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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 [2010] [PG-13] - 4.7.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The first part of the final installment of the "Harry Potter" series finds Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) racing against time as he tries to destroy the Horcruxes. Together with Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint), the three begin their journey to uncover the most powerful wizarding objects in the world, which are the Deathly Hallows. Also with Bill Nighy, Alan Rickman, Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter. Directed by David Yates. [2:30]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A teenage boy has a vision of a presumably nude (we see bare upper arms and shoulders) shadowy teenage boy and teenage girl kissing quite passionately, their arms wrapped around one another. A woman kisses a man who, mid-kiss, transforms into a teenage boy. A teenage girl asks a teenage boy to zip up her dress (we see a portion of her bare back), he does and they kiss until interrupted by a young man. A teenage boy and a teenage girl kiss. A man and a woman kiss one another on the cheek.
 A man rubs a teenage girl's face and she pulls away. A teenage boy and teenage girl hold hands, and a teenage boy and a teenage girl dance playfully and then hug. A man and a woman dance and look at one another lovingly. A teenage boy lovingly touches the face of a teenage girl. A teenage girl puts her head on the shoulder of a teenage boy. A teenage girl and a teenage boy hug tightly. A teenage boy and a teenage girl sleep with their hands almost touching (the boy is on the floor and the girl is on a sofa next to him).
 A teenage boy takes off his shirt and slips out of his pants; he is seen wearing boxer-brief style underwear and his bare chest and back are visible. A group of teenage boys are seen in various states of undress, including one wearing a lacy bra after taking off his shirt; another teenage boy is seen with his pants unzipped as he tucks in his shirt (no nudity is visible) and three are seen in the process of taking off or putting on shirts (bare chests and backs are visible). The bare chest of a teenage boy is seen as he lies on the ground, injured.
 A teenage boy tells another teenage boy he had "seen them" in reference to him perceiving a relationship between the teenage boy and a teenage girl. A man tells a group of men and women that a woman teaches that humans and wizards can "mate" with no problem.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - A woman floats over a table surrounded by men and women until a man casts a spell on her and her body slams into the table; we see a teenage boy look at her lifeless face, cut and bleeding, as a snake curls around the table and lunges towards her body, presumably eating her.
 A teenage girl walks into a room where we see flies buzzing and a small amount of blood spattered on the ceiling; it is implied the teenage girl sees a dead body (we do not see anything).
 We see two teenage boys and a teenage girl on a shore, one boys finds an elf lying limp on the ground, his chest covered in blood and a bloody knife clatters to the ground as the boy grabs him (the elf dies and we see him later wrapped in a white sheet and being lowered into a grave).
 An injured teenage boy's limp body is carried into a house by a man (we see blood pouring from the boy's ear and covering his neck and shoulder). A teenage boy is seen lying on the ground (he has large bloody cuts on his arm) and as a teenage girl tries to tend his wounds her hands become covered in his blood; after a potion is applied, the deep, bloody cuts slowly begin to mend. A woman pins a teenage girl to the ground and carves her arm with a wand (we later see bloody letters, and a small drop of blood coming), and the teenage girl screams in pain as two teenage boys listen and wince. A woman cuts an elf's face, and we see a small trail of blood on the cut. A woman is seen hanging mid-air with small bloody cuts on her face and her hands are bound.
 Two teenage boys and a teenage girl run through a crowded room as a man chases them, casting lightning bolts at them: some of the bolts stray and hit a statue twice (we see rock flying through the air), the teenagers escape by leaping into an elevator as black cloud-like ghosts swarm after them, and claws reach into the elevator as it zooms away. Three teenagers duck as two men shoot lightning bolts at them, the teens fire lightning bolts back (tables and chairs surrounding them break into pieces as they are struck), and a bolt hits a glass case that shatters and the bolt hits a man standing behind it, sending him to the ground; the other man is also struck and they both lie unconscious on the floor (one of the teens is shown with a small cut on her face).
 Two teenage boys attack two women, a man and a teenage boy: they cast lightning bolts at them and one of the women screams, the small group fights back, and one of the women holds a knife to the throat of a teenage girl and threatens to kill her. A group of men run after two teenage boys and a teenage girl, firing lightning bolts at them: one of the boys trips and falls, the other boy is struck by a lightning bolt and captured by the men, and the other two teens are also captured (we see one of the men pinning one of the teenage boys to the ground with his foot on his back).
