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The Heat [2013] [R] - 6.6.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Two law enforcement officers (Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy) with seemingly incompatible personalities team up for a special assignment. They must capture a notorious Russian drug lord (Bill Burr) and have to learn to get along in order to accomplish the mission. Also with Dan Bakkedahl, Michael Rapaport, Damian Bichir, Marlon Wayans, Spoken Reasons and Michael McDonald. Directed by Paul Feig. [1:57]

SEX/NUDITY 6 - In a club washroom a woman cuts off another woman's trousers to make shorts and sees that she is wearing Spanx (she looks incredulous), then asks what they hold in, what is going to come popping out, and whether her hand will be sucked up in there somehow; the second woman dismisses her comments with a wave and we see her dancing while wearing her new short-shorts that reveal bare thighs and legs, and her modified blouse that shows her bare midriff and cleavage; later the woman opens her blouse and we see a bra and a more cleavage and a man tells her that her shorts make him "fill" his shorts and he unbuttons his shirt to reveal chest hair.
 In several scenes, one woman wears a thin, tight, scoop-necked top that reveals a large part of her ample breasts that bounce as she walks. A man in a dance club tells a woman that club girls wear too much makeup and look like gremlins while women around them are shown wearing very short skirts that reveal most of their bare legs and their blouses reveal cleavage; three women dance close while rubbing one another's arms and shoulders and we see a woman dancing with the man, rubbing his hair and pulling his face down into her bosom. An elderly man dances with his head pushed into a woman's bosom and two other women dance in the same posture in a restaurant. A woman tells another woman that her breasts are too big and in her space, pushing the second woman away; later, the second woman pokes the first woman's breasts with forks in a bar for a joke and the next day suddenly arranges the first woman's breasts in her blouse to look better before a male friend walks up to talk to them.
 A female police officer stops a man bargaining on a street corner with six prostitutes wearing tiny shorts that cover only hips and the crotch area with bikini tops that reveal cleavage and midriffs; the officer says that the man has no right to tell his wife after the 5th child that her vagina is too messy and that he has a right to use prostitutes, and then calls his wife and tells her about the arrest before telling the man that she hopes the wife burns his penis.
 A man makes thrusting motions with his pelvis and yells the F-word at a woman whose car he is stealing. A man mentions breasts and holds his hands out. A woman finds a neutral-colored condom stuffed into an emergency fire switch that falls apart in a club and hastily puts the switch back together.
 A woman tells a man to go ahead and gamble with the safety of his scrotum and testicles and moves her hand in a gesture of dice throwing from the groin that emulates masturbation as well. Meeting a friend's family for the first time, a woman is asked if she is a boy or a girl, if she had sex-reassignment surgery and how she shaves her face so close; she assures people that she is a woman. A woman calls an albino police officer "chalk-balls" and says his wife may be a 5-pound bag of flour with a hole in it. A woman says a friend's sweat pants have "insert here" on the buttocks part. A woman tells a man to ask her female police partner out, because the partner has broken Christmas lights in her vagina (the man does not respond). A woman tells another woman that she is too masculine and is a turn-off (using crude terms). One woman says that another woman sat on an old man's lap and stuck her tongue down his throat and the second woman says she does not remember the event. A woman tells a coworker that she has a lot of men that she does not want to see any more; she sees one of them in a restaurant, kisses him passionately, and tells him to go away. A man misunderstands the word prohibition for prostitution. A man tells a woman that females should shave their legs, but we see no hair on her legs. A woman tells a man that she does not want to date coworkers and he smiles and says he does not want to do that as well; he asks her on a date later, but she does not answer.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - A man is shot in the chest, leaving a large red stain as he falls forward to the floor. A man shoots another man tied to a chair in the head and we see a lot of blood spray out the back of the head.
 A woman tries to do a tracheotomy on a man that is choking and creates a fountain of blood after cutting his throat and inserting a straw; a pancake pops out of his throat before he goes away in an EMT vehicle.
 Two police officers arm themselves with weapons and ammo and chase drug dealers to a warehouse where one officer slides a backpack to a man across the floor and it explodes with a live grenade inside, blowing the men off screen (we see other men with bloody faces and other injuries). An FBI agent shows photos of a murder victim to various persons of interest; the victim in the photo is lying on one side, with clothing torn open at the thighs and shoulders, with some blood on the clothing (the gender is indeterminate). A woman watches as her car is totally destroyed by an explosion with smoke and tall flames; an elderly man had just gotten behind the wheel and we hear that he died.
 Two female police officers with guns drawn find a group of men with guns drawn in a warehouse and the men tie the women to chairs with rope while one man pulls out a collection of a dozen knives in a folding cloth holder; he removes an oyster knife, jams it into the thigh of one of the women and we see some blood as she gasps; the man walks away and the second woman scoots her chair around, pulls the knife out of the other's leg, cuts her own ropes and replaces the knife in the thigh after two tries while the injured woman shouts in pain; when the man returns, the free woman charges him as the other woman tips her chair over so he will fall over her.
 Two female police officers drive to a hospital where a man is about to be killed by thugs and one of the women is shown to have a knife in her leg that she pulls out (we see some blood), she falls from the car, crawls inside the hospital, grabs a wheelchair and wheels through hallways, waving nurses off with her gun; in the victim's room, a thug hits the other female cop in the head, dropping her to the floor but still conscious; the thug sticks an air-filled syringe into the man's arm and the injured officer slides into the room on her bottom and shoots the thug twice in the groin (we see blood).
 A female police officer removes bullets from her weapon, enters an interrogation room, points the gun at the perpetrator's groin and pulls the trigger with each question, sending him into screeching shouts. A police officer chases a running crook in her beat-up car, he rolls off the hood uninjured, and she drives through front yards and vacant lots, losing a hubcap and leveling grass; on foot, she chases a crook over a tall fence and he sprains his leg, limps down the street, overturns a vegetable bin from a truck, and she throws a watermelon to knock him down. A police officer and her partner hold a man over a fire escape railing by his feet, drop him on top of the hood of his truck with a crash, and he dents the hood (he is unharmed).
 We hear that a criminal was shot and stuffed into his car trunk as the camera cuts to his face with closed eyes while he is on a morgue table and we see a large forehead bullet hole filled with dried blood; a doctor picks up the man's tongue from a bowl with tongs and it looks like gray rubber. A man has several cigarette burns on his inner forearm from previous torture and we later hear that the man was shot and coma induced (we see him in the hospital with a tube in his nose, but no wound is visible).
 An angry female police officer shouts and curses continually at other police officers and at criminals; she assaults criminals with wristlocks and knocks them to the ground, as well as pulling her handgun several times, but does not fire. A police officer tells a woman to stick her head on a doorframe so she can slam the door on it 157,000 times. A police officer tells a desk sergeant that she will reach into his pocket, take a key, ram it down his throat, then go to his house with the key and kill him in the night. Several times a female police officer tells a female FBI agent that she will punch her or kill her. A TV in a house plays scenes from a monster movie in which a woman is strangled.
 Taken to the police chief's office, one police officer bounces a Tic Tac box off the chief's head and she and another officer poke each other several times. Two women detectives argue and slap at each other's' hands. A man sits outside a motel room with a ball bat in his hand, watching for criminals.
 A SWAT team breaks into a house, while arguing with a female FBI agent; the SWAT members find nothing, but the agent finds criminal evidence and makes an arrest, while the men mutter about her. In a briefing room, a female FBI agent who supervises men shouts at them for making fun of a female police officer; she curses at them and flashes an obscene hand gesture to them as she leaves. A woman's family includes several grown children and at family dinners, everyone shouts and curses at one another and the mother makes an obscene hand gesture toward one daughter.
 A man standing against a wall looks like he is urinating, but we see no urine. A woman bursts into a bathroom with a drawn gun and finds an elderly woman on a toilet, covered up by a long dress; she then walks away. A female police officer lives in a dirty apartment with old food in the refrigerator and a tall cabinet filled with weapons and ammunition; her window is covered by a paper human target, full of bullet holes.

