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Hot Pursuit [2015] [PG-13] - 5.5.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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An uptight Southern cop (Reese Witherspoon) escorts a Latina crime witness (Sophia Vergara) to court in Dallas, Texas. Several arguments, interruptions by corrupt police officers and thugs make the journey longer than expected, but the women have the chance to solve an even bigger crime. Also with John Carroll Lynch, Robert Kazinsky, Richard T. Jones and Jim Gaffigan. Directed by Anne Fletcher. Several lines of dialogue are in Spanish with English subtitles. [1:27]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - Two women pretend to be lesbians to distract a man pointing a rifle at them: one woman calls out, "Honey Bunny," hugs the other woman and says, "I am her lover," while the first woman kisses the other woman on both cheeks and the corner of the mouth; each woman grabs the other woman's posterior in close-up and gyrate causing the man to look confused and lower his rifle. A man flirts with a woman, telling her that he likes her smile and he later tries to kiss her, but she dodges, and then kisses him for several seconds.
 Thinking a tour bus belongs to a rock band, a woman tells the male driver that she wants onto the bus so she can "bang the brains" out of everyone onboard; she enters the bus to find elderly people and the men grin at her (no sex occurs).
 A woman wears a several snug, sleeveless dresses with V-necklines that reveal significant cleavage as they outline her bosom and buttocks; one dress has mesh inserts that reveal a bit of midriff and thigh. In party scenes, women wear long gowns with cutouts at the waist and low-cut necklines that reveal shoulders and cleavage. On streets, several women wear short-shorts that reveal full legs to the thighs. A woman wears a bright colored dress that reveals some cleavage. A woman wearing a tight T-shirt shows off significant cleavage. A man in a hotel room is seen bare-chested (we see his chest, bare abdomen to the hip and his bare back to the top of the buttocks) and a woman gasps as she walks into his room, and he runs off-screen. A man is seen wrapped in a towel and standing in a bathroom door, from hips up, wrapped in a white towel from below the navel to below the screen. We see the rear end of a woman clad in briefs sticking out from inside a circular clothes rack in a clothing store; her friend unzips the top of her dress and we see a large, wide bra and significant cleavage, along with her midriff.
 A woman dresses as a man to investigate at a party and when guards pat her down and say there is nothing on her chest she agrees, grinning. In a women's washroom, a woman dressed as a man tells a woman to push "it" (a surveillance wire) into her dress; an older woman enters, yells at the woman dressed as a man and slaps her face hard. Two women make a hand gesture signifying the clitoris, and they call it "the pirate's key." A woman asks another woman about a man, "Did you play with his chicken [suggesting penis]?" and the second woman says no. A federal marshal tells a woman police officer that he just met that she will fall in love with him and she looks confused. A female police officer tells a woman wearing a tight-fitting jumpsuit with an open neckline (displaying significant cleavage) that she looks like a sexy traffic cone. A policewoman says about a male felon, "I got him off" (meaning legal charges) and another woman says, "I'm sure you did," smiling and nudging the other woman. A policewoman asks her captain if a witness is menopausal and he says yes sarcastically and we understand that he has been tracking her cycles. In a police car, a woman says that she needs tampons because her uterus is shedding a lining and an egg; male officers grimace. A woman says that a raccoon turned in as police evidence may have had raccoon herpes.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - Two police officers arrive at a large home to escort a married couple to the Dallas courthouse when two masked gunmen enter and shoot followed by two other gunmen; after a lot of gunfire, three men lie dead on the floor (no blood is shown) and two women escape in a convertible. A man and a woman point handguns at each other's faces and a second woman enters the room and points a gun at the first woman; the man fires and the second woman fires as a bullet catches her arm (a red spot of blood), passes through and grazes the other woman's arm (a small line of blood) and the second woman's shot wounds the man without showing blood; the second woman handcuffs the man using a cable tie and he tries to shoot her with a small pistol, but she shoots and kills him (no blood is seen). Two gunmen in Luche Libre wrestling masks shoot at a departing car in which two women are traveling, and miss. A woman throws a high-heeled shoe and hits a wall, narrowly missing another woman's head. In a hotel, two women argue and fight, slapping each other and pulling each other off a bed and a couch; one woman handcuffs the other woman to the bed and the other woman pulls a handgun and the first woman uncuffs her before two men break down their door and fire handguns, but the women escape, boarding a tour bus outside.
 Two men follow two women in a tour bus, firing handguns but missing; the women push the driver out the door of the bus, he screams and falls to the ground, unhurt and the two women cuffed together drive the bus into the car following them and fling it into the median, where it crumples; two gunmen in another car follow and fire handguns at the police and the bus, not hitting anyone and senior citizens inside the bus laugh as they slide from side to side when the bus swerves and it plunges through construction barriers and cracks its glass on a backhoe when it stops.
 A man shoots his own finger off, a dog licks its lips and a woman does the Heimlich maneuver on it, but another woman cries and opens her hand, where we see a bloody finger; the shot man holds up his hand, covered by a large amount of bandages on a TV news cast. A police officer tasers a man, hitting the beer can he carries and causing his shirt to catch fire as he screams. A police officer's captain tells her to keep her taser in her pants. A police officer pours liquor on a corrupt police official's shirt and tie, tasers him, sets him aflame, extinguishes the fire and strikes him unconscious with the extinguisher. A man tackles another man who is pointing a gun at a woman, throws the shooter to the floor and punches him several times below the frame.
 Two women push each other out a washroom window in a bar, fall to the ground unharmed, and hear two men shooting guns in the washroom; a man in a stall screams. A man sits up in the back of a traveling pickup truck, hits his head on the cab window and passes out. A man in the back seat of a car sits up and hits his head, but is OK.
 A man dodges traffic as he runs through streets and a parking garage; a truck hits a car and dents one side (please see the Substance Use category for more details). A car weaves through and misses hitting two other vehicles on a two-lane highway. A police roadblock features about 30 cruisers with flashing lights at night.
 Two women argue loudly. We hear that police suspect a drug lord of 100 murders. A TV newscast shows a bulging tarp on the ground under which there may be bodies. A woman admits to plotting to kill a drug lord. A woman says that a beauty pageant contestant lost two fingers while touching her crown. A man runs form a woman, finally stopping and telling her she scared him when she laid a gun on the table during their date. We hear that a drug lord killed a woman's brother and that a female police officer's father died two years ago. A woman cries loudly when she hears her husband is dead. A woman says that if she testifies in court against a drug lord, she too will be dead and have her head blown off. A man says that a boyfriend physically abused his sister, so he beat the abuser badly, ending up under house arrest with a police ankle bracelet.
 We see three rusted urinals in a bathroom.

