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Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil [2011] [PG] - 1.4.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The sequel to "Hoodwinked" has Red Riding Hood (voiced by Hayden Panettiere) training in the group of Sister Hoods when she and the Wolf (voiced by Patrick Warburton) are called away to investigate the disappearance of a brother and sister duo, Hansel (voiced by Bill Hader) and Gretel (voiced by Amy Poehler). Also with the voices of Glenn Close, Cheech Marin, Joan Cusack, Brad Garett, Martin Short, Tommy Chong, Andy Dick and David Ogden Stiers. Directed by Mike Disa. [1:34]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - A male squirrel is seen wearing a smoking jacket, we hear romantic music in the background as two female squirrels leave his trailer, and one kisses him on the cheek and the other dips him and kisses him passionately.
 We see a shirtless ogre wearing a sumo wrestler-style bottom and we see its behind when a girl pulls on his waistband.
 Pigs surround a squirrel, and one pig says that the squirrel is not wearing any pants (he is wearing a T-shirt and is "pantless" the entire movie).

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A giant boy and a giant girl pick up pieces of a building and throw them at a girl, who narrowly avoids being hit; the girl falls off a building and hits a light post with her face, the giant girl throws cars at the girl and they narrowly miss her, and the giant girl and the giant boy hover over the girl and are about to smash her with a car when she is rescued.
 A giant boy throws a lamp post at a girl, the girl leaps up and kicks the boy in the face, and an old woman launches into the air and kicks the boy in the face as a squirrel swats at the ankles of the giant girl and giant boy. A giant boy knocks a girl into a wall, she slides down and appears injured, an old woman rushes to her side, and she is later seen unharmed -- she only acted injured. A giant boy and a giant girl smash buildings and walk through a town in rubble -- cars are overturned and buildings smashed.
 An old woman, a wolf, a girl and a squirrel swerve on a motorcycle trying to avoid being smashed by a giant girl and a giant boy that are chasing them; the old woman drives the motorcycle into a trolley car, the giant children pick up the trolley car and throw it through the air, and it lands on top of an antenna and balances precariously, until it falls and lands safely on a web in front of the giant boy and giant girl (no one is injured and we hear the wolf joke that his life had flashed before his eyes).
 Three pigs attempt to blow up a trailer where a wolf and a squirrel are and the squirrel and the wolf push the trailer down a hill: the pigs follow by car, with one of the pigs hanging out the window holding a flame gun, and the pig fires and hits the trailer, which flies into the air on a jet of flames; just as the squirrel and wolf jump to safety the pigs fire another fire-missile at the trailer, the trailer is pushed off a cliff, crashing onto a goat sitting at the bottom of a ravine and explodes into a massive mushroom cloud (the pigs watch happily).
 A giant boy and a giant girl open a door and allow a giant spider to come out; it attacks an old woman, a girl, a witch, a wolf and a squirrel, they fight back and hold the spider down (we see the old woman knocking the spider on the head with a cane multiple times and another woman kicks the spider violently) and eventually shove it back into a room while the boy and girl leap out of the building.
 An old woman looks through a window and sees a boy and a girl tied up and placed inside a stock pot next to a fire; she turns to a wolf standing beside her and tells him that she is afraid that two kidnapped children are going to become "baked goods." We see photographs of a girl with broken eggs covering her, a girl juggling a chainsaw, and a girl's hand being red and swollen after what looks like it is smashed on a table.
 During a combat training sequence, we see a girl battling a four-armed ogre: the ogre taunts the girl, attempts to smash her with a hammer and a club, the girl, using slow-motion karate, kicks the ogre in the face multiple times, she leaps off, teeters on the edge of a bridge momentarily and bungee jumps off; the ogre continues to taunt the girl and she kicks the ogre in the face multiple times, lifts up his waistband and then pushes him over (the ogre appears unharmed but babbles senselessly, saying, "I'm coming to the light" and we later see him being wheeled away in a wheelbarrow as the girl watches).
 A witch flies through the air on a broom with a boy and a girl tied up and in cages at her side: an old woman, a wolf, and a squirrel chase her on a motorcycle, the old woman jumps through the air, grabbing onto the broom, and the wolf attempts to jump onto the broom but hits a windmill (he first hits the windmill's blade and then falls onto another blade, hitting himself in the crotch and making a crude remark about being able to taste his behind); the wolf is launched from the windmill blade, grabs onto the old woman that is dangling from the broom, but slips off and lands on top of the squirrel as the witch flies away on the broom, taking the old woman, and the boy and the girl with her. A frog crashes a helicopter into a windmill, and the windmill bursts into flames but the frog parachutes out of the helicopter unharmed. A witch slips and falls through a giant hole in the wall of a building, dangles very high off the ground, slips, and is lifted back up. A girl, a squirrel and a wolf hold onto a harp as they steer it down a series of vines on a giant beanstalk.
