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Furious 7 [2015] [PG-13] - 4.6.5



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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After ending the career of a murderous criminal in the UK, an American racing crew leader and his partner (Vin Diesel and Paul Walker) gather their team for a safe return to the United States. However, the criminal's older brother (Jason Statham) pursues the Americans seeking revenge. Also with Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Nathalie Emmanuel and Lucas Black. Directed by James Wan. A few lines of dialogue are spoken in Arabic without translation or subtitles. [2:15]

SEX/NUDITY 4 - Two women wearing micro-mini dresses wiggle their buttocks toward the lens and we see nearly bare thighs; a woman wearing a bra top and thong panty with an extremely short skirt writhes her behind in the camera lens and we see that the thong has caught in the crotch area and see bare midriff and significant cleavage. Women wearing skimpy bikinis wear gold body paint and glitter as they dance in close-up and writhe as we see bare buttocks and some cleavage. Several dozen women at a resort wear skimpy bikinis and high heels. Women wear deep-cut gowns that reveal significant cleavage (a man calls a woman's breasts "missiles"). Several women wear short shorts or short skirts. We see a close-up camera pan of a woman from the foot to the head, wearing a brown bikini and we see a little cleavage. A few men are shirtless and a man in a hospital bed is bare-chested.
 A man and a woman kiss several times in one scene. A man and a woman in a flashback scene kiss briefly and in another flashback they kiss at the altar during their wedding. A man and a woman kiss briefly. A man kisses a woman on the cheek.
 A man says, "I'm man candy" and a woman rolls her eyes. A man says that the consequences of a man's actions will be so bad that he would wish that his mother had kept her legs closed. A man says, "Lady Liberty has her panties in a bunch." A man tells a group about a colleague, "The only thing he took down was Denise at the Senior Prom" and everyone laughs. A man says that he wants to build a demon love child out of a muscle car and a Hummer jeep. Two men argue about which one of them deserves to date a certain attractive woman; one man says, "A body like that does not belong behind a computer." A man jokingly tells another man there are adult diapers in the second man's jeep glove compartment. A woman tells a male friend and later, her husband, that she is pregnant for a second time.

