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Green Hornet [2011] [PG-13] - 5.7.4



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Seth Rogen stars as the spoiled son of a rich man who dies and leaves him the family newspaper publishing business. He quickly learns about a secret criminal underground in the city and vows to put an end to the corruption and crime by becoming a masked superhero, with a martial arts and weapons expert (Jay Chou) at his side. Also with Cameron Diaz, Christoph Waltz, Edward Furlong, Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmos and James Franco. Directed by Michel Gondry. [1:48]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A man and a woman are seen kissing passionately as the film's speed accelerates and they are then shown in multiple cars: the man is seen occasionally lying on the hood of a car, the woman is seen with her legs around the man's waist as they kiss, and they are then seen lying side-by-side in bed together (the woman is wearing a lace corset-top and the man is full clothed), implying they had sex.
 A group of women wearing short, tight dresses are seen dancing suggestively while surrounding a man; the man is then seen lying on the floor as the women dance above him. Women are seen wearing tight clothing while dancing in a club with men. A man is seen sitting in a hot tub surrounded by women wearing bikinis. A man puts his arms around a woman as he plays the piano. A man attempts to kiss a woman and she ducks out of the way and shouts at him.
 Two women are seen in a swimming pool holding a pool float to their chests (we see their backs and they appear to not be wearing bikini tops, but we do not see their breasts). Two women are seen wearing tight, lace tops, and portions of their bare torsos are visible as well as their cleavage. A woman is seen with a towel wrapped around her body, presumably after having just left the shower.
 On multiple occasions, a man makes homoerotic jokes about being in a relationship with another man, including saying he will "Blow him in every way possible" and then laughing and stating that they are platonic friends. A woman jokes that two men can kiss one another. A man tells a group of people that he and another man are partners, and then struggles to explain that they are not partners in the sense of a sexual relationship. A man jokingly calls a woman a "hotty bo-body," and she overhears him and smiles. A man makes a crude joke to a woman about liking "balls" on women. A man tells another man that a woman ."..wants me bad." A man tells a woman that food is "like an orgasm in his mouth." A man asks another man to take his hand, and the other man jokes that he does not want to touch him. A man asks a woman if she was engaged in a sexual relationship with another man, after the man said he was involved with the other man. A man uses crude language to jokingly tell another man to kiss his behind, saying that his whiskers could tickle his behind. A man makes a crude joke to another man, saying he can "suck it."
 Moments after telling a man that she will sue him for sexual harassment if he looks at her behind, a woman turns and walks away from a man while he stares at her behind. On two occasions, a man jokingly calls another man a "pervert" after looking at sketches the man had made of women wearing tight clothing in semi-suggestive poses.

VIOLENCE/GORE 7 - Flashes of men being murdered are seen: a man is seen being jumped by four men in an alley, shadows show them surrounding the man and hitting him with sticks, a man is seen being shot (no blood is visible) and his body drops to the ground, a man's body is seen being pushed off an overpass (we hear a thud), a car is seen blowing up as a man starts the ignition and we later see approximately ten dead men piled into a dumpster partially filled with water.
 The front portion of a car that has been chopped in half speeds through an office building, cubicles and paper fly through the air as men holding bazookas and machine guns fire at the car, the men in the car fire guns back, a missile blows a man off his feet, the car crashes into a wall, the lights go out, the shadowed outline of a man falls to the ground and the sound of kicking and breaking bones is heard; a man twists the neck of another man (we hear the bones crack), a desk falls from the ceiling and pins a man, and a man kicks another man and puts a gun to his face but another man leaps through the air, grabs a chair, and stabs two wooden chair legs through the gunman's eyes (chair legs are sticking out of his eye sockets as he falls to the ground, presumably dead but we do not see blood) before he is himself shot in the shoulder (we later see his arm and shoulder with blood on them).
