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Fright Night [2011] [R] - 5.8.9



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Unlike the MPAA we do not assign one inscrutable rating based on age, but 3 objective ratings for SEX/NUDITY, VIOLENCE/GORE and PROFANITY on a scale of 0 to 10, from lowest to highest, depending on quantity and context.

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Sex & Nudity
Violence & Gore
1 to 10


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A remake of the 1985 horror classic: a teen boy (Anton Yelchin) discovers that his new neighbor (Colin Farrell) is a vampire and responsible for recent disappearances in the area. After he attempts to kill the vampire on his own, he turns to a Las Vegas stage magician (David Tennent) for help. Also with Toni Collette, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Lisa Loeb and Imogen Poots. Directed by Craig Gillespie. [1:46]

SEX/NUDITY 5 - A man smears blood on a teen girl's lips and they kiss passionately (the teen girl appears to be in a daze). A man and a teen girl kiss passionately, the girl licks blood from the man's chest as a teen boy and a man watch and one man makes a crude remark. A teen boy points a man to another man holding a teen girl in his arm; it appears they are kissing and the man remarks that the teen girl looks like she is enjoying herself.
 A teen boy and a teen girl kiss, the teen girl unbuttons her shirt, she makes a sexual remark, implying that she is interested in having sex with him, and he turns her down.
 A man interrupts a teen boy and a teen girl, who are kissing passionately and appear about to have sex; the boy is shirtless and we see the girl in a bra, and the man jokes and tells the two teens to not do anything he wouldn't.
 A teen boy and a teen girl are seen kissing on multiple occasions. On multiple occasions we see a teen boy and a teen girl kiss one another on the cheek. A man kisses a teen boy on the mouth in celebration (it's non-sexual).
 As part of a stage show, we see three women climbing on top of a woman on a bed and one of the women runs her hand down the woman's body suggestively. A teen boy holding another teen boy in a choke hold jokes that it is very "homoerotic."
 We see a crowded room filled with men and women; men and women are seen dancing suggestively, a few sets of men and women are seen kissing passionately and women wear skimpy tops and tight, short shorts and are seen dancing on table tops.
 On multiple occasions a woman is seen wearing a cleavage-exposing bra and a robe partially open to expose cleavage, including an instance where she is seen pulling on a robe over thong-style underwear (her bare buttocks are visible). A man's bare chest and back are visible on multiple occasions, including when he takes off a jacket and walks around in tight leather pants. A portion of a man's chest is visible throughout the movie -- his shirt is partially unbuttoned. A man's bare chest and stomach are visible as his shirt falls away when he hangs from the ceiling. Two young girls and two young boys are very briefly seen playing in a sprinkler; the girls are wearing bathing suits and the boys are shirtless.
 A woman makes a crude remark to a man about his sexual virility, saying that she will now have to masturbate to sexually relieve herself. A teen boy makes a crude remark to another teen boy about his use of a child's toy to masturbate. A man tells a teen boy that he had sex with a woman. A teen boy makes a crude remark to another teen boy about a teen girl's backside being attractive, as he watches her walk away. A teen boy tells another teen boy that the teen boy's girlfriend is sexually promiscuous. A teen boy makes a crude remark about how sex makes a teen boy's brain become "lazy." A teen boy jokes with a teen girl saying he was looking at pornography on a computer. A man makes an implied sexual remark to a teen boy about how women, including the teen boy's mother, "look a certain way." A man tells a teen boy that the boy's mother and girlfriend must sexually interest a lot of men. A teen boy asks a teen girl if his mother is "flirting" after he sees her talking to a man. A teen girl tells a teen boy that a book is "sexy in an unconsummated way"; the teen boy agrees, saying it is similar to the two of them. A teen girl tells a teen boy that a woman is a stripper, and the teen boy corrects her, saying the woman is a "go-go dancer"; the girl makes a comment about the difference being two small pieces of clothing. We overhear a television show with a woman discussing her husband's attraction to her backside and how she wants to get breast augmentation surgery.
 We briefly see the screen of a cell phone showing a woman wearing a cleavage-exposing bikini when a teen boy shows the cell phone to another teen boy. A teen boy stares longingly at a woman wearing a mid-drift exposing shirt and he stares at her clothed buttocks as she walks away (the boy's mother reprimands him).
 A man pulls at the crotch of his pants repeatedly, telling a teen boy that the tight pants have caused a rash.

