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Gulliver's Travels [2010] [PG] - 4.4.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A mailroom worker (Jack Black) takes on a travel writing assignment to impress his boss (Amanda Peet) but when he ends up on a boat in the Bermuda Triangle, he magically travels to the island of Lilliput, where he dwarfs the tiny citizens and soon changes their lives -- as well as his own. Also with Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Billy Connolly and Chris O'Dowd. Directed by Rob Letterman. [1:25]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - Approximately a dozen tiny men throw ropes at the waistband of a giant man's underpants and pants, they pull down the man's pants and we see approximately half of his bare buttocks; the man stumbles, another man on the ground stares upward as the man falls to the ground on top of him, and it is implied that the man goes between the falling man's buttocks (the character is referred to in credits as "Butt-Crack Man"). The bare back of a man is seen as he lays facedown on a bed, and tiny men are seen walking on his back as he instructs them to massage him and he moans happily. A man is seen in the shower, he's implied to be fully nude and we see his bare upper shoulders and back. A man is seen waking up, wearing a T-shirt, and it is implied he is wearing underwear. A man takes off his shirt, and we see his bare back and chest as he walks into the ocean. A man's bare chest is seen when he lifts his shirt over his face and pounds on his chest with his hands. Two women have tight, cleavage-exposing bodices on their dresses. Altered photos of a man are seen displayed as miniature posters, including a shirtless man and another shirtless man with his bare back visible and posed to show his behind in a bathing suit (it is similar to the classic Coppertone baby ads).
 A man and a woman kiss, and the woman dips the man. A man and a woman are about to kiss when they are interrupted; they kiss moments later. A man and a woman kiss during a theatrical play in front of a large group of people after the man tells the woman that she is going to have lots of babies. A tiny man dressed in a woman's dress is forced by a giant girl to kiss a male toy doll.
 A man dictates to another man the lyrics to the Prince song, "Kiss" to tell a woman, including, "I want your kiss"; he also makes puckering kissing noises and the man repeats the words and gestures and the woman tells him that he is using passionate words. On multiple occasions a man tells a woman that he is trying to "woo" and court her, including telling her that they are engaged to be married. A man tells another man that he had been imprisoned for looking at a woman "lasciviously." A man points at a woman's cleavage when the woman asks the man what he likes about her and she remarks, "Inappropriate!" A man tells another man that he does things to impress the "women on shore."
 A man puts his arm around another man's shoulder and tells him to ask a woman on a date since he has a crush on her, a man tells a group of people that a woman that he likes is his girlfriend, a man tells a woman that he has a crush on her, a man is seen sleeping and we hear him murmuring a woman's name, and a man tells another man to flirt with a woman by calling her "sexy" and complimenting her.
 A man plays with two dolls, using a high-pitched voice to jokingly say, "That's my brother," and responds, "Then you shouldn't have made out with him." A man asks another man if he wants to go on a "man-date" and the man declines.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A sleeping man on a boat wakes up as a massive wave crashes onto his boat, he is sent flying through the air and slamming onto the boat deck; the boat is sucked into what looks like a tunnel of spinning water, we hear him shouting as the boat is swallowed by water and he is later seen unharmed.
 A giant man fights a giant robot in front of a group of tiny people: the robot kicks a hole in a tiny building, the man shoves the robot and they wrestle, the robot grabs the man and swings him around, shoots him with electricity (the man is seen shaking), shoots lightening bolts at the man's chest and kicks him in the crotch, he falls to the ground, grabs a statue and hits the robot on the head and body and the robot falls to the ground; the man then grabs what appears to be a waistband, pulls the robot up, wires snap as the man says, "How about that wedgie" and the robot collapses into a small metal pill as the crowd of tiny people cheers.
 A giant man walks among a group of tiny ships in the ocean, the ships turn and cannons fire at the man, the cannonballs sink into the man's stomach (they are BB-sized), he flexes and the cannonballs fly off and strike the ships; tiny men in the ships are seen diving for safety and the giant man grabs the anchor ropes of the ships, gathers them together and drags them away from the shore.
 A giant man sprints through a miniature courtyard, he attempts to reach into a burning building where two tiny men are standing, but pulls his hand back in pain, saying he was burned. A giant man knocks down the door to a jail cell where a tiny man and a woman are standing.
 A tiny man stabs a giant man in the foot with a spear and the man shouts in pain (no blood is visible). We see a man operating a giant robot from the inside during a fight with a giant man and we see him later covered in soot and with a cut on his face and a bloody lip.