 On two occasions, we see a man shoot another man, point-blank, in the stomach (we see no blood, the man's body slumps on one occasion and the other shows the body falling to the ground). A man fires two shots (he has a pistol with two barrels) at a group of five men: four of the men drop to the ground (we see bullet holes in the wall behind them), the remaining man asks if the man is going to shoot him, and the man says he is not and walks away. A car approaches a man addressing a crowd of people and fires at him: the man falls to the ground and screams that he has been shot, we see him being rushed into a car and when his jacket is pulled open we see a blood-covered wound on his shoulder (the man is later seen unharmed). A man sneaks up behind another man, about to shoot him, and another man uses a gun in an unconscious man's hand to shoot him.
 Men on a street fire guns at a car dragging a man with his arms stuck in the window: the car shoots beanbags at the men, hitting them with slapping noises, and the driver gets out of the car and fights the men, head-butting, kicking, and punching them in the crotch and face; the men fall to the ground one by one, the driver slams a man's head onto the hood of the car, drops his limp body on the ground and men are seen lying on the ground, unconscious or dead as another man lifts up one of the dead men and then drops him in disgust.
 We see a man dragging what is presumably a dead man by the arms. We see a flash of a man grabbing another man from behind, injecting him in the neck with a syringe and then dropping his limp body to the ground.
 A man drives a car into an elevator, the elevator goes up, the car crashes through the floor, the roof of the car collapses and the driver pulls the passenger to the front seat for safety, a group of men shoot at the car from the ground, and the back portion of the car is chopped off (the passenger and driver are unharmed); as the elevator enters another floor, the back part of the car falls to the ground, crushing a man standing beneath the elevator as the other men run to safety.
 A man drives a car with a passenger through the plate-glass windows of a building, swerving to avoid a crowd of men holding guns of various sizes and aimed at the car: the man drives through the building at high speed, crashes on top of a machine, the driver punches and kicks men that approach the car with guns drawn and we see the driver with his legs wrapped around the neck of another man.
 A man fires a nerve gas bullet at another man that drops to the ground from a scaffolding and a second man kicks and punches five men -- he punches one in the crotch -- and all five men drop to the ground.
 Two men fight and they smash through a house, punching and kicking one another, and throwing one another against walls and tables and through windows: one of the men shoves the other man's face onto a foosball table and uses the foosball men to kick him in the face, the other shoves one of the flipper poles into the other man's crotch (the man drops to the ground in pain), they hit one another with a guitar, one man boxes the other's ears, they tackle one another and crash through a glass door and into a pool, where they continue to struggle, until one of the men pulls away and swims to the side, unharmed. A man punches another man in the stomach and the force sends the man backwards and through a window. A man kicks a man in the stomach and he falls to the ground. A man grabs another man by the shoulders, slams his back into a cabinet and then punches the cabinet next to the man's head; the cabinet shatters, he threatens to beat the man up and shoves him to the side. A woman punches a man in the stomach and he grabs his stomach in pain.
 Several men approach a man and a woman on a street while another man hides and watches; the men push the man to the ground and shove the woman between them and then to the ground, the hidden man comes out, shouts at the men, the men grab him and one man presses him to the ground, puts a knife to his face and says, "I'm going to give him a root canal"; another man comes from the shadows and attacks the men with martial arts moves and flips, kicks one of the men in the arm (we hear a crack as the man drops to the ground) and slaps one of them in the face with a knife.
 A man tells another man and a woman that he has been shot, and tells them they must dig the bullet out; the man lays down on a table (we see his shirt with blood on it), he instructs the woman to give him a spatula to bite on and for her to heat up a knife to sterilize it and dig out the bullet, which she does (we hear a sizzling noise, the man screams in pain and the woman stops).
 Two trucks pin a car with two men inside, a third truck T-bones the car, pushing it into a pit, a passenger inside the car panics as dirt is shoveled on top of the car, and within seconds the car is completely covered by dirt and a tractor packs the dirt down; a massive explosion is seen erupting under the tractor, it flies through the air and crushes a car where a man is sitting, we see the man's lifeless hand hanging out of the smashed car, another man says, "They killed Jimmy!" and two men crawl out of the pit, covered in dirt but unharmed.
 Two men in a car that had been chopped in half and it's inside an office building drive at full speed toward another man, he's pushed to the ground (we see his crumpled body), the two men eject themselves from the car as it dives toward the ground below and they slowly float through the air on their car seats which are attached to a parachute and they land, unharmed.