VIOLENCE/GORE 8 - Two teen boys fight: one of the boys is a vampire with bloody pointed fangs in his exaggeratedly large jaw, he grabs the other boy by the neck and throws him to the ground, the boy gets up and swings an axe at the vampire, he avoids being struck, and the boy then digs the axe into the vampire's neck (we see a spray of blood from the vampire's partially detached head and blood, bone and gore are visible as his head tilts to one side); the injured vampire tackles and pins the boy until a teen girl hits the vampire with a mace, we see blood on the weapon and the vampire is thrown backwards.
 A teen boy sets himself on fire (we see that he is wearing protective clothing) and tackles a vampire, making him catch on fire; the vampire's face morphs as we hear screaming, the two wrestle, the boy stabs the vampire in the chest with a stake, and the vampire explodes into ashes, embers and bloody chunks that fly at the screen in 3D (the boy is temporarily unconscious but awakens unharmed moments later).
 Vampire men, women and a teen boy are seen crawling out of the ground, a man fires a shotgun at one of the women, hitting her in the stomach (she explodes into ashes), the vampires surround the man and bite his neck and chest (bloody wounds are seen on the man), a teen boy fires a gun at the ceiling, light pours into the room, and the vampires run and shout as the sun rays hit them.
 A beam of light causes a woman's body to explode and we see it turn to ash and bloody chunks of gore as a teen boy watches in shock. A teen boy shoves a stake into the heart of a vampire; his body turns into ashes, flames and chunks of gore.
 It is implied that a vampire kills two teen boys sitting in a car: we hear them shout and hear the sound of flesh being ripped and chewed; 3D blood splatters one of the teen boy's faces as he watches in horror, the teen boy is pulled off-screen, more 3D blood splatter hits the screen and a woman watches in horror and faints as the vampire throws a body to the side.
 A vampire punches through a car window and pulls a man out of the car; he bites the man's neck, 3D blood squirts onto the screen, we see blood covering the man's neck and chest and the vampire has blood on his mouth (he wipes his mouth and then licks the blood from his hands).
 A man drags a woman out of a small room where she is trapped, a teen boy watches as the man bites the woman's neck, the woman cries in pain, begging the man to stop, and we see blood dripping onto the ground and blood covering the woman's neck and chest and the man's mouth; the man wipes his mouth, licks the blood from his fingers and throws the injured woman back into the room.
 A teen boy morphs into a vampire, and we see his jaw widen and teeth become bloody and pointed; he chases a man, and the man slams a door on the vampire's arm severing it (we see the stump of the vampire's arm dripping blood, the detached hand twitches on the ground and a smear of blood is seen on the door).
 A man driving a truck blocks a road as a woman, a teen boy and a teen girl in a van speed toward him; the man stands in the road, the teen boy instructs the woman to hit the man, the woman drives toward the man, we hear a crushing sound and see a trail of blood being dragged from behind the van, and the man's claw-like hand rips through the bottom of the van and the teen boy kicks it repeatedly.
 A teen boy finds a vampire with a large bloody cut on her neck and blood soaking her dress, the vampire knocks the teen boy to the ground, straddles him and is about to bite his neck, but the teen boy stabs the vampire in the chest and blood pours from her wound (she is later seen fully recovered).
 A teen boy's body is thrown from a room, we see him crawl into another room and hide under a bed, the boy struggles to unlock and load a gun, an unseen being throws the bed to the side and it is implied that the boy is killed (no blood is visible).
 A man grabs a teen boy standing in a swimming pool, and the man bites the boy's neck (no blood is visible but it is implied the teen boy is killed). A man attacks another man, the man stumbles to the ground and blood sprays from a wound on his neck.
 A teen boy discovers the body of a teen girl, presumably his sister, lying dead on a bed with blood pouring from a wound on her neck. A teen boy discovers the body of a man, presumably his father, dead with blood coming from his neck and soaking the floor surrounding the body. A teen boy, a teen girl and a man discover a woman lying on the ground, presumably dead, with a massive bloody bite mark on her neck.
 A teen girl fires at gun at a vampire, the bullets hit him, he is unaffected and picks a bullet out of his shoulder (blood drips from the bullet and his fingers). A teen girl throws a cup of water at a vampire, he screams, we see his face steam and hear the sound of sizzling and burning flesh (the vampire is later seen fully recovered).
 The credits of the movie feature many of the bloody, gore-filled scenes shown as still photographs, with animated splashes of red "blood," including a teen boy's head being partially detached and a woman exploding into many pieces as a teen boy watches.
 A man uses a claw to cut open his finger, he smears the blood on a teen girl's mouth and they kiss; the man bites her neck, and a small amount of blood is seen coming from the wound on her neck.
 A man driving a truck purposefully rams into the back and side of a van carrying a woman, a teen boy and a teen girl; the woman and the boy hit the dashboard and we later see a small amount of blood coming from a wound on the woman's temple.
 A man ignites a natural gas line leading to a house with a woman, a teen boy and a teen girl inside; a huge fireball explosion is seen coming from the fireplace, stove and water heater, the woman, teen boy and teen girl leap to safety, narrowly avoiding being hit the blast, they get in a car and drive away as a massive fireball explodes from the garage. A man throws a running motorcycle through the back window of a car and it narrowly misses hitting a teen girl.
 We see a man's body being dragged away by an unseen person and a large smear of blood is left on the floor. A teen boy assists a blood-covered woman with a large wound on her neck out of a small room, avoiding being caught by a man.
 A vampire throws a pebble at a man, it hits his forehead and we see a small drop of blood hit the ground from the cut. A vampire hanging upside down from the ceiling grabs another man, and a teen boy fires a crossbow at the vampire, who grabs the arrow and snaps it in half. A teen boy throws a box at a man and it hits him in the face.
 A teen boy and a teen girl are shoved backwards as another teen boy lunges toward them; they hide behind a bookcase and push it onto the attacking teen boy (he stands up, unharmed).
 A teen boy slams into another teen boy on a skateboard, he hits a parked car and the two boys shout at one another and one throws a punch at the other and misses. A teen boy shoves another teen boy to the ground. A teen boy shouts at his mother and shoves her to the side. A teen boy walks onto the roof of a house; he drops to the ground and stumbles, whimpering in pain when he puts weight on his leg. A man startles a teen boy and he falls backward into a filled swimming pool, unharmed. A teen boy slams into a man's chest; he threatens the man with a knife, saying he "knows how to use it." A teen boy uses a knife to stab a cardboard cut out repeatedly. A teen boy slams his hand on a table, surprising a man. A man and a teen boy drop from an opening in a floor and onto the ground (they are unharmed). A man grabs a teen girl and we see him carrying her out of a crowded club, thrown over his shoulder. A teen boy shoves a teen girl on a bed to hide her; no harm is meant.
 An unconscious woman is seen in a hospital bed with an IV and monitor hooked up to her and she is later seen unharmed. A teen boy throws a paint can through a glass door, breaks into a house and a man follows him. A teen boy uses a chair to bust through a window in a house. A man knocks make-up out of a woman's hand. A man throws a fake earring at a teen boy's face.
 A man tells a teen boy that a vampire had killed his parents. A teen boy tells a man that a vampire had killed his parents. A man tells a teen boy and a teen girl that they will "need an army" in order to kill a vampire and other vampires that he had converted. A teen boy tells another teen boy that they must stab a vampire in the chest while he is sleeping. A man tells a teen boy that the teen boy must kill a vampire, suggesting he set the vampire on fire before trying to stab him with a wooden stake. A teen boy shouts that a man had eaten a woman and blew up his house. A teen boy shouts at another teen boy. A man shouts at a woman. A teen boy half-jokingly threatens another teen boy, saying he will show people videos they had made while wearing tights and tell people that they had met at a comic convention. A man jokingly tells a teen boy that to kill a vampire he must stab it in the heart or "feed it a garlicky omelet." We see an advertisement on a television screen of a woman flying through the air and a man shooting a fireball at the woman. We see a television reporter announce that a woman had reported that a man attempted to bite her.
 As a teen boy is seen buying a crossbow at a store and he tells the store clerk that he is going to kill a vampire. A teen boy drops a bottle of beer and it shatters on the floor. A teen boy hears a woman scream, he calls the police and we later see two police officers asking a man about a woman's scream; the conversation is muffled, but it is implied the man dismisses the screaming.
 A teen boy watches video footage of himself and two other teen boys play fight with fake swords, including a scene when one of the teen boys has fake blood on his chest and coming from his mouth. A man belches loudly. A woman makes a crude remark about a man "PMS-ing."

