.
 We see statues throughout the movie in various stages of attack; one scene shows a young boy looking at the statue of his father, about to stab a man wearing a bull mask through the neck. We see a young boy training by hitting a stick against a tree as an older man watches.
 A man spits into a fountain and we see the spittle leave his mouth. A man spits into a spittoon on multiple occasions. We see chewed up flecks of food stuck in a man's beard after he spits. A young woman dribbles water from her mouth into the mouth of a young man.

PROFANITY 2 - 1 sexual reference, 4 mild obscenities, name-calling (old man, worn out old goat, traitor, coward, harlot, mad man, heathens, alluring palm reader, peasant lover). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Men drink from casks, which appear to contain wine.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Greek mythology, tyranny, deception, betrayal, social classes, olive branch of peace, oracles, justice.

MESSAGE - Greek mythology can be re-imagined in many bloody ways.

Special Keywords: S6 - V10 - P2 - MPAAR

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