 During a high-speed chase between two SUVs and a car on a crowded city street, and then a highway, the car and SUVs exchange gunfire (guns that are attached to the inside doors of the car) and sideswipe one another until one SUV is forced off the road (it flips and catches on fire as it crashes), a man in the remaining SUV fires a massive machine gun at the car, the car swerves, and the driver of the car pulls himself out of the car and into the SUV; he then punches the occupants while he hangs between the two vehicles, the SUV swerves, runs head-first into a truck, flames are seen shooting from the wreckage and the two men in the car drive away unharmed (the driver of the second SUV is later seen, also unharmed).
 During a high-speed chase, a car with two men in it fire guns at a truck, the truck flips, it catches on fire, crashes into two parked cars and explodes into a fireball, presumably killing the driver of the truck.
 A car with two men in it drives recklessly down a crowded street, a police car follows, the car sideswipes the police car, an officer fires into the window of the car (the passenger says that the police are "trying to kill us"), and the car forces the police car to crash into a parked car after blowing out the tires; the police car flips as it smashes into the parked car and then drives through a store window (we hear a man's voice from inside the wrecked car, but we do not see the driver).
 A group of men open fire on a room where a man is hiding, paper and bullets fly through the air, and the man escapes by climbing into a car driven by another man; the gunmen continue to fire at the car as it drives through the hallways of the building.
 A man with a gun threatens to kill another man, another man pushes the gunman out of the way and punches him in the face, and a gun battle between two men and a group of men ensues with plaster and broken plates flying through the air; the two groups exchange fire, but no one appears to be hit.
 Two men run as two other men shoot at them, they attempt to fire back, and one of the men uses a nerve gas as they run through bushes (we hear one of the men say that the bushes hurt because they have thorns).
 Two men drive a car through the brick wall of a building, a man inside the building looks at the car with shock and says, "You broke my lab," and the car then backs out and sets the building on fire from a flame thrower. A man is seen pressing a button that detonates a briefcase explosive he left in another man's office; we see a massive fireball erupt as the building and trees surrounding it burn and we later see photographs of the explosion and burning trees in a newspaper with the headline, "Club Explosion."
 A man driving a cement truck attempts to run down two men that duck for safety as the truck drives over them: the cement tumbler comes loose and rolls over two men standing at the bottom of a hill, and the other two men stand up and run away, unharmed.
 Two men in a car approach a group of men on a street corner, one man reaches into the car and shoves a gun in the passenger's face, who closes the window on the man's arm and begins to drive away, dragging the man against the car, his arm still trapped in the window. A man punches another man in the crotch, but the man is unharmed.
 A man tells two men that he will kill a group of people; we then see the man standing next to another man while pressing his hand against a table saw and standing next to another man tied to a chair and holding a knife.
 A man in a swimming pool begins to go under, saying he cannot swim and another man throws a floating toy, and the man pulls himself out, spitting up water (we see water spray from his mouth). A man jumps from scaffolding, he slams into a pipe, and then another pipe as he falls to the ground with a thud; he stands up unharmed. A man driving a truck reaches out and drags another man into the truck.
 A man that's obviously intoxicated destroys an apartment: he puts his head through the canvas of a painting after writing on it, smashes a flat-screen television and tosses a small refrigerator through a plate-glass window, shuttering it. Two men laugh and smile as they fire guns at dummies, paper cutouts and a car; a dummy is also set on fire by one of the men firing a flame-thrower. A man hits a car with a golf club, the club bends in half, and the car remains unharmed; a man then fires a gun at the car's tires, which deflate but re-inflate moments later. Two men use a welding torch to detach the head from a statue. A man driving a car fires a gun at a red light camera, knocking it out with a spray of sparks.
 A man accidentally shoots himself in the face with a nerve gas gun, he falls to the ground with a thud and he later wakes up and finds an IV attached to his arm and he's wearing diapers; he asks another man how long he had been asleep, the man says he had passed out eleven days earlier and that he had to put him in diapers. A man shoots another man in the face with the nerve gas gun and he falls to the ground with a thud (he awakens after an hour, unharmed). A man spits; we see the spittle fly from his mouth.
