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Get Hard [2015] [R] - 8.5.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A hedge fund manager (Will Farrell) is framed and receives a 10-year sentence for a white-collar crime. Fearing for his safety in prison, he approaches another man (Kevin Hart) for instructions in survival inside the penitentiary. His instructor never spent a day in jail, but that does not stop him from giving lessons for a fee. Also with Tip Harris, Craig T. Nelson and Alison Brie. Directed by Eton Cohen. [1:40]

SEX/NUDITY 8 - Two men go to a gay restaurant where a man at the bar stares at one of the men, winks slightly and sucks on an olive suggestively; the camera cuts to the outside of a toilet stall door where we see that a man is kneeling inside the stall and in profile, the kneeling man opens his mouth wide after saying he will perform oral sex and at the frame border, we see a sliver view of the length of the man's penis and the head; after several false starts, the kneeling man collapses in tears against the other man's semi-flaccid penis.
 Two shots of a thin, shirtless woman in a biker bar reveal her breasts, abdomen and navel. A woman falls face down onto the top and windshield of a moving SUV and her bare breasts smash against the windshield as we see them from the driver's view when they pop out of her low-cut tank top; the camera cuts to outside the vehicle and we see her bare buttocks through the cutouts in her "spanking" trousers along with part of her bare back. A woman wears a low-cut, corset with cutouts and lace along with skimpy panties (we see shoulders, arms, cleavage, abdomen, partial buttocks, thighs and legs). At a party and a tennis club a few women wear tight, short skirts that end at the upper thighs. A few women wear tops or dresses with scoop or V necklines that reveal cleavage. At a café, half a dozen women wear clinging yoga pants and sleeveless tops that reveal cleavage. Several women in a ghetto where tight cut-off shorts that show some of their underwear, and skimpy tank tops that show cleavage. A man sits on a five-gallon plastic bucket as a toilet and we see one partially bare buttock and his bare thighs and lower legs (no groin area); his trousers are around his ankles. Gang members wear white undershirts that reveal upper chests, shoulders and arms, all covered with tattoos of indistinguishable words and designs. A female statue in profile reveals bare chest and breasts (no nipples) along with bare thighs and legs. A painting depicts bare shoulders and thighs of men wearing robes.
 A wife pushes her husband onto a bed and demands to have a new "huge house" (anatomical allusion) as he sits wearing a suit, she straddles him and bounces up and down (their groin areas are below the frame); the camera cuts to a glass patio door from outside as we see his bare back, buttocks and legs back into the door and one of her arms and a lower leg as they move sideways off camera (they seem to be having sex standing up; we hear nothing).
 A man and his live-in girlfriend lie in bed, covered from the waist down by a blanket (we see her back, one shoulder and arm and a bulge at the side of the breast as she lies face down while he lies face up and we see his bare chest and shoulders); the man gets up and walks to a glass door (we see him in full back nudity with bare buttocks, legs and back) where we see him from the outside from mid-stomach (no navel) up as he does yoga with his hands and a male gardener working by the glass sighs disgustedly and shakes his head. A woman twerks wildly in close-up in two scenes with her rear end facing the camera to show jiggling buttocks as her shorts ride up. Gardeners water a lawn while dancing and grabbing their crotches.
 In a prison yard scene, 50 convicts approach two new inmates, one of the convicts clapping his hands together hard to suggest a forthcoming gang rape and as the two new inmates pound on a locked door and the scene ends. A man repeatedly claps his hands together hard, representing rape in prison and tells another man that the second man will be subjected to rape; the second man practices a self-defense line, "Don't sexually assault me; my heart has already been raped." A male singer at a party asks a man next to him, "Want to see 100 women get hot at the same time?" and women in the crowd stare as the singer plays guitar and sings. A man asks a male friend if he was ever raped by a man for 10 cents. A man tells another man several times that he needs to learn to perform oral sex (using crude terms) in prison. A gay man talks to another man in a restaurant and tries to convince him to try gay sex; the second man asks, "You think you can get with me?" and politely says that he does not want to do it when the gay man says that his name is Chris, because "Christmas came early this year." A man in a gay bar charges over to his friend and loudly repeats several times that he wants to get hard (he means "tough") at home while several other men stare at the two men and applaud in admiration as they leave. A gay man tells a straight man that one day the straight man will want to try gay sex and they both laugh. A man says that he "got hard" in prison several times, meaning "tough" (an obvious double entendre).
 A husband and his wife kiss briefly in their kitchen. A man and a woman kiss briefly at a party.

