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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The extraterrestrial Boov people led by Captain Smek (voiced by Steve Martin) arrive on Earth to escape the enemy Gorg and make a new home. They ship humanity off to a desert, but in the meantime, the accident-prone Boov called "Oh" (voiced by Jim Parsons) accidentally emails the Gorg of their whereabouts. Meanwhile a human 7th grader (voiced by Rihanna) befriends Oh and shelters him from his angry brethren while she looks for her own missing mother (voiced by Jennifer Lopez) and an answer to galactic problems in general. Also with the voice of Matt Jones. Directed by Tim Johnson. A few lines of Boov and Gorg languages are spoken without translation or subtitles. [1:36]

SEX/NUDITY 1 - When aliens dance we occasionally see what could be a part of an indistinct buttock as they gyrate to music. A short genderless alien at a party wears a sparkly pink bra as a hat, a pink dress, facial glitter and bright pink lipstick. A pre-teen girl tells a genderless alien that it cannot come into the girl's bathroom, but should use the boy's room at a gas station.
 We hear and see that young aliens have no parents, but are kept in a warming oven and we see a glass bubble in which tiny round aliens are slimed with yellow food from the top of the bubble and they swallow the food. An alien opens a small egg-shaped rock and we see tiny pink starfish-like babies inside it.
 Some aliens appear genderless, except a captain and a police chief who have deeper voices and mustaches formed of skin tags that wiggle when the beings move; the short, round aliens wear only sleeveless vests and have thin, shapeless arms, six stubby legs, and soft horns that are usually coiled.

