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Halloween II [2009] [R] - 8.10.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Sequel to Rob Zombie's 2007 remake of the eponymous 1970's horror film: A young woman (Scout Taylor-Compton) is shocked when she realizes that she's Michael Myers' younger sister. When Myers stages a blood-soaked family reunion, she has to decide between her family and her life. Also with Tyler Mane, Brad Dourif, Chris Hardwick, Mark Christopher-Lawrence, Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, Malcolm McDowell, Daeg Faerch, Danielle Harris, Ezra Buzzington, Chase Wright Vanek and "Weird Al" Yankovic. Directed by Rob Zombie. [1:41]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - A man walks into a room where a completely nude woman (her bare breasts and stomach are visible) is sitting on a desk, the man asks, using crude language, if she would like to have intercourse, she gets on her hands and knees, the man gets behind her, places his hand on her waist and they are interrupted.
 A large group of people are shown at a party and young men and women dance while three bare-breasted women dance on tables above them. A man sits at the bar of a strip club while a woman wearing a short, form-fitting tube-dress dances against a pole; the walls of the club are decorated with drawings of nude women with exposed breasts. Two bare-breasted women dance on a stage, in front of a large crowd (they are wearing corset-tops, which fully expose their breasts and underpants). A completely nude woman (we see her bare breasts, back and buttocks) runs out of a room in a panic. We see three young women wearing cleavage revealing costumes with short skirts, as well as other women in short dresses and low-cut tops; three women are shown dancing on tables while topless (we see their bare breasts). A blood-covered man finds a nude woman (we see her bare breasts) weeping and attacks her (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details). While in a strip club, a scantily clad dancer sits on a man's lap, the man places his hands on the woman's legs and the woman licks the man's face; they begin to kiss passionately, and another man makes a remark about the woman giving the man an STD and calls the woman a rude name.
 A young man invites a young woman back to his "shaggin' wagon," she tells the man to kiss her, they begin to kiss passionately, she straddles his lap, he flips her and wraps one of her legs around him and he then leaves the van to urinate; the young woman jokes about water sports in a sexual context. Three young women dance suggestively; one stands on a counter, and another stands on top of a chair.
 A young woman jokes that she will have to show an older man her breasts again and she seems ready to lift her shirt; she is stopped. Two women wear very low-cut tops (revealing cleavage). A young woman says, "I'm a chick, dressing up as a dude who dresses up as a chick"; she wears a corset top and short shorts (her upper thighs, cleavage, and bare abdomen are all visible). A woman is shown wearing a low-cut, tight fitting top that reveals cleavage. A young woman is shown with her shirt folded up, exposing her bare abdomen and back. A young woman wears a low-cut, very short shirt that only barely covers her buttocks when she leans over.
 A man tells a woman wearing a low-cut, form-fitting top, "I love you, Mama" in a creepy voice. A man flirts with a woman and the woman giggles and flirts back. A young woman wearing a tight corset top exposing cleavage and her mid-drift and short, tight-fitting shorts with gartered stockings, asks a young man if he would like to put his hand in her pants to reassure himself that she is a woman. A man asks a woman if she is a "real redhead," as he puts his arms around her. A man jokes that he heard about two men who would have intercourse with dead bodies and that he might consider it with the body of an attractive young woman and says that her corpse has aroused him. A man comments to another man that a corpse was an attractive young woman, using crude language, and he describes that she had a nice figure. A man makes a crude joke to another man about having sex with a corpse, and he uses crude language for intercourse and male genitals. A young woman comments about a friend who probably went home with "some guy, like usual." A young woman tells another young woman about a "sexy French Maid" costume she had purchased for her, and tries to coerce her into wearing the costume, saying that guys "dig the domestics." A woman tells a man that she has done things she is not proud of in order to get publicity.

VIOLENCE/GORE 10 - The hand of a man is shown, digging a knife into the stomach of a dog: he drags the knife across the dog's belly, reaches in (with a squish), pulls out bloodied entrails, lifts the entrails to his lips and begins to eat.