VIOLENCE/GORE 5 - A man's eyes glow yellow and a fiery aura shows around his head, filled with faces of people insulting him as he is attacked; he performs complicated kicks, including a horizontal spinning crescent kick to a man's head, a tumbling ax kick with his heel to another man's head and a low scissors kick that takes a third man off his feet (no injuries are shown) while the man's friend bashes two other men on the head with a large CPU box from a computer and they pass out (no blood is seen) and the first man lifts the second man like a bar bell, and throws him into an attacker knocking him to the floor and breaking a glass coffee table.
 Several members of a motorcycle gang threaten a rich man in their clubhouse and a short fistfight ensues with kicks and punches and the bikers hold the rich man's face close to a spinning motorcycle wheel on a support stand; the man grimaces and groans while another man outside hooks a gas-powered generator to a torch and smashes down the wall in a wall of flames, the second man rushes in and swings the lit torch around, telling the bikers, "The devil is a Black man!" (he is African-American), a short fistfight ensues and a large number of bikers shout and run after the wealthy man and the other man as they jump in an SUV and drive away safely.
 On a yacht at night, a man pulls a handgun on two other men stealing a computer drive; one of the men reaches below the frame and pulls up a handgun that he says was in his rectum and a dozen police boats with sirens and flashing lights rush to the scene and an officer uses a bullhorn to order people to surrender; later on the dock one man holds an illegal handgun up and FBI and police officers rush him (we hear that he received six months in prison).
 A man challenges three men in a park to a fight and they chase him and carry him off-screen; we hear shouting of "My body!" whining and pounding, but see no injuries. A man punches another man in a park, causing him to fall. An elderly man punches a man and continues punching him on the ground. A man sprays pepper spray in another man's face and the second man shouts in pain. At a ghetto house, a dozen men point handguns out the door when they answer a knock; an unarmed man stands on the porch and screams in fear. A white man in a parked car honks the horn and screams, "Take my money, just let me live!" when an African-American man tries to hand him the car keys. A man finds another man hiding in a car trunk and screams. A man tells another man that he will cut the second man, but no cutting happens. Three FBI agents arrest a man at a party and lead him out as he shouts that he is innocent; in the jail, several criminals in a holding cell shout at the arrested man and we later see that he is wearing a law-enforcement ankle bracelet.
 A man simulates a prison in a wealthy man's home where he stages a prison riot and the screen goes black: a strobe light flickers and we see gardeners, housekeepers and a howler monkey lunge toward a grimacing man, the monkey shows teeth and holds a shiv made from a spoon, a gardener sprays everyone with a fire extinguisher, the lights come up and the shirts of two men are completely drenched in red, which we see came from broken wine bottles; a shiv is stuck in the forehead of one man and we see a bruise but no blood (we later see the man with a butterfly bandage on his forehead). A man pretends to stab another man a dozen times with a cell phone, showing him where he is vulnerable; the second man tries to kick the first man, propels himself backward accidentally and crashes on his back onto a glass coffee table.
 In a prison yard scene, 50 convicts approach two new inmates, one of the convicts clapping his hands together hard to suggest a forthcoming gang rape and as the two new inmates pound on a locked door and the scene ends. A man repeatedly claps his hands together hard, representing rape in prison and tells another man that the second man will be subjected to rape; the second man practices a self-defense line, "Don't sexually assault me; my heart has already been raped."
 Several arguments involve two or three men shouting at one another in offices, in a house and on a golf course. A husband and his wife shout at each other briefly and she slaps his arms several times, as he falls onto a couch. Two men from a gang argue on a porch and one man says, "You murder all the time" while the other replies, "Oh yeah, murder is my baby" and they laugh. A man says that he recorded two hours of insults to use in prison arguments (please see the Profanity category for more details).
 Two close-ups show a man crying violently with tears streaming, a huge grimace on his face and an open mouth; we also see him crying while eating breakfast, while sitting in a vibrating recliner, and several times while talking to a friend, then again when receiving a 10-year prison sentence. A man tells a fake high school story about avenging a friend's shooting by joining a gang, then pretends to cry.
 Two men jump onto the side of a yacht, one man pulls the other's hair accidentally and they fall into the water (they climb aboard, wet). A man in a car tries to open the car door and step into traffic but the driver pulls him back.
 A man practices Capoeira martial arts with an instructor and we see both doing kicks. A man lifts another man like a bar bell several times in strength training, dropping him once (he is unharmed). A man has a collection of a dozen shivs (knives) made from spoons that a friend examines. A man growls over his food like a dog and another man tells him that he is not in prison now.
 A man puts his young daughter on the phone and has her ask a realtor why the agency wants her to continue to live in a gangbanging neighborhood and get murdered; the realtor hangs up. A man on a phone asks if he just heard a gunshot and the person at the other end hangs up.
 A man reaches below the frame, grunts and pulls up an electric toothbrush with a short blade on the head of it as he tells a friend that he was "keistering" the toothbrush by carrying it in his rectum where he had also had several other shivs; the other man raises his hands, grimaces and leaves to wash his hands. We see a man's young daughter spit toothpaste onto his hand in the bathroom sink and he says it's nasty.