 A group of tiny men on ships are seen diving into the ocean and swimming toward a shore; one man sets a small fire as five other men scale a wall, climb toward a woman that's shouting in fear, two of the men tell the woman she is being kidnapped and pull her toward the edge of the wall, a giant man appears, picks up two of the men, drops them in a swimming pool (they are later seen unharmed) and picks up the woman and places her safely on the ground. A man grabs a woman, holds a sword up and shouts that he has kidnapped her (we see small cuts and a bloody, split lip on the man); the woman then elbows the man in the stomach and shoves him to the ground.
 A man opens the helmet of what appears to be an Air Force pilot and shouts when he sees that it is a skull; moments later we see the man accidentally pop the skull off the skeleton (we also see a wrecked USAF plane in a yard, but forced perspective makes it appear to be a toy).
 A giant man is seen strapped to a plank and being transported by a group of tiny people, and he is tied up and propped up as a woman says that the restraints are "cruel." A tiny man is seen operating a mechanical device that is attached to a man at the nose, shoulders, knees and elbows; the tiny man controls the man's walking and he turns the man's nose upwards. A giant man is seen strapped to a raft behind a tiny boat, and he is released moments later and washes onto the shore. On separate occasions, a man and a woman are both seen tied down on a beach, covered by tiny people; as the captives awaken, we hear an internal monologue stating that they are afraid, paralyzed from the neck down or covered in fire ants, and they begin to shout, rip out the ropes and knock over the tiny people. On separate occasions, both a man and woman are seen restrained at the wrists, and handcuffed to a cave; the woman stands up and tries to walk, but is pulled back by the wrist restraints.
 A giant man drops his pants and tells a group of tiny people that he has access to a "great amount of water" but that they "won't like it" and it is then implied that the man urinates onto a tiny burning building, soaking two men that are standing in a burning room and the stream of urine is seen soaking another tiny man standing on the ground; the giant man apologizes "for the smell" saying that he had been drinking sewer water, a woman acts disgusted when looking at a man soaked in urine and the giant man remarks that he needs to pull up his pants and jokes that there is a "flood in aisle two." An ice sculpture of a man is seen with what appears to be a stream of liquid coming from the crotch. A man spits out a drink, and we see the spittle leave his mouth and spray over the cup.
 A giant girl shoves a bottle into the mouth of a tiny man, she then forcefully taps the man on the back until he belches loudly, props up his legs and it is implied she is going to put a diaper on him (he is seen with a diaper around his pants); the tiny man shouts at the giant girl, she picks up a toy and rips its head off, and the man is instantly quiet. A tiny man is seen being knocked over by the pressure of a stream of soda coming from a can after he stabs the can. A giant hand is seen lowering a glass over a tiny man, and the tiny man is later seen as captive in the dollhouse of a giant girl. A group of tiny men and women duck to avoid being hit by a giant pair of shoes dropped from the sky. A giant man plays foosball on a table with a group of men running around on the table, as well as men tethered to a pole that a man spins to hit the foosball ball; the men look dizzy but unharmed.
 Approximately a dozen tiny men throw ropes at the waistband of a giant man's underpants and pants, they pull down the man's pants, he stumbles, and another man on the ground stares upward as the man falls to the ground on top of him; it is implied that the man goes between the falling man's buttocks (the character is referred to in credits as "Butt-Crack Man"). A giant robot lifts a giant man up by the waistband of his underwear, and the man is seen dangling above a crowd of tiny people, crying, until the robot drops him and the man remarks that the robot was "hurting his butt."
 A man punches another man on the shoulder as he walks past him. A woman slaps a man in the face. A man throws a stack of letters at a man, it knocks over a coffee cup, and the man apologizes as the other man rolls his eyes.
 A man shouts at another man. A man listens to a voicemail from a woman and the woman is shouting. A man angrily gestures at himself and acts like he is shouting (he is silent). A man jokes that he was thrown a party for "releasing." We hear a man nervously asking another man to drive safely as we see an overhead view of a truck swerving on a road. During a song, a group of tiny men and a giant man and a woman discuss how men should not be concerned with war, executions or fighting. A man tells a woman that he had caught a hawk with his bare hands. On multiple occasions a woman tells a man that she gets "super seasick" but does not explain how.
 During a theatrical play, a man acts out that his hand is being chopped off by another man's sword, but he is unharmed.

PROFANITY 3 - 2 sexual references, 7 anatomical terms, 1 mild obscenity, exclamations (dang-it, gosh), a boat is named, "Ship Happens," name- calling (terrible liar, she-beast, big hairy beast, beast, angry little dingle berry, melodramatic, big fat beast, strange, crazy, ignorant, baby, big ugly beast,), 6 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man asks another man if he wants to get a "brewski," and a man is seen pouring himself an unidentified drink from a decanter.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - The Bermuda Triangle, travel writing, historical books turned into modern remakes, Jonathan Swift, democracy, dishonesty, sea-sickness, plagiarism, Star Wars, Guitar Hero, promotions, revenge, jealousy, best friends.

MESSAGE - No matter your size, you can change yourself and others for the better.

Special Keywords: S4 - V4 - P3 - MPAAPG

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