 A man asks a boy why he had gotten in a fight and been sent home from school, the boy explains that he had been standing up to another boy that was bullying a girl, and the man rips a toy from the boy's hand, pulls off the toy's head and throws it in the trashcan as the boy cries. A man knocks a teacup out of another man's hand, and it falls to the ground and spills as the man shouts at the other man and walks away.
 A man surprises a woman, the woman screams and then shoves the man and slams him on the side of the head; he then calms her down. Two men rush into a room where a woman is sitting; she stands up and screams, and begins to spray the men with mace until they calm her down. A man jokingly punches another man in the crotch.
 A television reporter asks a man how he is coping with his father's death as the man listens to a television report about a man that died as a result of a bee sting (we see a computer generated animation of a bee stinging a man on the neck and the man falls to the ground); we later see the man standing at a coffin during a graveside service. A man tells two men that he wants another man dead, and we then see six people communicating (we only hear music, but it is implied they are discussing killing a man), exchanging guns, knives and knowing looks.
 A man tells another man that another man had yelled at him, the man then says he had also been yelled at by the same man and that he was traumatized as a child when the man shouted at him for standing up to a bully who was being mean to a girl and then pulling apart his favorite toy. A man tells another man that he had written an article about glut, mayhem, violence and greed. A man tells another man that he is going to kill him with a drug overdose from the chemical in bee stings. A man tells a group of men that he will kill them if they move. A man tells two other men that he decapitates "real people" after reading in a newspaper that a statue had been decapitated. We hear a television reporter discuss how men had been found dead in a dumpster after being murdered. A man implies to a boy that the boy's mother had died, a man tells another man that his mother had died when he was a child and the man responds that his parents had both been killed when he was a child and had to be raised in an orphanage before running away at a young age. Men discuss how their fathers had died, and a man tells another man his wife had died. A man tells another man that a man had been murdered for writing a news story. A man tells two men that he wants to change his last name to "Blood" to reflect his murderous intentions and that he will wear red for blood. A woman tells two men that she believes a man will accidentally get himself killed. A man says that he is going to get himself and another man killed, likening it to being stung by a hornet. We see a man reading an email asking him to kill another man. A television reporter is heard announcing that two men should be considered "armed and dangerous" as well as reporting on a gang of men found injured along with a wrecked police car. A man uses crude language to ask another man if he had defecated in his pants. A man makes a crude joke about using a nerve gas gun, saying it is a "fart gun." A man jokes that having mono is better than having herpes. A woman tells a man that she had heard that a man had used a rude hand gesture towards an elderly couple (we do not see the hand gesture). A man uses an unidentified hand gesture that is implied to be crude, and when another man demonstrates it to a woman she says she does not know what it means but it is gross.

PROFANITY 4 - 1 obscene hand gesture, 9 sexual references, 40 scatological terms, 24 anatomical terms, 20 mild obscenities, exclamations (holy cow, bloody), name-calling (old boring, yuppie, little man, jealous, pathetic, lame, paranoid, Disco Santa, crazy, scourge, brainy broad, incompetent schmuck, egomaniac, baby, idiot, stubborn), 1 religious profanity, 4 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Men discuss how they are both drug dealers, with one selling drugs at a club and the other being a drug "kingpin" and distributing drugs to be sold throughout the city, and a man asks a group of men if he could buy drugs and where the drugs were from. Men and women are seen drinking at a party setting that shows a man opening a bottle of champagne and pouring it on the women, two men are seen driving after drinking heavily (the driver admitting previously he had been drunk), a man is seen drinking to the point of inebriation on multiple occasions, men and a woman drink wine, a man is shown holding alcoholic drinks in his hand and mixing and drinking alcoholic drinks for himself, and a man asks another man if he would like to get a drink.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Superheroes, newspapers, family owned businesses, gang violence, carrying on the family tradition, orphans, coming of age, drinking and driving, political conspiracy/cover-up, death of family members, altering cars, jealously, loyalty, friendship.

MESSAGE - Sometimes the most unexpected situation will turn out to change your life.

Special Keywords: S5 - V7 - P4 - MPAAPG-13

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