 A man covered in blood lumbers toward a truck as two men struggle to get in, stabs one man in the back (we hear crunching and squishing) and a woman watches as the man's face slides down the window of the truck and leaves a streak of blood on the glass, the attacker then slices the man's throat (blood gurgles out of the wound, as he gasps and dies), and another man is impaled on antlers strapped to the front of the truck and the attacker stabs him in the chest repeatedly; them he breaks the window of the truck pulls the woman out and stabs her multiple times (we see blood and hear slicing sounds).
 A bloodied, masked man reaches through a broken car window, begins to choke another bloodied man, twists his neck and rips his head off (we hear swishing), holds the head by the hair while walking over the bloody remains of a dead cow and drops it.
 A man covered in blood stands over the body of a blood-covered woman on the ground, he grabs her head and begins to stab her over ten times (we hear crushing bones and squishing while blood spurts).
 A man holding a baseball bat yells at a man, threatening him, swings his bat at the man's back (we hear a crack), and begins to bludgeon him (we see him lying motionless and covered with blood).
 A man points a gun at a man who lunges at him, grabs his face, and stabs him many times (blood pours from the man's wounds in his chest and face, and blood spatters the attacker and walls); he runs, the attacker stabs him once more, and he falls to the ground and dies in a pool of blood. A blood-covered masked man swings an axe into the back of a man while a young woman hides and watches; the attacker strikes the man once more with the axe, removes it from the victim's back, uses it to break through a wall to get to the young woman and raises it over her, and the screen goes black.
 A blood-spattered man breaks the back window of a van, grabs the woman by the neck, and she screams as the man chokes her to death (we see her terror-stricken face). A blood-covered man finds a nude woman weeping and shaking in fear, he takes the woman's head, slams it against a mirror, blood erupts from her face and head as the mirror shatters, and the man drops the blood-soaked woman to the ground.
 A young woman duct tapes a sleeping woman to a chair, stands over her, screams using crude terms that the woman has to die, and stabs her; we see blood, the young woman begins to shake from a seizure (her body writhes and blood begins to spurt from her lips), the screen flashes and we see the young woman holding a knife over a blood-covered body.
 A man walks up behind a police officer, wraps a chain around his neck, chokes him and drops the dead body to the ground. A man approaches a young man, stabs him in the back twice (we hear squishing) and the young man drops to he ground. A blood-covered man slams another man against the wall of a shed and stabs him in the chest over 20 times (we hear crushing and squishing, and blood splatters over the man and walls).
 A blood-covered, masked man punches another man in the stomach, the man falls to the ground and spits blood, and the attacker stomps his foot down on his face and neck (we hear blood splashing and squishing). A masked and blood-covered man grabs a young man and slams him onto the windshield of a car; the man then flips the car over and down a hill, the car erupts in flames, and a blood-covered terrified young woman, who's in the passenger seat, is lifted out as the car explodes.
 A young woman runs into a hallway and almost trips over the bloody body of a woman slumped in a stairwell; the woman's eyes have been ripped out of their sockets, blood runs over her face, and there are bloody handprints on the walls around her.
 We see several grotesquely obese people with pumpkins for heads seated at a table, a sleeping young woman is laid out as if she were food, the pumpkin-headed people stare at her greedily and as they move closer dozens of hands come out from under the table and grab her, causing her to wake up and start screaming; the hands pin her down as she thrashes, trying to escape.
 A blood-covered young woman drops to her knees in front of a blood-soaked, impaled man, she places her hand on his face, he lifts a knife up to her back but drops the knife, and the young woman stabs him in the chest over twenty times (blood splatters over the young woman).
 A sniper shoots a man in the neck (the bullet entry point explodes with blood), and then in the chest (there's more blood); the man lurches back and he writhes as bars pierce his body. A blood-covered man stands over a terrified young woman as she screams; he grabs her head, slams her face into a table, and stabs her in the chest with a large, blood-covered knife (the young woman's face is bloody from being slammed into the table, and blood bubbles from the wound on her chest).
 A young woman, holding a dead, blood-covered young woman sits in the middle of a blood-covered room; she hears a knock at the door, runs out, and a blood-covered man shatters the door and chases the young woman. A woman finds a man's corpse (the face is completely covered in blood and smashed in) hanging from the ceiling.
