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I Am Number Four [2011] [PG-13] - 3.6.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Based on the young adult science fiction novel by Pittacus Lore: a teenager (Alex Pettyfer) tries to fit in at a new school in a new town after he and his caretaker (Timothy Olyphant) move in order to elude a deadly alien enemy. There he can fulfill his destiny as an extraordinary creature saved from a dying planet. Also with Teresa Palmer, Dianna Agron and Callan McAuliffe. Directed by D.J. Caruso. [1:44]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A teenage girl and a teenage boy kiss passionately. A teenage boy and a teenage girl hold hands and then kiss. A teenage girl and a teenage boy are interrupted while kissing by an unseen woman flashing porch lights on and off. We see a teenage boy walk past another teenage boy and a teenage girl that are kissing passionately.
 A teenage girl and a teenage boy are about to kiss, but the teenage boy pulls away. A teenage boy looks at a teenage girl longingly.
 A teenage girl makes a suggestive joke to a teenage boy, saying, "You're good with your hands." A woman and a man joke about how they had snuck away and "ended up with" a teenage girl.
 Three teenage boys look at a teenage girl in a bikini (the teenage boys are shirtless on the beach). We see a group of teenage girls and teenage boys on the beach; the girls are seen wearing bikinis (cleavage and bare mid-drifts are visible) and the boys are wearing swim trunks (their bare backs and chests are visible). A teenage boy's bare chest and back are seen on multiple occasions, including while swimming, standing at a bathroom sink, changing his shirt and lying shirtless in bed.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A human-like creature shoves a small ball with razor sharp saws spinning around it into a man's mouth; it is implied that the man, as well as another man, are killed.
 A man stabs a human-like creature through the windshield of a truck as two teen boys watch: one of the teen boys uses an unseen force to throw the creature off the hood of the truck and onto another car, the man in the truck is stabbed in the chest, blood pours from the wound and we see the teen boy putting his hand over the wound (blood is shown on his hand); the man dies and his body turns to stone and then into an ashy cloud that blows away.
 During a face off between two teen girls and two teen boys and a group of male human-like creatures, the creatures fire large guns that blast bursts of energy at the teens. A giant flying dinosaur-like monster grabs a teen girl, a teen boy uses a force gun to pull the teen girl from its claws as it flies away, the teen girl gets on the monster's back and stabs it in the eye, it falls from the sky and crashes down a set of bleachers, and the teen girl is unharmed; a teen boy and a creature wrestle one another, the creature tries to shoot the teen and the teen tries to stab the creature with a sword. A teen girl and a teen boy stab two creatures with swords, they turn into stone and disintegrate into ashy clouds; a creature grabs a teen boy, the teen uses light from his palms to explode bullets around the creature's chest, a teen girl uses her body to shield the teen boy while another set of teens are seen ducking inside a building to avoid the explosion and the windows of the building blow out (we later see the four teens unharmed, but the area is covered in small fires and smoke).
 A giant monster chases a teen boy through a forest, the boy leaps from a cliff (unharmed), a creature stabs him in the stomach with a knife (we see no blood), and the teen turns to stone and then an ashy cloud that disintegrates.
 A human-like creature walks into a room and fires a large ray gun at men and teen boys: one of the men and the teen boys escape, unharmed and we later hear a television reporter announce that two men had been killed and a man and a teen boy were suspected of killing them (we see a body bag on a stretcher being carried from a house).
 A massive force blows open the doors of a room where a teen boy and a teen girl are standing, several human-like creatures come into the room and a second teen girl fires at them with a gun that appears to shoot bursts of energy; the creatures fire back, the teen girl stabs two creatures, one in the chest and the other in the leg and back, and they turn to stone and then float away as an ashy cloud.
 A teen boy and a teen girl fight against two human-like creatures, the creatures fire ray guns at the teens, they duck to avoid being hit, the teen boy and teen girl stab the creatures and they instantly turn to stone and then a cloud of ash.
 A giant dinosaur-like monster breaks through the windows of a room where four teens fight against a group of human-like creatures, firing ray guns and wrestling and shoving each other; the monster knocks over a teen boy, slamming him into a locker, and it is about to bite him when a giant dog-like monster crashes into the room and drags the monster away.
 Two monsters slam against one another, one stabs the other in the leg (we see blood come from the wound), the wounded monster collapses to the ground, then bites the other monster on the neck (we see blood coming from the wound and on the monster's mouth) and it turns to stone, and then a cloud of ash; the injured monster morphs into a dog, its paw is bloody and we later see it limping, its fur is matted with blood and its leg is injured.
 A man holds a gun to a teen boy's head and threatens to shoot him; the teen boy uses an unseen force to throw the armed man against a ceiling and then drop him to the ground (we later see the man with a black eye).
 A teen boy screams in pain and grabs his leg after being dragged underwater by an unseen force and we later see him passed out, face-down, on a beach; he is awakened by a man who verifies he is unharmed (we see a small scar on his leg). A man is pulled through the door of a building by an unseen force and a teen boy runs out of the building, which then explodes. We see a video of a teen boy grabbing his leg in pain.
 Four masked teen boys are seen attacking a teen girl and a teen boy, kicking and punching the teen boy as he lies on the ground (he is later seen with a small cut on his forehead but otherwise uninjured); he stands up and fights off three of them, using a force to shove them to the ground and he throws one onto a tree branch and then to the ground. A teen boy shoves another teen boy to the ground, pins him with his arm twisted behind him and is about to break his arm when a teen girl tells him to stop and he walks away. Three human-like creatures approach a police car, grab the officer inside, throw him against a fence, the teen boy in the passenger seat of the police car gets out, shouts at the creatures and one of the creatures pins him against the car and drags him by the arm.
