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Girls Trip [2017] [R] - 8.5.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Four forty-something friends (Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall, Queen Latifah and Tiffany Haddish) travel to the NOLA Essence Music Festival to celebrate their friendship, with unexpected results. Also with Larenz Tate, Mike Colter, Kofi Siriboe and Kate Walsh. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee. [2:00]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - An elderly man bursts into a hotel room and holds up a 5-dollar bill, demanding sex; four women throw him out and he flashes them against the picture window, revealing his body from the upper chest to his knees, including his genital area (there's no erection) as the women scream and look disgusted.
 A woman vigorously demonstrates "grapefruiting" using a grapefruit through a banana in her mouth and we see her face covered with juice and grapefruit pulp. A woman wearing only a blouse walks into a living room where three women have heard a male voice moaning off-screen; she picks up a grapefruit, walks a few steps, then returns and picks up a second grapefruit and rushes off-screen as a man begins screaming and runs into the living room, nude except for two grapefruits over his genitals as he hops around, screaming with pain from grapefruit juice in his eye before running off-screen (we see his bare buttocks jiggling slightly and front and back nudity, except for the genital area).
 A clothed man stands between a clothed woman's legs (she is wearing jeans) as she sits on a bathroom sink and they kiss (we see their tongues touching); in a close-up, he reaches below the frame and the woman says she will help him with his belt as he says it's not his belt she's touching and her eyes widen as the scene ends. A woman sits on a man's shoulders in a club; the camera cuts away and back to show the back of his head with his face seemingly in her crotch. A woman hallucinates, seeing a man in full frontal nudity on a glass wall with her head covering his genital area and we later see her kissing and licking the blank wall.
 A woman hugs a man for several seconds and slaps him on the buttocks below the frame (we hear it). A man and a woman kiss and say, "I love you." A man and a woman hug for several seconds and almost kiss, but do not. At a celebrity function a crowd of women scream at a man and one woman tries to lick his face. A man caresses a woman's hair and sticks his thumb in her mouth. A few cell phone photos feature a married man about to kiss a single woman wearing a short skirt.
 A woman wearing a snug knit dress gyrates, wiggles her tongue, and thrusts her crotch and her buttocks against a man painted gold as a living statue and he chases her out of the frame. A woman in a club pulls down her neckline, waggles her tongue, and shakes her breasts at a male performer (we see large pasties covering her nipples); the performer walks to the edge of the stage and stares at her chest while three women wearing one-piece bathing suits dance behind him and he brings the woman from the audience to the stage where she gyrates against him briefly. A woman straddles the lap of a man pedaling a pedicab for a block and he smiles. Several women in a line twerk into the camera and into the groin areas of another line of women. A woman wearing a pantsuit rides a zip line and grabs a man on a balcony between her legs, pumping as if in intercourse. A woman kisses a floor lamp and falls over; we see her feet stick up into the frame, with the floor lamp between them and her feet shake as if she is thrusting in intercourse.
 A woman tries to blackmail a married man to keep a pregnancy secret, saying that she has nasty freaky pictures. A wife finds out about her husband's infidelity and cries; we hear that the husband is generally unfaithful and the wife says to him, "I could kill you." A woman announces that she is leaving her husband and why, when she is a keynote speaker at a festival. A woman comes out of the back of a clinic and announces that she does not have an STD. A poster on the wall of a clinic shows a banana and the words "practice, practice, practice" (referring to condom placement). A sidewalk salesman hawks fragrant genital sprays. A man and a woman are asked in public twice when they will have a baby and never give an answer. A woman says that during the Essence festival, a lot of babies will be conceived and named Essence. A woman's mother says the woman should make love with someone so she is not grouchy all the time. A woman asks a man how many sexual partners he has had. A woman says that she kept the placenta from her two kids and puts some of it in her breakfast shake every morning. A woman asks a man how many baby mamas he has and if he has a husband, but he evades the question. A woman asks two other women if they are going to kiss and says to get a room (no kiss happens). A woman gives a jilted wife a stun gun and says to use it on her husband's genitals (it does not happen).
 A woman wears clothing that reveals no flesh except her hands, and another woman hands her a small, sheer cloth with straps, which she says is a dress; another woman hands the first woman a plastic razor to shave her pubic area as the scene ends and the next scene shows the first woman wearing an opaque dress with cut outs at the throat, down the front between the breasts, at the ribcage, at the upper hips, and a large cut out at the middle back. A woman on a stage wears a floor length dress with slits on both sides to the hips and the neckline cut to the waist reveals cleavage. A woman wearing a snug knee-length knit dress wiggles her buttocks toward the camera and she does this again later. Several scenes feature a few women wearing mini-dresses and short-shorts that end at the upper thigh. Several women wear low-cut blouses and dresses that reveal moderate cleavage and a couple of women wear crop tops that reveal abdomens and navels. Two scenes include a braless woman wearing a thin top and we can see the outline of nipples in one scene, and the breasts bouncing slightly in a longer shot in the second scene as she walks. A woman wears a dress with a rectangular cut out from the upper chest to the waist, revealing cleavage. A woman wears several tight pantsuits that accentuate her ample buttocks and bosom. We briefly see a photo shopped image of a man wearing a large diaper.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - Two small groups of women in a dark club have a dance off that turns into a brawl with women punching each other in the face, pounding each other's heads into a bar top, and choking each other (there are no injuries or blood, but police arrive and four women pull off neon colored wigs and escape onto the sidewalk). A woman becomes enraged and charges a man in the lounge, breaking a bottle of wine on a coffee table and jabbing it at his face as she screams a long string of curses at him (there is no injury and a manager throws her and her three friends out of the hotel) and slaps the man hard in the face, rocking him off balance. In an office break room, a woman throws a cup at a man's head, misses, and it breaks against a wall; she then shouts and charges at him with a large object like a hotplate in her hands as the scene ends (she is fired).
 A woman on a stage takes long sausages and chops them up violently with a large cleaver, verbally suggesting the meats are genitals; she then pounds them with a mallet and holds up a piece while saying that she will cut it off with scissors. A woman says that she is going to mutilate a man's genital area with hot grease, extension cords, and Q-tips, run her fist into his rectum and twirl it around, and cause him a lot of pain. A woman says childbirth ripped two babies out of her and sucked the life out of her breasts. A drunken woman squeezes another woman's breasts in a club and says they're squishy. A man and a woman argue several times about his infidelity. Three pairs of women shout at each other several times. Four women shout at and insult each other for several seconds. An older woman threatens a younger woman, shouting and pointing. A woman says that she may have scabies and scratches her shoulders. A bathroom door in a motel with a peeling ceiling has graffiti saying Thug Life.
 Five women overdose on absinthe and hallucinate (they lurch, speak in low voices and move in slow motion with one woman floating in the air and the ceiling becomes a star field); two of the women talk to a floor lamp, one woman sees giant images of her young son and daughter laughing at her, another woman sweats and wipes her armpits with napkins and another of the women drinks from a melted candle and leaves foam around her mouth.
 A woman with her skirt hiked up to her upper thighs and wearing a zip line harness becomes stuck over a street; she puts her hand into her crotch and crosses her legs, but urinates over dozens of people in a crowd below (we see a yellow stream of urine gush and spray) until another woman rides the zip line, pushes the first woman across, and urinates an even larger stream of urine (we see the street become wet, urine falling on people, and an angry man shaking his arms to get the urine off). A woman is a hypochondriac, carrying over the counter pain relievers and sanitizers in her purse. A woman accidentally sprays sanitizer into her mouth and gags. A woman photo shops a dog face onto a baby's head.