 Three pigs use a flamethrower to blow up the trailer of a wolf: we see flames arch into the sky as the wolf and a squirrel watch, unharmed. A wolf releases a squirrel that scales a house and attempts to break in; sheep and a frog watch as the squirrel breaks through the window of the house, a witch shouts, attempts to hit the squirrel, misses, grabs a boy and a girl that are tied up and held in a stockpot and flies on a broom through a window.
 A pig pulls on the fake beard of a wolf, pigs surround the wolf and a squirrel, and they fight: we see one of the pigs kicking the wolf in the crotch (he says, "Here's your happy ending), the wolf winces and falls over, and the squirrel attacks multiple pigs, hitting two in the head with a hammer until there is a pile of passed-out pigs lying on the ground. Three large men and a large woman burst through the doors of a building, and the men and woman wrestle and fight a crowd of pigs inside the building; the woman bounces pigs off her hips and jumps up and down on a pile of passed-out pigs while one of the men knocks the heads of two pigs together and tosses them on the ground. A squirrel reenacts for a girl the sequence of events when he and a wolf were shot at by pigs: we see flashes of a trailer flying through the air on fire and then exploding in a massive fireball. We hear shouting as pigs burst through the doors of a building, we hear a frog shouting for people to take cover and we see the pigs kicking the frog and attacking several sheep; the frog fights back, knocking multiple pigs to the ground. A giant spider is shown poised to attack a witch but we later see that the witch and the spider have become friends. A giant knocks a hippo off the top of a massive table; it is thrown across the room, hits a wall and bounces off like a pinball. An old woman and a girl are seen tied to chairs, and a witch, a boy and a girl circle them, holding them hostage. After we hear a police intercom announce that thousands of mice had kidnapped a man, we see a girl driving a wolf recklessly through the streets in a large car, and they swerve and hit a goat that pops its head out of a manhole. A squirrel grabs a talking harp from a stage and attempts to run out of a room when a girl and wolf run after him. A giant notices that a talking harp is shouting and throws a massive table through a window, the window shatters and he then tosses a hippo out the open window. A girl, a squirrel, and a wolf approach a prison cell where a rabbit is strapped to a table, his arms and legs bound (as in "Silence of the Lambs"), the wolf makes a comment about preparing a rabbit-meat dish and the girl grabs the rabbit's ear through a small hole and smashes the rabbit's face against the glass divider (we see the rabbit's face pressed against the glass). A girl falls off a tall building and onto a pig (she is unharmed). A goat falls off a cliff, hitting multiple branches as it falls, before hitting the bottom of a canyon with a thud. We see a girl falling to the ground and she stands up unharmed.
 We see the following in the background as a girl and a wolf walk down a street: An animal riding a bike steers into traffic on a busy street and we hear brakes skidding and people shouting; a bear is struck in the head by a book tossed over a wolf's shoulder and it falls to the ground; we see a lizard walk into an open manhole; two bears jump on top of another bear; a girl holds her nose until she turns green and passes out as she stands in front of two skunks; a girl floating through the air by holding onto balloons falls to the ground when the balloons pop (she's unharmed).
 A green gas causes a squirrel and a wolf to pass out, they hit the ground and are later seen unharmed, but tied together, and the wolf smashes the squirrel against a wall as they attempt to escape. As a girl, a wolf, a squirrel and a talking harp slide down a giant beanstalk, the girl instructs the wolf to jump, he panics but then jumps into the air, and we later see the girl holding a cape over her head as a parachute, floating to the ground safely, with the wolf and squirrel holding onto her.
 We see small explosions in the distance and plumes of smoke as a girl explains to an old woman and a wolf that a giant boy and a giant girl are terrorizing a town. We see a wolf and a squirrel riding in a small cart as a giant explosion is seen in the background; they are both unharmed. A giant boy and girl storm through a city, and we see a singing goat fall into an uncovered manhole. A boy and a girl turn into giants after eating candy, they pick up an old woman and a girl tied to chairs and throw them to the ground, and the boy rips an oven from the floor and throws it through a wall (we see a massive hole in the wall). A giant boy and a giant girl eat magical candies until they blow up to the size of a building. A rabbit is seen being handcuffed and driven away in a police car. A girl and a boy are cast in an evil light; we see flames behind them and an evil look on their faces.