VIOLENCE/GORE 6 - Equipment and furniture are seen outside a hospital room dismantled, with a few dead bodies lying still; we see the first floor of the building demolished and on fire, windows broken, with two large jeeps outside in flames. A man lies face down on the inner roof of a car that is crumpled and lying on its top (his face is bloody) and we hear that he is dead and see a short funeral service beside a grave.
 On a floor of offices whose walls are all glass, two men fight with punches, kicks, throws, head-butts and body slams as we hear loud hits and groans: they fall through several walls and glass tables (shattering them all loudly), a grenade explodes and a man grabs a woman and jumps through a window; they land on top of an SUV amid shattered glass, she yells at him several times to speak to her and the camera cuts to a hospital room where the man lies in bed with a cast on his arm and on one leg to the thigh (we hear that the leg is broken in two places).
 In an extended fistfight two men lying on a metal door slide down several flights of stairs while punching each other and at the bottom one man wraps a metal cable around the ankle of the other man and the large cable spool falls into an elevator shaft, pulling the second man with it (we hear a loud thud and the man is likely dead).
 A woman knocks out a guard at a party and breaks into an electrical box until another woman and several female soldiers attack her: the first woman knocks out all the guards with punches and body throws, sending some of the other women into glass tables that crash loudly, the first two women fight while wearing gowns and high heels, using kicks, punches, head butts, a strike with a ceramic vase and summersaults until the women fall over the edge of a balcony onto a DJ table and the first woman gets up unharmed (the second woman does not move and appears unconscious).
 A team of Special Forces soldiers flies to a crash scene by chopper where one man involved in the crash knocks out a soldier and chokes a second soldier, and throws him to the ground; soldiers lower their weapons as a CIA man tells the first man that he is interfering in government operations, but asks him to join in. Two men fight briefly and we hear clanging knives, but the men drop their weapons as one man escapes, knocking a guard out with a punch.
 Soldiers find a man in a warehouse, eating a meal when a door bursts open in flames and we hear an explosion; mercenary soldiers cut the lights and begin firing rifles, using night vision glasses and we see a soldier fall in close-up, dead, with his eyes open and a little blood on his chest; a man tosses a grenade that explodes and the screen fills with flames and smoke and a CIA agent falls when shot and another man carries him to an SUV (we see blood on the man's side under a bulletproof vest) as he grimaces, calls on his cell phone for an emergency medical chopper, and he apparently survives.
 Several cars chase a convoy of SUVs, jeeps and a truck-bus full of mercenary soldiers while both sets of vehicles fire automatic rifles and cannons at one another, but they all have bulletproof glass (we hear loud shooting and we see fire and sparks); one car is seen full of holes and the windshields of several vehicles crack (no occupants are shot) while two hooks and cables are thrown into the back of the truck-bus and pull out a wall; two men fight inside this part of the bus until one man unties a hostage and tosses her out the back onto the hood of a car where she hangs on and finally gets inside through the sunroof and a man is knocked out the back, but climbs back aboard and the fight continues with loud punches, kicks, body slams, open hand strikes and spinning kicks to the head (no blood shows). An SUV sideswipes a car on a twisting road while the driver shoots a large caliber rifle at the second car (both go over an embankment and through brush and trees and the drivers later exit their vehicles, shaken but unhurt). A truck-bus falls to its side and skids toward a cliff as a soldier jumps out of it; another man climbs outside, up the front end and across the side of the vehicle as it inches over the cliff and finally falls with a loud crash, smashed flat; the man jumps onto the front end of a car approaching and falls to the ground, unharmed. A car speeds through the air and impales itself on a sharp broken tree, but we do not see the damage. Car drivers shoot rifles and hand cannons, without effect.
 A man standing in an intensive care ward speaks angrily and threatens to kill everyone in the hospital while looking at his brother in a bed, unconscious and dying, with blood dripping into one arm from an IV and several burns and scars on his face. A man is shown wearing a leg brace and he breaks an arm cast by flexing his muscles (we hear a loud crack) and we then hear his neck crack as he turns his head to limber up.
 Drivers of two muscle cars race out of a graveyard and into the streets, ending up in a parking garage. On the first floor, they ram each other head on, crumpling both cars up to the broken windshields with loud crashes and shattering noises (the drivers are shaken but unhurt).
 A parachute drop includes four muscle cars driving out of a freight plane and deploying chutes at 900 ft. elevation; they all land safely on a road and speed away but a parachute catches wind and pulls a fifth car out of the plane (drivers screams) and it drifts past a pine forest, but rejoins the other cars on the twisting roadways some minutes later.
 A multi-car chase includes half a dozen muscle cars, police cruisers, an EMT vehicle, SUVs and a super-helicopter with drones and missiles; two vehicles swerve in and out of traffic at high speeds, one car slides under a long semi-truck and unlashes a load of large-diameter sewer pipes that fall loudly across the highway and block oncoming traffic, several cruisers with active sirens and lights crash and flip over (we do not see occupants) and catch fire, a helicopter sends three drones after cars that blow up (the drivers jump out and into another vehicle driving along side at the last second), a vehicle catches fire and burns to cinders, a missile catches the trunk of car on fire and it skids to a halt with flames out of the rear; the drone follows into a tunnel and crashes, sending traffic scattering in a cloud of sparks and a helicopter follows a car on a garage roof and shoots into two floors that explode in flames before the garage eventually falls down with concrete rubble piled in the street; a man drives an EMT truck off a bridge and onto the road below, wrecking it and causing smoke to rise as he climbs out and grabs a huge Gatling gun that he uses to shoot at a low-flying helicopter until he runs out of bullets; a man falls out of a chopper (we do not see him hit the pavement) as a man pulls out a handgun and shoots into the helicopter causing it to explode and fill the screen with fire.
 Two men drive their cars on a garage roof and collide head on as the second car lifts up and smashes into the hood of the other car while the drivers, unharmed, fight with long mechanics' wrenches and long metal pieces from wrecked cars. A man fires a sawed off shotgun in the air and throws it away; he and another man fight for several minutes with loud clanging, they then drop their weapons and resort to throws, kicks and punches. A man breaks some concrete from a wall with a kick; they have only scrapes on their faces and hands as injuries. One man falls through to a lower floor and the garage tumbles down in dust, debris and black smoke.
 A man lifts the front end of a multi-million-dollar sports car parked in a penthouse, then sets it down and he and a friend steal it, driving through a wall that crumbles, disrupting a party as they drive across the floor, speeding through a window and into the tower window next door where they disrupt a museum exhibit of statues and find they have no brakes whereupon they break through a large shattering window and through another window into the third tower, and roll out of the car.
 A few drag race scenes feature loud engines, crowds shouting and dirt and debris being kicked up by spinning tires; one car engine blows, emitting a pop and smoke. Several car crash scenes feature tall flames and smoke that fill the screen. Several cars flip end over end or roll over on a side or roof, but we do not see the occupants. A woman experiences flashbacks of a car crash and fire, along with loud scenes of drag races. In real time a woman runs from a drag race and later, stands over a headstone at night in a cemetery and says she died when she suffered amnesia.
 Several scenes feature men gathering a wide array of weapons like rifles, grenades, ammunition, etc. A man uses a handgun to shoot and destroy a drone and a surveillance mounted camera on it. A helicopter fires an automatic cannon along a line between the men and the crack widens. A cell phone tower explodes into fire when mercenaries in a chopper fire missiles and we see concrete rubble, dust, and debris fall; later, a parking garage falls in the same way and a man drives off the garage roof and scrapes the bottom of a helicopter before landing in a pile of rubble.
 A man and a woman administer CPR to a woman and the woman cries; she talks to the man and he revives, his forehead slightly scraped. A woman screams and we see some other women and men running to a different building. A woman unconscious in a lounge chair on a cabin porch groans and comes awake, unharmed.
 A TV newscast announces that an apparent war via cars is occurring. A police detective tells a criminal that he will have a body bag waiting for him.
 A man vomits on the ground in a flashback and we see some brown vomit. A man spits onto the ground off screen and wipes his mouth (we do not see spit).