 A blood-covered, masked man walks in on a man and a woman about to engage in sex, the two people yell when they see the man watching them, they exit the room in a panic and she slams into a wall and falls to the ground. A van crashes full speed into a cow standing on the road; the cow explodes in blood and entrails, the driver of the van, face crushed and covered in blood, is shown presumably dead, and the passenger, face covered with blood, begins to panic and scream for help.
 A knife wound in a woman's chest begins to spurt blood, she opens her mouth and blood bubbles at her lips, and she screams as blood pours out of the cut, covering her face and chest as she falls to the ground.
 A man chases a young woman through a house; we hear screams and the sounds of crashing and destruction and of a knife slicing through flesh; nothing is shown. A young woman, eyes closed, is shown in a glass coffin; her eyes open and in a mad panic, she pounds against the glass lid as a young boy and woman watch.
 Two young women walk into a room covered in blood (blood drips from the walls and it is shown splattered on the contents of the room), a young woman, streaked in blood, lies on the floor, one of the young women attempts to revive her but is unable (the injured woman sputters blood from her mouth). A man screams in agony after finding the blood-covered, mutilated body of a young woman.
 A wounded young woman stumbles down a flight of stairs, realizes a man is following her and cries and screams for help. A young woman covered in blood and with a cast on her leg, hides, visibly terrified, under a desk. A man shouts when a blood-covered young woman startles him. A young woman, covered in blood, screams for a man while shaking. A young woman, covered in blood, runs, stumbles and then waves at a passing car.
 A young boy pins a young woman to the ground and she pushes against him, but is unable to escape his hold. A man slams his fist on his desk in anger. A young woman sobs loudly and slams her hands against the steering wheel as she drives.
 Medical personnel cut off a wounded young woman's clothing, exposing cuts, bruises and blood, and a portion of one of her fingers is shown to be missing (the bloodied stump is shown); her fingernails are shown being pulled out with tweezers and wounds on her face and leg are shown being stitched (the young woman is unconscious). A young woman, covered in blood, is raced through a hospital corridor on a gurney as medical staff discusses the gruesome extent of her injuries; she screams and writhes in pain, and open and bleeding lacerations on her legs and face are shown. A person, face bloodied and cut, is shown being wheeled out of a house wearing an oxygen mask and loaded into an ambulance. A young woman, covered in bandages, struggles to get out of a hospital bed; she is scratched and bruised and a bandage on her forehead is beginning to leak blood, and has a broken leg in a cast.
 A dead man is shown with what appears to be a large knife through one of his eyes (his face is covered in blood). Several men attempt to lift a dead, bloodied body and shove it into the back of a van. Two men toss a body in a body bag into the back of a van and it lands on the ground. Two men discuss a crime scene and the cause of death, as a dead body is shown lying on the ground.
 A van, mangled and covered in blood, is shown near a dead cow -- its entrails are dripping from its remains. A van begins to shake violently and a dark figure walks beside it as a person inside cries for help. A blood-covered, masked man holding a large axe slowly lumbers toward another man. A blood-covered, masked man runs the blade of a knife along the cage of a barking dog.
 A young woman covered in cuts, bruises and stitches on the bridge of her nose lovingly touches the stitched-up and bruised face of a woman who appears to be in a coma. A young woman is shown with visible scars cutting across her face. A blood covered young woman is instructed by a woman to say, "I love you, Mommy."
 A man punches another man and he drops to the ground (he has a bit of blood on his cheek); he holds a gun to the man's head and threatens to kill him (he is pulled away). A man shouts angrily another man, saying that the young woman in a picture was his "baby" and that she had been killed because of the man and that he will have his revenge; he pulls out a gun, points it in the face of the man, and he's disarmed by security guards who wrestle him to the ground. A young woman, holding what appears to be a gun and covered in blood tells a police officer, "I killed him, I killed him, I killed him," before collapsing.
