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Gods of Egypt [2016] [PG-13] - 5.6.3



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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The Egyptian god of darkness (Gerard Butler) kills his father, blinds his brother (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), and takes Egypt's throne, throwing the empire into an epic war. A mortal woman (Courtney Eaton) dies, but her lover (Brenton Thwaites) is determined to fight the god of darkness and bring the woman back from death. Also with Chadwick Boseman, Elodie Yung, Rufus Sewell and Geoffrey Rush. Directed by Alex Proyas. [2:07]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A man enters his bedroom and finds his intended wife waiting, they lie on the bed with him on top and kiss (sex is implied), the camera cuts to the couple under covers side-by-side (we see the man's chest and abdomen and her back and the top of her bare buttocks while her long hair covers her chest) and the man and woman kiss briefly; he gets out of bed in a close-up and we see his bare chest.
 We see the silhouette of a nude woman behind a thin screen (breasts, buttocks and thighs are outlined clearly); she walks out from behind the screen wearing a snug floor-length dress that reveals cleavage. Four close-ups focus on the large cleavage of a woman wearing a deeply cut V-neckline. Several scenes show a woman wearing a low-cut, filmy dress that reveals cleavage and cut-outs at the waist and stomach, and cut-outs from the hips to the ankles (we see her bare buttocks and backs of thighs in four scenes and see cleavage and skin in cut outs from waist to feet in several shots); in one scene, she asks a man if he prefers the rear view better than the front and he says yes, so she turns around in the background of the scene and we see her buttocks. A man carrying a woman in a swamp drops her into the water and the wet material of her dress clinging to her thighs and lower legs. Several palace scenes include women wearing low-cut, sleeveless, floor length dresses that reveal significant cleavage, and a few dresses have cut-outs that reveal skin at the waist and bare backs. Thousands of men wear knee-length skirts and high boots that reveal bare lower thighs, knees, and calves; many of the men have bare arms and sections of their backs that we see through straps of armor. In a few scenes, about two dozen men appear shirtless and we see bare chests and backs; in a pool scene in a palace, a dozen of these men lie around the pool with several women whose bare thighs and legs show from beneath long skirts that are hiked up. Two men wear only loin cloths that extend from waist to mid-thigh in several scenes.
 A man and a woman kiss passionately in two scenes. A man and a woman kiss briefly in six scenes. A woman kisses a man, he pushes her and calls her a liar, and draws a scimitar; she then disappears into another dimension.
 A man accuses a female servant of fornication in his palace. A man tells his estranged wife that no amount of women will satisfy him, especially not her alone. A woman says that love is as powerful as any god. The goddess of love says that she can manipulate anyone who is not already in love with someone and she tells a man that she sees that he is in love.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - At a coronation of a god before a crowd of thousands, a man brings a large army of warriors carrying long spears and marching double time as their shields flash red light and power waves and the men wear golden masks; the man argues with an elderly king and the new king, stabs the old man in the stomach (we see some liquid gold stream out since gods have gold in their veins instead of blood) and he dies after several gasps while people in the crowd scream and run. A man and a woman win a chariot race from a city, but a man on a wall shoots the woman twice in the heart with arrows (no blood is shown) and the woman says to the charioteer, "I'll love you forever" and dies. A god visits his estranged wife, they argue, she sprouts large wings to fly out the window and he grabs a wing, drags her back, and cuts off the wing below the frame as she screams; the camera pans back to show him throw a golden wing to the stone floor, where it clatters and wilts. A god cuts out another god's glowing brain (no blood or gold flow is seen).