PROFANITY 5 - At least 1 F-word in dialogue and a couple of partly bleeped F-word derivatives in a background song, 17 scatological terms, 8 anatomical terms, 25 mild obscenities, name-calling (crazy, stupidest, boy, liar, weird), stereotypical references to men, women, international criminals, prisoners, race car drivers, hackers, bodyguards, mercenary soldiers, police officers, CIA operatives, shadow governments, princes, African Americans, Arabs, 4 religious profanities (GD), 3 religious exclamations (Oh my God, God, Thank God). [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man says to a little girl, "Your dad's on heavy pain meds," a man in a hospital bed has two tall medicine bottles on his nightstand and we cannot read the labels, a man in a hospital swallows three tablets from one bottle after breaking a cast off his arm by flexing the muscles in that arm, and a man says a drone camera is like surveillance on steroids. A group of men and women clink beer bottles together but do not drink, a man drinks a glass of beer and hands a bottle of beer to another man (he drinks from the bottle), a man says that he will get a keg of Corona beer (we do not see it), a man tells a colleague to start drinking Belgian Ale sometime, men and women drink champagne, short cocktails and red wine, and a man in a warehouse eats a meal at a table and we see a large glass of wine at his elbow.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Death, loss, grief, amnesia, family, friendship, sacrifice, murder, international crime, computer hacking, technology, wars, advanced weapons, revenge, justice, politics, greed, power.

MESSAGE - Family is more important than thrills.

Special Keywords: S4 - V6 - P5 - MPAAPG-13

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