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Fury [2014] [R] - 4.8.10



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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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It's 1945 and WWII is coming to an end when, against all odds, a veteran army sergeant (Brad Pitt) commands his 5-man Sherman tank crew behind enemy lines on a deadly mission. Also with Shia LaBeouf, Logan Lerman, Michael Peña and Jon Bernthal. Directed by David Ayer. [2:14]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - A young woman takes a young soldier by the hand and into a bedroom where they sit on a bed and kiss; he pushes her back onto the bed and sex is implied. Several soldiers walk with and talk to women in a village (sex is implied).
 A man talks about a woman being "wide open, just jump on in" and "she looks like a whore." A soldier talks about a German woman saying, "She'll let you [F-word deleted] her for a chocolate bar," and another man replies, "We can kill 'em but can't [F-word deleted] 'em." A soldier asks, "Do you think Hitler would [F-word deleted] us for a chocolate bar?" A comment is made about "liking fat girls."
 We see a few pinup pictures of scantily clad women that reveal cleavage and bare legs to the upper thighs. A dead woman is seen wearing a low-cut dress that reveals cleavage. A man takes off his shirt to clean himself and shave and we see his bare chest, abdomen and back (please see the Violence/Gore category for more details).

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - Five soldiers in a tank are approached by a large number of enemy soldiers, the soldiers place a dead soldier on the hood of the tank and set the body on fire and then hide inside the tank waiting for the enemy soldiers to arrive and when they do they shoot at each other for an extended period of time: we see many soldiers gunned down and blood sprays, one soldier is shown in flames and running, the tank fires and we see blood splatter, a soldier is shot in the arm and a soldier stabs another soldier in the leg, one soldier tries to come into the tank and is stabbed in the neck before his body is pushed out, and the tank is fired upon and the explosive breaches the shell of the tank and hits one of the soldiers inside, who falls to the floor with a large bloody wound on his abdomen; the tank returns fire and we see bodies blown apart and heads being blown off with showers of blood, a grenade is thrown into a tank and one soldier holds it to his abdomen as it explodes (blood sprays, and we do not see the results), a man standing at a tank gun is shot repeatedly and we see a lot of blood and explosives detonate inside the tank (we see blood splatter and one man inside the tank is shown with half his ear missing and several bloody gashes in his face).
 Four tanks move along a tree line and are fired upon by enemy soldiers in the brush; one tank is struck and we see it in flames as a man from inside the tank jumps out screaming and in flames until he pulls his own handgun and shoots himself in the head; the other tanks fire into the trees and we see three dead soldiers with blood on their faces and clothing. Several tanks move through brush with troops marching near them, they are shot at from a distance and the tanks try to maneuver out of the gunfire (we see some troops struck and they fall to the ground); the tanks shoot at the attackers and we see an explosion that throws a body into the air as more gunfire is exchanged; one tank rolls over a foxhole with men in it (presumably killing them, we see no blood) while other men are shot as they run away from the approaching tanks. A soldier pops his head out of a hatch and is shot in the head (he slips back into the tank, dead, and we see blood).
 A tank and troops are fired upon in a street: the tank fires at a shop where the attackers are hiding and we hear screaming as several men rush out of the building with burning holes in their clothes and skin (a soldier shoots them dead); a man with a white flag comes out saying that they surrender and marches out several young boys and girls wearing uniforms followed by an officer who is shot in the chest repeatedly (he falls back dead with blood on the wounds). A tank is struck and we see it in flames as men in other tanks near it yell and try to get out of sight (the occupants are presumably dead). A tank leader is struck by opposing fire and we see his head and body disappear below the hatch and flames pour out of the opening. A tank is struck by opposing fire and its top gunner portion pops off and lands hard on the ground leaving the rest in flames. Two soldiers run from a tank and they are shot down as a commander in the tank is shot (we see blood spray).
 Bombs drop and explode in a village square and many people run and hide; several people hide under tanks and when one soldiers comes out, he realizes that the building he had just been in with a young woman has been struck and he runs to see the dead body (we see blood on her face).
 A man on horseback rides through a field where there had been a battle and we see flames and burned out vehicles; another man jumps out of a tank, throwing the horseman to the ground and stabbing him three times (we see one stab in the eye with a lot of blood). A soldier tries to take a weapon from a soldier he thinks is dead, but he is not and they fight over the weapon; the first man wins and takes the gun. Soldiers walk through a field where there has just been a battle and they shoot bullets into bodies on the ground to make sure they are dead. An enemy soldier is marched through a group of other soldiers and he pleads for his life; a sergeant yells at him and tells him to shut his mouth and get on his knees, then forces a young soldier to take a gun and tells him to "put a big fat hole in his back"; the young man struggles and the sergeant yells at him and hits him in the head repeatedly while the young man asks him to shoot him; the sergeant pushes the gun into the young man's hand and helps him squeeze the trigger to shoot the enemy soldier in the back and we see blood spray from the wound. A civilian is shot in the head and blood sprays, two soldiers in the street near him are shot in the backs (bloody sprays) and another is shot in the leg (we see the leg severed and blood and matter spray).