PROFANITY 10 - About 158 F-words, 4 obscene hand gestures, 6 sexual references, 54 scatological terms, 6 anatomical terms, 13 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, Rosetta Stone, Queen of England, Spock, fancy pants, Ninja Turtle, Mick, racist, scumbags, jerks, bull in a china shop, Puss in Boots, Campbell Soup Kid, snow cone, nerd, animal, nut job, pathetic, rats), stereotypical references to men, women, law enforcement officers, families, crime lords, Russians, Bulgarians, the Irish, Blacks, Hispanics, albinos, senior citizens, fat people, thin people, exclamations (shut up), 23 religious profanities, 27 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man smokes a marijuana cigarette and drops the butt on the ground, law enforcement officers search for a cocaine distributor and chase suspects for questioning, a crook asks how long a marijuana cigarette and small bag of cocaine have been illegal to possess and a police officer replies "Always," two police officers pull plastic-wrapped packs of marijuana and cocaine out of refrigerators as well as wall storage areas and coffee tables before arresting the occupants of the homes, we hear that cocaine is packed in boxed baby food on a table in a warehouse (we don't see the drugs), and we hear that a shipment of cocaine is hidden on a party yacht but police find only one marijuana cigarette in a purse. A dim neighborhood tavern has a short bar and a back bar with a few bottles of liquor, several bar scenes include men and women drinking cocktails and beer from bottles at tables near the bar, one long scene features two women drinking triple shots of liquor as well as glasses and bottles of beer, two women have a shot-drinking contest in which they spill some drinks and spray liquor out of their noses in laughter, two women tape their noses to their foreheads with scotch tape to look like pigs and oink as they become drunk and slur their words while laughing during a drinking contest, a large bar sits in the center of the floor of a dance club and we see bottles of liquor stacked in tiers on the counter while hundreds of men and women dance with cocktails in their hands and some people drink from them, a woman pretends to be drunk and stumbles then spills her drink on a man, men and women drink beer from plastic cups on a party yacht, and men and a woman play poker while drinking from beer bottles. We hear that a woman smoked a lot of cigarettes one night when she was drunk.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Families, friendship, diversity, cooperation, responsibilities, duty, crime, justice, courage, honesty.

MESSAGE - Coworkers from diverse backgrounds can learn to cooperate.

Special Keywords: S6 - V6 - P10 - MPAAR

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