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Funny People [2009] [R] - 9.4.10



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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Dark comedy about a famous comedian (Adam Sandler) who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and asks a fledgling comedian (Seth Rogen) to help him with his act. However, in the process, the older man also learns how to lead a more fulfilling life. Also with Leslie Mann, Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman, RZA, Sarah Silverman, Norm MacDonald, Andy Dick, Paul Reiser, Ray Romano and Eminem. Directed by Judd Apatow. [2:20]

SEX/NUDITY 9 - A  man (bare-chested) and a woman (bare breasts are seen) are shown, waist-up, engaged in intercourse; the woman is shown thrusting and is panting. A man and a woman are shown engaged in intercourse: the man is thrusting from behind and the woman moans and asks him to squeal.
 A woman kisses a man passionately, pushing him against a door; they are shown lying in bed, kissing passionately, the man pushes her dress up (her bare stomach is exposed) and it is implied that they have sex. A woman wearing a bikini jumps on a shirtless man, wrapping her legs around his waist, while he kisses her; he carries her off, and a portion of her bare buttocks is shown. A man and a woman are shown, presumably nude but wrapped in sheets, lying in bed together, implying they had sex.
 A man is shown closing his robe as he walks out of a bedroom, followed by a woman; another man asks if the two had just had sex and the man and woman confirm that they had.
 A man and a woman share an intimate kiss. A man and a woman kiss. A man and a woman walk hand and hand, and the man kisses the woman. A woman kisses a man on the cheek as she hugs him. A man and a woman hug and the woman places her hand on the man's knee. A man and a woman hug warmly. A man and a woman embrace in a friendly hug, and the man comments on how attractive the woman looks. A man and a woman hug and then hold hands. Two men are shown cuddling platonically on a sofa bed. Two men share a friendly hug while one of them weeps.
 A man jokes with another man, crudely detailing the way he had impregnated women, by performing oral sex on himself and then spitting the ejaculate into the woman's vagina. Two men discuss intercourse and whether one would have intercourse if an attractive woman offered to have intercourse with him. A man asks another man if he would like to engage in intercourse with two girls that are standing in front of them. A man jokes about a woman engaging in oral sex with him, giving a vivid description of the action. A man makes a reference to engaging in oral sex with another man. A man asks another man to describe the first time he had sexual contact (using crude language) with a woman and the man describes what happened. Three men discuss how they are attracted to a woman, and all three of them state that they would like to have intercourse with her; one states that he's willing to allow his friend ten days to "hook up" with the woman, and if his friend does not "hook up with her" then he will have sex with her. A man admits to his wife about having had extramarital sex after she asks him if he had an affair. Two men discuss how a man had cheated on a woman. A man jokes about having intercourse with two different women. A man makes a crude joke about an older man and a woman having intercourse and masturbating. A man and a woman joke about how they lie about having engaged in intercourse with one another, and the woman then graphically describes intercourse and makes a crude gesture. A man jokes with a group of people about the genitals of another man. A man says that another man should touch his genitals. A woman discusses how she had engaged in intercourse with a man. During a fight, a man shouts at another man that he is engaging in homoerotic behavior. A man, commenting on the good luck of another man, jokes that the man must have had intercourse with the Devil. A man makes a joke implying having had a dog lick his genitals. A man says that he cannot date a woman that had previously had intercourse with his friend. A man asks another man if he is still engaged in a sexual relationship with a woman. A man jokes about having oral sex with another man and about the size of his genitals. A man uses crude terminology for an erection after discussing a woman and intercourse. A man says that he was unable to have intercourse with his wife because he was bored. A man discusses with another man and that he has intercourse with women he is not in relationships with, or in love with, on a regular basis. A woman asks a man how many times he had cheated on her, and the man responds that he cannot remember, but wants to continue to have intercourse with her. A woman accuses a man of extramarital sex using crude terms. A man uses crude language to describe what a woman might do to another man, sexually. A man says that people are willing to do a lot for money, implying that it includes people willing to have intercourse in exchange for money. A man jokes that another man had AIDS, then jokes about AIDS medication. A man doing stand-up comedy makes a joke about masturbation. A man jokes that a woman might have had Chlamydia because she had an odor. A man discusses how woman are typically disappointed after having intercourse with him. A man doing stand-up comedy jokes about how easily his friends discuss sex and having sex with women and how he is unable to do that, instead saying that he would "friend" a woman (uses the word "friend" in place of a term for intercourse). A man says that people will engage in oral sex for a video game. Two men discuss how women like to have sex with famous men. A man mimics sex by thrusting his crotch and says that he had sexually dominated an audience, since his standup routine was his genitals. A man mimics oral sex using a Popsicle. A man tells a joke imitating his genitals discussing masturbation. A man jokes about masturbation with two men and a woman. A woman doing stand-up comedy discusses how rap songs tell women to do crude sexual acts. A man jokes that he is going to hold a woman very tightly. A man tells another man that if he uses terms for oral intercourse to label his online videos it would get a lot of pageviews. A man says aloud, and then spells, an email address with the word "sex" in it. A man tells another man to "be a man," implying that he needs to have sex with a woman. A man jokes about the size of another man's genitals to a woman, in an attempt to get the woman to have sex with the other man. A man asks a man and a woman if they were just engaged in intercourse. A woman discusses how she had engaged in oral sex with a man that was not her husband. A man asks another man if he had just engaged in intercourse, then says that it is obvious that he had. A man jokingly asks another man to show him his genitals and discusses the size of the other man's genitals. A man jokingly asks another man to expose his genitals and discusses their appearance. A man jokes about the size of a woman's hands affecting the appearance of his genitals. A man uses crude language to discuss oral sex and discusses the appearance of another man's genitals. A man jokingly discusses the appearance of a man's genitals while speaking to a woman. A man and a woman jokingly discuss the appearance of their genitals. A man discusses the size of his genitals. A man makes a joke during a stand-up comedy show about three men touching their genitals together to make super powers. A man makes a joke about genitals and the crude nicknames for genitals. A man uses a crude term for female anatomy and grabs a man's chest. A man jokes about a young girl getting her period soon.
 A man and woman discuss their love for one another, but the woman confesses that she cannot be with the man since she has a family and cannot leave it. A man asks a woman on a date and she agrees. A man asks another man if he thinks a woman would be sexually interested in him. A woman asks a man why he had cheated on her when they were in a relationship, especially since she was "so hot." A young girl jokes about her married mother being in love with another man, and in a sing-song voice says that they are in love and going to have a baby and get married. A man discusses with his wife how physically attractive a woman is. A man mocks another man for having the last name of "Weiner." A man refers to another man as his "lover" and "life partner." A man says that his lesbian assistant had gotten pregnant, joking that it was not possible for lesbians to get pregnant, and another man responds that it is possible. A man mocks another man for crying, saying that his crying made people around them think that they had just "broken up," implying a homosexual relationship. A man discusses with a young girl how a divorce would affect her and her family. A shirtless man lying in bed asks another man to talk him to sleep.
 A woman is shown wearing a very revealing low-cut top, showing cleavage. A woman is shown wearing a short dress. A shirtless man swims in a pool in a couple of scenes and a shirtless man is shown sitting in the shower. Two men wearing swim trunks, and two women, wearing bikinis, are shown in a swimming pool. A man, a woman and a child wearing bathing suits play in a pool. A still photo of a woman in a bikini is shown. A still photo of a woman wearing a long shirt but appearing to not be wearing pants is shown. A still photo of a woman, waist-up, wearing a bikini is shown. A picture shows a woman's head on a man's lap.

