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Ice Age: Continental Drift [2012] [PG] - 1.3.2



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The friends from the previous "Ice Age" installments (voiced by Ray Romano, John Leguizamo and Denis Leary) find themselves in great danger when their world crumbles as the Earth shifts to form new land masses. They are separated, reunited and make new friends while fending off cutthroat pirate animals and trying to get home. Also with the voices of Alan Tudyk, Wanda Sykes, Jeremy Renner, KeKe Palmer, Jennifer Lopez, Aziz Ansari, Seann William Scott, Queen Latifah, Josh Peck and Joy Behar. Directed by Steve Martino, Michael Thurmeier & Carlos Saldanha. [1:27]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A male and a female mammoth rub foreheads together lovingly in a few scenes. A male saber-toothed tiger and a male sloth are thrown together (one lies on top of the other) and we they kiss (they separate when they realize what they are doing).
 Three animals see sirens that make themselves into opposite genders to attract them and talk to them seductively (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). A male and a female squirrel are shown sitting in a hot tub and holding beverages.
 A mammoth and a sloth tease a saber-toothed tiger about being in love with another saber-toothed tiger. A teen mammoth talks about another teen mammoth and describes him as being cute and hot. A saber-toothed tiger tackles another saber-toothed tiger and a sloth says, "If they kiss I'm gonna puke." Jokes are made about the size of a seal's backside. A mammoth tells her teen daughter, "Cute boys can whiplash your brain."

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - An extended earthquake scene shows landmasses separating violently and family members being separated (no one is injured); a sloth is thrown high into the air and a mammoth and a saber-toothed tiger are pulled under water by the large piece of ice they are sitting on (they are unharmed). We see large landmasses breaking apart as well as heave and push against other landmasses in several scenes causing animals to run and panic.
 Pirate animals launch ice balls at a small ice float where four characters are standing; one pirate throws several knives that stick in the tusk of a mammoth (he's OK), a saber-toothed tiger tackles another saber-toothed tiger, a large seal flops on top of a sloth (we see him flattened but he is OK) and a pirate shoots a mammoth in the head with an ice ball knocking him unconscious. Many pirate animals with knives and other weapons threaten four animals on an ice float and talk about eating them. A mole slams a chunk of ice onto a pirate ape's foot and he yells in pain. A pirate holds a knife to the throat of a sloth. A pirate ape holds a knife to the throat of a mammoth. A pirate ape and a mammoth fight with tusks and swords and the ape nearly slices the mammoth's eye (we see the blade moving in slow motion). A mammoth and an ape pirate fight using tusks and a sword (neither is injured). A pirate drags his sharp claw nail along a sloth's abdomen to his throat and describes how he will cut him open. A pirate ape threatens his crew and cracks a whip in several scenes. A pirate ape grabs a saber-toothed tiger by the throat and threatens to kill her. An ape pirate stomps on the flipper of a seal pirate. A mammoth is shown tied to a ship's mast. A mammoth and a saber-toothed tiger are shown tied to a ship's mast.
 A whale rises up out of the ocean and sprays pirate animals with water from its blowhole (the pirates are thrown back). A huge crab snaps its claws at a sloth and the sloth moves near the edge of an ice float nearly falling off; the crab is swept away by a large windstorm (we see one of its legs remaining). A large ice float with three animals on it is taken into the air where it hovers briefly and then slams down onto the ocean (the animals are shown unharmed). Several large hooks are launched from a huge ice float and slam into a small ice float where four characters are standing. A rabbit with knives attacks what he thinks is a mammoth and cuts its head off (we see that the head is a watermelon and the mammoth is a decoy). A mammoth slams a pirate ape into a wall and he falls unconscious. A saber-toothed tiger chases another saber-toothed tiger, he dodges obstacles that she throws in his way and he tackles her. Many small animals charge toward a pack of pirate animals with weapons and sail away on leaves at the last minute. A huge ice float cracks apart and sinks throwing all of its passengers into the ocean (we see several float away on a smaller ice float); a saber-toothed tiger flounders in the water until she is pulled onto an ice float by others.
 Several animals on an ice float see sirens that try to entice them to come closer and we see the sirens change into monsters with large pointed teeth (the animals get away unharmed). An ape pirate swims toward a siren that he sees as a female ape and when he gets close he is snapped inside a large clamshell. A rabbit is squashed by another animal (we see him flattened but is unharmed). A mammoth is thrown and nearly crashes into a rock wall but is caught in a whale's mouth.
 Large narwhals with large, pointed horns circle in the ocean as a sloth is forced to walk a plank off a large ice float. A mole is pushed off a ledge by a shifting landmass, he slides down a crumbling wall and is caught be a mammoth (he is unharmed). Two animals are nearly swept away by a large "river" of rocks and debris. A blast of wind blows through a cave and nearly blows several teen mammoths off a cliff.
 A tree trunk sled slams into a saber-toothed tiger and sails along the ground; the tiger is flung over the sled and is then dragged some distance by a rope, the animals in the sled crash onto a mammoth and he peels one of them off his face (no one appears to be harmed). An animal slides down a wall of ice and is thrown across several plumes of hot liquid; we hear him scream, and we see him charred and his antlers turn to ash (he's otherwise unharmed). A mammoth accidentally slides down an ice wall and she is thrown on top of another mammoth (they crash to the ground with their tusks ensnared). A mammoth swats a bird and it is thrown some distance. Two sloths climb inside the mouth of a large whale (we see them unharmed in the whale's stomach).
 A squirrel slams a nut into the ground causing it to crack, the squirrel falls through the chasm created and we see it falling to the center of the Earth; on the way the squirrel passes a dinosaur, his hands turn red hot and he yelps and tries to stop himself from falling. A squirrel holding a nut shell is pulled through the ocean rapidly when the shell is pierced by a sharp object and dragged onto a large ice float. A squirrel chases a nut around a spinning sphere, he is thrown off the sphere and slams into a stone wall; he gets his tail wrapped around the sphere, it spins back the other direction causing the squirrel to be launched into the atmosphere and he then crashes down on an ice float in the sea. A squirrel lifts a huge nut that pulls a drain plug causing water to submerge an island. A squirrel holds onto a large boulder, jumps in the ocean and sinks rapidly while we see his features change from the increased pressure (his eyes shrink, his body becomes as thin as a ribbon, etc.). A squirrel finds a squirrel skeleton on a tiny island and panics. A sloth with a stick pounds on a squirrel repeatedly. A squirrel jumps off a cliff wearing a large leaf, he is blown back into the rock wall twice and is then snapped up by a shark that jumps out of the ocean. Two animals fall off the tops of two trees and slam into the ground (they are OK). A squirrel imagines a female squirrel and then a huge nut and when he approaches it he is attacked by a siren with large teeth and he is pounded on by several other sirens in the shape of nuts. A sloth and a small animal slap each other in the face a couple of times (playfully). A squirrel finds a large nut-shaped island and darts around frantically snatching up all the nuts he can find and destroying things in the process.
 A long skewer is poked through food and toward the audience in 3D. A large sword is pointed toward the audience in 3D.
 An elderly sloth wanders off and other animals search for her (she is found unharmed later).
 A mammoth yells at his daughter in a couple of scenes and she yells back during one scene where she tells him, "I wish you weren't my father." A pirate bird says that four characters on an ice float are "ripe for the taking." A pirate ape laughs maniacally. An elderly sloth says, "I'll bury you all and dance on your graves." A mammoth talks about his teenage daughter hanging out with friends and "getting addicted to berries." An elderly sloth is accused of having an imaginary friend that she feeds and talks to in several scenes. Several teen mammoths tease another mammoth for being friends with a mole. A mole's feelings are hurt when he hears his friend say that they are not friends when the mammoth is trying to impress other mammoths. A saber-toothed tiger talks about a pirate and what he will do to his prisoners and says, "Assuming he doesn't kill you." A rabbit talks about what a pirate does to his victims and says, "Your innards become your 'outards'." A pirate ape tells a mammoth that his family will "be the death of you." A character tells another character, it's like you are saying, "Drop dead." An ape pirate says, "I will destroy him and everything he loves." A mole talks about facing "imminent death." Teen mammoths tease another mammoth for being "part possum." A saber-toothed tiger tackles another saber-toothed tiger and a sloth says "If they kiss I'm gonna puke." An animal asks a mammoth, "When you drink through your nose, does it taste like booger?"
 A sloth using a magnifying glass directed toward the sun burns ants while another sloth uses a magnifying glass to burn the first sloth's head (we see a bit of smoke and he yelps). A sloth is swarmed by bees and he yells and swats them (he's OK). We see an elderly sloth with huge, pointed false teeth that clash together like they are made of metal.
 A sloth vomits out a handful of pre-chewed prunes to feed to another sloth (we hear him gag and we see the purple goo). An elderly sloth without her false teeth tries to bite into a piece of fruit and we see her drooling all over the fruit and her hand. An elderly sloth jumps into the ocean and we see the water change color as dead fish and a dead shark float to the surface around her while she explains that it has been a long time since she has had a bath. A sloth drinks sea water and his face puckers. A sloth eats a berry that paralyzes him (we see him fall to the ground in a heap). A siren taking the shape of a female sloth spits out a handful of goo to entice a male sloth.