 Ghost-like black clouds zoom into a crowded tent, it catches on fire, the people in the tent run for safety, and a teenage girl and two teenage boys clutch one another for safety and disappear. Black ghost-like clouds zoom into a room and three teenagers have to duck to avoid being struck as glasses and furniture explode around them. The teenagers run out of the building as the top of it explodes in a fireball.
 An elf detaches a chandelier from the ceiling and it crashes to the ground causing a woman to release a teenage girl she is threatening with a knife, just in time to avoid being crushed. A woman zaps a man with a lightning bolt and uses a whip around the neck of another man, dragging him to the ground.
 A woman transforms into a giant snake that lunges at a teenage boy, the teenage boy jumps out of the way as the snake crashes through a wall, and wraps its body around the teenage boy until a bright flash of light pushes it off the boy and it falls through a hole in the floor; the snake pops back up and disappears in a ball of flame.
 A teenage girl casts a spell on a teenage boy that knocks him to the ground and causes his face to swell. A cloud of dust turns into a man that rushes toward two teenage boys and a teenage girl, the teenage girl shouts and the man turns back into dust and falls to the ground. Two teenage boys, a teenage girl and an elf jump into a swirling cloud as a woman throws a knife. A man casts a spell on a woman that causes a bolt of light to come from her chest; she appears to pass out as another woman grabs a necklace from her neck and runs away.
 A group of teenage boys and men fly through the air as lightning bolts and ghost-like black clouds strike the boys; one man drives a flying motorcycle with a teenage boy in the jump seat, and the driver is struck by a lightning bolt and slumps over as the teenage boy drives the motorcycle and revs it, creating a blast of fire that ignites a black ghost-cloud. A teenage boy jumps into a small opening in a frozen pond, a necklace around his neck pulls him under the ice, his head slams against the bottom, he struggles to swim and is pulled out of the icy water to safety. A teenage boy falls backward as a massive ball of black smoke transforms into a monster that sprinkles spiders all over the ground; the teenage boy crawls backward, then stabs the cloud causing it to explode and disappear. A teenage boy driving a flying motorcycle passes out, but comes to in time to crash-land into a small stream. A man has to duck to avoid being struck by a flying motorcycle driven by a man and carrying a teenage boy in the jump seat.
 A woman grabs a teenage boy by the hair and pulls his head back, and she shouts at another teenage boy to identify him (the boy's face is swollen and disfigured). A group of men are seen carrying the limp bodies of two children through a forest: they drop one of the bodies on the ground in front of a teenage girl who remains hidden, and they pick the body up and continue walking (the lifeless bodies are not seen again).
 A man, his face cut and bloody, is seen being dragged by two other men in front of a group of people. Guards are seen escorting a man outside and a young man is seen being accosted by two men.
 A teenage boy experiences violent flashbacks during dreams, that include scenes of a man being slammed against a wall by another man, a man sending a lightning bolt after another man, and a woman lying on the floor, presumably dead.
 In a cartoon depiction, a skeleton figure appears in front of three men, we see one of the men kill another man and then see the man have his neck slit (we see a splash of black, animated blood); a woman is brought back to life, we see a skeletal woman in a dress falling apart and the man then hangs himself with a noose, while the third man is carried off by a skeletal figure and we hear that he died at an old age after the first was killed and the second killed himself out of grief.
 A teenage boy transforms into a young man as a woman cradles his head in her arms (we see blood on her hands). A teenage girl erases the memories of two men after a violent encounter. A ball of light enters a tent where a party is being held and wispy ghosts come out saying that a man has died.
 A teenage boy grabs an elf and shouts at him, it cowers and then shouts at teenage girl, who lifts up a spoon and is about to hit the elf but is stopped. A man is brought into a room as two elves try to attack him, he is shoved into a chair and asked by a teenage boy if he had robbed a house, he says he had, and the teenage boy grabs the man's wand and walks away. A man slams a teenage boy against a wall and shouts at him, his hand is around the teenage boy's throat, and he lowers the boy and walks away moments later. A man holds a wand in a defensive position against another man and shouts; he then lowers the wand. Two teenage boys hit a man in the back of the head, and he falls to the ground as they rush past him.