 A masked teen boy grabs a teen girl and drags her away by the arm and another teen boy follows them and shoves the captor against a tree. A man shouts at a teen boy, the teen boy storms away, the man runs after him and the teen boy uses a force from his palm to slam the man against a house, and the man falls onto a pile of wood; the man picks up a log and throws it at the boy, the teen boy uses a force to stop the wood from hitting him, the man grabs the teen boy from behind, kicks out his legs and they get up moments later, unharmed. A teen boy runs toward several other teen boys and slams into one of them, who pushes him away. A teen boy shoves another teen boy into a locker (he is unharmed). Two teen boys open their lockers and an explosion of paint covers their faces and chests; they are unharmed. A teen boy throws a football at another teen boy, it hits him in the head and knocks him to the ground; another teen boy helps him up and throws the football back at the first teen boy, and it hits him in the stomach with such force that he is thrown off his feet. A man forcefully puts his hand on the chest of a teen boy to stop him from walking away. A teen boy gently shoves another teen boy against a truck and threatens to hurt him.
 A teen girl tears through a house, turning over a desk and using a knife to cut through a mattress; she turns on the gas range, lights a match and walks away as a massive fireball explodes in the house (she is enveloped by flames but is unharmed); we later see the burnt-up remains of the house being investigated by several human-like creatures and one of them says that a teen boy had not died there.
 We see a floor buffer, unmanned, circling a floor with what appears to be a trail of blood (no body is seen). A human-like creature throws frozen turkeys into a semi truck, and we hear snarling and growling noises as the truck shakes.
 A teen girl slips off the roof of a house, a teen boy uses an unseen force to stop her, mid-air, and he then leaps off the roof and catches her; they are both unharmed. A teen boy discovers a man chained with his hands above his head in a room (we see a small amount of blood on the man's face); the teen boy uses an unseen force to break the chains around the man's hands and he drops to the ground, unharmed.
 A teen boy experiences a vision where he sees another teen boy being caught by a creature and stabbed in the stomach (no blood is visible). A human-like creature shows his fangs to a child riding in a nearby car to scare him; we see the shocked look on the boy's face.
 A teen boy and a teen girl walk through a haunted trail, we see plastic heads on spikes (fake blood is visible on the dummy heads), a man with a fake chain saw chases them, a man pantomimes being shocked on an electric chair, two rotten corpse dummies drop from the treetops and the teen boy and the teen girl have to push past them, we see a man acting like he is chopping off a teen girl's leg (we see the disembodied, bloody leg) and a teen girl tells a teen boy that the previous year they had pantomimed the teen girl being drawn and quartered.
 A teen boy uses an unseen force from the palms of his hands to blow up a streetlamp; he jumps as the glass falls to the ground. A teen boy uses an unseen force from his palms to stop a police car, lifting it up into the air and then dropping it on the ground as a teen girl watches; the driver of the police car is unharmed. A teen boy shakes, sweats, and panics as his palms glow, he runs and hides and later appears to wake up when a man finds him and verifies he is unharmed. A teen boy stumbles over a box and he sits down unharmed. A teen boy jumps and rolls from trees and off a small cliff. A teen boy picks another teen boy up by the shoulder and props him up.
 A teen boy tells another teen boy that he is going to help him, and shows him a rifle but the teen boy tells him to put it away. We hear a teen boy soliloquize that he and eight other infants were saved from death as aliens were destroying their planet, that three of the other infants had been killed and he received scars on his leg. A man tells a teen boy that many people had died, including the teen boy's father, to ensure that the teen boy would be safe. A teen boy tells a man that another teen boy had been killed and that he had felt and seen flashes of the teen boy's death. A teen boy tells a teen girl that a man had been killed, and the teen girl tells the teen boy that another man had also been killed. A teen boy tells another teen boy that his father was missing. A man reads a newspaper article about a man who was reported missing. A teen boy and teen girl watch as a man shouts at another teen boy. A man shouts at a teen boy. A teen boy tells another teen boy, half-joking, that he thought a dog-like creature was going to kill him, after watching a dog morph into a giant dog-like monster. A teen girl, half-joking, tells a teen boy that she will shoot him if he slows her down. A police officer asks a teen boy about an incident where five teen boys were hospitalized after being attacked and implies that he suspects him. A teen boy implies that he had stolen a box from a police evidence room.
 A teen boy driving a truck without a seat belt slams on the brakes of the truck to avoid hitting a dog; both he and the dog are unharmed.
 A human-like male creature peels off latex covering slits on his face and sucks in spittle as he removes dentures from his mouth. On multiple occasions we see a photograph of a man picking his nose. A man makes a joke about pulling his finger.

PROFANITY 4 - 2 sexual references, 9 scatological terms, 8 anatomical terms, 3 mild obscenities, name-calling (pathetic, desperate, freaks, mentards, freakshow, stupid, weird, loser, science nerd, total snob, insane, crazy, cowboy, tool), 1 religious profanity, 7 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A group of teenagers at a party are seen holding cups of unidentified beverages and a teenage boy is accused of having "alcohol on his breath." We briefly see a man holding a burning cigarette.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Aliens, super powers, Bernie Kosar, forging documents, revenge, death of a family member, destiny, coming of age, home schooling, UFOs, anthropologists, missing persons, step-families, high school bullies, jealousy, the X-Files.

MESSAGE - People have different destinies and some people must work to find their own destiny.

Special Keywords: S3 - V6 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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