 A young woman screams in terror. A young woman in a hospital cries out for medication for her head, saying she feels dizzy. A young boy and a woman stand in front of a large skeleton wearing a mask. The sound of gunshots, police sirens, and women screaming are heard. A large, framed print of Charles Manson is over a girl's bed.
 We see still photos of a young woman covered in blood, a dead woman with her mouth taped shut, a dead man covered in blood, a woman covered in blood and screaming, the curled up corpse of a woman, two dead people covered in blood, a dead man with his arms open in a crucifixion pose and covered in blood, a dead woman covered in blood, a dead young woman covered in blood, a dead man covered in blood and propped up against a wall, and a dead man impaled on a spear.
 A young woman attempts to calm herself by repeating, "He's dead, he's dead, he's dead," while cradling a stuffed animal in her arms. A young woman wakes up, screaming and panting disturbed by a nightmare.
 A man tells another man that he had sent a man to the emergency room earlier in the day and would have no problem beating him up too. A man angrily shouts at a crowd of people about a man being dead. A man shouts angrily at a woman. A young woman jokes with a visibly upset woman, asking her, "Who died?" A young woman comforts herself by saying, "He's dead," repeatedly. A young boy is told that his mother is dead and responds that she will be coming back. A man tells a woman, "When I want your opinion I will beat it out of you." A man instructs another man to go to his house and sit outside with a shotgun on his lap. A television announcer says "another body" has been found. A man jokes that this isn't his "first corpse rodeo" after being chastised for his behavior around dead bodies. A man shouts at a woman. A woman discusses with a young woman her parents' murder. A woman asks a man if he feels responsible for over 15 deaths. A man asks another man if he expects a person to kill again. Two young women discuss violent nightmares about a hospital. A man and a young woman discuss how the loud nightmares of a young woman had kept them awake the previous night. A man compares serial killers. A man jokes with another man during a televised interview about the missing body of a serial killer and refers to sharks, teeth marks and gore. A book cover reads, "He was born to kill." A television reporter announces that a young woman had shot her brother. A woman jokes with another woman about a dog that continues to urinate on her sofa. A young woman calls the meat toppings on a pizza "dead rotting flesh."
 A young woman, sitting at a dining room table, makes a gagging sound and reaches for her mouth; she then runs away to a bathroom, and we hear gagging sounds and vomiting. A young man tells a young woman that he has to urinate (using crude language) while kissing her; he walks to a tree and we hear sounds of urinating (nothing is visible). A young woman sits on a toilet. A man imitates a crude animal, licking and biting at a piece of pizza.

PROFANITY 10 - About 112 F-words and its derivatives (including two stickers with the F-word printed on them), 6 sexual references, 12 scatological terms, 13 anatomical terms, 11 mild obscenities, a poster of a hand making a rude hand gesture is shown, obscene sayings are shown painted on a wall, name calling (odd one, jackhole, Kojack, stupid, slimy, daddy's little princess, bum, bloodsucker, old ma, old hippie, brain dead, gossip mongers, crazy, hoss, filthy, dirty, jag-off), exclamations (shut up), 7 religious profanities, 5 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Two young women drink beer (one is inebriated and shouts that she wants to "go out" and "party"), a man drinks a glass of wine, two men drink shots at a bar, a young man offers a young woman a drink and reassures her that it is "roofie-free," a large group of people are at a party drinking, a visibly intoxicated young woman stumbles around, a young woman helps carry an intoxicated young woman, an intoxicated young woman stumbles from a car and a man imitates being inebriated by slurring his speech and pretending to shoot a gun. A man smokes a cigarette while sitting at a bar, a man smokes a cigarette, a young woman smokes a cigarette, and two men smoke cigarettes (or cigars) on a porch. A young woman takes a bottle of pills out of a medicine cabinet and swallows two, a young woman offers another young woman to do "rock balls," and a young woman in a hospital cries out for medication for her head, saying she feels dizzy.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Murder, serial killers, lying, friendship, family, profiting from other's misery, deception, crime, mental hospitals, death.

MESSAGE - Crime rips families apart and can harm the people close to you.

Special Keywords: S8 - V10 - P10 - MPAAR

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