PROFANITY 5 - 2 not-fully enunciated F-word derivatives and a couple of possible F-words in song lyrics playing on a radio in a car driven by police, 3 scatological terms, 9 anatomical terms, 15 mild obscenities, name-calling (scumbag, glorified secretary, pot wrench, gringa, vain, dumb, stupid, trophy wife, meter maid, idiot, cow, crazy, weird, donkey, chipmunk [pronounced cheepmunk and sounds a bit like sheetmunk], cotton pickers, lesbian, officer lesbian, little man, little robot, tiny, My Little Pony, stripper, prostitute, whitey, brown lady, white girl, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, felon, dirty cop, coward, cucaracha [cockroach]), stereotypical references to men, women, short people, perfectionists, Southerners, Christians, Hispanics, Whites, drug lords, smugglers, thugs, corrupt police officers, exclamations (shut-up, shut your trap, shut your pie hole), 1 religious profanity (GD), 17 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, God, Jesus, Thank God, and a prayer in Spanish). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - When a truck hits and dents a parked car we see clouds of white powder fill the screen as a woman says that the car hid 40 kilos of drugs and the dust makes another woman fidget and talk fast as well as rub her nose and jump up and down before chugging an energy drink (the powder is apparently cocaine). A biker bar is full of bikers playing pool and drinking bottles of beer around a pool table and at a bar, a large party in a big city features martinis and glasses of champagne held by partygoers and by servers on trays, a few men and women sip champagne, a woman walks down the middle of a street carrying oversized martinis, a woman takes small bottles of rum from a mini-bar refrigerator and places the cap of one bottle in her teeth to remove it as the scene ends, a man pours an unknown liquid from a bottle into his coffee, and a man carries a can of beer as he walks down a short hill. A man chews nicotine gum from a big box labeled Nicotine Gum as a brand.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Corrupt police officers, drug lords, smuggling, murder, witness protection, friendship, relationships, love, marriage, perfectionism, death, grief, justice, happiness.

MESSAGE - Women investigators can solve crimes and break up drug rings.

Special Keywords: S5 - V5 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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