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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 [2011] [PG-13] - 3.7.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The final installment of the Harry Potter series has Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) continue to search for the remaining Horcruxes, created by Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes). They are in a race before Voldemort destroys Hogwarts and all of the wizards that stand against him. Also with Alan Rickman, Helena Bonham Carter and Michael Gambon. Directed by David Yates. [2:10]

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A teenage boy and a teenage girl share a passionate, lingering kiss and the boy's arms are around the girl's waist. A teenage boy and a teenage girl kiss briefly. A man and a woman are seen kissing. A teenage boy and a teenage girl hold hands on multiple occasions. A teenage boy stares at another teenage boy and a teenage girl that holding hands. A teenage boy hugs teenage girls on multiple occasions. A boy and a girl are seen lying side by side on the ground.
 Two teenage boys take off their shirts, and we see the bare chest of one of them and the bare back and stomach of the other. Ogres are seen shirtless with their bare chests and backs visible when they wear loincloths. A woman wears a tight corset that reveals cleavage.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A man corners another man, casts a spells at him and we see blood pour from the man's throat; the bleeding man collapses against a window through which three teenagers watch from the other side and see the outline of the man's body being attacked by a snake.
 A man corners a teenage boy on a high balcony, the boy grabs the man and they fall; they grab each other's faces and violently claw at each other until they hit the ground, the boy casts a spell at the man, and his body turns to ash and floats away in pieces as he screams.
 We see a goblin standing before a dragon and we watch as the dragon breathes a massive fireball that consumes the goblin while three teenagers watch in horror; the goblin presumably dies.
 We see a teenage boy's flashbacks: A man, the boy's father, is seen lying on the ground (only his legs are visible but it is implied that he is dead), another man approaches the boy's mother (the boy watches as an infant in a crib), she's struck by a bolt of lightening and she falls to the ground; in another flashback, we see a man holding the deceased body of the teenage boy's mother (no blood is visible).
 Many men and women shove their way onto a bridge as a teenage boy runs away, and we see them casting spells and small bolts of lightning toward him as he runs; the boy casts a bolt of lightning that hits explosives strapped to the bridge, the bridge starts to collapse, we see people falling off (presumably to their deaths) and the teenage boy narrowly avoids falling into a pit caused by the explosion (we see him unharmed but covered in soot).
 Three teenagers find an injured man with blood pouring from his neck and when one boy cradles the man's head, we see the boy's hands covered in blood; the man dies.
 Large ogres smash and destroy a blockade of reanimated cement soldiers: the soldiers fight back knocking two ogres to the ground, several men and women follow the ogres and attack the soldiers and cast spells (seen as small bolts of light), an extended fight sequence follows and we see people being thrown from the force of spells cast, an ogre is seen using a thresher to knock a man to the ground and we later see the aftermath when a deceased ogre is seen face-down on a bridge and rubble surrounds the area.
 Many people shout as they run toward a bridge, two men hit an unseen force field and explode into non-bloody pieces and disappear while people watching look shocked.
 Two women cast spells at one another with loud crashes of lightning; we see one of the women stunned and moments later her body dissolves into tiny pieces that float away.
 A man casts a bolt of light at another man; his body dissolves into pieces and disappears instantly.
 An older man instructs a man that a teenage boy is supposed to kill him; he then says that he would like the man to kill him and we see the older man falling backward, presumably to his death.
 Several people are seen riding a mineshaft train, the train line is snapped in half by a dragon, and three teenagers watch as the train flies off the track, presumably crashing below.
 A man and a teenage boy cast spells at one another, and we see a huge flash of light from the man's wand begin to push the light coming from the teenage boy's wand until the boy drops his wand; a massive ball of light surrounds the teenage boy and he finds himself in a room where an older man previously established as dead implies that the boy can choose to die at that moment (we see the teenage boy's body curled up and a woman confirms that he is alive but tells several men and women that he is dead).