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A large metal alien creature is shaped like a black-brown ape with longer than usual, rubbery arms, a metal face that is expressionless with glowing yellow lights for eyes and many pointy teeth; it has many tall spikes on its shoulders and we see skulls perched on some of the spikes and it roars into the camera in one scene showing a black throat.
 A huge flying saucer sends bubble ships to Earth and aliens exit the bubbles and cause people, animals, vehicles, furniture and other objects to float up into sucking tubes that propel everything into the craft that then deposits small houses very close together in a desert and constructs large amusement parks and carnivals to busy the people on "Earthland" as they deposit families in front of the houses; the alien captain gives all the humans ice cream to distract them from their relocation. Aliens run away as they are sucked up into their mother ship and the last alien argues loudly with a pre-teen girl, wanting her to come with it.
 An alien leader with a mustache has a scepter with a rock on the end of it and he hits several others on their bald heads with the rock end (their skin becomes pink and recovers, and the struck aliens cross their eyes or grimace); in one scene, he strikes a follower with a baseball-bat swing and from the victim's point of view, we see the scepter strike into the camera and the screen becomes blue-purple to indicate unconsciousness. An alien police chief pulls a gun that looks like a large ring and before he can fire, a pre-teen girl knocks him out with a punch (he is uninjured). An alien leader threatens a follower with erasure, but we do not hear what "erasing" entails. An alien leader bullies his followers regularly, shouting, running through them and knocking them down every day, and swinging his scepter at them. An alien tells a pre-teen girl that it will shoot eyeball lasers at her and the girl says that she will explode its head (neither happens).
 A small alien in a desert town helps a girl find her mother, but the mother startles and kicks the alien onto the ground (it is unhurt, just dirty) as a huge alien ship approaches and the small alien runs toward it with a super chip in its hand; the ground opens up in loud cracks as the ship flies down and teeth-like protrusions cut into the ground in close-up and we hear metal creaking; the small alien is swallowed up by the ground and when the huge ship rises a few feet we see the small alien is sooty but unharmed underneath it. A cluster of floating stone statues falls apart and a gargoyle falls into a bubble vehicle where the alien driver screams. A police chief alien falls into a dumpster, unharmed. A police chief knocks an alien leader down. The Eiffel tower floats on a platform and begins to tip over as aliens slide down the ironwork; an alien and a pre-teen girl land on a roof and the needle at the top of the tower points at them and then slowly dips below the frame. A police chief shoots a gas pump and it explodes in tall flames and a lot of smoke that fills the screen and extends toward the audience (in 3D).
 An alien utters mild obscenities (please see the Profanity category for more details) as it pounds its fists on its spaceship dashboard in a couple of scenes. A pre-teen girl finds an alien inside a store and they both scream, the girl then locks the alien inside a standing drink cooler until it says it can fix her car and they argue. A pre-teen girl argues several times with a short alien, punching it and kicking it down or against a wall (it is never injured). A pre-teen girl draws back her fist and says it's tradition for humans to punch others, but she does not punch. A pre-teen girl rips duct tape off the top of an alien's bald head, making it shout in pain. A small alien confronts the leader of its own race and exposes him as a liar and a fraud. An alien confronts an alien leader, but the larger creature curses in his own language and pounds on his dashboard
 Police officers in bubble vehicles that shine bright searchlights pursue a fleeing alien that uses its own bubble vehicle, which opens and drops it on the street for the police. A pre-teen human girl drives a car into a newspaper box after knocking several of the boxes over outside a store and steam billows from the radiator. A pre-teen girl flies in her car and she shoots popped popcorn, hot nacho cheese and Slushies at pursuing police (they stop pursuing). A planet-sized pyramid-shaped flying vessel flies a large alien slowly in pursuit of another alien race as the pilot launches hundreds of smaller pyramids into the camera and we see them stick to a large spacecraft; an alien in a flying car launches flaming burritos as torpedoes at the small pyramids and crashes some of them before landing and its Slushy fuel spills out amid a cloud of smoke and the grill of the car frowns as the alien dances and sings a whooping song of death as it gyrates around and changes colors several times.
 An alien accidentally invites the entire galaxy to a party via email, including an enemy race; the rest of its own race become angry, causing it to flee. A pre-teen girl shouts angrily at an alien for its being gone so long. An alien and a pre-teen girl carry a large pointed stick as a weapon and find a super chip in a crashed vehicle (a drone).
 Big Brain aliens have larger than usual, hornless heads that ripple when they think and we see them enter glass bubbles where large tubes go into their heads about temple level and data flows into their brains as their eyes cross and their mouths hang open. An alien and a pre-teen girl enter a glass bubble and tubes go into the alien's head and the girl's ears as both become cross-eyed and agape; we see their shared perception with clouds of blue sparkles in a dark blue sky as they fix a computer email problem then release themselves and other aliens from their tubes and bubbles.
 We hear that an alien leader lied to his followers, stating that he is a friend to and is helping the humans, who are nothing but simple-minded animals (he is stealing their planet). In three scenes, an alien shouts, "I am doomed!" A pre-teen girl says that her mother will kill her for ruining their car. An alien tells a human that members of its race are each allowed only 9 mistakes in a lifetime and it has 62 (we later hear that their leader lied about the 9 mistakes and everybody makes a lot of mistakes).
 Short aliens with soft coiled horns change colors when they are afraid (yellow), angry (red), sad (blue), lying (green), or feeling love (deep pink). Three horned aliens become angry a few times, stomping, with steam rising from unfurled horns. Several times throughout the film, one of several aliens gasps, turns yellow or nearly white, faints, and falls onto its side. Several confused aliens change colors in rapid succession and run when they suspect danger and we hear that they are the best race of all at running away. An alien asks a pre-teen girl if her music preferences will make its head explode and it becomes overheated and red while dancing to the dashboard radio music and jumps out of a flying car into the ocean. An alien speaks and makes elaborate facial expressions, including a tongue hanging out, then gives something to another creature.
 An alien eats a football for fruit, inflates himself like a balloon, burps air out of through his horns and butt with flatulent noises and deflates. A pre-teen girl and an alien in a convenience store drink a soda and a quart of oil, respectively and burp loudly. An alien sits on a toilet at home, reading (we see only the back of the toilet). We see an alien brushing its five wide teeth with a toilet bowl brush and clear toilet water. An alien puts toilet paper rolls and a dish of nuts and bolts on a serving tray as food for expected guests. A pre-teen girl and an alien enter gas station washrooms where we see a urinal and the camera cuts to outside the building as the alien shouts loudly not to eat the blue mint (the toilet cleaner) or to drink the lemonade (the toilet bowl of urine that we do not see and it is implied that it has ingested both). We see a huge ball of empty toilets clustered and floating in the sky. An alien licks the underarm area of a stone statue. An alien and a pre-teen girl in a flying car snore loudly and we see the inside of the aliens mouth and throat, including the uvula.

PROFANITY 1 - 7 mild scatological terms (e.g. pee, Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, unknown emission, poomp), 1 anatomical term (butt), name-calling (idiot, maniac, Boov, lying false-faced Boovy Boy, dumb, stupid, horrible alien, simple, backward, Math Whiz, nerd, simple human girl), stereotypical references to people who are different, intelligent kids, naïve people, extraterrestrials, space villains, cowards, corrupt leaders, bullies, scapegoats, people who hide emotions, African Americans, Hispanics, exclamations (Curse you, Gorga dom, Baiyog). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see bottles lined up in the shadowy background on a table in an alien's apartment that look somewhat like liquor bottles and beside the bottles are two serving taps for unknown beverages, and an alien at a party in an apartment holds an unknown drink containing a screwdriver (the tool) in a champagne glass (it does not drink from the glass).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Recognizing emotions, communication, foreign languages, gender characteristics, lies, honesty, greed, power, cowardice, running away, blaming others wrongly, loneliness, family, friends, sacrifice, cooperation, trust, accepting others, confronting problems.

MESSAGE - Confront problems and do not run away from them to protect your family, friends and home. Don't assume the worst of others.

Special Keywords: S1 - V3 - P1 - MPAAPG

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