 A bird-man god carries a man to a jungle and they fall to the dirt where they argue briefly and a bull-man god grabs him and shouts to four shorter bull-men to "cut him down"; the bird-man resumes human form and cuts down the four bull-men with his sword as we see flashing swords that clang, and kicks, punches and throws as well; the man slices the attackers and we see gold flow along with arms and legs falling off in gold sparks, and then stabs the larger bull-man through the abdomen and out the back (gold flows), and a bull-man picks up a huge boulder and slams it onto another being's head. A bird-man takes armored bird form and flies a human down a waterfall, stopping by extending his double-pointed spear between two tall stone pillars and the camera cuts to a line of four bull-men in a palace as a king cuts the head off their leader, who disintegrates with some gold flowing. A god in human form hides in a labyrinth as a human distracts snakes and stabs one snake in the belly, killing it and then fights a woman and knocks her out; a goddess hypnotizes another snake into burning itself up in large blasts of fire as the male god fights a woman, strangles her with her whip, and she and the charred snake fall over a cliff as a nearby temple crumbles to the ground. A god in human form enters a cave and grabs another god when 100 clones of the second god pull knives; the two gods then leave on a journey through the desert where a giant sphinx rises from the dirt and questions them in a deep voice (the creature is gray and ashy, with dirt crumbling around its head); the gods, a man and a goddess approach a pit of flame and a cage snaps over a god and a goddess, stones fall from the ceiling and the cage opens freeing the god and the goddess and they escape the structure as the pyramid demolishes into dust. A god on a boat in the sky argues with his son and they fight with long fire-shooting spears (we see shooting flames, kicking, throws, punching and hear grunts); one takes the other's spear and shoots fire into the other, killing him and breaking apart the boat. A god in human form and his uncle fight with swords over the top of stone buildings, sliding up and down rooftops and running up and down short lengths of pyramid steps (we hear a lot of clanging metal and see fire shooting from a spearhead; the nephew transforms to gold-armored bird-man form and flies a man to the ground then returns to the sky to fight his uncle, now a black-armored beast; the golden god shoots fire through the black god (who becomes human) and drags his body across a stone floor leavings a wide path of gold/blood, then transforms to human, points a spear at his uncle's throat and kills him with fire.
 A man fights a younger man with swords and a shield that flashes fire and power waves; both men transform into tall armored creatures with men's bodies and the heads of a bird and a large-toothed monster and they are both covered head to toe in metal as they kick, punch, clang swords and are thrown into walls; when the fighters become men again the first man stamps on his opponent's stomach and gouges out his eyes (no gore or blood is shown) that become blue-white glowing orbs. Inside a stone building, two men fight on a large platform with one man brandishing a knife; after kicks, punches, knife swipes and throws, the unarmed man wraps a rope around the other man's throat and escapes, but the other man falls off the platform down a long, wide shaft while screaming, presumably dying (we do not see that). The winner of a fight cuts the glowing blue brain out of another god's head (we see no gold stream).
 Two large armies fight with swords and shields (no blood appears) and many men fall dead, leaving streets and a large palace patio littered with bodies. Bombs sail through the air as elephants and gorillas run through the streets with fleeing people.
 Two sarcophagi lie on a platform as a man wearing a blindfold sits against the platform and another man enters and argues with the sitting man (a god), who tosses him against a wall three times and swings a double bladed spear (does not harm the man); the second man gives the other man a glowing orb that is his eye (the blindfolded man replaces the eye/orb). A god calls up Anubis, the canine-headed god of the underworld, appears and pulls out the ghostly spirit of a dead woman and spirals down into the ground with her where we see a black and white world with a winding path to a dark river; bent over figures trudge slowly along the path. A half-blind god picks a man up by the throat, choking him, then throws him to the floor and tells him to follow him on a journey through the desert. A bird god flies to a dead god floating in the sky and presents a fire-spear reviving the dead god and he becomes encircled in flames before fighting a huge lamprey worm monster that is cut to pieces and disintegrates (we hear that the worm must be fought every night).
 A god makes all mortal slaves pull huge stones to a building site, where we see a tall obelisk and a temple constructed in his honor; men and women strain against ropes to pull dozens of stones. A man crosses a bridge lined with spear-carrying suits of armor as it snaps like jaws in the middle and the spears become teeth; another bridge contains suits of armor with swords drawn, all rotating and slashing at a man, who passes safely; a third bridge falls out from under a man's feet and he jumps to grab onto a glowing orb, catches it and falls into a cellar of gold, narrowly escaping giant scorpions. A man steals a dress from a market and merchants shout and give chase, but do not catch him.