 Two teenage boys set a fire that rapidly consumes an entire room, sending three other teenagers running; the flames take on the shape of a snake and a wolf and follows the teenagers, three boys climb furniture as they attempt to outrun the fire, one falls backwards into the fire, presumably dying and the remaining teens escape unharmed.
 We briefly see a small town burning and a building's tower collapses in flames. A man casts a spell that sends a huge bolt of lightning through the air, hitting an unseen force field around a building; the force field begins to burn and we see smoldering ashes and embers floating to the ground around the school. Several men and women cast spells at an unseen force field surrounding a building and the bolts of light bounce off.
 A teenage boy and a man cast multiple bolts of light at one another, the teenage boy is knocked off a bridge and falls to the ground, and stumbles as a bolt from the man's wand causes the stairs where he is standing to crumble; ribbons from the man's robe wrap around the boy's body and he casts them aside quickly.
 Several men and women cast spells at other men, women and teenagers; the two groups fire bolts of light at one another, and one bolt knocks a teenage boy off his feet (he is later seen unharmed). Many men cast spells in the form of bolts of lightning at three teenagers; they narrowly avoid being hit by the bolts and rubble that falls around them, and they are unharmed as they return spells (one of which knocks a man off his feet).
 A man and a woman cast bolts of light at each other: the two bolts of light meet, the woman knocks two other men off their feet, the first man then disappears into a black cloud and flies through a window as glass shatters to the ground (the man is later seen unharmed). We hear glass breaking and see bolts of lightning and fireballs fly past people; teenagers dive for safety and they narrowly escape being hit by a falling stone beam.
 A teenage girl throws a rock at a snake, and the snake lunges toward the girl, pinning her and a boy to the ground; a teenage boy uses a sword to cut off the head of the snake, and its body turns into a black cloud and floats away.
 Three teenagers and two goblins riding on a high-speed mining shaft train drop into mid-air when the train dumps them; we see them free falling and they are stopped by a spell that catches them inches before smashing into the ground. Three teenagers run through a battlefield where we see spells of lightning bolts and flashes of fire being cast in the background; an ogre swings a thresher through the air, narrowly missing the teens.
 A man carries the lifeless body of a teenage boy, a crowd watches and cries out and a teenage girl screams; the teenage boy then leaps out of the man's arms and we see a cut on his lip and forehead.
 A man approaches the deceased body of an ogre, pushes it off a bridge and continues to walk. Several men and women walk through a room littered with the dead bodies of goblins; we see bloody cuts on the goblin's faces, and some are face down with blood visible on their torsos and heads. We see a teenage boy's vision where he finds a small humanoid creature in the fetal position, covered in blood and tissue and a man tells the boy that the creature is a part of a man that has come to die. A teenage boy walks into a room filled with deceased and injured men, women, teenagers and children; we see people crying, a woman lifts a blanket over the body of a deceased person (we do not see the body) and we see bodies laid out on the floor.
 We see a large dragon with bloody cuts on its neck and legs and chains digging into the bloody cuts; two teenage boys and a teenage girl climb onto the back of the dragon, we see bloody cuts on its neck as it breaks through the ceiling and breathes fire into the room filled with goblins, and it breaks through a skylight and struggles to fly, knocking into chimneys and rooftops. Two teenage boys and a teenage girl leap from the back of a flying dragon and into a lake; they resurface, unharmed.
 Goblets and jewelry begin to multiply and rapidly fill a room where three teenagers are standing; they struggle to gain their footing as two goblins escape unharmed, one of the teenage boys is fully buried and moments later he breaks out from under the massive pile of goblets, unharmed. A man angrily grabs another man's face.
 Two girls shout in pain and hold their heads as a man's voice is heard, presumably speaking in their thoughts, and announcing that a teenage boy must die in order to stop the man from killing more people. Men, women, teenagers and children act physically uncomfortable when a man's voice is heard, presumably speaking in the thoughts. On multiple occasions a teenage boy winces in pain when he experiences flashbacks. A man winces in pain when teenagers smash relics. A teenage boy gasps in pain and is unable to walk after a relic is destroyed.