 A German prisoner is marched through an encampment and an American sergeant approaches him, cursing and trying to hit him (others hold the soldier back). A soldier grabs another soldier and hits him in the head while yelling at him and blaming him for the death of a comrade because he didn't shoot an enemy soldier. Many prisoners are lined up against a wall in an encampment.
 We see a dead man inside a tank after an attack and the flesh on his face is bloody and charred; four other men in the tank work around him to get the tank started again. Many dead and blood-covered bodies in a pile are shoved into a hole in the ground by a vehicle. Many dead and blood-soaked bodies are seen in the back of a truck driving through a military encampment. A dead body is lifted out of a tank (covered with a tarp) and another man grieves over the dead man. We see wounded soldiers in a medic tent and a woman dumps a basin filled with blood onto the ground outside. Men in a tank are shown with bloody cuts and scrapes on their faces. A man cleans a lot of blood from inside a tank where another man had been killed during an attack; he picks up blood splattered photographs and we see the dead man's face flesh (off his head) lying on the floor. Several people are shown hanging from poles with signs attached to them and we hear that they were hanged because they refused to fight for the Fuhrer. A tank runs over a dead body on a very muddy road. A woman with a knife stands over a dead horse and appears to be cutting pieces off (we see her bloody hands and she is holding what could be either an organ or meat). Several dead men and a dead woman are shown inside a building and they all have bloody gunshot wounds to the heads (presumably self inflicted). A man takes off his shirt to clean himself and shave and we see his bare chest, abdomen and back; we see that the skin on his back has been badly burned and he is left with scarred skin. Two soldiers go into a building where they find many dead soldiers (we see bloody wounds and many bags of blood) in a makeshift clinic.
 A soldier hits another soldier in the head and then pours a shot of liquor over the second man's head. Four men in a tank argue and one kicks another in the back as he tries to get the tank started; bombs drop around the tank and the men are jostled. A man in a tank struggles with wiring to get it started again and sparks fly around. A tank runs over a mine that explodes and destroys one of its treads.
 A man with a gun pushes his way into an apartment where a woman is hiding, he pushes her and finds a young woman hiding under a bed, he talks to the women, and has the young woman stand in front of him and the women prepare food; the man tells a younger man with him to take the girl in the bedroom or he will and the young woman takes the young man by the hand into the bedroom and closes the door (please see the Sex/Nudity category for more details).
 A soldier is terrified when he sees a large number of German SS soldiers marching on a road toward his tank and crew; he runs to warn them. A young man, not trained in tanks, is assigned to fill in for a soldier that was killed; he is nervous and tentative for several scenes. Soldiers in a village shoot guns into the air after successfully securing the area.
 Three soldiers barge into an apartment where two other soldiers and two women are eating and they act aggressively; they make crude remarks about the women and one man licks the food on the younger woman's plate before she can eat it; one of the men implies that he is going to have sex with the younger woman and another man says, "Anyone touches the girl gets their teeth kicked in."
 Three soldiers talk about an attack and that they "Hit the beach after D-Day"; they describe that there were dead Germans and horses for miles before describing how to kill a horse (shoot it through the spine) and saying that they heard the horses screaming. A soldier kneels next to a wounded soldier on the ground and asks, "Do you believe in Jesus?" and they pray together as the wounded man presumably dies. An officer says, "I wanna stand knee deep in their guts." An officer says, "They murdered some good boys out there today." A soldier teaches another soldier about how to shoot and says, "You harvest more meat per bullet that way." A soldier talks about a German woman saying, "She'll let you [F-word deleted] her for a chocolate bar," and another man replies, "We can kill 'em but can't [F-word deleted] 'em." A man asks another man if "Jesus loves Hitler." A man asks, "Do you think Hitler would [F-word deleted] us for a chocolate bar?" A soldier says, "I'll shoot you" to another soldier in a seemingly joking manner. We see thick smoke in the distance and we hear that "A whole city is on fire." A soldier says that he wants to surrender and a sergeant says, "They'll hurt you real bad and they'll kill you real bad." We read that US tank crewmen suffered staggering losses. A man jokes about another man defecating in his pants while in a tank and how bad it smelled.
 Many civilians holding their possessions walk along muddy roads as tanks and military vehicles pass by. We see many captured soldiers standing inside a fenced in area in an encampment.
 A man urinates in a metal box inside a tank and we see the stream. A man vomits on the ground after cleaning the inside of a tank from a great deal of blood and matter; we see goo and he spits afterward. A man spits at another man at the opposite end of a table (we see goo sail through the air).

PROFANITY 10 - About 108 F-words and its derivatives, 229 scatological terms, 17 anatomical terms, 8 mild obscenities, name-calling (Krauts, dumb, crazy, beast, pigs), 14 religious profanities (GD), 5 religious exclamations (e.g. God's Grace, Jesus, Thank God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - We see empty champagne bottles in a room with several men and a woman (all dead), and a man drinks a clear liquor, a man drinks from a bottle of liquor and shares with his tank crew. Many military men are shown smoking cigarettes repeatedly throughout the film, a woman smokes a cigarette in an apartment, a man is shown with a cigarette in his mouth and holding a bottle of liquor, and several men in a tank smoke cigarettes in many scenes throughout the film.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - War, World War II, Nazis, tank war, family, death of friends, heroism.

MESSAGE - Tank warfare was a deadly endeavor.

Special Keywords: S4 - V8 - P10 - MPAAR

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