PROFANITY 10 - About 48 F-words and its derivatives, 2 obscene hand gestures, 27 sexual references, 30 scatological terms, 56 anatomical terms, 42 mild obscenities, name-calling (insane, stupid, black girl, white girl, white boy, white people, white, nasty, freaknik, liar, missy, fat, disaster, queen bee, worker bees, pedophile, heifers, homeboy, woman's march, My Little Pony, $5 whore), exclamations (shut-up), 15 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Holy [scatological term deleted], I Swear To God, Jesus, Blessings To You, By The Grace Of God, Lord, Lord, Jesus Loves Me Too, a prayer at bedtime, You Comin' After Me God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Five women overdose on absinthe and hallucinate, a woman says that she is carrying the drug "cush" in her rectum (we do not see the drug), a woman mentions acid (LSD), and four women lie in a bed and smoke a marijuana cigarette together with small puffs of smoke visible. Many women hold and drink from tall neon drinks that one woman says are grain alcohol in a bar and on a street, a few glasses of cocktails are seen on bars (no one drinks), four women have mimosas at breakfast (they do not drink), women in a club drink shots of alcohol, a woman on a plane passes around plastic glasses of liquor shots (no one drinks), men and women drink from short cocktails and whiskey glasses while a few people hold glasses of wine in a club, four women drink champagne at a table with a bottle in view, people hold a few beer bottles as they dance in a club, many men and women drink from beer bottles as well as tall cocktails and glasses of wine at a frat party, and wine bottles are seen in hotel rooms (no one drinks).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Loneliness, fear of being alone, lost friendships, manipulating people for money, blackmail, celebrity gossip, relationships, loyalty, conflict, fidelity, casual sex, adultery, business success, secrets, honesty, celebrations, responsible drinking, confidence, courage, starting over.

MESSAGE - No one can destroy your dreams unless you give them the power to do so.

Special Keywords: S8 - V5 - P10 - MPAAR

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