 A man shoves a woman to the ground as she tries to help him stand. A girl walks in between a boy and girl, shoving the girl and causing her to drop her books. Three teenagers walk through the destroyed remains of a building; we see burn marks on the stone and crumbled and destroyed stonework on the ground. A man is seen sitting on the ground with ropes tied around his neck; we later see him walking, while two men and two women hold ropes tied around his neck.
 Throughout the movie we see a teenage boy with blood coming from a cut on his forehead, down the bridge of his nose and onto his eyelid. A teenage boy is seen with a bloody nose and cut lip. A goblin is seen with a cut on his cheek (presumably from an unseen fight), a teenage boy asks how he feels and the goblin responds, "Alive." A teenage girl is seen with a healing black eye from an unseen altercation. A woman is seen tending to the bloody cut on the arm of a man. A teenage boy shows three other teenagers the healing cuts on his face, saying he had received them as punishment.
 A man lifts open a sarcophagus; we see the image of a deceased man inside (there's no blood or decomposition visible). On multiple occasions we see skeletal figures hanging around a castle and floating in mid-air. Black clouds follow skeletal figures as they fly through the air.
 A teenage boy shouts at three other teenage boys and chases them after a teenage girl casts a spell that causes them to retreat. A teenage boy shouts at a man, telling a room filled with people that the man had killed another man. An older man shouts at a teenage boy. A woman shouts at a man. A teenage boy shouts at a man. A teenage girl shouts at a teenage boy. The ghost of a young woman screams loudly at a teenage boy. A girl shouts at another girl. A teenage boy instructs another teenage boy and a teenage girl to kill a snake.
 On many occasions a teenage boy tells a variety of people, including another teenage boy, a teenage girl, and a group of men and women that he will have to kill a man before the man is able to kill him. An older man warns a teenage boy that a man wants to kill him. Multiple men and women warn a teenage boy that a man wants to kill him since he had escaped being killed by the man when he was a child. A teenage boy tells a goblin that he will have to kill a man before the man has the opportunity to kill him. An older man tells a teenage boy that another man had given the teenage boy a "suicide mission" and that the teenage boy would die if he had attempted to kill a man. An older man tells a man that a teenage boy will have to die and the man accuses the older man of "leading the pig to slaughter." A man warns a room filled with children and teens and men and women that they could be punished "mightily." A man warns many men, women and teenagers that they must join him or die. We hear a teenage boy talking to himself and he says, "I'm ready to die." A goblin tells two teenage boys and a teenage girl that a dragon expects to be beaten. A woman tells a teenage boy that an older male goblin is weak and we see the goblin sitting in a chair, looking under the weather. An older man tells a teenage boy that a stone could be used to bring people back from the dead. A goblin warns three teenagers that they "might as well use a sword to cut their throats" than be discovered. A goblin tells a teenage boy that a man had tortured him. A teenage boy tells an older man that an elf had died. A teenage girl tells a teenage boy that he must talk to someone who is dead; we later see the teenage boy speaking with the ghost of a young woman. A teen girl asks an older man if a painting was of his deceased sister, and the older man tells the girl and two teenage boys that the girl had died when she was young. A teenage boy is seen beside the tombstone of an elf and a goblin later asks the teenage boy if an elf had died; the teenage boy confirms that the elf had died.
 A teenage boy confirms with an older woman that he is meant to blow up an object, and the woman jokes that the boy and another teenage boy are able to blow it up, saying that one of the boys has a "proclivity for pyrotechnics."
 A teenage boy identifies a stone as being able to bring people back from the dead when he is surrounded by the ghosts of four people whom he identifies as having died for him.

PROFANITY 3 - 4 mild obscenities, name-calling (dewy-eyed school girl, thieves, blithering idiot, fools, Frankie Fursail, prim, numb wit, cowards, freak, jealous, ordinary, lazy, arrogant, swain, stupid girl), exclamations (what the devil, blimey, bloody, shut up), 1 religious exclamation. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Two teenage boys and a teenage girl drink butter beer (it appears to be beer in beer steins).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Bravery, old wive's tales, friendship, magic, death of parents, fear, legends, sacrifice, courage, magic, death of loved ones, deceiving for the benefit of others, two part movies.

MESSAGE - The bonds of friendship are very strong. Bravery is of the utmost importance when faced with a daunting task.

Special Keywords: S3 - V7 - P3 - MPAAPG-13

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