PROFANITY 2 - 3 mild anatomical terms, name-calling (freak, wiener, bowl of pudding, stupid, loser, idiot, buttercup, blubber brain, tubby, brain trust, cry baby, shark bait, pin head, banana breath, jungle Jim, crazy old bag, screw up), exclamations (holy crab, dag nabbit). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A mammoth talks about his teenage daughter hanging out with friends and "getting addicted to berries." Two sloths are shown holding glasses that could conceivably contain alcoholic beverages.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Family, over-protective parenting, teens, friendship, growing up, letting go of our children, making mistakes, fear, sacrifice, taking responsibility for our mistakes, changing who you are to "fit in," vengeance, starting over, bravery, heroism, revenge, Utopia, greed, base desires, Atlantis.

MESSAGE - Family is worth protecting and fighting for.

(Note: A short film preceding the feature includes the following scenes: A toddler is dropped off at a daycare and is processed through a security scan similar to airport security, a child is passed through a scanner that checks for lice and when some are found we see them crawling on his head and chomping their sharp teeth as they hop off his head toward the audience in 3D, a toddler is left in a "nothing special room" with other toddlers, a toddler is shown eating paste a couple of times, a toddler smashes butterflies on a wall using a wooden mallet, a toddler throws dirt in another toddler's face, a toddler with a mallet chases another toddler and is stopped by a toy train and other toddlers in walkers, a butterfly is shown smashed by a set of blinds being lowered on it and we see what looks like a bit of its wing.)

Special Keywords: S1 - V3 - P2 - MPAAPG

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