 A man shouts at two teenage boys and a teenage girl and slams plates into a sink, pounds his head against a door and he tells them that his daughter had been kidnapped. Two teenage boys and a teenage girl walk through a series of burnt-out trailers. A teenage boy and teenage girl are seen standing in a cemetery, and a teenage boy acknowledges they are standing at the grave of his parents.
 After an injury we see a teenage boy with a bandage around his head and a needle sticking out of his ear. A man with a scar on his face tells a teenage boy that he had been attacked by a werewolf and now likes very rare steaks.
 A man cracks open the stone covering a tomb, we see the deceased body of a man in the grave and a man steals a wand and lifts it into the sky, causing a lightning bolt to light up the sky. Bat skeletons are seen hanging from a mobile.
 A teenage boy touches a woman as she walks by, she slumps over and another teenage boy grabs her feet and carries her into an alley where she is propped up beside two men who also appear to be sleeping; a teenage girl pulls a hair from the woman and hands it a teenage boy (the three people are later seen unharmed). A teenage girl pulls a hair from a teenage boy's head.
 A teenage girl and two teenage boys narrowly avoid being hit by a bus as they appear in the middle of a crowded street; they disappear and reappear moments later, unharmed on the side of the road. Two men and a woman are suddenly jolted backwards when the elevator they are on takes off suddenly.
 Two teenage boys and a teenage girl attempt multiple times to blow up a necklace, using magical spells and fire we see the necklace smoking and in flames. Stink bombs are seen going off in a room filled with people, women shriek and run and men climb on top of desks as the bombs turn into horns that blow. An owl flying along side a motorcycle is struck by lightning and is seen falling to the ground.
 Using crude language, a man tells a group of people that a substance they are about to drink tastes like goblin urine. A teenage boy, disguised as a man, tells another man that they must flush themselves down toilets; we see a man stepping into a toilet, he pulls the toilet chain and swirls down. Men and women, and two teenage boys and a teenage girl gag and make faces as they drink a potion.
 A teenage boy shouts at a teenage girl, two teenage boys shout at one another and then wrestle, and one of the teenage boys pulls away and storms off, shouting at a teenage girl. A teenage girl shouts at a teenage boy and shoves him and then grabs his arm and storms away.
 A woman tells a man that she wants to kill a teenage boy, and the man says he admires her "bloodlust" and that he must kill the boy. A man tells a large group of people that the world is facing a "great threat" and that the people must fight to remain safe. A teenage boy tells another teenage boy that he is not fighting a war by himself and that people did not die for him, but to protect the entire world. A teenage boy tells a group of men, women, and teenage boys and girls that he does not want to risk the lives of people to save his life. A man tells a group of people that another man had died after his escort had allowed him to go unguarded. A woman tells a teenage boy that a man had killed three people and then went into hiding. A teenage girl reads a newspaper that says, "Muggle Family Murdered" as a headline. A teenage boy listens to a radio announcement listing the names of missing people, and he tells another teenage boy that he is listening for his family's names. A teenage boy stands in front of a run-down house and tells a teenage girl that he knows two people had been murdered in that house. A man jokingly tells a group of people he wants to leave before he gets murdered. A teenage boy tells a teenage girl that he had previously stabbed a snake with a sword. An elf tells a teenage boy that a house had been burglarized.
 Two teenage boys and a teenage girl walk into a room that appears to have been looted, with furniture overturned and papers shredded on the ground. A teenage boy casts a spell that causes a flame from a candle to burst into a column of flames momentarily, and he gasps in surprise.

PROFANITY 3 - 1 sexual reference, 1 anatomical term, 7 mild obscenities, name-calling (specking git, mad, toadies, old bird, losers, foul, thief, little git, mental, nothing, treacherous little bleeder, ugly), exclamations (bloody, blimey, freak out), 3 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - On two occasions presumably alcoholic drinks are seen appearing in champagne glasses and men are seen holding glasses of presumably alcoholic beverages.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Magic, death of parents, death of friends, the bonds of friendship, romance, tabloid journalism, dishonesty, fear, legends, rebellion, sacrifice, disappointment, courage, moral fiber, sequels, two-part movies.

MESSAGE - Everyone needs help from friends, and the bonds of friendship can be very strong.

Special Keywords: S4 - V7 - P3 - MPAAPG-13

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