VIOLENCE/GORE 4 - A man shoves another man, then slaps him in the face, and the two men then engage in a fight: one chases after the other, one man punches the other, they wrestle on the ground, a third man jumps into the fight and tries to pull them apart, and one man punches another man in the face (he has a bloodied cheek and his shirt is torn); the fight is broken up and the three men look dazed and disheveled.
 A man yells, "I'm going to kill you!" while laughing, revving his car and speeding toward a man standing in a parking lot. A man shouts at another man, threatening him. A man and woman shout at one another angrily. Two men loudly shout at one another. A man yells loudly at another man. A woman shouts at a man.
 A man shoves another man out of the way. A man is shown having his blood drawn, and vials of blood are lined up on his chest. A man pantomimes shooting another man in the head with a gun.
 A man driving a car slams on the brakes forcefully, causing his passenger to slam his head into the headrest. A man jumps out of a tree and falls to the ground. A girl falls off a bike.
 A man tells the story of his grandfather dying and his friend jokes that the man's grandfather had gone to hell and then jokes that the man's grandfather is playing backgammon with Hitler. A man discusses how a person had cancer. A man discusses how he saw another man be punched in the face. A man says that another man is going to murder him and make a hat out of his skin. A man discusses how he had to be funny to prevent his father from hitting him with a bat. A man offers to pay another man to shoot him, the man then laughs and reveals it was a joke, but calls the other man a murderer for agreeing; the man then jokes that if he had offered more money the man may have been willing to chop his head off. A man speaks from the perspective of a serial killer, reminiscing about the "one that got away." A man mockingly asks another man why he ate a human being. A man jokes to another man to not kill his employees because they have families. A man jokes that people were going to commit mass suicide and that they should "save him some Kool-Aid," joking that he would also commit suicide. A man jokes about another man slitting his wrists to kill himself. A man tells a group of people that he will not live forever, and neither will they. A man says that he wants to kill himself. After a loud sound is heard, a man jokes that the sound was a man shooting himself in the face. A man frankly discusses how people die and that people should embrace the moment while they are young. A man tells another man he should have died, because life is not worth living. A man frankly discusses how another man had died of a heart attack and had to be revived.
 A man says that another man was funnier when he was fat. A man makes jokes about the Holocaust. A person jokingly yells, "I hate you!" to another person. A man is mocked for having a thick accent. A man is told his voice sounds like he causes people to die. A man says how people shouting at one another make it really feel like a family holiday. A man jokes that he had taken care of Jewish kids, making him able to take care of "normal" kids. A man asks, "Where are all the black guys?" while watching soccer. A man, in a joking voice, says he has no legs. A man jokes that his father had told him as a child that if people do not believe in God that they cannot go to heaven, so they must go to hell.
 A man blows water into a woman's face. A man mock-punches a woman in the stomach. Two children pin a man to the ground and hold toy spears over his chest.
 During an eating competition, a man is shown shoving hot dogs into his mouth. A man, crying heavily, wipes his nose and strings of mucus hang from his hands. A man slurps spilt orange juice off a tabletop. A man jokes about having found food in a girl's braces and then mimics eating the food; he then offers it to another person. A child puts peanut butter on the ear of a woman and has a dog lick it off, then two children and a man do the same -- the man has a large wad of peanut butter on his nose and a large dog licks it off while the children laugh.
 A woman discusses how a man had diarrhea and an erection at the same time, and the man jokes and repeats the story. People discuss flatulence using a crude word. A man and woman discuss a baby vomiting. A man mockingly says, in an elderly female voice, that he cannot stop throwing up. A man says that another man is in the kitchen vomiting.