 A god says that he and a mortal man must kill the desert; they climb a sheer cliff to a star-gate, where the god kneels and prays to Ra and he transforms into a golden man-bird and flies the man to the heavens and a boat floating on golden waters while Ra pounds on his own chest three times and grows very tall and enwreathed with fire as he holds a spear that shoots fire and a huge lamprey worm with circles of many sharp teeth oozes out of a dark sky and Ra defeats it with his spear.
 A long line of elephants pulls large, heavy metal bins full of gold pitchers, vases and platters; the gold is dumped into a large cellar guarded by hundreds of foot-long scorpions that skitter, screech, and attack pieces of gold with their stinger tails. At a palace, we see two huge, living scarab beetles that later pull a chariot through the sky and a woman nearby hisses and slithers out her reptile tongue. Two giant cobras slither through the desert with female riders, raising a sandstorm while one snake spits fire. A god goes to Egypt with a huge lamprey worm monster that drinks the Nile River water, then flies to the top of an obelisk and streams fire into the night sky. A black-armored beast god roars into the camera with a slimy mouth full of sharp teeth.
 An elderly woman fails a tribute test in the underworld, then screams in close-up and crumbles in a mighty wind to be swept away into the darkness. A god transforms into an armored man-monster creature while his blacksmiths place the brain of another god into the armored man-monster's head, along with a glowing orb into one eye and a shiny heart into his chest. A woman travels into the underworld, pushing four humanoid demons out of the way (the demons look charred and peeling). A woman gives a bracelet to a man and flies to the afterlife through a vortex to save a human from death. A woman places a bracelet on her wrist and falls out of the underworld and into a desert, unharmed. A goddess briefly conjures up a whirlwind in red sand that shows a man on a journey and twice, a woman on the road to the afterlife; the goddess and a man speak to the woman once, before an underworld god wipes away the whirlwind. A god spirals up out of desert sand and takes a man to the afterlife with him where the man gives a woman awaiting judgment a gold bracelet; a bright light appears with four guardians of the gate to the afterlife looking ashy, peeling, wrinkly and dead and one guardian calls forth a man who places a tribute into a scale, and shouts, "I am going to live forever" before vanishing into the light. A young girl gives a god with an eye patch a glowing orb that he places into his head and is now fully sighted; he sees a man with blood on his arm, talks to him and the man dies unexpectedly; the god places the body next to the body of the man's fiancée in a temple where both the man and the woman revive.
 A king shouts, "Kill my brother!" A man threatens his servant woman with slavery if she lets his desk become disordered. A goddess says that she used to guide souls through the underworld to the afterlife. A king says that everyone deserves to enter the afterlife. A man becomes king and declares that everyone must buy his way into the afterlife and a goddess says that the graveyards are filling up quickly under his rule. A king announces that people and gods must earn their way into the afterlife with good works. A god says that his mother committed suicide. A man shouts that he wants to live forever and deserves to do so; a god tells him that he must devour the afterlife to do so. A god says that he is four gods, not just one. A god becomes a golden-armored bird man, takes a bracelet, flies to the underworld, saying that he will rescue a goddess, and the scene ends.
 A man fills a canteen with water and spits white spittle into it.

PROFANITY 3 - 1 anatomical term, 2 mild obscenities, exclamations (shut-up), name-calling (fool, stupid, criminal, lazy, mad, madman), 13 religious exclamations (e.g. Praise Ra, Hail Ra, Lord of Life, Hail Thou Great God Ra, Thou Great One, Wise Lord Of The Sacred Word, Yes Lord, No Lord, My Lord, Demons Come). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A woman in a palace pours wine from a pitcher into a cup and sips it (we cannot see the wine), two men hold wine in huge cups held in two hands and one drinks, pitchers are seen on tables and might contain wine, and a man says that "The favor of a god is intoxicating."

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Egyptian mythology, magic powers, offerings to gods, war, conquest, power, pride, revenge, relationships, love, fidelity, loyalty, sacrifice, mercy, redemption.

MESSAGE - Egyptian mythology is full of action and colorful characters.

Special Keywords: S5 - V6 - P3 - MPAAPG-13

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