PROFANITY 10 - About 93 F-words and derivatives, 4 obscene hand gestures, 15 sexual references, 29 scatological terms, 41 anatomical terms, 24 mild obscenities, 10 derogatory terms for African-Americans, 1 derogatory term for Hispanics, exclamations (shut-up, shut your mouth), name-calling (crazy, stupid, dumb, hole, nasty, hairy, genius, nonsense, punk, thug, mollywoggle, dirty, convicted felon, bad, traitor, miscellaneous [meaning "people of color"], no-good, manipulative, gringo, Yankee, Nazi, White Boy, Whitey, White guy, White girl, derogatory term for, Jew-hair, Black, Mad dog), stereotypical references to men, women, stockbrokers, prisoners, gays, bikers, racists, the rich, the poor, ex-felons, gang bangers, music stars, corrupt financial experts, African-Americans, Hispanics, Jews, Whites, White Supremacists, 16 religious exclamations (e.g. Oh My God, Oh God, God, Thank God, My God, I Swear to God, Dear Lord, Thank You [with both index fingers pointed to the sky]). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man smokes a cigarette that looks like it may be marijuana and he later calls it "sticky icky," and a man shows a gang how to use two bricks of cocaine theoretically to invest the revenues and make money quickly. Two men in an office toast and drink from short glasses of whiskey that one man poured from a full bottle in close-up, a man drinks from a fifth and half-gallon bottles of Jim Beam and two empty bottles of it are shown beside him while other men and women drink beer from bottles, men and women hold glasses of champagne and wine at a party (no one drinks), a man's hand raises a short glass of whiskey and tilts it to his mouth off-screen at a party, a man seated in a vibrating chair brings a glass of wine to his mouth and it spills down his shirt, we see a wine room that is filled with over 100 bottles of wines, three adults sip wine from large glasses at a family dinner, a man says that he wants a 40-oz. beer after leaving prison, a man drinks either a can of beer or an energy drink in a park (the label is unclear), and a man says that gin and juice is a Black drink. A biker club fills with clouds of cigarette smoke (no one is seen smoking).

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Racism, sexism, misanthropy, homophobia, rape, different cultures, fraud, wrongful imprisonment, prison life, gangs, crime, consequences, justice, courage, family, friendship, relationships, truth.

MESSAGE - Cooperation and friendship can end racism. Some think that prison rape is a source for hilarity.

Special Keywords: S8 - V5 - P10 - MPAAR

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