PROFANITY 9 - About 42 F-words and its derivatives, 4 obscene hand gestures, 5 sexual references, 33 scatological terms, 17 anatomical terms (4 mild), 19 mild obscenities, name-calling (pretty pony, nerd, dweeb, nuts, nutjob, real monster, shark from Jaws, ridiculous woman, Dracula, Clark High early peakers, Mr. Fireman, coward, sensitive little girl, crazy, psycho, dude, Scooby Gang, lazy cow), exclamations (shut up, gosh, bugger), 2 religious profanities, 17 religious exclamations. [profanity glossary]

SUBSTANCE USE - Two teen boys are seen smoking a marijuana cigarette and they both say to "put out the joint" when a person approaches their parked car, a man and a woman are seen smoking what is implied to be a marijuana cigarette on two occasions, a man lights what appears to be a marijuana cigarette, and a teen boy tells another teen boy "You need drugs" and he replies "I'm on them." A man drinks liquor frequently and we see him holding and drinking bottles and glasses filled with liquor and tells a teen boy that he "gets drunk," a man jokes that when he is drunk he will "try anything," a man drinks a beer and we see empty beer bottles and wine glasses on a table, a man offers a teen boy a drink of liquor (the teen boy turns it down), a man asks a teen boy for a beer and the teen boy gives him bottles of beer, a man offers to purchase beer for a teen boy and the boy's mother, we see people in a club/bar holding drinks in their hands, and a woman jokes with a man and says that she needs to get drinks with him.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Vampires, supernatural activities, death of a parent, disappointment, rejection from a friend, jealousy, changing yourself to be popular, abandonment, courage.

MESSAGE - Remakes of horror movies can be easily made.

Special Keywords: S5 - V8 - P9 - MPAAR

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