 An old woman uses a stick to break out of the chain around her ankle, and we then see her flipping through a series of laser tripwires. We watch as women train for combat: we see two women flip another woman to the ground, two women quickly whip out kitchen tools and point them at one another, on two occasions we see an old woman struck in the face with a rolling pin, knocked to the ground and shown unconscious, and a woman steps on the chest of an injured woman. A girl slaps a wolf.
 A squirrel leaps from the top of a giant table and bounces all over a nightclub: he bounces off people's heads and tables and eventually lands on top of a waiter holding a tray, and a bear grabs the squirrel from the tray and sucks on its head, thinking it was a drink bottle. A bucket falls on top of a squirrel, it panics and shouts that it has gone blind, and it then takes off the bucket and is unharmed. A giant leaps from a beanstalk and lands on top of a goat; we hear the muffled voice of the goat saying it is inside a "dark tunnel" and it "smells like burritos" (the implication is that the goat is inside the giant's anus). A mouse stumbles slightly as it gets its foot stuck in a bucket. A squirrel playfully kicks a wolf on the foot. A frog shows a girl and a wolf recorded footage of a girl being snatched off a mushroom by a giant spider.
 A giant slams his hands on a massive table next to where a girl is standing, knocking her off her feet; a wolf walks onto the table and the girl whispers, "We're going to die." A boy screams in surprise when he sees an old woman. We see an old woman tied to a chair, a witch approaches her wearing a mask and taunts her, telling her that she is going to cook a boy and a girl that had been kidnapped, and she points to an oven. We see a building abandoned, with tables overturned and animals missing, as a frog explains to a wolf that agents had been "roughed up, kidnapped and sent away to a desert island."
 A police officer and a frog tell a girl that the giant boy and giant girl are going to be punished and will learn their lesson and lose some weight. A girl shouts at a wolf, saying that he had allowed an elderly woman and two children to be kidnapped; the wolf shouts back, saying the girl could have also been kidnapped and they walk away. A boy and a girl shout at a woman wearing a witch mask, telling her that she needs to remember that she is kidnapped. A girl shouts at a wolf. An old woman shouts at a witch wearing a glowing mask. A frog shouts at a wolf over the telephone. We hear two children that are tied up and in cages saying that they are afraid for their lives and that they will be made into food. A narrator explains that a witch had kidnapped two children. An old woman tells a wolf that she knew of two children that were kidnapped by a witch. A wolf asks a girl if she thinks an old woman is locked inside a tower and the girl agrees. A talking harp jokes that he will say something nice at a girl's funeral. A witch, in a joking manner, tells an old woman that she had lost multiple Sherpas in the mountains. A mouse tells a girl that she could turn into stone. We overhear someone saying, "Rachel Ray is the devil." A giant and a girl both say, "Little people can't be trusted" on multiple occasions.
 A boy and a girl put on gas masks and a wolf makes a crude remark about flatulence. A squirrel references defecation. A woman says she always feels like a "big pile of number two" implying feces when discussing the fact that she always comes in second place. A wolf jokes that he and an old woman on a motorcycle should go back for his stomach, and describes it as being football shaped and "where he keeps his food."

PROFANITY 3 - 2 mild scatological terms, 1 mild anatomical term, 2 mild obscenities, name-calling (fairytale cliché, little girl, teeny tiny, little, chicken, wannabes, sleazy, cheap, goons, nut muffin, smuggler, robber, juggler, keebozos, deranged Santa Claus, pipsqueak, stupid, meddling, jerkface, annoying little person, fat, crouching baker, brat-wursts, cowards, complete dirt bags, beachball, scared little girl), exclamations (shut up, oh my gosh, oh muffins, who the Mother Goose, aw muffins, oh gooseberries, oh strudel). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A squirrel prepares a drink for a wolf using a cocktail shaker and pours it into a pineapple and hands it to the wolf (it is implied to be a cocktail), an elderly woman jokes that "the '60s are kind of a blur," and a wolf says "I'll be at a bar" when they go to a nightclub.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Fairytales, chupacabras, overcoming adversity, forgiveness, believing in yourself, sequels to a movie, truffles, fairytale creatures, jealousy, coming in second place, friendship.

MESSAGE - With good friends and family, overcoming any obstacle is possible.

Special Keywords: S1 - V4 - P3 - MPAAPG

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