PROFANITY 10 - About 151 F-words and its derivatives, 36 sexual references, 56 scatological terms, 68 anatomical terms, 19 mild obscenities, 2 racially derogatory terms, 4 derogatory terms for homosexuals, name calling (crazy, a man mockingly calling another man "baby," sad, funny looking, mousy, crackhead, a man is said to be a "fatter version" of another person, a man is said to be the "triple XL" version of another man, weird, nerd, devil, murderer, stupid, idiot, Pilgrim, Indian, big nose, giant, Swedish Nazi, Chinaman, cheese eater, liar, stupid, maniac, and lackey), two children yell at one another to "shut up," a man uses the word "panties" several times, 1 religious profanity, 5 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - A man is shown lighting and smoking what is presumably marijuana, a man mimics the behavior of "crackheads" and convulses and shouts about wanting to eat, a man discusses how he has a friend that does a lot of drugs, and a man jokes about marijuana making him lazy. People are shown in a club where open drinks and glasses of beer and wine are shown, a group of people are shown toasting with alcoholic drinks, a group of people are shown doing shots of liquor, a woman is shown holding a drink, a man is shown drinking a beer in front of two children, large cases of beer are shown, a man pours wine as a woman insists that they only have one glass, a woman discusses how she "got drunk" and had intercourse with a man, a man drops a bottle and people inquire if he dropped the bottle because he was intoxicated, and a man jokes about finishing a bottle of wine. Two photographs are displayed with people smoking and holding cigarettes, a man discusses how he is going to buy cigarettes and another man asks the man if he thinks smoking makes him cool, lyrics to a song are heard discussing cigarettes, and a smoky room is shown. A man discusses how a prescription sleep aid is making him fall asleep immediately, and people discuss the use of herbs and holistic medicine.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Leukemia, fatal illnesses, cancer, extreme wealth, finding happiness, marriage, sex before marriage, extramarital sex and affairs, family, friendship, divorce, holistic medicine, Buddhism, Judaism, finding happiness.

MESSAGE - Money and success cannot buy love and happiness, and sometimes it takes something very serious to realize that.

Special Keywords: S9 - V4 - P10 - MPAAR

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